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R4006 B1052 B1053 B1054 B1055 B1056 B1057 B1058 B1059 B1060 B1061 B1062 B1063 B1065 B1066 B2062 B2063 B2067 B2068 B2069 B2071 B2073 B2074 B2075 B2076 B2077 B2078 B2079 B2080 B3090 B3096 B3097 B3098 B3099 B3100 B3102 B3103 B3104 B3105 B3106 B3107 B3108 B3109 B3111 B3112 B3113 B3115 B3116 B3117 ResearchProject FoundationsofManagement Business Economics Consumer Behaviour


Cultural Management and Events Tourism TheHistoryandConceptsofHospitalityandFood Introduction to the Consumer Society IntroductiontoHospitalityEnviroment Introduction to Tourism Introduction to Events Markets and Customers MarketingDynamics The Business Environment FoundationsofRetailBusiness Ethical Issues in Tourism Events Project Management Principles And Practices Of Events Management BusinessIssuesForHospitalityManagers Consumer Law Consumer Protection Environment FoodAndBeverageProjectManagement Managing Resources Marketing In Practice MarketingResearch Niche Tourism Operations Management People In Organisations Retail Marketing And Operations Tourism Operations Management RecreatingTheCityEventImageAndRegeneration Advertising Marketing Communications BusinessAndManagementConsultancy Research Continuing Development Studies Contemporary Food And Drink Customer Service E-Marketing FashionMarketing Etourism Food Marketing Human Resource Management Logistics Supply Chain Management ManagingDiversity Managing Hospitality Enterprises Marketing Planning New Enterprise Creation Project Management StrategicManagement Sustainable Consumption Sustainable Hospitality Management

B3119 B4048 B4066 B4070 B4071 B4072 B4076 B4077 B4078 B4081 B4083 B4086 B4088 B4089 B4091 B4094 C1132 C1133 C1134 C1136 C1137 C2130 C2131 C2132 C2134 C2135 C3134 C3135 C3136 C3137 C3139 C4124 C4125 C4126 C4127 C4128/CM018 C4129/CM016 C4130/CM015 C4131/CM010 CM009 CM011 CM013 CPE1 CPE2 CPE3 CPE4 D1127 D1128 D1131 D1132

TheRiskSocietyEventsPolicyAndLaw Strategic Issues In Hospitality Management Developments And Issues In Global Events Business Excellence Money Advice Contemporary Issues In Consumer Policy ContemporaryIssuesInRetailing Cultures Of Consumption Culinary Cultures HumanResourceDevelopment Research Methods Tourism And Developing Countries Developments And Issues In Global Tourism StrategicMarketManagement Strategic Directions Commercialisation Culture (Re)presenting Events Marketing Consultancy Project Clinical Studies 1 Loco. Science 1 Anatomy Loco. Science 1 Principles of Gait Disorders Management 1 EBHC 1 - Understanding the Use of Evidence ClinicalStudies2 Loco Science 2 Normal Gait Physiology 2 - Pathophysiology DisordersManagement2 EBHC 2 - Research Design Clinical Studies 3 Professional Issues Loco Science 3 - Pathological Gait Disorders Management 3 EBHC 3 - Designing Clinical Audit Clinical Studies 4 - Audit EBHC4 - Group Research Study Clinical Studies 4 - Reflection Special Study PodiatricMechanics MedicineandPathology EvaluationofDiabetesandDevelopingPractice HealthPsychologyandDiabetes PreventionandManagementofDiabetesComplications ManagementofDiabetesCareServices Pharmacology for Podiatry Cultural Practices and Political Structures Cultural Production Culture the Political Imagination Critical Approaches to Cultural Policy Introductory Physiology Anatomy Neurobiological Foundations of Communication Cell Biology and Genetics Developmental Biology Ageing

D1135 D1136 D1137 D1138 D1140 D1141 D2125 D2126 D2127 D2128 D2129 D2130 D2131 D2132 D2133 D2134 D2135 D2136 D2137 D2138 D2139 D3132/D4125 D3133 D3133/DM031Lecture D3135 D3135/DM030/D3162Lectures D3143 D3144 D3145 D3146 D3147 D3148 D3149 D3150 D3151 D3152 D3154 D3155 D3156 D3157 D3158 D3160 D3162 D4120 D4134 D4142 D4143 D4144 D4145 D4146

