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T hickness C om m ents Parts w ill be sealed in sodium dichromate unless otherw ise requested. C olors and thicknesses dependant on aluminum alloy. P rocess B R A SS A decorative coating w hich can be bright, satin, brushed or antiqued. C A D M IU M Silvery w hite metal used for its corrosion resistance, lubricity, or conductivity. Supplementary treatments for Type ll can be golden iridescent, amber, black, olive drab. Parts w ith hardness greater than R c 35 usually need a stress relief and/or hydrogen embrittlement relief. AM S-Q Q -P416B Type I Type II Specification T hickness

P rocess A N O D IZIN G , C H R O M IC A C ID Primarily used for corrosion protection. C olor w ill vary from light to dark gray . It is not readily dyed. The coating is very thin and w ill scratch easily. It is mainly used in the aircraft industry. A N O D IZIN G , SU L FU R IC A C ID Primarily used for corrosion protection, but it is also used as a decorative finish. It is readily dyed. Adds abrasion resistance and is an electrical insulator.

Specification M IL-A-8625F Type I

C om m ents Parts w ill be lacquered unless the customer specifies otherw ise. Typically plated on a nickel undercoating.

C hromic Acid 0.000050" typical thickness

C lass 1 C lass 2

undyed dyed - Process not available.

N o supplementary treatment Supplementary chromate treatment Supplementary Phosphate treatment

M IL-A-8625F Parts w ill be sealed in nickel acetate unless otherw ise requested. Popular dyes - black, blue, red, purple, gold, green, brow n. C olors and thicknesses w ill vary according to aluminum alloy. Aluminum bright dip is available. C lass 1 undyed C lass 2 dyed

Type III

Type II

Sulfuric Acid 0.0005" thickness 0.00025" buildup

C lass 1 C lass 2 C lass 3

0.0005" min 0.0003" min 0.0002" min

Excellent for plating stainless steels that are to be used in conjunction w ith aluminum to prevent galvanic corrosion.. C orrosion resistance is very good especially w ith Type II finish.

H A R D A N O D IZ E Primarily used for abrasion resistance. C olor w ill vary from light gray to black depending on the alloy and the thickness. C an be dyed black if required. G ood dielectric properties. D o not seal coatings w here main function is to obtain maximum abrasion or w ear resistance. B L A C K O X ID E C O A T IN G A black surface treatment for ferrous metals. O nly very limited corrosion protection under mild corrosive conditions. Black O xide coatings should normally be given a supplementary treatment to enhance corrosion resistance (i.e. oil, w ax, lacquer.)

M IL-A-8625F

Type III

Typical thickness 0.002" Buildup is typically 0.001"

For maximum abrasion resistance the hard anodize should not be sealed. If the part is dyed, it w ill be sealed w ith nickel acetate. C olors and thicknesses w ill vary according to aluminum alloy.

C lass 1 C lass 2

not dyed or pigmented. dyed - only black available

Hard Anodize can be impregnated w ith Teflon for a slicker finish.

C H E M F IL M Also know n as Alodine® , Iridite® or C hemical C oncerversion coating on Aluminum. A surface treatment w hich enhances corrosion resistance on aluminum and it w orks w ell as a paint base. It is often used w hen corrosion resistance and conductivity is required on aluminum.

M IL-D TL5541F Type I Type II C lass 1a

N o build-up C ontains hexavalent C hromium C ontains no hexavalent chromium C orrosion R esistance

C lass 3

Low R esistivity

The coating w ill be an iridescent yellow unless specified as clear. R oHS compliant material is avaiable

AM S 2485K No dimensional change For moving parts w hich cannot tolerate the dimensional change of a more corrosive resistant finish. For decorative applications or reduction of light reflections. CHROM E Excellent hardness, (R c68-74) w ear resistance and erosion resistance. Has low coefficient of friction, and resistant to heat. In addition to the above properties, can be rendered porous for lubrication purposes. AM S 2460

M IL-C 13924D

C lass 1

Alkaline oxidizing. For w rought iron, plain carbon, and low alloy steels. Alkaline chromate. Process not available at Q P. Fused salt oxidizing.. Process not available at Q P. Alkaline oxidizing. For corrosion resistant steels.

Type I Type II C lass 1 .00001" on all visible surfaces as specified on draw ing.

Bright Satin C orrosion protecting plating w ith nickel undercoating Engineering plating

C lass 2

C lass 3

C lass 2

C lass 4

Plated to specified dimensions or processed to specified dimensions after plating

P rocess C O P PE R M atte to a very shinny finish.. G ood corrosion resistance w hen used as an undercoat. As a decorative finish it can be bright, satin or antiqued. O ther uses include undercoating and a shield for carburizing.

