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Title Eighteen Studies arr Georges Barrere 24 Progressive Studies, op. 33 24 Capriccios, op. 26 The Modern Method for the Boehm Flute 26 Studies Vol. 1 No. 1-13 36 Exercises op. 33 Book 3 Eight Difficult Pieces 30 Virtuoso Etudes Book 2 30 Exercises Exercices Journaliers Gammes et Arpeges-480 Exercises 7 Exercices Journaliers op. 5 Exercices Journaliers Exercices Journaliers 24 Studies Foundations in Flute Playing

Publisher Schirmer Albert J. Andraud Rudall Carte & Co. Cundy Bettoney Henry Litoff's Verlag Fischer Zimmerman Ricordi Alphonse Leduc Alphonse Leduc Schott Schott Schott Zimmerman Carl Fischer

Publisher Number 100.And.E 100And.T Q100.Boe 100. Bro 100.fur 100.Koe.E.33.3 Q100.Koe.75.2 Q100.Kra Q100.Moy.E Q100.Moy.G 100.Rei Q100.Ter.1 Q100.Ter.2 100.Til 100.Wag



Anderson, J. Anderson, J. Boehm, T. Brooke, A Furstenau, A.B. Koehler, E. Koehler, E. Krakamp, E. Moyse, M. Moyse, M. Reichardt, M.A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Tillmetz, R. Wagner, E.F.

Flute and Oboe

Loeillet, J.B. Sonate a Trois for Flute and Oboe with piano arr Beon Lemoine 105.Loe

Flute and Clarinet

Andaravard, A.J. Voxman,H. Duos Concertants for Flute/oboe and Clarinet 78 Duets for Flute and Clarinet Vol. 1. Southern Music Co. Rubank 105.And 105.Vox

Two Flutes

Amazing Grace- Early American Air, arr. H.L. Walters Allegro from Trio Sonata in C, for two treble recorders 6 Peitis Duos faciles op.59 Rubank Oxford University Press Collection Litoff 105.Ama 105.Bac 105.Ber

Bach, J.S. Berbiguer, T.

Berlioz, H. Devienne,F.

Kronke, E. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Kuhlau, Fr. Moyse, L. Quantz, J.J.

Trio, op. 25 on the Oratorio"L'enfance du Christ" 38 Duos arr. E.A. Wienhandt Fifty Rounds for 2 or more flutes R. de Smet arr. Suite in the Ancient Style, op.164 Three Duos Brillante op. 13 Three Duos Brillante op. 102 Three Duos Concertante op. 10 no. 1 Three Duos op. 81 Three Duos Concertante op. 87 Three Duos op. 90 no.1 Three Grand Duos, op. 39 Three Grand Duos, op. 57. No. 2 Three Grand Duos, op. 57. No. 3 Premier Duo, op. 86. No. 1 Forty Short Duets for Beginner Flautists Trio Sonate for two flutes/oboe/violin

Zimmermann: 1979 Southern Music Fentone: 1987 Zimmermann: 1921 Costallat and Co. Collection Litoff Edition Peters Edition Peters Collection Litoff Costallat and Co. Collection Litoff Costallat and Co. Costallat and Co. Costallat and Co. Schirmer Zimmermann

105.Ber 105.Dev 105.Fif Q105.Kro Q105.Kuh.B.13 105.Kuh.102 105.Kuh.D.10 105.Kuh.D.81 105.Kuh.D.87 105.Kuh.D.90 105.Kuh.G.39 105.Kuh.G.57.2 105.Kuh.G.57.3 Q105.Kuh.86 105.Moy 105.Qua

Piano or harp

Three Flutes

Beethoven, L. van. Cavally, R. Dvorak, A. Gabrielski, J. W. Konig, H. Kummer, G. Lorenzo, L. de Rozelli Tschaikowsky, P.I. Power, J. Power, J. Tulou, J.L. Theme and Variations op. 25 arr. Fetherston The Flute Family Sketches for picc fl and alto Gavotte arr. F. Michael Trio op. 10 no. 1 arr. H Eppel Imtermezzo Sixth Trio op. 59 I tre vituoso-Capriccio brilliante op. 31 Trio for 3 flutes in an easy and familiar style op. 5 Danse des Mirlitons arr. H.A. Hummel Three's a Crowd book 1 Three's a Crowd book 2 Trio op. 24 Belwin: 1940 Southern Music 1968 Zimmermann 1980 Zimmermann 1987 Zimmermann 1987 Zimmermann Zimmermann 1930 Zimmermann 1987 Rubank Arrensdorff Arrensdorff Zimmermann 1983 106.Bee 106.Cav 106.Dvo 106.Gab 106.Kon 106.Kum 106.Lor 106.Roz 106.Tch 106.Thr.1 106.Thr.2 106.Tul

