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Pen Picture of Ms. Amna Khawaja

"Self ­schooled, self- secured, self honored and self-scanned" It is really a hard nut to crack to describe the most desirable person of QLC, Ms. Amna Khawaja. She is a person having her heart on the right place with the ability to judge the insight of human beings. She is not only a teacher but also a psychologist who welcomes her pupils with wide open arms and always lays her finger on their true problems. She treats her students motherly with the ability to solve the riddles in an instant, and like mothers she not only encourages and praises us in every matter but also used to scolds us on our careless mistakes. She can spend hours and hours in teaching her students. She never gets annoyed on the silly questions of the students. That is the reason why she is the heart favorite teacher of a lot of students. She is a self made person and yet her curious mind is always striving for new and improved horizons. When she joined QLC as a student of part-I no one knew that this girl will turn out into an asset for QLC. She proved her intellect by securing overall 3rd position in LL.B-I and then overall 1st position (G)in LL.B-II in the University of the Punjab. She is also a Punjab University Gold Medalist in Islamic Personal Law. She commands high repute among her colleagues, yet she is highly submissive towards her elders. She is a high-minded person with the blood of human kindness flowing profusely in her veins. She is quiet, calm and peaceful with the potential to confront the worst circumstances. Ms. Amna has made her mark in professional legal studies. We pray to GOD to make her a rising star whose gleams enlighten the world.


Microsoft Word - 42-AMNA KHWAJA pen picture.doc

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