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Paint Inspection:

Daily Coating Inspection Report

Project/Client: Location: Description: Requirements: Contractor: Description of Areas & Work Performed

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Revision # Hold Point Inspections Performed 1 Pre Surface Pep/Condition & Cleanliness 2 Surface Preparation Monitoring 3 Post Surface Preparation/Cleanliness & Profile 4 Pre Application Prep/Surface Cleanliness 5 Application Monitoring/Wet Film Thickness (WFT) 6 Post Application/Application Defects 7 Post Cure/Dry Film Thickness (DFT) 8 Nonconformance/Corrective Actions Follow-up 9 Final Inspection Approved By: Surface Conditions Ambient Conditions Time (Indicate AM or PM) : : : : New Maint Primer/Paint Age/Dry/Cure 0 o o o o Dry Bulb Temp (C/F) Steel Galvanize Concrete Other 0 o o o o Wet Bulb Temp (C/F) Hazard Sample Report # Degree of contamination: % Relative Humidity % % % % o o o Fe ppm pH µg/cm2 / ppm Surface Temp0 (C/F) Min/Max Test: Cl / / o / / 0 o o o o Dew Point Temp (C/F) Degree of Corrosion: Scale Pitting/Holes Crevices Sharp Edges Wind Direction/Speed Weld Moisture Oils Other Weather Conditions: Application Painted Surface Condition: Start Time : Finish Time : Est. Sq/ft. Dry to: Touch Handle Recoat Primer Intermediate Topcoat Touch-up Dry/Over Spray Runs/Sags Pinholes Holidays Abrasion Fall Out Other Generic Type: Qty Mixed: Surface Preparation Manuf.: Mix Ratio: Prod Name: Mix Method: Start Time: Finish Time: Est Sq/ft: Solvent Clean Hand Tool Power Tool Prod #: Strain/Screen: oF HP Wash PSI Other Color: Material Temp: Abrasive Blast Abrasive Type Sample Kit Sz/Cond.: Sweat-in Time: Min/Hrs Blast Hose Size Nozzle Size / PSI Shelf Life: Pot Life: Min/Hrs Batch #'s Air Supply CFM Air Supply Cleanliness Reducer #: Water/Oil Trap Check Equipment Condition Check (A) Qty Added: Pt/Qt/Gal (B) % by Vol: % Specified WFT Avg: Surface Cleanliness & Profile Measurement (C) Mils Achieved WFT Avg: Job Specification SSPC/NACE - SPReducer: Mils SSPC/NACE Spec / Visual Stds Airless/Conv. Spray Brush Roller Other Profile Check: Disc Tape Gauge Pump Pot Hose Dia. Air Check Specified mils avg. / Achieved mils Ratio/Size Hose Lng. SEP/Trap Surface effect on DFT Gauge/BMR mils GPM/CFM Spray Gun Filter Dry Film Thickness PSI Tip Sz. Agitator

Gage Type / Model

Spec #

Gage Serial #

Gage Calib. Spec Avg. Verified DFT

Total Avg DFT

DFT Last Coat

DFT This Coat Inspector's Signature Date .


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