Four Flutes

Bucheler, F. Frederick the Great Hofman, W Kleine Studie for Vier Floten Quartett for Vier Floten Cantus Avium 1,2,1 Zimmerman 1979 Zimmerman 1986 Zimmerman 1986 107.Buc 107.Fre 107.Hof

Kohler, E. Kronke, E. Kuhlau, F. Lauber, J. Pachelbel, J. Reicha, A. Shekov, I. Voxman, H.

Grosses Quartett, op. 92 arr. H. Eppel Paraphrasen uber ein eigenes Thema op. 184 Quartet in E Major op.108 Visions de Corse Bilder Aus Korsika op. 54 Canon and Gigue arr. C. Walker Menuett from the Quartet op. 12 Intrduction and Rondo Quartet Repertoire for Flute Incomplete Full Score avail.

Zimmerman Zimmerman 1925 Zimmerman Zimmerman Rubank Zimmerman Zimmerman 1988 Rubank

107.Koh 107.Kro 107.Kuh 107.Lau 107.Pac 107.Rei 107.She 107.Vox

Five Flutes

Rebikoff, V. The Musical Snuff Box. Arr Cavally 3,2 Southern Music 108.Reb

Six Flutes

Muller-Hornbach, G. Vivaldi, A. Wendel. M. Ritual Canon for 6 flutes Concerto La Primavera arr. Behnke Piece Breve op. 18 1,4,1 Zimmerman 1982 Airy 1984 Zimmerman 108.Mul 108.Viv 108.Wen

Eight Flutes

Gabrieli, G Schickele, P. Sonata Pian'e Forte arr. A; Ephross 2,5,1 Monochrome 1 for 8 Flutes Southern Music Elkan-Vogel 108.Gab 108.Sch

Nine Flutes

Feld, J. Cassation for 9 flutes 2,6,1 Zimmerman 108.Fel

Thirteen Flutes

Tull, F. Cyclorama 1 for Flute Ensemble 4,6,2,1 Zimmermann:1978 108 Tul

Flute and Piano A

Anderson, Joachim Anderson, Joachim Artom, Albert Arnold, Malcom Die Muhle op. 55 no. 4 Dix morceaux pour flute et piano op. 62 no. 4 Serenade d'amour Rimenbranza Northumbria Sonatina for Recorder and Piano op. 41 Zimmerman: 1894 Morsk Musik-Forlag Rudall, Carte & Co. Paterson's Pub: 1953 103.And.A Q103.And.D Q103.Arl 103.Arn


