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About Us:

Qualified Processing Services (QPS) is a premium merchant service company with a revolutionary approach to credit card processing. QPS underwrites and supports all of its merchant accounts while retaining fiduciary control over funds. On behalf of major financial institutions, QPS is uniquely positioned to offer the best processing platform in the industry while providing a true cost benefit to merchants.

How QPS Operates:

Credit card processing has become a highly commoditized industry driven by rates. Rates are a factor; however the additional fees and surcharges assessed by Visa/MasterCard also determine what a merchant will pay. Traditionally this additional layer of cost is a profit center to banks and processors. The principals of QPS have developed a processing platform that eliminates these fees and surcharges. QPS concedes these profits in order to pass the savings directly to our customers. The net effect of our program is a portfolio of merchants processing with the lowest "EFFECTIVE RATES" in the industry.

How Our Program Works:

1) Setup accounts properly - Without the correct setup, transactions cannot process correctly. 2) Implement Software/Hardware programs to BEST QUALIFY sales 3) Train merchants how to correctly use software/hardware 4) Continuous account monitoring -This ensures that our merchants ALWAYS process correctly.

Why Merchants Choose QPS:

Scalability: Our program is customized to each merchant's unique processing needs. From high

volume wholesalers with complex management systems to retailers that process credit cards occasionally, QPS provides tailored technological solutions for any size merchants. provide several billing options and rate structures.

Customized Billing: As the underwriter and manager of our merchant accounts we are able to Technology: QPS employs state of the art hardware and software solutions we are able to

reprogram existing equipment or lease/sell new equipment as needed. QPS also has online processing available enabling merchants to process from any computer with internet access.

Service: Our customers receive personal and efficient service that is second to none. QPS is the processor and maintains the flow of funds; this allows us to resolve issues quickly without the bureaucracy and red tape associated with many banks.

Our Goal:

QPS wishes to establish a partnership with your organization; our goal would be to become a proactive partner of the group by supporting events and establishing a presence at your functions.


Qualified Processing Services would seek the endorsement of your organization to become its preferred credit card processor. QPS will share in the net residual profits generated from all of the accounts generated.

Benefit To Your Clients:

Our service will be compelling to your constituents because of its intrinsic value and the cost benefits associated with it. As a measure of good faith, we provide sixty (60) day rescission periods and NO SETUP COSTS for all new accounts. If our (web-based) QPS Gateway is a practical solution, we will provide your accounts with free licenses ($300 value). This means that all prospects can to try our service without risk or cost.

Benefit To Your Organization:

By endorsing QPS, your organization will be offering its current client base a truly beneficial service. Our Autonomy, Scalability, Technology and Service will allow us to provide custom solutions to all participating members. QPS will effectively migrate a high percentage of your clients to our program by offering a better service at a lower cost. QPS will achieve this by proactively and respectfully contacting each potential client to offer these benefits. This will ensure maximum penetration.

Qualified Processing Services * 129 NW 13th Street, Suite D30/31 * Boca Raton, FL 33432 Phone: 866-962-4462 * Fax: 561-447-7849


Microsoft Word - QPS Group Proposal.doc

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