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Queen of Peace High School Annual Report 2005 - 2006

Hi! My name is Nicole Paprocki, and just three years ago I was deciding what high school to attend. I looked forward to graduation from my grammar school and to time with my friends. Still, I worried about choosing the high school that best fit me. Looking back, I recognize that I made the best decision because I love my friends, my teachers, and the welcoming all-girls environment at Queen of Peace. I never imagined how much I would achieve in just three years. My main goals were to get good grades and make new friends. However, Peace is teaching me that I also have the potential to do so much more. My teachers have opened up amazing opportunities for me to discover who I am and to understand my purpose as a Christian. What I love most about Peace is that you can be anyone you want to be here. You can be a dancer, a chess player, a varsity softball player, the President of your class, and a straight-A student. You are challenged academically every day, and you learn so much about yourself and about life outside the classroom. Thank you so much for your help and support. Because of your contributions, my classmates and I have been able to attend Peace, learn the newest technology out there, and take part in the most rewarding leadership and service programs available. Thank you. Love and Peace, Nicole Paprocki '07

Dear Alumnae, Parents, and Friends of Peace,

Blessings on you during this Advent season. I take a great deal of comfort given the promises of change and renewal the season offers. Advent is a wonderful time of contemplation that offers us opportunities for focused reflection and prayer. We wait in hope-filled anticipation of the birth of Christ, the gift of new life, and the renewal of our relationships and commitments to our ministry, our families, and our communities. This is a "life-giving" time that opens our hearts and fills us with new hope and promises for future peace, future growth and future challenge. The Queen of Peace Community extends its heart-felt gratitude to you for your continuing support of our mission and ministry and your personal demonstration of the Dominican values of Partnership and Compassion. It is because of your generous commitment of time, energy, service, and resources that we have been able to create and maintain a rich, innovative, faithcentered, service orientated learning environment in which the young Women of Peace thrive. A new initiative has brought excitement to all vested in securing "new life" and future prosperity for our school. A Peace alumna, who wishes to remain anonymous, has opened her heart and given us a $100,000 matching gift challenge to move our technology plan ahead of schedule. Peace would be the first all-women, Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Chicago to create a dynamic, 21st century learning environment which would give every student, at all levels, 24/7 access to their own personal wireless computer. This will initiate dramatic change in the teaching and learning experience. As you read this, we are delighted to inform you that we did meet the match and have successfully garnered the $200,000 which is 50% of our $400,000 goal to make this happen in 2007, nine months from now! The Peace Community is excited for the future possibilities that this 1:1 Tech 4 Learning Initiative has created. This is a "life-giving" time and one alumna has made a huge difference by investing so generously in our future mission. I hope you experience the same sense of excitement and possibility for the growth of this community and elect to continue in our shared ministry; I encourage you to support this rich investment opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Women of Peace. May we experience peace in our hearts, in our families, in our communities, and in our world.

Kathleen M. Hanlon, Ph.D., Chief Administrator


Much gratitude to our Board of Directors whose leadership and guidance make possible our mission of a Dominican education. Barbara Schindler Allelujka '70, Donald Biernacki, Julie Burke-Concannon (Chair) '80, Barbara Dannhausen O.P.*, Christine Dannhausen-Brun*, Kathryn Emmerson*, Sister Helen Glynn O.P., Trudi Goggin, Dr. Kathleen Hanlon, Tina Kuska '89, Sister Mark O'Loughlin O.P., Genevie Labuda-Prangle '82, Ellen Jordan Reidy '76, Honorable Jesse Reyes*, Patricia Sonnenschein '80, Sister Janet Welsh OP (*not in picture)

Dear Queen of Peace Community, The 2005-2006 school year was filled with difficulty as all of us who love and are committed to Queen of Peace struggled to resolve the confusion and hurt that accompanied the Board's decision to make administrative changes. The Sinsinawa Dominicans are grateful to all in the Peace community, board members, parents, administration, faculty and staff, and students for their commitment to reconciliation. Such a commitment to reconciliation is the foundation of the peace that has come to characterize students as Women of Peace and the community as a Community of Peace. Our prayer has been and continues to be for God's blessing on all that have been and will be part of such a grace-filled school community. Sincerely,

Sister Patricia Mulcahey, OP Chairperson, Queen of Peace, Inc.


