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Airgraph and V.mail catalogue Airgraphs and Australia Asia - Aerograms Catalogue 2000 (In German) 1988 2000 Stephen, J Collyer, D Weigand Stein Webster F & G Auctions

Australia & its Dependencies 1944-1980, Aerogrammes of Australia 1911-1924, Scenic Lettercards of

Australian Telegraph Forms & Envelopes Pt 1 Colonial & Early State Pt 2 Commonwealth of Australia Belgisch Congo en Ruanda Burundi, De Geillustreerde Postwardstukken van British Postal Stationery Canada Airmails & Postal Stationery (File) (Photocopies) China, Imperial & Republic to 1949, Postal Stationery of 1994

Hancock, B Hancock, B

1998 1970

Dochez Huggins, A.K

Alexander & Kadull

Commonwealth of Australia. Printed to Private Order Postal Stationery Commonwealth of Australia, Postal Stationery of (5 Sections - ) Post Cards Letter Cards Pre-Stamped Envelopes Registered Envelopes Wrappers Eastern Europa Postal Stationery Catalogue 2001/2

1991 1977-1980

McMahon, I Darke, B.C


Michel Payne, E

Ethiopia Stationery 1982 (Also includes Ethiopia - Air Mail flights to 1934 in this Booklet) Fiji, Postal Stationery of Ganzsachen -Pioniere der Philatelie (also German PS overseas) Germany Postal Stationery catalogue 2002 German Colonies, Postal Stationery of 2001 1969 1998

Duberal, R

Michel Friedemann

Germany, Postal Cards, (Postal Stationery) 1919-1945 Germany until 1945, Postal Stationery ­Europa (Neuer Ganzsachen Katalog) Germany Third Reich 1937-1945, Postal Stationery of Great Britain & Islands, Aerogrammes, Airletters, Airmail lettercards of

(Misc papers)

Junker, T.H



P Adby

*Hong Kong, Postage Stamps and Cards issued by the Hong Kong Post Office Reprint of 1898 Descriptive Catalogue *Shelved under `British Commonwealth' section Hong Kong - Postal Stationery 1st Ed 1992 Hong Kong Postal Stationery Katalog der Aerogramme von Asien L'Utilisation des Entiers Postaux & Apparentes dans la Philatelie Thematique Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei ­ Colour Catalogue of Revenue Stamps and Postal Stationery 2003-5 Nederland en Overzeese Rijksdele, Catalogus der Postwaardestukken van New Zealand Postal Stationery Catalogue. Pt 1. Postcards Pt 2. Lettercards Pt 3. Registered Envelopes Pt 4. Post Office Envelopes Pt 5. Private Envelopes Peoples Republic of China 1949-1975, Postal Stationery of Postal Stationery, The Collectors guide to Printed to Private Order Stationery - Tasmania 1933-1974 *Queensland Postal Notes (*shelved under Queensland Section) *Queensland Postal Stationery (*Shelved under Queensland Section) Siam, The Postal Stationery of 1883-1935


Mencarini, J

1991 1991 2000

Castiglione, J.J Schoenfeld, H Weigand


Desimpelare, S.A

Tan, S



1988 2001 1992 1993 1993 1975 1997 1999

Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel Padget (2) van Gelder, P.J Orchard, A.E

Elsmore, D


Linnemann, H.S

South Africa Postal Stationery of.. Pt 1 Provinces Pt 2 South Africa 1910-1997 South African Troops 1941-1945. The Stampless Air Mail Letter Cards and Air Letters used by, Soviet Postal Stationery 1953-1977- Envelopes (See also Part 2 - Thematic listing) Soviet Postal Stationery 1953-1977. Pt 2 Topic List. Union of South Africa, Pictorial postal cards of United Nations - Postal Stationery Issued and Reprinted 1952-1984

1998 1998

Quik & Jonkers Quik

2001 1996

Mullins, T Coerts & Nizova


Coerts & Nizova Chilton, T


Lamers & Powers UPSS Kelly, R Ascher, P.R

United States Postal Card Catalogue Victoria - The 1895 Havelock-Foster's Postcard Welt Ganzsachen, Grosser Ganzsachen Katalog (Reprint) (Includes the Preistabelle 1996) Western Australia Postal Stationery to 1914 Western Australia, Postal Stationery of the Australian Colonies/States West Europe, Postal Stationery Catalogue (Ganzsachen Katalog) HIGGINS & GAGE POSTAL STATIONERY CATALOGUES Abu Dhabi to Azores Vol 1 A Baden to Bushire Cameron to Czechoslovakia Dahomey to Dutch New Guinea East Africa to Ethiopia Falkland to Funchal Gabon to Guyana Great Britain (only) Haiti to Hungary Iceland to Ivory Coast Jamaica to Kuwait Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4, 5, 6 B C D, E, F

1965 2008 1966


Pope & Thomas

2002 2000/01

Pope, B.(PSSA) Michel

Vol 7 Vol 8, 9

G 1 copy H, I

Vol 10, 11

J-K, L

Lagos to Luxemburg Macao to Muscat Natal to Orange Free State Pakistan to Queensland Reunion to Ryukyu Saar to Syria Tahiti to Uruguay Vatican to Zululand Vol 12 Vol 13 Vol 14 Vol 15 Vol 16 Vol 17, 18 Vol 19 M N-O P-Q R S T-U V-Z Revised 1/2012


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