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Root act agri alt alter ambul amo/ami ang anim annu/enni apt, ept aqua aqua art aud belli brev cad, cas cal cam cand cap cede/ceed ceive, cept center, centr cert cide, cise cip claim, clam clar cline clud cogn commun cord corp credit cum cur cur dent dict div doc domin don, donat duc(t) fac fer

Meaning do field high other walk, go love bend life, spirit year suitable water water skill hear war short fall hot field glow, white head go take, receive center sure cut, kill take, receive shout clear lean shut know common heart body believe heap run care tooth speak divide teach master give lead make/do bring

Examples act agriculture altitude alternative ambulance amiable angle animate annual aptitude aqueduct aquarium artisan audible bellicose abbreviation cadence calorie campus candle cap/caption precede receive central certain suicide recipient proclaim clarity incline inclide recognize community cordial corporation credit cumulative current manicure dental dictate divide doctrine dominate donation educate factory transfer

action agronomist altimeter altercation amble amity triangle animosity annually ineptitude aquatic aquatic artist auditory antebellum brevity cadaver caldron camp candidate captain recede reception centrifugal certify scissor incipient clamor declare recline conclude cognition communal accord corpus discredit accumulate occurrence pedicure dentist predict dividend document predominate donor duct manufacture confer

react agrarian alto circumambulate amatory quadrangle animal biennial adept aqueos aqueous artificial audience belligerent breve cascade scald campaign candelabra capital succeed accept eccentric ascertain incisor participate exclaim clarify decline exclude cognizant communism concord corpse incredible cumulus excursion cure dentifrice contradict division docile dominion pardon conduct benefactor refer

actor agronomy altocumulus preamble amateur angular inanimate centennial inept aquamarine aquamarine artifact audition rebellion decadence encamp incandescent decapitate antecede conception egocentric certificate insecticide recipe acclaim declaration inclination preclude incognito excommunicate discord corps credulous concur curable trident dictionary divorce doctor A.D. (Anno Domini) donate aqueduct facsimile defer







recur curative

divisible indoctrinate

fic fig firm flex/flect form fract, frag frater fric fug funct grad, gross grat greg hab, hib homo hosp, host imag init integ ject jud/jus junct jur lab laps lat liber loc luc lud, lus lum luna lust man mand mar mater, matri max mem ment merge, mers migr mim min minist mit/miss mob mon

make,do form securely fixed bend shape break brother rub flee perform step please gather hold man host likeness beginning whole throw law join law, swear work slip carry free place light play light moon shine hand order sea mother greatest mindful mindful dip, dive move same small servant, officer send move advise, warn

efficient figure firmament flexible form fracture fraternity friction fugitive function gradual gratitude gregarious habit homicide hospitality image initial integrate inject judge juncture jury labor elapse lateral liberty locate lucid ludicrous illumine lunar luster manual command maritime maternal maximum memory mental submerge migrate mime minimum minister missile mobile admonish

proficient figment confirm reflex uniform fraction fraternal fricative refugee functional graduation grateful congregation habitual Homo sapiens hospice imagine initiative integral projectile judicial conjunction jurisdiction laboratory collapse bilateral liberate location elucidate interlude luminary lunatic illustrate manufacture demand marine maternity maxim remember demented submerse immigrant mimeograph minute administer mission automobile premonition

sufficient configuration affirm reflect formation fragile fratricide dentifrice centrifugal malfunction degrade congratulate segregation habitat hombre hospital imaginative initiate integrity reject prejudice adjunct perjury elaborate relapse unilateral liberal allocate translucent elude luminescent lackluster manuscript remand submarine matricide maximize memento mention emerge emigrate pantomine minus administration transmit mobility admonition

disfigure infirm deflect transform fragment


refuge dysfunction progress gratify aggregation prohibit homage hostess imagery integer eject just injunction jurisprudence collaborate prolapse quadrilateral libertine dislocate illusion luminous illustrious manipulate mandate mariner matrix mention menticide immerse migratory mimic minor






dismiss immobile monitor

mort mot/mov multi

death move many change, interchange tell born ship no mark declare new number eye best row beginning father foot drive hang fold more place people carry place fight urge think ask, seek ray, spoke scrape straight straight guide, rule laugh break health climb know write cut settle feel feel save, keep mark like stand alone

mortal motor multiply

mortician motion multitude

post mortem move multiple

mortality motive multiplicity

mut narr nat nav neg not noun, nunc nov numer ocu opt ord orig pater ped/pod pel/puls pens/pend plic, plex plur pon pop port pos pug pul put quer,ques rad ras rect rect reg rid rupt san scend sci scribe, script sect sed sens sent serv sign sim sist sol

mutation narrate natal navy negation notation announce novice numeral oculist optimal order origin paternity pedal repel suspend complicated plural opponent population portable position pugnacious compulsory computer query radius erase erect erect regal ridiculous rupture sanitary ascend science scribe dissect sedative sense consent conserve sign similar consist solo

immutable narrative native naval abnegnation notable pronounce novel enumerate binocular optimist ordinary original paternal pedestrian expel pendulum multiplication plurality exponent popular porter compose pugilist expulsion reputation inquiry radiology abrasive rectangle rectangle reign deride interrupt sanitarium descend conscience inscribe bisect sediment sensation sentiment preserve signature simultaneous resist solitary

mutual narrator nationality navigate negative denote denounce novelty numerous monocular optimize ordinal originate patriarch podium compulsion appendix duplicate plus proponent pop transport deposit repugnant compulsion deputy question radio rasp correct rectify regulate ridicule erupt sane descendent conscious describe section sedentary sensible dissent reservoir signal simulate subsist desolate

commute innate circumnavigate renege notice enunciate innovate enumerable optimize extraordinary aborigine patricide pedestal propulsion suspense pluralism postpone populace pormantea composit impugn repulse disreputable inquest radioactive razor direction direction regime derisive abrupt insanity transcend scientific script sector sedate sensory assent reseravation insignia simulate assist soliloquy



request radium

correct regent



solv son spec spir sta stell stimu strict struct sum surg, surr tact, tang tain temp ten term terr tex tort tract trib trud/trus turb urb vac vag var ven ver ver vict/vinc vid/vis vit/viv voc, vok void vol volv vor

loosen sound see breathe stand star goad draw tight build highest rise touch hold time hold end land weave twist pull give push confusion city empty wander different come turn truth conquer see live voice empty wish roll eat

dissolve sonar inspect respiration stationary stellar stimulation strict construct summit resurrect tactile retain tempo tnure terminal territory texture contort tractor tributary intrude disturb urban vacant vagrant vary invent convert verdict victory video survive vocal void volunteer revolve carnivore

solvent sonorous spectacles inspire statue constellation stimulus stricture destructive summary insurgent intact contain temporary tenacious termination terrain context torture subtract tribute protrude perturb suburb vacate vague various convention introvert verify victim television vital advocate devoid volition revolution herbivore

absolve unison suspect conspire stabile stellate stimulate restrict instruct sum insurrection contact container temporal tenant determine terrace text tort attract contribute obtrusive turbine suburban vacation vagabond variant advent invert verity convince visit vitamin evocation avoid benevolent involve omnivore

resolve sonnet spectator spirit stagnant stimulant constrict structure summon resurgent tact detain contemporary retentive exterminate terrestial textile tortoise retract attribute abstrusive turbulent urbane vacuum vagary variety convene reverse veracity invincible evidence revive convocation avoidance malavoler evolve voracious


summation tangible attain


venue versatile aver


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