Integrating Module 1 Introduction to Food Nutrition KeyInvestigativeSkills1 Microbiology HumanPhysiology Biochemistry Placement A - DT2 Food Science Human Physiology Pharmacology 1 Human Physiology Pharmacology Immunology Infection Control Integrating Module 2 Key Investigative Skills 2 MedicalMicrobiology Molecular Biology Nutrition 1 Nutrition 2 Practical Pharmacology SystemsBiology1 SystemsBiology2 Placement Block B C ProfessionalStudies Professional Studies TherapeuticDietetics1 D3135/DM030/D3162Lectures Epidemiology and Health Applied Nutrition Biochemistry of Exercise Clinical Sciences 1a Clinical Sciences 1b Clinical Sciences 2a Clinical Sciences 2b Determinants of Health Dissertation Drug Abuse Addiction Integrating Module 3 Molecular Pharmacology 1 Molecular Pharmacology 2 Neuropharmacology Neuroscience Public Health Practice TherapeuticDietetics2 Advanced Medical Microbiology Immunology SportsNutrition Advanced Molecular Pharmachology Current Health Issues Current Issues in Cancer CurrentIssuesinCardioandCerebrovascularDisease Current Issues - Obesity

D4147 D4148/DM028 D4149 D4150 D4151 D4152 D4153 DM009 DM012 DM024 DM026 DM027 DM030 DM031 DM032 DM039 DM041 DMTEVE DTEVE ExamBlock HM006 HM012 HM013 HM014 HM020 HM022 HM116 HM117 HM119 HM136 HP_DOC HSS_DOC I1132 I1133 I1140 I1141 I1142 I1143 I1144 I1145 I2141 I2142 I2143 I2144 I2145 I2146 I2147 I2148 I2149 I3151

Epidemiology Food and Nutrition Policy Health Education and Health Promotion Campaigns International Health Nutrition Performance Enhancing Drugs Research and Professional Communication ResearchProcess Dissertation Evaluation of Practice Food and Nutrition Principles of Nutrition Science Clinical Sciences TherapeuticInterventions Professional Studies Professional Practice Epidemiology Pharmocology Pharmogenetics IntroductiontoDanceMovementPsychotherapySC TheIntroductiontoDramatherapySC ExamRoomBlock Managing Service Industries Organisations and People Entrepreneurship Operations Management Finance for Service Industries Human Resource Development Marketing MBA Research Methods for Business Strategic Management Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Creative Manager HP_DOC HSS_DOC MediaCommunicationIndustries NarrativeRepresentationinFilmMedia Introduction to Film Studies Media Production 1 Investigating Media Consumption IntroductiontoMediaStudies Introduction to PR Media Relations Film and Creativity Media Production 2 Working in the Media Media and Popular Culture FilmGenre Media and Citizenship Media Campaigning Employee Communication and Dealing with Change Introduction to Critical Thinking Contemporary Hollywood Cinema

I3155 I3157 I3158 I3167 I3168 I3169 I3170 I4106 I4127 I4130 I4136 I4145 I4152 I4160 I4161 I4163 I4164 IIHDSems IIHDSS1 IIHDSS2 IM100 IM139 IM147 IM148 IM149 IM150 IM151 IM152 IND1 IND2 IPE1 IPE2 IPE3 IPE4 LRC01 LRC02 LRC03 LRC04 LRC05 LRC06 LRC07 LRC08 LRC09 LRC10 LRC11 LRC12 LRC14 LRC15 LRC16 LRC17

PR Theory Strategy Video Production WorldCinema Media and Communications Research Media Culture Society Contemporary Television Persuasive Communication Popular Music CRIME FICTION Professional Communication Placement Cinema Modernity JOURNALISM IN FILM LITERATURE Film and Family Crtitical Perspectives in Radio Cinema and the Body PR and Activism International Public Relations IIHDSems IIHDSS1 IIHDSS2 Media in Britain Introduction to Social Research Policy Communications and Public Affairs Critical Reflections in PR Internal Communications Public Relations Planning Industry Placement Dissertation Induction Week 1(IIHD) Induction Week 2(IIHD) IPE1 IPE2 IPE3 IPE4 LibraryInduction SettingUptheRemoteDesktop SearchingtheLibraryCatalogues LibrarySkillsforDirectEntrants IntroductiontoElectronicResources BasicReferencing LiteratureSearchingforyourMediaorMarketingDissertation LiteratureSearchingforyourHealthDissertation LiteratureSearchingforBusinessorEventManagementDissertation FindingFullTextJournalArticles LiteratureSearchingforDrama&CreativeIndustriesDissertation GeneralLiteratureSearchingforYourDissertation GettingStartedwithReferenceManager ElectronicResourcesforHealthSciences ElectronicResourcesforTourismStudents ElectronicResourcesforDramaCourses