Living the Values of Justice and Compassion

Queen of Peace High School is sponsored by the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation. Founded in 1847 by Venerable Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P., the congregation currently sponsors eleven institutions. Through sponsorship, the Sinsinawa Dominicans carry out their mission to preach and teach. Queen of Peace celebrates the Dominican values of truth, compassion, justice, community, and partnership. We live these values through speech and action, and we dedicate the 2006-2007 school year to justice and compassion. To understand just how Peace students put these values into action, take a moment to read how some devote themselves to a cause: The week of October 23, 2006 began National Red Ribbon week. Peace's Students Against Substance Abuse (SASA) demonstrated not only their pledge to remain drug free but also their commitment to help others see unavoidable truths and the need for justice. As part of the activities for National Red Ribbon Week, SASA sponsored bracelet and sucker sales. These items were laden with anti-drug messages. SASA moderator Michele Nowak noted that the bracelet sales were intended to serve as a demonstration of a student's pledge to live a drug-free life. Some of these proceeds were donated to Catholic Charities' substance abuse treatment programs. Perhaps the most powerful message came without words. On Thursday, October 26, select students remained quiet for the entire day. They did not speak in classes nor did they speak at lunch. They dressed completely in black and painted their faces white. This impact activity was intended to symbolize the deaths caused by alcohol-related crashes. Twelve students participated in order to show that every 31 minutes a life is lost. "Although it was uncomfortable and some people were shocked by my appearance, I knew I was doing and saying something important without speaking at all," explained frosh student Kristen O'Dwyer. The United States Congress first declared Red Ribbon Week in 1988 in honor of Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Enrique Camarena. Agent Camarena was kidnapped and killed in Mexico in 1985 when he uncovered a multi-billion dollar drug scam involving members of the Mexican government. The purpose of the


week was to increase awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, to educate people about the devastating effects of these substances, to remember those who have lost their lives to these substances, and to challenge everyone to lead drug-free lives. National Red Ribbon week is only one example of how our students demonstrate their commitment to truth, compassion, justice, community, and partnership. With your generous gifts, we have been able to provide the facilities, technologies, and services that enable our students to grow into strong-minded and, above all, better people. Whether it be through service projects, the opportunity to attend leadership programs, hosting special guest speakers that bring unique perspectives to our students, or expanding our student activities, know that your kindness and compassion is justly served.

Changing The World With Community Service

Peace's Environmental Task Force continues to visit the Chicago Portage Site monthly to clean up polluted forests, clear brush, and restore the biodiversity. Peace's Poverty and Hunger Task Force raised over $1,000 during Hunger Awareness Week this November. Proceeds were donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository and Oxfam. Student Council kicked off its work with St. James Parish this November. All faculty, staff, and students were eager to continue helping those in need, especially during this holiday season. This marks the 33rd consecutive year that Peace has worked to provide a Christmas for St. James' families. Peace students make monthly visits to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to re-package food for various food pantries and shelters in the Chicagoland area.

d completeents dresse t for twelve stud mained quie October 26, , hite and re On Thursday their faces w utes a life is inted y 31 min ly in black, pa ting that ever y, demonstra s. the entire da elated crashe alcohol-r as a result of lost


Thank you fo r helping to make Peace be ourselve a place whe s. We are en re we can couraged, em proud to be powered, m part of this otivated, an unique, all-g We are Wom d irl school co en of Peace. mmunity.

Investing in Queen of Peace

When you invest in Queen of Peace, you invest in our students and thus, in the next generation of leaders. Your support helps ensure the future of our school and our commitment to continuing a tradition of values-based education that inspires those leaders to find and use their voices in the world. What better investment could there be? Please consider the following option when making your gift: Gifts of Cash entitle you to federal income tax deductions, subject to limitations. Unrestricted Gifts help meet the school's greatest and most immediate needs and are appreciated for their versatility. Restricted Gifts may be designated by the donor to fund one of the following: The Peace Scholarship Fund provides scholarships and grants for students in need of financial assistance. The Instructional Technologies Fund acquires new means to enhance student learning. The Program/Facilities Fund expansion continues to respond to the need for improvements. The Peace Board Reserve Fund, initiated in 1986, will secure a strong future for Queen of Peace High School with its continued growth.


Matching Gifts By their individual gifts, alumnae and friends secure important funds for the school. Many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage their employees to contribute to a favorite charity. You can double or even triple the value of your gift if your employer or spouse's employer participates in a matching gift program. A Bequest To provide for Queen of Peace in your will, you need only have your attorney include a statement such as: "I give and bequeath to Queen of Peace High School, Burbank, Illinois, a) % of my estate; b) the sum of ____; c) the following asset/ property; d) all the rest and residue of my estate for general purposes. We welcome all inquiries. Through your generosity, the vitally important work of Queen of Peace High School can continue. For more information, please contact Cindy Kmetty, Development Director, at 708-458-7600, Ext. 250 or via email at [email protected]

We are grateful for the tremendous financial support of foundations, corporations, alumnae, board members, faculty, staff, and friends of Queen of Peace High School. We have made every effort to recognize each of our donors for the fiscal year of July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006. Please notify the Development Office of any errors so that we may rectify and correct our records.

We are gratef ul for the opportun ity to develop our leadership capabilities. As St. Catherine of Siena Scholars, we are confident in our abilities to pursue in dependent research in college.


Fiscal Year 2005 ­ 2006

Revenue Tuition and Fees $4,908,760 Contributions and Fundraising $414,223 Auxiliary Activities $153,915 Investment Income $152,028 Realized Gain(Loss) on Investments 0 Unrealized Gain(Loss) on Investments $136,638 Other Sources $38,018 Reserves $236,001 Total

*Includes Tuition Discounts

81.28%* 6.86% 2.55% 2.52% 0.00% 2.26% 0.63% 3.90% 100.00%

Tuition and Fees


Expenses Instructional Activities and Athletics Auxiliary Activities Student Aid General Administration Advancement and Development Plant Operations Depreciation Total Total Capital Expense paid out of reserve

$2,872,119 $343,499 $121,707 $124,220 $1,136,120 $411,299 $728,050 $302,231 $6,039,245 $254,667

47.56% 5.69% 2.02% 2.06% 18.81% 6.81% 12.06% 5.00% 100.00%

Instructional Expenses

Includes technology upgrades, boiler replacement, sports/general furnishings and equipment.

