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June 2003 - n.1

"Quanta was born about two decades ago, as a spin-off of an important research centre in Italy. Today our principal phylosophy is that we have not forgot our roots. Our strength points: process oriented production, seriousness, new and fast solutions, best product+best price, always!"



Dr. Angelo Ferrario President Quanta System spa

"Our committment is to continuosly bring innovation to the laser and photonics fields. To innovate or to die, that's the issue! It's in our spirit, the only way for competing in the market. It is also a matter of fact that, with a pure concurrent engineering approach, we have been finally able to reduce the so called "time to market", creating a big gap from competitors."

Dr. Paolo Salvadeo General Manager Quanta System spa

Starting from september 2003 on, Quanta System leaves Milan, moving to a new hitech building near by the international "Malpensa Airport". With about 2.500 square meters at its disposal, the production processes will be reorganized and a business process full re-engineering will take place. A new office building will be side by side to the production one, which will be equipped with 6 new clean chambers with laminar flux facilities, dedicated to the diode pumped lasers production. The scientific, medical, dental, industrial and R&D division activities will highly take benefits from the above wider spaces. ·"OCTOPUS": THE NEW MULTIPLE STATIONS LASER SPOT WELDER page 6 ·THE FASTEST DIGITAL LASER MARKER OVER 2 WIRE BUS page 6 ·LASER SYSTEMS FOR MICROMACHINING page 6 ·NEW UV SYSTEMS FOR MARKING ON PLASTIC MATERIALS page 7 ·DIODE LASER SYSTEMS FOR MEDICAL AND DENTAL APPLICATIONS page 8 ·MICROPHOTOTHERAPY SYSTEM FOR THE TREATMENT OF VITILIGO AND PSORIASIS page 8






as reported by the "Diamond Digest" International Magazine, Jan-Feb 2003 Edition

A brief synopsis of the discussion on laser

An audience about 46 persons at the Leela Kempinski, in Bombay, which included the Consul General of South Africa Mr C. Qomoyi, the director of Seepz, Mr M. Nair and distinguished guests of Industry. Dr. Salvadeo is an engineer with an MBA and the MD of Quanta System, Italy, that have been in the laser business for over two decades. Quanta System has been present in the Indian market for five years in the diamond/jewerly industry but for a decade with ISRO & other Indian government organisations. The main point Quanta wanted to convey to the diamond/jewelry industries was: they are here & here to stay, especially for they will start Quanta India shortly. Dr. Salvadeo spoke about various lasers & their applications, but at the end of his talk, the audience was given reasons as to why the gems & jewelry industry & why India will just not mean India but also China. Out of the 744 tonnes of gold bought by the EU, more than 600 are processed by Italy being a leader sers are being sold in China through Honk Kong. However, since Indian companies are setting up operations in China, they can get these directly, plus Quanta India can handle servicing. Besides manufacturing lasers & fully automatic systems for diamond processing (with the lowest possible weight loss & almost no breakages), welders 1+2 & jewelry marking lasers are also offered. A new gold purity checking laser system & diamond marking lasers are on their way for the Indian market!!!

The Consul General of South Africa Mr. C. Qomoyi, Dr. P. Salvadeo, Mr. U. Nanavati, Mr. K. Sanghvi, Mr. H. Mehta and others partecipated in the seminar.

Surat (India): diode pumped solid state lasers for diamonds cutting.

in the jewelry industry. Quanta System supplies welding & marking equipment locally in Italy & Europe for jewelry. India is fast becoming an important exporter of jewelry. For the diamond industry, the basic laser is from Quanta & the system tailor made locally keeping in mind the types of raw materials processed. The second reason for India being an important market is that Italian la-


New concept and development from scratch reliable monolitic Background

At least once in our life, all of us have felt weak and overwhelmed by the extraordinary wonderfulness of a work of art. Human sensitivity to beauty and genious is a measure of progress in spirit, besides mere technical perfection. Our concern in the preservation of fine arts is proved by the dozens of Quanta System's lasers working world-wide to give new life to mankind masterpieces. What's new Quanta has now changed the rules of the game, while developing the new Palladio II, Michelangelo II, Raffaello e Leonardo series!

of compact and long term laser cleaners

hosting mechanisms, not allowing dust to penetrate the photonic head. The articulated arm is showing the best trade off between resistance and flexibility. It is self-centered and er-