Bach, C.P.E. Bach, J.S. Bach, J.S. Bach, J.S. Bach, J.S. Bach, J.S. Bach, J.S. Bantock, Granville Balfe, M.W. Balfe, M.W. Barrett, T. Barrett, T. Baussnern, W.von Beethoven, L. van Beethoven, L. van Beethoven, L. van Beethoven, L. van Bennet, David Bennnet, F Berbiguier, T. Berkeley, Lennox Bizet, Georges Bizet, Georges Blavet, Michel Blavet, Michel Boehm, T. Booth, William Booth, William Briccialdi, Guilio Briccialdi, Guilio Briccialdi, Guilio Busoni, Ferruccio Busch, Carl Rondo Expressivo arr. Laubenstein Bouree From Suite in B minor trans Barrere Italian Concerto arr. Laube Polonaise and Badinage ed Maganini, arr. Barge Sonata No. 1 in B minor ed. Roth Sonata's no. 1-3 Three Flute Sonatas arr Geehl,ed Strainer Pagan Poem Fantasia on the Bohemian Girl arr. Langey Fantasia on the Bohemian Girl arr. Thierre Romance and Tarantella Romance and Tarantella Instrumental Suites, no. 2 Ten Themes with Variations op. 107, no. 1-6 Sernade for flute, viola, and violin in D major op. 25 arr Roth Serenade for flute and piano op. 41 arr. Barge Sonata in F op. 17 ed. Braun Flute Fresco Cavatina Sul margine d'un Rico with Variations Concerto for Flute and Orchestra Menuet from L'Arlesienne Suite no. 2 ed. Caso Menuet from L'Arlesienne Suite no. 2 ed. Herman Sonata no. 1 ed Fleury Sonata no. 5 ed Fleury Grand Polonaise in D major op. 16 ed Rampal Air de Ballet In the Woods at Evensong arr Medicus Carnival of Venice op. 78 Il Vento op. 112 Il Vento op. 112 Divertimento for Flute and Orchestra op. 52 Four Minatures Cundy-Bettoney: 1965 Schirmer: 1941 Cundy-Bettoney: 1969 Carl Fischer Rudall Carte: 1945 C.F. Peters British Continental Music Joseph Williams: 1930 Hawkes and Son Hawkes and Son Rudall Carte Rudall Carte Friedridi Dieweg: 1924 Belwyn Mill Rudall Carte Steingraber-Verlag Universal Ed: 1976 Southern Music:1957 Rudall Carte R. Cocks and Co Chester: 1956 Carl Fischer: 1922 Choudens Rudall Carte: 1908 Rudall Carte: 1912 International Music:1977 Rudall Carte Cundy-Bettoney Handwritten Schotts Sohne Carl Fischer: 1912 Breitkoph and Hartel: 1922 Cundy Bettoney:1940 103.Bac.aa

Butterfly, Nigel

Conversation Pieces



Carte, R. Carte, D.R. Catherine, A. Chaminade, C. Chopin, F. Chopin, F. Chopin, F. Chopin, F. Ciardi, G. Clarke, Hamilton Clinton, J. Clinton, J. Clinton, J. Clinton, J. Cripps, Henry Cui, Cesare Carolan's Concerto with the Harp that Once Thro' Tara Halls Wake Sweet Bird Serenade Melancolique Concertino Nocturnes arr Flavell Variations on a theme by Rossini ed Rampal Waltz's op. 34 no. 2-3, op. 70 no. 1 arr. Prill Waltz's-op. 64 no. 1-3 arr. Prill Nocturne no. 3 Day and Night op. 222 Guirlande de six melodies espagnoles no. 19 "Tirana del Calestro" op. 21 Il Trovatore op. 116 Last Rose of Summer Rye Bloom Fantasia Rondinello Cantible op. 36, no. 2 Rudall Carte Rudall Carte Cundy-Bettoney:1919 Durand and Fils Robert Cock's and Co International Music: 1960 Zimmerman:1893 Zimmerman:1893 Cundy-Bettoney:1939 Rudall Carte Wessel & Co Edwin Ashdown Edwin Ashdown Edwin Ashdown Boosey & Hawkes:1947 Cundy-Bettoney


Damare,E. Damare,E. Damare,E. Debussy, Claude Debussy, Claude Debussy, Claude Delibes, Leo Delibes, Leo Delibes, Leo Devienne, Francois Dipple, T.I. & Abt,F Donjon, Johannes Donjon, Johannes Donjon, Johannes Home Sweet Home op. 107 Le Merle Blanc-Polka Rondo op. 161 Spring Gentle Spring op. 65 En Bateau and Syrinx Second Arabesque Syrinx Le Pas des Fleurs trans, Brooke Le Pas des Fleurs trans, Brooke Valse Lento arr. Dole Concerto no. 8 in G major Introduction: When the Swallows Offertoire op. 12 Offertoire op. 12 Pan, Pastorale for flute arr. Medicus Hawkes and son Margueritat Piano part missing Edito Musico Budapest:1974 Cundy-Bettony:1967 Handwritten Cundy-Bettony:1905 Cundy-Bettony:1905 Cundy-Bettony:1908 Edito Musico Budapest:1966 Cundy-Bettony:1919 Janin Freres Cundy-Bettony

Doppler, Francois Doppler, Francois Dortay, Georges Dorlay, Georges Dunhill, Thomas F. Dunhill, Thomas F. Durand, August

