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GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS FOR 2011 AND BEYOND - © Copyright QRi Consulting - April 2011


Jessica Neild and Simon Patterson ­ QRi Consulting

This Global Mega Trends report has been prepared by QRi Consulting. The content has been generated through a combination of Desk Research and International Qualitative Consumer Research and contains both short term trends and longer more enduring shifts in consciousness.

GLOBAL TREND DRIVERS: Developing world rise in urban middle class vs Western polarisation

· · · Urbanisation at an ever increasing rate currently this figure is 60 million a year migrating to cities and this is set to rise. Growing Urban Middle Class with a significant rise in income increasing Domestic Demand. Globally Middle Class spending is set to more than double over the next decade. Urbanisation creates a change in psyche - a distancing from traditional social and family structures and a greater exposure to a variety of experiences as well as products and services. People become more liberal, more daring, more tolerant and generally more open minded. Within Developed counties there is an increasing polarisation between the Wealthy Luxury consumers and everybody else, the Middle Market is in decline.

· ·

GLOBAL AGE AND GENDER ISSUES: The future is increasingly female

· · Currently 70% of the world's poor are women. While this may not change in the near future women are highly motivated to improve their lives and that of their children. Women are now studying more than men. Globally women's power as consumers is increasing. As they enter the work force they have a greater say in how household budgets are spent. · As a result Nutrition, Health, Education, Consumer Durables and Savings will be areas of growth. · As more women enter politics there will be a trend towards greater spending on Welfare rather than Defence. · With an increasing aging global population there will be a need to work beyond retirement for many. · This will create competition between the over 50s and the under 30's for work.


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GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS FOR 2011 AND BEYOND - © Copyright QRi Consulting - April 2011

ECOLOGICAL ISSUES: Are we reaching the tipping point in corporate responsibility?

· · · · · Scientists are warning that we will not know if we have reached the global warming tipping point until it is too late. We may even have already reached the point of no return. We will see more Corporate Accountability in the near future. This will be driven by Financial Requirements, increased Energy Costs and in some countries Statutory Requirements. In addition, both Consumers and NGOs will put increasing pressure on Corporations to be greener. At a consumer level, demands for Less Waste and Packaging are already increasing as re-cycling becoming the norm for consumers. However, so far despite consumer's desire for less waste they are also want better value for money; more, bigger and better during these austere times. Unfortunately this often contradicts their ecological ideology at point of sale where the instinct for instant gratification kicks in. · For many there is a lack of trust about corporate carbon off setting claims. If consumers can not see it they don't believe it! Nor do they really fully understand what carbon off setting means. Corporate responsibility is a term that consumers understand as meaning responsibility to them as consumers (especially in USA) as well as responsible production methods and workers rights (More EU).


CORPORATE GENEROSITY, ETHICS AND INTEGRITY: Giving back is good for your brand

· Consumers want to get something back in these days of austerity. This can be giving back to the consumer themselves or giving a percentage of profit to charity, thereby giving consumers a feel good factor about the product or service. Brands that are seen as Greedy or overtly Share Holder Oriented will increasingly risk being Tweeted and Shamed. Transparency and Ethical business practices will become increasingly important, consumers need Dependable brands that they can Trust in uncertain times.

· ·


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GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS FOR 2011 AND BEYOND - © Copyright QRi Consulting - April 2011

HEALTH: Increased self monitoring and a more pro-active approach

Increasing interest in well being and taking responsibility for health care oneself vs increasing obesity and its related health issues. · Increase in self medicating with preventative anti-doting. · Trend for more label reading, consumers seeking real/genuine ingredients in their food and less additives. Honest, Genuine food. · More sports and fitness monitoring gadgets. · Self monitoring devices or apps for monitoring health and sending results to the doctor. · Demand for more on the go healthy snacking and less large meals. New `Chill out' drinks vs traditional Energy drinks. Foods that have benefits, e.g. high protein appetite suppressing foods, foods that naturally prevent fat digestion, etc... ·

· ·

CLAMPING DOWN: Or loss of control?

· We may well be seeing more Censorship, Control and Privacy Issues regarding the internet and its power to generate anything from fraud crime waves, political and corporate leaks, to revolutions and increased political activism and unrest. A shift towards more limited social networking and greater security. However, with a broader minded urban population and the flood of information available on the internet a paradigm shift is taking place that may make information control and censorship impossible.