LRC18 LRC19 LRC20 LRC21 LRC22 LRC23 LRC24 LRC25 M2113 MH1 MM002 MM029 MM030 MM031 MM032 MM033 MM034 MM035 MM036 N_Care N1105 N1111 N1152 N1153 N1154 N2113 N2320 N2321 N3103 N3107 N3116 N3343 N3357 N3358 N3359 N3524 N3525 N3530 N3531 N3538 N3575 N4107 N4115 N4216 N4218 N4219 N4221 N4223 N4224

FindingCaseStudies FindingandUsingImagesforyourCoursework ElectronicResourcesforArtTherapists FindingDramaResources DiscoverBSP_analternativetoEmerald FindingFullTextBusinessArticles LiteratureSearchYourMediaCommOrSociologyDissertation FindingResourcesforMedia,Communication&SociologyCourses Cognitive Psychology (SLT) MovingandHandling Research Methods 2 Advanced Research Methods Communication Context Systems Dissertation Workshop (Y) Individual Differences Lifestyle Issues in Health Psychology Lifespan Development and Health Public Health Psychology Stress Coping with Chronic Illness N1114/N1115/N1117/N1120/N1121/N1122/N1123/N1124/N1125/N1142/N1145/N1 AppliedScience1 Human Development Evidence for Practice Nature of Nursing SkillsforNursingPractice AppliedScience2 EBL1 PatternsofCareManagement EBL2 IndividualswithAlteredHealthStatus AppliedScience3 PrinciplesofInvestigation Managing Care Clinical Judgement and Decision Making Work Based Teaching Research for Practice Managing for Quality Leadership Practice Development 1 PerspectivesofNursingtheAcutelyIllAdult PerspectivesofNursingtheIllAdult Independent Study LossandBereavement Elective Dissertation Preparation for Clinical Leadership Community Health Principles of Community Health Nursing Communication in the Community Facilitation of Learning People with Complex Needs

N3337/NM017/041/164/165/168/Developing Professional Practice

N4226 N4227 N4228 N4229 N4230 N4231 NM009 NM018 NM031 NM037 NM042 NM043 NM100 NM102 NM104 NM108 NM111 NM112 NM113/NM192/NM193 NM114 NM121 NM122 NM142 NM155 NM158 NM166 NM167 NM171 NM172 NM189 NM195 NM196 NM206/OM043 NM207 NM208 NM209/210/N3548/3549 NM209/210/N3548/3549/4222 NM211 NM212 NM213 NM214 NM216 NM217 NM218 NM219 NM220 NM221 NM222 NM223 O1118

ManagementofLongTermConditions Children and Young People in the Social Context Family Health Promoting Health Through the Lifespan PracticeConsolidation Principles of SCPHN Advancing Nursing Practice Perspectives in Family Community Health Curriculum Development Managing Health Care Education Education in Action Advanced Facilitation HIV Development HealthRelatedResearch ProjectDesignManagement Population Reproductive Health Policy Practice in Complex Emergencies Gender Health Development Dissertation Psychosocial Interventions with War Affected Populations Displaced Persons and Refu Participatory Appraisal Evaluation Independent Study Public Health Perspectives A Managing Change in Healthcare CurrentIssuesinEducation NM166 DevelopingPublicHealthPractice-Work-BasedLearning ResearchDesignPlanning SocialDevelopmentPolicy Practice Working with and for Communities Introduction to Education Research Applied Education Research EvidenceBasedHealthandSocialCare1 Practice Development Role of the Expert Nurse in Managing the Acutely Ill Patient IndependentandSupplementaryPrescribing Independent and Supplementary Prescribing Alcohol and Health LeadinginHealthcare Primary Care Taking Practice Forward Evaluating and supporting clinical decision making International Health Social Policy Health Systems International Public Health Health Economics Strategic Human Resources for Health Leading Change Workforce Planning WorkforceManagement OccupationalInteractionandPerformance

