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Ademco 4110DL/First Alert FA-110C Basic C ommands

Zones Battery Wireless Downloadable Panic Buttons 6 Hardwired 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel AC Transformer is 16.5 volts, screwed into outlet somewhere in house No Yes Police Panic Medical Panic Fire Panic - * and # - 1 and * - 3 and #

Status Arm AWAY Arm STAY Instant Arm Max Arming Quick-Arm Disarm Silence Alarm Bypass Alarm Memory Test Sensors

Press * if keypad shows NOT READY to view open zones 4-digit code + 2 (AWAY) 4-digit code + 3 (STAY) 4 digit code + 7 (INSTANT) 4-digit code + 4 (MAX), arms everything including motions instant (If Enabled) Press # + 2 for AWAY, # + 3 for STAY 4 digit code + 1 (OFF) 4 digit code + 1 (OFF) twice to turn off siren and reset display 4-digit code + 6 (BYPASS) + zone (01, 02 etc), BYPASS and zone should display Last alarms only shows until system disarmed for the second time 4-Digit Code + 5 (TEST) Keypad will beep every 3 minutes Open sensors and keypad will sound End test with 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF) key 4-digit code + 1 (OFF) twice to turn off siren and reset smoke (If this does NOT reset smoke detector set for service, smoke is bad) 4-digit code + 9 (CHIME) CHIME should appear on keypad display Only available on really new 4110DL Alarms Openings Closings Trouble Account + 1911 + 3 digit Zone Account + 1001 + 3 digit User Account + 1002 + 3 digit User Account + 1811 + 3 digit Zone

Reset Smoke Door Chimes Pager Signals

Ademco 4110DL/First Alert FA-110C User Codes

Master Code Secondary Codes Duress Code = User 1 = User 2 to 7 = User 8 (Master only changed in programming at location *20) (Old versions only have Users 2 to 4) (Old versions 1 digit above any User Code) (if code is 1234 Duress is 1235)

Do Not pause more than 2 seconds while entering commands or it will work Add Code Erase Code Master Code + 8 + User (2 to 7) + New Code Master Code + 8 + User (2 to 7) wait 5 seconds (Keypad should give 1 beep) (Keypad should give 1 beep)

After above commands keypad should beep indicating successful, if not try again

Ademco 4110DL/First Alert FA-110C Trouble Display

6F NO AC BAT Check 01 to 06 Check 9 D1 System Busy CA Canceled Alarm CC EA FC OC Beep every 40 sec Smoke Detector Long Range Radio trouble AC Power Failure Panel Battery Low Zone is not communicating with panel, may be bad resistor Tamper trouble System is in wait mode, system may have an internal problem System is in wait mode, system may have an internal problem Alarm was canceled, this is not a trouble Alarm was canceled, this is not a trouble Panel is being downloaded by Tech Support Exit Alarm, this is not a trouble, customer armed system then left and didn't close door before delay expired Fail to Communicate Open Circuit, bad keypad wire System is in Test Mode (Press Code + 1 to exit) 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF) twice to turn off siren and reset Smoke Detector (If this does not work power down system, Smoke Detector is bad)


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