· ·

SOCIAL MEDIA: Feeling involved

· · · Democratic Selling, greater consumer involvement through Tweeting likes and dislikes. Increased Co-creation with consumers via social networking sites. Increase in Social Media Marketing and decrease in TV and radio. This requires respected and Authoritative Advocates rather than just large


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GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS FOR 2011 AND BEYOND - © Copyright QRi Consulting - April 2011

· · · ·

consumer groups who disappear after their first interaction and create transient fads. Increase in Mobile Marketing; branded apps and mobile marketing apps. Incentivised local Product or Service Advocacy, e.g. Foursquare. Social media increasingly from mobile devices at work and on the go. `Planned Spontaneity' as the new open minded urban population rises so does the desire to meet and mingle with new people. Interest Groups, Meet Ups and Mass Mingling communicated via social media.

SAVING AND FRUGAL LIVING: How to get more with less

· · · · · · · Consumers are looking to save money where ever they can and also avoid being tied into contracts or buying expensive items. Credit Card use has declined significantly with consumers using Debit Cards instead to avoid debt. Online shopping is still a fast growing area, but increasingly needs to provide a Realistic Virtual Shopping experience. Shopping in Sales only, especially clothes (47% of UK consumers currently buy all their clothes in

Sales). Increased desire for Transparency; no loopholes, expensive upgrades or hidden charges. Many consumers are Trading Down to the `next best' to the leading brand. Mobile devices increasingly give news of Offers directly to your phone.

OWNERLESS AND SELF SUFFICIENCY: Opting out of expensive purchases or be a slave to bills

· · · The rise of Car Clubs and Bike Hire mean still having your freedom but saving money and the responsibility of up keeping expensive items. Increase in installation of green energy into homes as energy prices are rising. Also a trend towards Growing your Own fruit and vegetables rather than ornamental plants.


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GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS FOR 2011 AND BEYOND - © Copyright QRi Consulting - April 2011

FEELING SAFE: Increased desire for certainty or at least reassurance

· · · In response to uncertainty consumers are looking for more Safety, Simplicity and Trust from brands. An increase tendency towards Economic Protectivism; buying National and Local Products and produce that feels `closer' to the consumer. Increased need for Escape as stress and time pressure grow; `me time', cocooning, pampering, rejuvenating.

SERVICE: Good service adds value and makes brand's memorable

· · Consumers are looking for Value for Money but not at the cost of service. Consumers are becoming more Discerning in a buyer's market and Service Adds Value. Consumers increasingly want to know what a brand will do for them and how it will support them. Service also ties in with ethics and a

· brand's integrity in consumer's minds.

BRAND INVOLVEMENT AND ENGAGEMENT: Getting noticed by getting involved in consumer's lives at all levels

· · · With increased urbanisation brands are becoming increasingly key in Urban Renewal and Regeneration Projects with local communities. Retail becomes less about shopping and more about being a showroom or brand world promotion as online retail increases. Local products, Feeling Connected to the farmer, producer or manufacturer; consumer interest in production method, company history, etc... · Hyper Personalisation; gives customised suggestions and recommendations to consumers, e.g. show you clothes ranges that suit your body shape. · Increased Digitalisation of everyday products, e.g. refrigerator tells you that it's out of milk.


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GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS FOR 2011 AND BEYOND - © Copyright QRi Consulting - April 2011

· · · ·

Out Sourcing of self control; brands that warn you or cut you off if you are over spending or over doing it. Adding Play and Fun into everyday consumer activities, e.g. leader boards, status indicators, rewards, etc... More Time sensitive `Act Now!' deals (especially via apps), to produce a sense of urgency and hype. An increase in brands Involving consumers and in Co-Creation, e.g. online voting for a product to be put into production.

OTHER PRODUCT TRENDS: More interesting stuff on trends

· · · · · · Intelligent, Useful and Relevant products; naturally germ killing chewing gum, electric bikes, etc... More Proof that your brand will Deliver and your products are Dependable, e.g. 5 or even 7 year guarantees on consumer durables. Justifying Quality and Performance by publicising Awards and Prizes. Niche pseudo rarity lines and limited editions. Retro products and brand Revision, Nostalgic brands. Re-legitimising of Luxury via discrete design, promotion of Intelligence, Craftsmanship, etc...rather than Overt Status Symbols.

FASHION Nostalgic retro or defiant rebellion?

· · · · Rock star Rebellious design and Shocking and Deviant advertising are in. In contrast, a nostalgic desire for the good old days expressed through Vintage Couture and Geriatric Styling. Marketing Kids products to Parents. Bright child like colours and patterns are out and children's clothes and advertising are increasingly designed to appeal to parents. Consumers becoming Expert Curators and Lifestyle Gurus.


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GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS FOR 2011 AND BEYOND - © Copyright QRi Consulting - April 2011

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