O1119 O1120 O1122 O2120 O2121 O2122 O3134 O3135 O3136 O3137 O3138 O3141 O3142 O3143 O3144 O4127 O4129 O4131 O4132 O4133 O4135 OM022 OM025 OM026 OM027 OM028 OM030 OM031 OM032 OM033 OM034 OM035 OM036 OM037 OM038/OM039 OM044 OM108 OM110 OM111 OM112 OM113 OM114 OM115 OM116 OM130 OM131 OM132 OM133 OM134 P1105

ConceptualFoundationsofOccupationalTherapy MindBrainBodyandContext1 ResearchSkills1 IntrotoResearch CriticalAppraisal OccupationalTherapyasanEnablingProfession ResearchSkills2 IntrotoDataAnalysis EvidenceBasedPractice ParticipationinOccupation MindBrainBodyandContext2 CONTEMPORARY EPISTEMOLOGIES OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY PracticeinaChangingContext OccupationalTherapyReflectingonPractice Research Skills 3 Theory Practice (Exploring Methodology Data Analysis) Exploring Participation in Occupation MindBrainBodyandContext3 Enabling Occupational Performance through Assistive Technology OccupationalTherapyintheManagementofPain Working with Children Skill Development for People with a Learning Disability ResearchSkills4 FromResearchConsumertoResearchProducer FirstSteps ContemporaryIssuesinOccupationalTherapy Counselling and Occupational Therapy Social Justice in Health and Social Care Childhood Studies CreativeStudies Independent Study OccupationalTherapyI(ConceptualFoundations) PracticeContexts Professional Skills OccupationalTherapy(Analysis Assessment) OccupationalTherapy(Intervention Teamwork) OccupationalTherapy(Evaluation EvidenceBasedPractice) MusicTherapy TheorywithinContext ClinicalStudies Music Studies PlacementandSupervision1 Placement and Supervision 2 MusicTherapy ResearchMethods Clinical Project (Pathway 1 2) Resarch Methods MSc OT Dissertation OT within Mental Health Contexts ArtTherapyTheory Research ArtBasedResearch ClinicalPractice CriticalArtTherapy ClinicalProject Dissertation DanceandMovementPsychotherapyTheorySkills Dance Movement Psychotherapy Placement 1 Critical Dance Movement Psychotherapy and advanced skills DanceMovementPsychotherapyPlacement2 DanceMovementPsychotherapyClinicalProject Biomechanics

P1106/P1107 P1110 P1111 P1112 P1116 P2102/PM024 P2103/PM022 P2107 P2107/PM061 P2121/PM059 P2122 P2122/PM061 P2124 P2125/PM060 P3110 P4118 P4120 P4124/P4125 PM002 PM004 PM009 PM023 PM025 PM028 PM032 PM048 PM049 PM050 PM051 PM054 PM055 PM056 PM057 PM058 PM061 R1018 R1020 R1021 R1022 R1023 R1024 R1026 R2012 R2013 R2014 R2015 R3024 R3025 R3026 R4002

Musculoskeletal Anatomy Theory and Practice Physiology IntroductiontoPhysiotherapyStudies Introduction to Research IntroductiontoPsychology Psychosocial Issues/Challenges to Medicine Joint Lecture CardiorespiratoryLectures Neurological Physiotherapy Neurological Physiotherapy AppliedNeurosciences/NeuorsciencesforNeurologicalRehabilitation Neurological Physio Theoery NeurologicalPhysioTheoery Neuro MSK 1 Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy 2 ProfessionalDevelopmentPortfolio Issues in Physiotherapy and Health HonoursProject PracticeBasedLearning Neurological Physiotherapy Assessment Analysis of Human Movement Research Project (Part-Time Full-Time) Evaluation of Human Performance Development of Physiotherapy Practice PracticeBasedLearning Scientific Rationale of Musculoskeletal Practice MScPre-RegDissertation PracticalExperimentalDesignandEvaluation Exercise Interventions for Health ResearchMethods FunctionalandAppliedAnatomy Physiology for Physiotherapy Biomechanics in Physiotherapy Practice Professional Studies NeuroMSK1 New neurological physiotherapy Introduction to the Human Body Professional Practice Introduction to Research Communication Studies Diagnostic Practice 1 Radiotherapy Practice 1 Science and Technology RadiodiagnosticPhysicsandEquipment Radiotherapy Physics and Equipment Diagnostic Practice 2 Radiotherpay Practice 2 ResearchPrinciples Radiodiagnostic Practice 3 RadiotherapyPractice3 Communication Skills for Professional Practice

