CDCO 5310.4A C 460 13 Aug 10 COMBAT DEVELOPMENT COMMAND ORDER 5310.4A From: To: Subj: Commanding General Distribution List SUMMER AUGMENTATION REQUIREMENT FOR OFFICER CANDIDATES SCHOOL (OCS) (a) (b) (c) (d) ALMAR 003/02 MARADMIN 132/02 MCO P1326.6D MCO P6100.12



(1) Screening Criteria for Drill Instructors Assigned to OCS Summer Augmentation (2) Screening Schedule

1. Purpose. To publish policy and procedures for staffing and to provide information regarding the drill instructor (DI), 0911 additional MOS (AMOS), selection and screening process for the summer augmentation program at OCS. 2. 3. Cancellation. Information MCBO 5310.4.

a. Reference (a) designated the Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command (CG MCCDC) as the Commandant of the Marine Corps' Executive Agent for the development and implementation of the policy and process for OCS summer augmentation. Additionally, reference (a) authorized the delegation of this responsibilty to the Commanding General, Training and Education Command (CG TECOM). Reference (b) designated CG TECOM as CG MCCDC's Executive Agent for developing and implementing a permanent process to meet the manpower requirements for OCS summer augmentation. b. Deputy Commandant, Manpower and Reserve Affairs (DC M&RA), Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps (MMEA) assigns Marines possessing the 0911 AMOS to the various commands and organizations located in the National Capitol Region (NCR) for the purpose of augmenting OCS during the summer as DIs. Enclosure (1) contains the screening criteria.

CDCO 5310.4A 13 Aug 10 c. In close coordination with TECOM, parent commands will issue TAD orders to eligible Marines for duty as DIs at OCS for a period of approximately 4 months from May through August. Specific dates will vary each summer. Special duty assignment (SDA) pay will commence upon reporting for duty. TECOM will provide organizational commanders and division directors with specific requirements and taskings for DIs as early as possible. Marines holding the 0911 AMOS who are inbound to Quantico with a report date not later than 7 May of the augmentation year will be telephonically interviewed and screened by the OCS Sergeant Major. d. It is recognized that there is an overlap of the completion dates for the resident schools and the commencement of the summer augmentation program. Additional augmentation may be required from commands and organizations located aboard MCB, Quantico and throughout the NCR. 4. Action a. Commanding General, Training and Education Command

(1) Serve as MCCDC Executive Agent for Summer OCS augmentation. (2) Coordinate the screening of DIs per the enclosures. (3) Determine a pro rata requirement of DIs to be provided by each command/organization based on the percentage of qualified 0911s. Task on a fair-share basis of qualified 0911s, and provide a report to the CG MCCDC when complete. (4) Maintain a reasonable contingency operations plan for using Marines within TECOM's operational control via the issuance of TAD orders if circumstances preclude the use of local 0911 AMOS Marines. Reserve appropriate number of rooms at the Crossroads Inn and Liversedge Hall for the summer augmentation period well in advance for this contingency. b. Organizational Commanders and Division Directors

(1) Ensure the widest dissemination of the information contained in this Order. (2) Ensure Marines identified by the DC M&RA with 0911 AMOS schedule a screening appointment per enclosure (2) and report to


CDCO 5310.4A 13 Aug 10 the board at the appointed time in the utility uniform possessing physical training gear, service record book, and medical record. c. Commanding Officer, Officer Candidates School

(1) Screen Marines identified by the DC M&RA during January of the same year of summer augmentation using references (c) and (d) and enclosure (1) as a guide. (2) Notify the CG TECOM (G-1) of those Marines who fail to appear for screening. (3) By mid-February of the same year of summer augmentation, provide to the CG TECOM (G-1) a report that identifies those Marines screened eligible for duty for the summer augmentation program. (4) By mid-February of the same year of summer augmentation, provide to the DC M&RA (MMEA), via the CG MCCDC (C 06), and the CG TECOM (G-1), info copy to the CG MCCDC (G-1), a separate report that identifies those Marines screened ineligible for augmentation duty. The report must contain specific details explaining the nature of the disqualification. d. Deputy Commandant, Manpower and Reserve Affairs

(1) Working with the CG TECOM (G-1) and the OCS staff, provide liaison officers to coordinate the OCS summer augmentation program. An officer from MMEA will coordinate all aspects of augmentation for DIs and other enlisted Marines, while an officer from MMOA will coordinate all aspects of summer augmentation for Marine officers. (2) Where possible, MMEA will fill billet requirements in the NCR with sergeants through gunnery sergeants and first sergeants who hold the 0911 AMOS. The intent is to assign the largest possible population of Marines with the 0911 AMOS locally to increase the available pool of eligible OCS summer augments. (3) Not later than 10 December, the year prior to the summer augmentation period, identify a list of all sergeants through gunnery sergeants and first sergeants assigned to the NCR who hold the 0911 AMOS. Additionally, identify all sergeants through gunnery sergeants and first sergeants with the 0911 AMOS, who are inbound to the NCR during the months of January through May of the same year of summer augmentation.


CDCO 5310.4A 13 Aug 10 (4) Provide weekly updates to the above lists to the CG TECOM (G-1) until 30 April of the year of summer augmentation.



CDCO 5310.4A 13 Aug 10 SCREENING CRITERIA FOR DRILL INSTRUCTORS ASSIGNED TO OCS SUMMER AUGMENTATION 1. All Marines in DI billets at OCS must be able to function in a candidate company. This requirement is the fundamental assignment consideration on which the following criteria are based: a. Compliance with Marine Corps physical fitness and body composition standards per MCO P6100.12. b. No documented medical problems preventing participation in physical training, hikes, and/or field duty. c. No medical treatment, regardless of seriousness, that requires frequent visits to medical facilities, etc. Frequent is defined in this case as more than once a month. d. No alcohol/drug abuse incident within 2 years of assignment, resulting in either punitive or non-judicial punishment (NJP). e. Not currently enrolled in command-directed Family Advocacy Program services as verified by local Family Services Center. f. Divorce or separation alone does not disqualify someone for assignment to OCS. However, a Marine is not qualified when his/her bona fide separation/divorce/custody proceedings will foreseeably interfere with meeting all training schedule requirements. (Verification of any legal proceedings is required.) g. Adequate childcare is arranged for family members of single parents. h. Score a first class PFT in concert with the DI screening checklist contained in MCO P1326.6D. DIs reporting for duty to the OCS Summer Augmentation Program will be assigned to specific billets by the Commanding Officer, OCS based on their individual strengths. i. No pending financial problems, administrative discharge action, disciplinary or adverse administrative action (be prepared to validate).


CDCO 5310.4A 13 Aug 10 j. No NJP or more serious disciplinary action within 3 months of assignment to OCS. 2. Waivers to any criteria listed above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


CDCO 5310.4A 13 Aug 10 SCREENING SCHEDULE 1. The following information pertains to the DI screening at OCS: a. b. c. d. e. Dates: Time: As published by the CO OCS. 0800-1130 and 1300-1800 daily. Utility uniform over PT gear. OCS Headquarters, Building 2189.

Uniform: Place:

Interviewees will bring the following items: (1) Service Record Book and Medical Records. (2) Up-to-date Basic Individual Record/Basic Training

Record. (3) Physical training gear (underneath the utility uniform). 2. Marines will call the OCS administrative chief at DSN 278-2351 to set up an interview with the OCS Sergeant Major. Report at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. Any questions should be directed to the OCS administrative chief.




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