Fantasie Pastorale Hongroisse op.26 L'Oiseau des Bois "Das Waldvoglein" op. 27 La Plainte de Pailiasse Scherzo Brilliante Suite for Flute and Piano op. 93 Valse Fantasia First Valse op. 83

Carl Fischer:1912 Schott's Sohne Stainer&Bell:1907 Stainer&Bell:1907 Boosey & Hawkes:1941 Rudall Carte Cundy-Bettony:1920

Piano part missing


Edelson, Edward. Enesco, Georges Chant Cantabile et Presto Carl Fischer:1965 Enoch & Co


Faure, Grabriel Faure, Grabriel Feigert, P. Finger, Geoffrey Finger, Geoffrey Finger, Geoffrey Finger, Geoffrey Flavell, Edwin M. Fontaine, Camille Fantasy op.78 Piece trans Th Doney La Muette de Portico Sonata in D minor ed. Boyle Sonata in F major ed. Boyle Sonata in G major ed. Hunt Sonata in G major ed. Hunt Flavell's Album Pastorale op. 34 International Music Alphonse Leduc:1920 Augener & Co Rudall Carte:1937 Rudall Carte:1938 Rudall Carte:1934 Rudall Carte:1934 Robert Cocks Schott & Co:1915


German, Edward German, Edward German, Edward Gibbs, Armstrong Glanville-Hicks, P. Godard, Benjamin Gossec, Fr. Jos. Gounod. Ch. Intermezzo ed Blake Suite Valse Graceuse Suite in A major Sonatina Suite de Trois Morceaux No. 3 Valse Gavotte Ballet Music From Faust arr Brooke Stanley Lucas & Co: 1894 Rudall Carte Harry Bettoney Oxford University Press:1957 Schott & Co:1941 Durand & Filss Rubank Harry Bettoney


Hahocker, Johann Halphen, Ferdinand Humoreske, op. 8 Noel for Flute and Harmonium Cranz & Co Editions Maurice Sernart:1919

Handel, George Frederic Handel, George Frederic Handel, George Frederic Handel, George Frederic Handel, George Frederic Handel, George Frederic Handel, George Frederic Harmston, J.W. Haydn, J. Hindemith, Paul Hindemith, Paul Honneger, Arthur Hook, James Hook, James Houdy,Pierick Hyde, Miriam

Bouree and Menuet from Sonata no. 3 Sonata in Bb arr. Mann Sonata in B minor ed Fleury Sonata no.1 in E minor Sonatas for Flute and Piano no.1-3 arr Fleury Sonatas for Flute and Piano no.1-4 arr Fleury Sonatas for Flute and Piano no.5-8 arr Fleury Andante and Polacca op. 235 Gypsy Rondo arr. Barnes Echo Sonata for Flute and Piano Romance Sonatina no. 1 in C for treble Recorder and Piano arr Salkfield Sonatina no. 2 in C for treble Recorder and Piano arr Salkfield Pastourelle for Flute and pianoforte Wedding Morn

Rubank:1963 Rudall Carte Rudall Carte:1924 Peters Rudall Carte:1932 Rudall Carte Rudall Carte Flute Players Journal Ludwig Music:1954 Schott:1945 Schott:1937 International Music:1953 Schott:1951 Schott:1951 Alphonse Leduc Alans:1968

Flute Part only


Jacob, Gordon Jolivet, Andre Jolivet, Andre Jong,Edward de Jong,Edward de Jong,Edward de Jong,Edward de Concerto for flute and strings Chant de Linos Fantasie Caprice Ariel Caprice Polka de Concert Valse du Printemps Joseph Williams:1952 Costallat:1944 Alphonse Leduc:1954 Rudall Carte Rudall Carte Rudall Carte


Kesnar, Maurice Ketelbey, Albert Kohler, Ernesto Kohler, Ernesto Kohler, Ernesto Krantz, A. Krantz, A. Krantz, A. Legend Pensee Intime Chant du Soir Orienalische Serenade, op. 70 Saltarello Andante Religioso Deux Morceaux Suite Cundy-Bettoney:1956 Rudall Carte Zimmermann Zimmermann Aug.Cranz Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

Krantz, A. Kummer, C.

