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Symposium of Quantum-Informational Medicine QIM 2011: Workshops, Belgrade, 25 September 2011 CEM® - THERMODIAGNOSTICS TO EVERYBODY Workshop by Spec. Dr. med. Zlata Jovanovic Ignjati [email protected] Join us for a special event ­ workshop on CEM®-ThermoDiagnostics to everybody. This workshop will provide basic principles, methodology, and indication for CEM®-ThermoDiagnostics, produced in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. CEM®-ThermoDiagnostics (, when compared to other diagnostic methods, provides a thermodiagnostic self-monitoring as a kind of prevention from the disease's development in an earlier stage. An early (self)diagnostic and the treatment control increase the recovery rate by as much as 95%! In this workshop, you will learn more about... Warm-blooded bodies as sources of electromagnetic emissions: An infrared thermal (85%) and a radio thermal emission within the range of extremely high frequencies that convey detailed information on temperature changes. Man is an instable thermodynamic system that works towards sustaining steadfast temperature within the body. Basic principles CEM®-ThermoDiagnostics: While the contacting accessories provide the information on the whole body's temperature, radio luminescent equipment measures the temperature from some distance, giving detailed information about the internal organs' functioning. The detection of the temperature changes within the infrared range reveals simply, quickly and in a noninvasive way the internal organs' malfunctions, by registering the temperature changes on the surface skin layers. Distal body parts represent specialized areas of physical thermoregulation. Thermo symmetry of the tissues and organs is the basis for the thermo diagnostic. Methodology of CEM®-ThermoDiagnostics: Temperature is registered on the suggested measurement spots. The measurement results are converted into a thermogram. An educated user can either themselves analyze the thermo graphic record or consult their doctor (on-line or off-line) about what diagnostic-therapeutic steps to take, in addition to monitoring the treatment course and results. Indication of CEM®-ThermoDiagnostics; Inflammatory processes of the nose mucous membrane, sinuses holes, ear, joint structures, also skin, eye and breast diseases; evaluation of the brain bloodstream as well as that of the lower limbs, diagnosis of the secondary immune deficiency. Dr. Zlata Jovanovi Ignjati is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. During 1990ies and 2000ies she passed several internationally certified educations in acupuncture, quantum medicine, microwave resonance therapy, and homeopathy. From mid 1990ies holds Private practice in physical and quantum medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy in Belgrade. She is president elect of Acupuncture Medicine Section in Serbian Medical Society from 2006, president elect and co-founder of associated Quantum Medicine Subsection from 2008, and co-founder and first president elect of Quantum Medicine Association - Quanttes from 2006. During 2006-2008, made significant contribution to passing Regulations on traditional medicine in Serbia, as a member of Committee for Regulation of Traditional Medicine, in Serbian Ministry of Health. She is an author of the book Quantum-Holographic Medicine: Via Acupuncture and Microwave-resonance (Self)regulatory Mechanisms, printed by Quanttes, Belgrade, 2010, in Serbian.



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