THESE NEW LASERS are a strong, reliable and a secure technical answer to the fine arts conservation world. Quanta has finished in October 2002 the developement of solutions for working "in situ", while supplying to the materials to be cleaned up to 1J @ 25 Hz! Finally the two main lasers of the lucky series (Palladio II and Michelangelo II)

are working at 9/25 W average power respectively. With these "tecnologic monsters", it is now possible to clean even the strongest black crust surfaces, with a speed from 1,5 up to 3 m2 per day, as a function of the material. A new articulated arm, completely re-designed, with spring, is equipped with sealed mirrors and sealed


June 2003 - n.1

gonomically designed, equipped with a proximity sensor which inhibits the shots, if it doesn't find a target at a programmed distance. A collinear green pilot beam has been introduced to facilitate the spatial position beam interaction control. The laser head is now completely separated from the power supply, and the chiller, for easier transportation. Finally it has been decided to achieve a full separation between electronics and optical parts, also at the laser head level. That avoids any possible contamination (de-gasing) on optical delicate coated components, which could arise from potential temperature level increases (when, for example, operations are performed under the direct illumination of the sun). The laser head becomes completely sealed, and filled with nitrogen to avoid any condensation effect. It's designed "IP68" as it regards the optical section, while it is "IP65" in the electrical and electronic one: the system, in fact, doesn't allow the input of any kind of dust and is strongly protected from water. An in-depth study has been done in order to integrate connectors able to resist to strong knocks. The new mechanical structure is very stable and shock resistant: it is in fact manufactured by one monolitic Alu-

minium block. The optical head is fully kept at constant temperature through the cooling water coming from a strengthened chiller, which can be placed 20 meters below the optical head (temperature stabilisation is within ±1 °C). Rapid input water jacks complete the cooling circuitry. The new series is fully controlled through a dedicated microprocessor. An "on line" energy meter is integrated into the optical head. An external power meter, with a Peltier cell working in reverse mode, warranties a full diagnosis on some potential malfunctionings caused by the articulated arm or the deterioration of its mirrors. The above energies are shown by the control panel mounted on the laser top head. The control panel displays and enables: · Energy setting per pulse up to 1 J · Frequency setting, up to 25 Hz · Displaying the on line energy · Displaying the energy emitted by the articulated arm, for a double maintenance and monitoring checking. · Pulse counting ·Availability to switch to SHG (Green @ 532 nm), THG (UV @ 355 nm) & FHG (UV @ 266 nm), while activating various flip mirrors and a second articulated arm, which can be added to the laser head. · Alarm monitoring (flow switch,

shutter, water level, etc ...). Handles for lifting up the structure have been implemented for external operations (these require a long cables set). It has been chosen a new colour (shining orange) for letting the lasers be easily recognised, while operating on external platforms. A grey and blue colours version, softer, can be used for operations inside museums and other covered places. A set of shorter cables is supplied in this case. The lasers can now (as an option) be delivered in insula-

ted wood and metal boxes, which are controlled at a fixed temperature for the whole year. These boxes can also easily host tools, cables and whatever else necessary for the operator. With the new laser cleaners, Quanta System is estimating that the engineering efforts will reduce the ordinary maintenance costs of about 50% and the extraordinary ones shall be decreased of about 70%. Future developments foresee the use of diffractive optics to obtain flat top beam shapes.

The Venice Ducal Palace restoration

From the new Palladio and Michelangelo series it was born the "Monolitic Laser Concept" in Quanta.

Management has extended the Palladio and Michelangelo philosophy also to the other scientific and industrial lasers, including the ones specifically designed for diamonds cutting (more resistance to vibrations, better beam pointing and energy stability, easier cooling and thermal stabilisation).

Monolitic industrial laser cleaner

Monolitic scientific Q-Switched laser 3




Quanta, on demand, supplies complete class I laser solutions, application orie Recently the company has introduced also a modular approach, designing las The new diode pumped solid state laser lineup is composed of the LOGO, DIAMOND and MICR Below the main applications and technic

Logo [email protected]

units Wavelength Average Power Power stability Energy/Pulse [nm] [W] [%] [mJ] CW operation 8 hours conditions L-1 1064 20 +/-3 L-2 1064 35 +/-3 4 3 <3 40 <7 2.0 <50 0 - 50 L-2A 1064 50 +/-3 6 4 <3 40 <12 3.0 <50 0 - 50 L-2S 1064 16 +/-2 3.5 2 < 1.5 60 <1.5 1.5 <50 0 - 50 L-3 1064 70 +/-3 12 9 <3 35 12 3.0 <50 0 - 50 L-4 1064 120 +/-3 20 16 <3 35 <20 4.0 <50 0 - 50