Suite Valse de L'Adito Il Bacio Der Kuss

Zimmermann Carl Fischer


Lange, G. Langey, Otto Le Clair, Jean Marie Leeuwen, Ary van Lemmone, John Lieurance, Thurlow Loeillet, J.B. Lorenzo, L. de Lully, J.B. Blumenlied Sonatina in D Gigue arr. Barrere No. 2 Erzahlung from Suite Graceful Dance Caprice-The Bridesmead Sonata no. 7 Rosina Ariette en Rondeau Cundy Bettoney Hawkes& Son Schirmer:1928 Zimmermann Edwin Ashdown Cundy Bettoney Lemoine:1911 Zimmermann Alphonse Leduc:1927


Maganini, Quinto Manigold, Julius Mendelsohn Mozart, W.A. Mozart, W.A. Mozart, W.A. Mozart, W.A. Mozart, W.A. Mozart, W.A. Murril, H. Serenade-A Flute in the Garden of Allah Phantasiestuck, op. 3 Songs without Words Allegro from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik arr. Merle Andante op. 86 arr. Boehm Andantino from Divertimento no. 14 K.270 trans Cole Don Giovanni-La Ci Darem trans Nicholson Menuett in D major Rondo-Andante trans Boehm arr. Laube Sonata for treble recorder or flute Carl Fischer:1921 Zimmerman Piano part missing Carl Fischer:1964 Rudall Carte Theodore Presser:1962 The Amateur Flautist Cundy Bettoney:1964 Cundy Bettoney:1945 Oxford University Press:1951


Nicholson, Charles Norden, Hugo Introducition and Rondo Capriccio ed. McCathren R. Cocks Carl Fischer:1962


Paggi, G. Percival, G.C. Percival, G.C. Percival, G.C. Percival, G.C. Fantasia-Rimembranze Napoletane Canzonet & Mazurka La Delicatesse La Delicatesse In the Forest Rudall Carte& Co W.H. Paling:1922 Rudall Carte& Co Rudall Carte& Co W.H. Paling:1922

Percival, G.C. Percival, G.C. Percival, G.C. Percival, G.C. Pessard, Emile Piston, Walter Pitfield,Thomas, B. Popp, G. Popp, G. Porteous,N. Powell, G.B. Powning, Graham Pucci, S. Purcell, Daniel

In the Forest Remonstrance Sweet Content Sweet Content Deuzieme Piece Sonata Sonatina Fantasie Brillante from Gounod's "Faust" Vogelsang Andante and Grazia Fantasia Ten First Solo Pieces for Oboe and Piano Bolero Sonata ed. Slater

W.H. Paling:1922 W.H. Paling:1926 W.H. Paling:1926 W.H. Paling:1926 Alphonse Leduc Associated Music Pub Oxford University Press Chappell and Co Cranz & Co Rudall Carte& Co Allans Ricordi Oxford University Press

Piano part missing


Quensel, A. Andante Cundy-Bettoney


Radoux, N.L. Rameau, J.P. Ravel, M.. Riker, H.A. Roussel, Albert Two Pieces Chaconne et Musette Berceuse trans Garben All on a Summer's Day, op. 4 Andante & Scherzo, op.51 Rudall Carte & Co Augeners Edition Durand & Fils R.D. Row Music Durand & Co


Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Sabathil, F. Scarlatti, F. Fairies Dance Fairies Dance Polka de Bravura Der Puppe and der Hampelmann Rondo Scherzando Scherzo Capriccio Two Pieces Valse Valse Gracieuse Wiegenlied Sonata in Bb arr. Rofe Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co

Scarlatti, F. Scarlatti, F. Schmid, F. Schubert, F. Schumann, R. Scott, Cyril Sobieski, L. Spohr, L. Stanley, J. Stanley, J. Steckmest, H. Stranders, Percy Strelezki,A.

