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Note: specifier should add, delete or modify these specifications to accommodate specific job requirements. 1.1 SUBMITTALS Submit color samples for each color specified. Allow sufficient time to develop and supply custom colors, if required. Contractor requests for substitutions must be made in writing, to the architect, at least 21 days prior to receipt of bids. 1.2 PRODUCT HANDLING Deliver all products to job site in manufacturer's unopened cartons on pallets. Keep tile cartons dry & undamaged. 1.3 SCHEDULING All Eco-Tile colors and sizes are manufactured to order. Contact the factory immediately after award of bid to ascertain current manufacturing lead times. PART 2. ­ PRODUCTS 2.1 Eco-Tile Furnish only standard grade or master grade products from Quarry Tile Co., (equal), or (equal) and conforming to ANSI 137.1 section 6.3 for glazed quarry tile, Supply Eco-Tile in (select: as required: size, shape, color, price group, mounted, unmounted) supply matching trim as required. 2.2 SETTING & GROUTING MATERIALS Provide setting and grouting materials to comply with one or more of the following methods. Follow the guidelines for use as established by the materials manufacturers and the NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) P.O. Box 13629, Jackson, MS. 39236, ph: 601939-2071. A. Portland Cement method: ANSI A108.1 B. Dry set Portland Cement method: ANSI A118.1 C. Latex Portland Cement method: ANSI A118.4 D. Organic adhesive method: ANSI A136.1 E. Epoxy mortar method: ANSI A118.3



2.3 GROUT RELEASES & SEALERS Provide grout releases and grout sealers from major national suppliers. Follow manufacturer's directions exactly. A. Eco-Tile ­ Use (brand name) grout release when specifying contrasting colored grouts and (brand name) grout sealer for grout joints. PART 3. ­ INSTALLATION 3.1 INSTALLATION Install tile following the methods and guidelines published in TCA (Tile Council of America) Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation, P.O. Box 326, Princeton, NJ. 08542. ph: 609-921-7050. A. Supply first class workmanship in all tilework. Generally, use ¼" grout joints unless otherwise indicated by architect or when installing sheet mounted tile. B. Proportion all mixes in strict accordance with latest ANSI standard specifications. Strictly follow all manufacturer's directions and recommendations. C. Be sure all finished tilework is free of grout film, especially before the use of any sealers or floor finishes. D. Protect all tilework from construction dirt, grease and stains. Prohibit all floor and wheel traffic on newly tiled floors, preferably for 7 days. Follow recommendations of setting materials manufacturer in all cases. E. In freeze-thaw climates, install vertical tilework with appropriate flashing, weepholes and drainage. Do not install Quarry Tile Co. products at the waterline in swimming pools, fountains, or horizontal installations subject to standing water accumulation. Ceramic tile has inherent shade variations. The tile used in any installation may vary from the sample.



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