Diamond Serie

units [nm] [W] [%] [mJ] 8 hours conditions

Q-Switched 1KHz 3 Q-Switched 5KHz 2 <3 Q-Switched 1KHz 50 <5


Q-Switched [% rms] [ns]

Pulse to pulse stability [% rms] Pulsewidth M2 Beam diameter Pointing stability Repetition rate [mm] [mrad] [KHz] [ns]


2.0 <50 0 - 50

Scientific Applications · Spectroscopy · Laser Induced Fluorescence · Remote sensing and LIDAR · Non-linear optics

[mm] [mrad] [KHz]

OEM Industrial applications · Micromachining · Engraving, cutting and drilling · High precision marking · In volume glass marking

Scientif · Ti: Sapp pumping · Spectros · Non-lin · Laser In · Remote · Biophys · Ultrafas

New monolitic diode pumped Nd:YAG laser serie

Negative-feedback controlled mode-locked laser Model Active-passive Active-mode-locked mode-locked All solid state NFC- NFC- NFC- NFC- NFC- NFCP20 P70 P90 A20 A70 A90 Repetition rate (Hz) 10 10 10 10 10 10 Energy (mJ) 1064 nm 1.5 40 80 2 100 200 532 nm 0.7 20 40 1 50 100 355 nm 0.4 10 20 0.6 30 60 266 nm 0.15 5 12 0.2 10 20 Pulsewidth (ps) < 25 < 25 < 25 <120 <120 <120 Beam diameter (mm) 2 7 9.5 2 7 9.5 Divergence (mrad) @1064nm <0.6 <0.5 <0.4 <0.6 <0.5 <0.4 Beam pointing stability (µrad) <100 <100 <100 <100 <100 <100 Energy stability (%RMS) 1064 nm 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 532 nm 3 3 3 3 3 3 355 nm 5 5 5 5 5 5 266 nm 7 7 7 7 7 7 Beam Spatial Profile (gaussian fit) Near Field 0.80 0.80 0.80 0.80 0.80 0.80 Far field 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.95 Jitter (± ns) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 Warm-up time (min.) <30 <30 <30 <30 <30 <30 Polarization ratio >100 : 1 Service requirements 230 VAC, 10-16 A, 50 Hz

Rep. rate up to 50 Hz available on request.


After a two decades experience in producing mode-locked picosecond Nd:YAG lasers, based on our patented S.F.U.R. resonator, QUANTA SYSTEM S.p.A. is now offering a series of new generation ultrastable lasers using a state of the art negative feedback controlled mode-locking technology. Output energy stability and pulse duration stability make the lasers the most suitable sources for short pulses non-linear applications and pumping of non-linear devices. Last generation control electronics allows complete synchronization of the output pulse with << 1 ns jitter, with respect to suitable External trigger signal.


June 2003 - n.1


Micro [email protected] mm

D-2S 532 12 +/- 3 3.5 2.5 < 1.5 50 < 1.5 1.5 < 50 0 - 50 D-2CW 532 10 +/- 2 * < 1.5 1.0 < 50 CW D-3 532 30 +/- 3 10 5 < 2.0 40 < 12 3.0 < 50 D-4 532 50 +/- 3 12 8 < 2.0 40 < 18 4.0 < 50 [mm] [mrad] [KHz]

Scientific Applications · Laser Induced Fluorescence · Remote sensing and LIDAR · Non-linear optics · Biophysics

ented, while customising the laser systems accordingly to the customer needs. er heads, hardware and software tools to specifically target the OEM market. O series, which are compact, rugged, stable and easy to be integrated for the most challenging needs. cal specifications of the new OEM series.

[email protected] mm

D-2 532 15 +/- 3 4 2.5 < 2.0 40 < 7.0 2.0 < 50 0 - 50

units [nm] [W] [%] [mJ]


M-2S 355 4

M-2 355 7 +/-3 2.5 1.4 <3 30 <2 2 < 50 0 - 50

M-3 355 10 +/-3 3 2 <3 30 <5 2.5 < 50 0 - 50

8 hours Q-Switched 1KHz Q-Switched 5KHz

+/-3 2 0.8 <2

d 1KHz

d 5KHz

[% rms] [ns] Q-Switched 1KHz

d 1KHz

35 <1.5 1.5 < 50 0 - 50

0 - 50 0 - 50

ic Applications phire and Dye Laser g scopy near optics nduced Fluorescence sensing and LIDAR sics t Imaging