Specification AM S 2418G Type 1

T hickness

C om m ents

0.0005" 0.0007" or as specified 0.002" nominal


Type 2

Plating for masking for heat treatment stop-off. For carburizing decarburizing shield also used to prevent basis metal migration into tin (prevents poisoning solderability)

P rocess N IC K E L N ickel is a very versatile plating w hich is used for functional and decorative purposes. It is used for corrosion protection, hardness, solderability, adhesion and decoration.

Specification AM S 2403L AM S 2423D AM S 2424E

T hickness

C om m ents G eneral Hard N ickel D eposit Sulfamate N ickel C orrosion resistance plating Engineering plating N ickel has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

DOW P R O C ESSE S #1 A chrome pickle for magnesium.. C olor varies from matte gray to yellow -red. #7 A chromate treatment for magnesium..

AM S-M -3171

Type I

R emoves metal. About 0.0006" for w rought-less for die castings) No dimensional change

U sed mainly for protecting magnesium during shipment, storage and machining. C an be used as a paint base. N O TE: M ust remove Type I coating before applying Type III treatments. G ood paint base and protective qualities for all magnesium alloys C olor caries from light brow n to dark brow n depending on alloy.

P assivation of Stainless Steel Three fold purpose of passivating is to clean, remove free iron from surface and promote grow th of nickel and chrome oxides.

ASTM A38006 ASTM A96705 AM S 2700C

No dimensional change

There are many variations in these three specifications.

High iron stainless steels (ie 400 series) can be etched depending on heat treatment

Type III

P H O SP H A T E C O A T IN G : L IG H T Intended as a general purpose pretreatment prior to painting.

TT-C -490E Type I Type V D ifficult to measure because of soft crystalline structure

Light coating used as a paint base. 300 - 500 mg/sq ft 500 - 1,100 mg/sq ft

E L E C T R O L E SS N IC K E L U se w hen hard and smooth surfaces are required on coated parts. Excellent uniform deposits are produced on irregular parts for corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. .

AM S 2404F C lass 1 C lass 2 As C oated Heat treated to obtain required hardness. M ay be used on all metals not affected by heating to 500°F and above. Thermal treatment on non-heat treatable aluminum alloys to improve adhesion Thermal Treatment on heat treatable aluminum alloys to improve adhesion 0.001" min.. 0.0005" min. 0.0015" min R oHS compliant material is avaialable.

C lass 3

HEAVY G rey to black in color. Intended as a base for holding/ retaining supplemental coatings w hich provide the major portion of the corrosion resistance.

M IL-D TL16232G Type M Type Z

manganese phosphate zinc phosphate

These specifications require preproduction approvals before processing production parts

C lass 4

(G rade A ) (G rade B ) (G rade C )

SIL V E R W hite matte to a very bright in appearance. G ood corrosion resistance depending on base metal. W ill tarnish easily.

AM S 2412G ASTM B70008 Type I Type II Type III G rade G rade G rade G rade A B C D 99.0% 99.9% 98.0% M atte Bright, chemical Bright, mechanical Semi-bright Anti-tarnish post treatment N o post treatment.

GOLD M atte to bright finish depending on basis metal. G ood corrosive resistance, and has high tarnish resistance. Provides a low contact resistance, and is a good conductor. Has excellent solderability.

M IL-D TL45204D Type I Type II Type III G rade G rade G rade G rade C lass C lass C lass C lass C lass C lass C lass C lass A B C D* 00 0 1 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 0.00002" 0.00003" 0.00005" 0.00010" 0.00020" 0.00030" 0.00050" 0.00150" 99.7% gold minimum 99.0% gold minimum 99.9% gold minimum 90 Knoop maximum 91-129 Knoop 130-200 Knoop 201 Knoop and over

C lass S C lass N

* check w ith us

T IN , B R IG H T A C ID C olor is grey-w hite in a plated condition. C orrosion resistance is good. Solderability is excellent. Tin is not good for low temperature applications..

ASTM B54597(2004) 0.0003" min or as specified

P rocess ZIN C A gray metal primarily used as a corrosion preventative on steel . Sacrificial coating can improve its corrosion resistance by applying a chromate after plating. U sed commonly on threads and sheet metal.

Specification ASTM B63307 Type I

T hickness

C om m ents

as plated w ithout supplementary treatment W ith colored chromate conversion coating W ith colorless chromate conversion coating W ith phosphate conversion coating 0.0002" min 0.0003" min 0.0005" min 0.001" min

Type II

Type III

Type IV SC 1 SC 2 SC 3 SC 4

C hromate colors yellow , black, olive drab R oHS compliant chromates are avaiable


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