RM019 RM020 RM021 RM022 RM023 RM030 RM031 RM040 S1006 S1133 S1133/S4127 S1139 S1140 S1146 S1147 S1148 S1149 S1150 S1161 S1164 S1165 S1166 S1167 S1168 S2008 S2016 S2017 S2109 S2113 S2114 S2115 S2118 S2119 S2120 S2123 S2127 S2128 S2129 S2132 S2133/S2135 S2133/S3246 S2133/S3247 S2134 S3104 S3213 S3217 S3223 S3223/S4127 S3228 S3229

Radiotherapy Oncology Practice 2 Radiotherapy Science Radiotherapy Oncology Practice 1 Radiotherapy Oncology Practice 2 Radiotherapy Oncology Practice 2 IntroductiontoCancenranditsManagement Professional Practice RM040 IntroductiontoLinguistics PreparationforPractice1 S1133/S4217 StructureandDevelopmentofLanguage TheLifespanBiologicalandPsychologicalPerspectives Introduction to acoustics and psychoacoustics Anatomy Physiology Pathology of the Auditory system Identification Audiometry Basic Audiometry StructureandDevelopmentofSpeech CounsellingSkills1 OtoscopyVideoOtoscopy HearingAssessment1 HearingAssessment2 HearingAssessment3 EarmouldTechnology Clinical Linguistic Analysis PracticalPhonetics SpeechandHearingScience Neurology Disorders of Communication 2a Specific Language Impairment and Phonological Diso DisordersofCommunication2b FluencyMotorSpeech DisordersofCommunication2c Adult Aural Rehabilitation Paediatric Aural Rehabilitation Diagnostic Audiology Paediatric Audiology S2127 Rehabilitation Technology Normal Disordered Eating Drinking and Swallowing BScPlacement PreparationforPractice2b Preparation for Practice Lvl 2 and 3 Preparation for Practice Lvl 2 and 3 Preparation for Practice 2a DisordersofCommunication3b Voice1 DisordersofCommunication3c HearingImpairment ApplicationsofLinguistics InvestigativeMethods Investigative Methods Clinical Audiology 1 Clinical Audiology 2

S3230 S3232 S3232/S4127 S3234 S3235 S3236 S3237 S3246 S3247 S3247/S4127 S3248/S4127 S3248/S4138 S3249 S3250 S4002 S4007 S4016 S4017 S4103 S4110 S4112 S4120 S4122 S4123 S4124 S4125 S4126 S4127 S4135 S4137 S4138 S4XXX SS1 SS2 SS3 T1137 T1138 T1139 T1140 T1141/T2148 T1142/T2149 T1143 T1144 T1153 T1154 T1155 T1156 T1157 T1158 T1159

Disorders of Communication 3a Acquired Neuropathologies of Speech and Language Investigative Methods Investigative Methods Introduction to balance function and assessment IntroductiontoCochlearImplantation PreparationforPractice3a PreparationforPractice3b Preparation for Practice 3c PreparationforPractice3d Preparation for Practice Lvl 3 and 4 Preparation for Practice 3e Preparation For Practice 4d S3249 Disability and Society Honours Project Stuttering Communication Disabilities In People With Autism Developing Communication Skills In Underprivileged Children (The Carol Spragge En Advanced Studies in Voice Clinical Applications of Speech Technology Topics in acquired Neuropathologies Clinical Audiology 4 Clinical Audiology 3 Counselling in Audiology Linguistics in Specific Contexts Preparation for Practice 4a Preparation for Practice 4b PreparationforPractice4c HonoursProject Vowel Systems in Speech Language Therapy Preparation for Practice 4d AcquiredDysphagia ClassicalContemporaryApproachestoFilm TVIndustryTest&Audience RealismModernism&Meldrama Introduction to Wardrobe Garment Cutting and Construction Research and Design 1 Drawing and Presentation for Costume Designers Colour Pattern and Texture Professional Practice Professional Practice Story and Performance 1a StoryandPerformance1b HowTheatreWorks TheOriginsofTheatre PerformanceSkills1 PlayPerformance StudySkills1 StudySkills2 TextPerformance