OEM Industrial applications · Silicon wafers scribing · Micromachining · Diamonds cutting · High precision marking · In volume glass engraving

OEM Industrial applications · Plastic marking · Micro-via drilling · Micromachining · Surface glass marking



New contracts with the European Space Agency

Quanta System has been collaborating since several years with the European Space Agency (ESA). Starting from April 2003 on, two new activities were set up, for the delivery of an ultrastable UV, injection seeded, diode pumped solid state laser, and the development of a novel water vapour dial transmitter. The latter activity is developed for ESA, by Quanta System, in collaboration with CESI (Segrate - Italy) the research centre of ENEL (the main Energy Company in Italy).The goal of this project is to finally achieve a breadboard, after studying the optimal compositional tuning (followed by procurement and integration) of crystals for lasing at the lambda on and lambda off DIAL modalities. Note: DIAL is short for "Differential Absorption LIDAR". A "LIDAR" is an optical radar.

CH1, Negative feedback controlled mode-locked oscillator and regenerative amplifier dynamic (CH2)

Dr. Marco Tagliaferri, Laser Division Chief Executive




the new multiple stations laser spot welder by Quanta System

power radiation into a specific fibre optics, connected to a processing station, which includes a high resolution microscope. Each operator can now bypass global dead times, while keeping, on demand, the system control, switching the energy beam to his station. In fact, while the other two operators can temporarily have different tasks (removing welded samples, placing them in boxes, controlling the quality of the process etc ...) the third operator gets the control and continues performing welding. Another big advantage of this philosophy is that each operator can remotely choose the righ parameters (which can be different from station to station) to be used for the specific typology of materials treated (like gold, pure silver, precious metal alloys etc ...).

OUT - 3



Quanta has created with RTM (VICO CANAVESE-Italy) a strategic joint venture for studying innovative processes and materials to be used in the industrial sectors. Quanta supplies RTM with the lasers and RTM is in charge of process studies. Examples of processes made by RTM are shown in the following slides:

Quanta System has introduced, starting May 2003 on, a new laser spot welder with multiple stations working in time sharing mode. The system consists of a unique power supply and cooling unit integrated block, with a multiple channels long pulse optical head on the top. Three different optical paths can be chosen activating flip mirrors either in local control mode or in remote control mode. Each line couples the high


Nd:YAG lasers for micromachining

Quanta has developed, in collaboration with RTM (VICO CANAVESE Italy) a new series of laser systems for micromaching, in particular for micro-drilling applications (manufacturing of medical filters and automotive tools). With the Quanta System solutions, it is now easy to micro-drill ceramic and metallic substrates developing computer controlled patterns in a few minutes only. An example of a pattern obtained through a 400 microns stainless steel plate is shown in the below figure. Holes are 20 microns large and the centre to centre step is 100 microns. The created filter has global dimensions of 4 x 3 mm and the time to obtain it is three minutes and 35 seconds only.


Quanta has developed the fastest laser marking system now available world-wide. Our firm has pioneered the USB 2.0 communication bus, to exchange data with the laser and its scanning head over 2 wire universal serial bus. USB 2.0 enables a data rate up to 480 Mbit/second. A development from scratch of a microprocessor, a proprietary Quanta System device driver, a Windows control panel, a Windows XP CAD software with 3D capability and full DXF DWG support, and the NEW Quanta Mark software, enables the users to work over a wide range of platforms. Quanta made use of the latest programming COM techniques making in this way the step to distributed COM (remote control, debugging and service) a downhill. Customers computers, dedicated to marking applications, can, from now on, be used as clients, which are connected via LAN, internet or other mean. From the server a complete remote system debugging can be easily performed, and instructions can be remotely supplied to check, with feedback, the performances of the new markers, even at thousands of kilometers of distance, thus maintainig proprietary application and process dependant parameters hidden to the world.


June 2003 - n.1



News from Ipack Ima

The international packaging fair held in Milan in March 2003

What's behind this innovation? : it is simple. Quanta would like, from now on, to allow any producer/its logistic department, to standardise the production processes until the end, and finally, after packaging the goods, to differentiate the lots for each sales channel, while imprinting the lot number, serial number or other (like the customer's name) under the packaging plastic material.

"Innovative laser systems to mark under the plasting packaging films". The exhibition newspaper reported Quanta System as one of the most innovative companies.

Quanta has exhibited a robotised laser marking system to mark under plastic films. This technique allows to bypass the transparent plastic packaging material, not ruining or destroying it. In a very safe and fast way, the carton below the film can be esasily written.

