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O'Day Widgeon sailboat

Lake Nipmuc

O'Day Widgeon sailboat

Overall Length Waterline Length Beam

12'4" 11'6" 5'

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2/9/2008 4:55 PM

O'Day Widgeon sailboat

Draft Minimum Draft Maximum Sail Area (Main & Jib) Max HP Mast Length Mast Height Boom Length Hull Material C/B Material Rudder Material Seating Displacement

5" 3'6" 90 sq. ft. 4 18'8" 18'8" 8'4" Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass / Aluminum 4 340 lbs.

Widgeon review (22 KByte PDF file) Bob Baker, Boat Designer

Where we learned to sail... Community Boating

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2/9/2008 4:55 PM


O'Day Widgeon sailboat

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