T1160 T2101/T2152 T2102/T2153 T2108 T2114 T2115 T2122 T2123 T2124 T2125 T2144 T2145 T2146 T2147 T2150 T2151 T2154 T2155 T2156 T3105 T3126 T3129 T3132 T3141 T3142 T3143 T3144 T3145 T3147 T3148 T3149 T3150 T3151 T3152 T3153 T3158 T3164 T3165 T3166 T3167 T3168 T3169 T3170 T3171 T3178/T3180 T3179/T3181/T4138 T3182 T4102 T4120 T4121

TheatreProductionSkills1 Text and Context 2a Text and Context 2b Performance Theory Making Theatre 2a Making Theare 2b Practice 2 Marketing for Live Performance Managing Performance Venues Public and Private Funding Research and Design 2 Sewing and Construction Career Management 2 Specialist Costume Skill Group Project 2a Group Project 2b DramaonStage2a DramaonStage2b Managing People in Arts Organisations Critical Theory CommunityTheatre Playwriting3 ArtsJournalism Practice 3 Issues in Producing Cultural Policy Career Management 3 Festivals and Events Design and Construction 3a Design and Construction 3b Lighting and Sound 3a Lighting and Sound 3b Stage Management 3a (Stagecraft) Stage Management 3b Specialist Skill 3a Independent Specialist Study Independent Research Project An Introduction Research Project Text and Context 3a Non Western Theatre Contemporary Performance in Action 3a Contemporary Performance in Action 3b Directing 3a Directing 3b TextandContext3b 20th Century European Professional Practice 3a Professional Practice Management Leadership in the Cultural Sector Language Text and Performance Community Theatre Directing

T4123 T4127 T4133 TM151 TM152 TM154 TM155 TM156 TM158 TM159 X_NEW2 X_NEW3 X_NEW4 X1005 X1008 X1009 X1011 X1012 X1013 X1014 X1015 X1016 X1017 X1018 X2005 X2011 X2013 X2014 X2015 X2016 X2017 X2018 X2019 X2020 X2021 X3005 X3006 X3014 X3027 X3028 X3029 X3030/X3035 X3030/X3035/X3036 X3030/X3036 X3031 X3032 X3033 X3034 X3037 X3038

Playwriting 4 ArtsJournalism Contemporary Performance in Action Festivals Financial Management and Fundraising Introduction to the Cultural Sector Marketing and Public Relations People Management Governance and Law Production Studies and Project Management Strategic Management and Policy Social Justice Gender Justice 1 Researching Diversity DiversityInequalityandIdentities Studying Society The Sociological Imagination Introduction to Health Psychology Introduction to Psychology Research Methods in Social Sciences Research and Writing Study Skills Philosophy of Social Sciences Exploring Psycholgy Skills for Psychologists Key issues in Psychology Methods of Psychological Enquiry HealthandWelfare Individual Society and Health Continuum Foundations of Social Research Social Movements and Political Change Production and Consumption of Culture CoreAreasofPsychology Analysing Data Enquiries into Psychology ResearchinPsychology Psychology in context Professional Applications of Psychology Research Methods 1 Research Methods 2 ResearchMethods HealthPsychology1 Psychobiology1 Cognitive psychology Critical Historical Conceptual Issues Critical Historical Conceptual Issues Critical Historical Conceptual Issues Social Psychology DevelopmentPsychology1 Individual Differences Critical Review Interaction and Social Order Sociologies of Liberation

X3039 X3040 X4005 X4008 X4013 X4016 X4020 X4025/X4030 X4031/X4032 X4033/X4034 X4035 X4036 X4037 X4039 X4041 X4042 X4043 X4045 X4045/X4036 XM002 XM003 XM005 XM006 XM007

Poverty and Social Exclusion Current Debates in Sociology ResearchProject AtypicalDevelopment Parapsychology and Anomalous Experience Psychology of Pain Current Debates in Sociology Queer Theory Gender and Social Politics European Social Policy and Politics Gender Justice Masculinities and Violence Sociology of Scotland Contemporary Issues in Psychology Abnormal Psychology Counselling Psychology Identities Language and Communication Psychology of Religion and Spirituality ContemporaryIssuesinHealthPsychology ContemporaryIssuesinPsychology PromotingHealth Populations EvidenceBasedPublicHealthPractice Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Theory and Therapy Psychological Applications in Healthcare Understanding Risk Behaviours




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