Developed by "Primon Automazioni" (Verbania Fondo Toce - Italy)

This operation: "first standardise, then differentiate" is already letting customers save a good amount of process and logistic costs.

New systems for marking plastic corks and other plastic materials


Quanta System has developed a new Class I laser system specifically designed to mark, with UV rays, thermo expanded plastic corks, now substituting, in Europe, the traditional wood made ones. Results are excellent and each cork is marked in 300 ms max. Quanta can also supply class IV high power UV solutions to be integrated into production lines (they are necessary only a few centimeters of the production line!). UV is used to mark each kind of plastics. The big advantage, while using the UV light, is that producers do not need to add dyes, pigments or other colour additives any more. While saving costs in the production processes and raw materials, they can still obtain a very good marking quality, with high resolution and contrast.

Antiforgery laser systems developed for L'Oreal

Developed by "Primon Automazioni" Special shampoos and other cosmetic products are now safely tracked in the market, while marking identification codes on each plastic bottle before the final packaging line. These codes cannot be deleted. Quanta also supplies permanent solutions to each problem of recognising an imitation. With its complete line of IR, green and UV lasers, any kind of

substrate can be marked with high resolution, very good contrast and permanently. A very sophisticated software based on a USB 2.0 communication bus, allows to import or create different logos, strings and characters in an easy, user friendly and fast way.

Developed by "Elettrosystem" (Scurzolengo - Asti - Italy)




Quanta System has released several new IR diode laser systems, fibre optics coupled, for medical and dental applications. Output power, at 808 nm, 940 nm and 980 nm, after the fibres, are in the following ranges: · 2W · 4W · 8W · 15W · 25W @ 808 nm · 40 W (1 mm fibre) @ 808 nm The above solutions are microprocessor controlled. Each system is equipped with a fibre optics recognision system and a sophisticated calibration port. Emission can be either in CW mode, pulsed and burst mode. For the South America dental market Quanta has developed, in collaboration with an Italian company, OEM based solutions, then extended to

June 2003 - n.1


other OEM customers world-wide. For dental applications fibres optics are of three kinds: 200 microns, 300 microns and 600 microns. While the first one is used for the tooth channel sterilisation, the 300 microns one is used for micro surgery (handpiece + tips are supplied).

The last fibre, 600 microns, coupled with a lens (hosted into a special handpiece) is used for theeth whitening, in conjunction with a proper dental gel. Several models are availables depending on the Country.

Diodes are supplied either under OEM bases or directly under the Quanta System name. Quanta is also supplying double solutions, coupling in one box both the IR diode and a KTP green multimode laser at 5 W, for vascular applications.

Ratok®derm-Selective and Focused Microphototherapy System for the Treatment of Vitiligo and Psoriasis

Its experience includes patients of eas (over 60-cm of diameter), and is all races and phototypes from all the result of more than 20 years of over the world: Europe, Middleclinical research carried out at the East, Africa, Asia, etc. Ratok®derm Dermatological Research Psoriasis: before The Ratok®derm CenCentre (Milan, Italy. tre is equipped with a, specific server operatspecialized in the stuing an IT network for dy of the focused and the management of selective treatment of therapies, of the equipVitiligo (VSL-Vitiligo ment during treatSpot Light) and Psorments, and of the paiasis (PFT-Psoriasis tient's therapeutical Focused Therapy) usprocess (the server ining the Ratok®derm cludes case histories therapy. with over 120,000 digital photo images). The Ratok®derm Cen- Psoriasis: after QS will manufacture tre has been treating 20 treatments and market the comover 3,000 patients plete turn-key treatwith vitiligo and over ment based on a mini300 patients with mum of 3 Deus psoriasis and other RK2000 spotlight sysskin diseases, with tems plus other more than 75% sucfeatures including PCs, cess for the former IT network, image and more than 90% grabbing system and for the latter. SW to manage all the equipments. Ratok®derm will be in charge of the treatment protocols and of customer training. Technical and marketing information on the product, including datasheet specs, posters and a presentation CD are available at Quanta System. Vitiligo: before

Quanta System has recently introduced into the market a new system for treatment of Vitiligo, Psoriasis and other Atopic dermatitis. This system is based on a patented microphototherapy equipment, named RatokDerm Deus RK2000, which allows to treat both small (few millimetres) and extended ar-

Vitiligo: after 12 treatments


Quanta System spa Via IV Novembre, 116 - 21058 Solbiate Olona (VA) Italy - Tel. +39-0331.376797 - Fax +39-0331.367815 - - E-Mail: [email protected]



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