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ORDER TBM ETA 2/1 ETA 2/1 CABINET NEW CABINET: C2626 TA500ci TA5500i TA255/305 TA300i 2560 TA221+2 Medium TA220+1 Low TA181+3 High ETA 2/1 ETA 2/1 2025 Grey 2025 Black SS17 Samsung SS21 Samsung SS13 Samsung ARDK 52 Canon B1 Canon C1 Canon D1 Canon P1 MH-2520 MH-4520 MH-1640 MH-1710 LX658 LX7-13 LX7-18 LX792/796 - High LX792/796 - Low 1724 OEM EQUIVALENT 855D200608 855D200291 855D200605 855D200598 855D200580 855D200122 855D200304+2 855D200304+1 855D200304+3 Generic Generic SS6345/2 SS6345/1 SCX-DSK10T AR-M160, AR-M207 4364B001AA 4625B002AA 5153B001AA 9669A003AA 355/455 Stand 4520 Stand 000100 / 163 Stand 4540 Lexmark Lexmark Lexmark Lexmark Lexmark Generic

Last Updated: 12-08-2011

DIMENSIONS 15.4W x 21.75D x 19.75H 23W x 21-3/4D x 12-1/2H 23 1/2W x 27-1/4D x 12-2/5H 23.2W x 23.2D x 17.8H 22 7/8W x 24 1/4D x 11 5/8H 22 2/5W x 24 1/3D x 12 1/8H 22-7/8W x 19-5/8D x 17-1/2H 22-7/8W x 19-5/8D x 13-3/8H 22-7/8W x 19-5/8D x 21-5/8H 20W x 20D x 25H (Light Grey) 20W x 20D x 25H (Black Color) 21-3/4W x 18D x 17-1/4H 21-3/4W x 18D x 21H 21-3/4W x 18D x 13H 23.2W x 18.3D x 17.1H 24.3W X 27.5D X 9.9H (DG) 22.3W X 25.9D X 9.9H (LG) 22.3W X 25.9D X 9.9H (DG) 22.3W x 27.6D x 9.9H (LG) 22.5W x 21D x 10.5H 20-7/8W x 20-1/4D x 11-1/4H 20-7/8W x 21-5/8D x 18-1/2H 20-7/8W x 20-1/4D x 11-1/4H 22.25W x 21.5D x 3.5H 17.1W x 21.2D x 13H 17.1W x 21.2D x 18H 22W x 20D x 14.9H 22W x 20D x 9.6H 16.8W X 16.2D X 24.8H (LX)

ETA 12/28

ETA 2/1

* We will have a price increase effective: January 1st, 2012. *

Contact & Billing Information

Name Address City State Zip Company E-Mail Phone Date Fax PO#

403 Roberts Ave | Louisville, KY 40214 |

p: 888.831.3030 | f: 800-418-2525 | [email protected]


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