Sonata in Bb arr. Rofe Suite for Flute and Strings arr. Benjamin Queen Christina Gavotte arr. Langey Introduction and Variation uber ein Thema "Ihr Blumen Alle" aus dem Mullerliedern op. 160 Three Romances,op.94 ed. Rampal Sonata Romance in F Barcarole Solo in D minor Solo in G minor Im Rosenduft Di Napoli Romance Russe

Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Boosey and Hawkes Breitkkopf International Music Co Elkin:1961 Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Oxford Universtiy Press Rudall Carte & Co Schott Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co


Telemann, G. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Terschak, A. Thiere, Ch. Le Thome, F. Titcomb, E. Titl, A.E. Tschaikovsky, P. Sonata in G Allegro de Concert Caprice de Concert La Caravane Columbus Danse des Paysans Fleurs des Alpes The Remembrance Rhapsodie Slave Schneeflocken Schneeflocken Steplpenblumen-Desert Flowers Autumn Winter Two Pieces, Romane and Serenade Sous la Feuilee Suite Serenade arr. Roberts The Sleeping Beauty Waltz from Dornroschen op 66 no 6 arr. Bettoney Schott Rieter-Biedermann score only Vienne,Charles Haslinger Rudall Carte & Co Schott Schott Schott Schuberth & Co Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann Rudall Carte & Co Rudall Carte & Co Durand & Fils Cundy Bettoney Carl Fischer Cundy Bettoney


Veracini, F.M. Verhey, T.H.H.

Sonata Prima Caprice Burlesque

Rudall Carte & Co Zimmermann


Walthew, R.H. Walton, J. Weber, C.M. von Wekerlin Wetzger, P. Wienlawski Wood, H. Idyll ed. Fransella Sur Le Lac Romanza Sicilania arr. Mockwitz Stars of Night arr. Balfour The Brook in the Wood Romance from 2nd Concerto arr. Buchtel Barcarolle Stainer & Bell Rudall Carte & Co Berlino Hawkes & Son Cundy Bettoney Kjos Music Rudall Carte & Co

Solo Flute

Composer Gross, E.G. Honegger, A. Ibert, J. Trumble, R. Willner, A. Title Three Bagatelles for Solo Flute Danse de le Chevre Piece Prelude Sonate Publisher Leeds Music Company Editions Salabert Alphonse Leduc Zimmermann Publisher Number 101.Gro Q101:Hon 101.Ibe 101.Tru 101.Wil

Piccolo with Piano

Damare, A. Damare, E. Dvorak, A. Griffith, S.R. Hartman, J. Read, L.C. Restorff, H. La Sylphide Polka, op. 241 The Wren Polka Air Gracile arr. C.W. Johnson Nesting Time Db picc Weber's Last Waltz Canary Polka The Bluebird's Call Gaudet Cundy Bettoney Rubank Fillmore Edition Cundy Bettoney Cundy Bettoney Carl Fischer 104.Dam.S 104.Dam.W 104.Dvo 104.Gri 104.Har 104.Rea 104.Res

Alto Flute

Kriesler, A. von Parfrey, R. Berceuse Lyric Moment Sourthern Music Co.: 1966 Emerson: 1972 104.Kre 104.Par


Title Editor/Arranger Publisher Publisher Number

Classical Albumn for Flute and Piano

9 Easy Pieces

Perry, H.

Rudall Carte & Co. Collection Litoff Chester Carl Fischer Hinrichsen Allans Oxford University Press Oxford University Press

102.Cla 102.Cel 102.Eig 102.Eve 102.Flo 102.Fo 102.Mus 102.Thr

Celebrated Pieces for Flute and Piano Eight Easy Pieces by Classical Composers Dearnley, C.H. Every Day Favourites for Flute and Piano Floten Album Twelve wellknown Pieces Hodgson. P Forty Little Pieces in Progressive Order Moyse, L. Music for Flute and Basso Continuo 1700-1750 Platt, R. Three Original Pieces Composed for the sight reading examinations at the Paris Conservatoire

Bound Collections

Book P Collections of Flute and Piano Music in Two Volumes de Jong Valse de Printemps Percival Canzonet and Mazurka Buse Polonaise Haydn Adagio Briccialdi Andante and Polonaise Offenbach Hoffman Brahms Danses Hongraises BookQ Collections of Flute and Piano Music in Two Volumes Terschak Duo op. 85 Bach Sonate C Major Koehler Orientatische Serenade Wyshm Idyl Hahocker Humeresque Chaminade To the Stars Hilse Suite Krantz Barcarolle, Idylle, Illusions Perdues Q.102.P.1 Q.102.P.2

Q.102.Q.1 Q.102.Q.2



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