Contributions and Fundraising Income Annual Appeal - Operational 40th Anniversary Partners Scholarships and Grants Parent Organization Commemorative Program Reunions Other Gifts Amount from Audit Additional Contributions Booster Parent Donations

Held in reserve; expected release in 2006-07

$69,186 $4,500 $321,637 $6,784 $3,100 $5,593 $3,423 $414,223

16.70% 1.09% 77.65% 1.64% 0.75% 1.35% 0.83% 100.00%

Scholarships and Grants


Additional Grants for COR Augustine Stewardship Fund Philip M. Friedmann Family Charitable Trust General Mills Foundation Society of the Divine Word Sinsinawa Dominicans Total COR Grants

$2,000 $1,000 $5,000 $8,000 $25,000 $41,000

Grand total of contributions and fundraising $470,506


Donor Listing

We rely on you in order to continue instilling a passion for learning, leading, and helping others. Our young women thrive in the world because of this Dominican education. At the time of graduation, our students take the next steps of their lives knowing that they have built a strong faith, possess superb confidence, and have cultivated lasting friendships. Your support is the stepping stone to helping future Women of Peace find and use their voices. VISION OF PEACE $75,128 Gifts of $10,000+ Anonymous Helen V. Brach Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Osborn Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc. W.P. & H.B. White Foundation PRIDE CIRCLE $33,633 Gifts of $5000+ Anonymous Anonymous 13th Annual Peace Golf Classic Thomas W. Dower Foundation Owens Foundation PepsiAmericas GREEN & WHITE CLUB $18,000 Gifts of $2500+ Mr. and Mrs. Donald Biernacki Fred J. Brunner Foundation Julie Burke-Concannon '80 and Michael Concannon Pamela Biedermann Condon '67 and Patrick Condon Don and Mary Cranley Mary Beth Shea '70 Blanche M. Walsh Charity Trust BELIEVER $18,356 Gifts of $1000+ Anonymous Deb Cocanig

Christine and Christian Dannhausen-Brun Patricia Mulligan DeLeonardis '66 and John DeLeonardis Kathryn and Dale Emmerson Irish Fellowship Education and Cultural Foundation Kellogg's Corporate Citizenship Fund Theresa Cygan Kern '66 Mary and Dale Klinefelter Marti O'Rourke Konstant '72 and Bruce Konstant Maureen McGann-Ryan '69

Tina Kuska' 89 and Mike Killian Bernard and Leah Link Mr. and Mrs. Robert Singer Jr. Janice Stanislawski Zeller, Ph.D. '70 SPONSOR CIRCLE $6833 Gifts of $250+ Demetrio Bellan Burbank Women's Civic Club Colleen Cichon-Mulcrone Helen Doria '69 Alice Harper '66 Tony and Sue Grazutis Helen Glynn, O.P. Michelle Kassen '88 Dr. Catherine Karl Joanne Roberts Kropf '70 Marlene Lojas '86 Patrice Faupel Magliocca '76 Main Royal Communication Design Kelly Faltin McMahon '82 Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Program Susan O'Halloran '68 Sr. Mark O'Loughlin, O.P. Sandra Safranek Stickney Township of Aging Ellen Sullivan '78 Carolyn Tague '84 Nancy Tegtmeyer Dorothy Villanova Janet Welsh, O.P. '66 PATRON $12,065 Gifts of $100+ American Sportswear Linda Wilembrecht Anzelone '67 Linda Baltikas Laraine Barshes Sharon McDermott Bell '67 Black Hawk Paving, Inc. Gail Krzyskowski Bradshaw '83 Ellen Dineen Brosnahan '66 Carolyn Heiland Brown '66 Kirsten Cartier Laura Lamoureux Chromizky '77 Maureen Bidinger Ckuj '78 Lauretta Claussen '96 Cathy McGrane Coney '67 Susan Connelly Joyce Cruse Christine Borawski Cullum '66

"It is not always that someone decides to give of oneself without wanting to receive. Those people are the ones whose hearts open up to help others. Thank you for helping me with my daughter's tuition. You have no idea how much you have helped my family. I thank God for sending angels like you to this world."

Kay Leonard Otter '71 and Robert Otter Genevie Labuda Prangle '82 and Michael Prangle Mary Prendergast Joanne Spatz '69 and Jim Spizzo The UPS Foundation PROMOTER $4850 Gifts of $500+ Bansley and Kiener, L.L.P. Benedictine University Elizabeth and John Haskins Susan Green Horn '67 and Steve Horn Nancy Janachowski


At Peace, we are able to express our ideas, thoughts, and feelings through multiple avenues. Because of your generosity, we foster our passions on the stage, on the field, and in the classroom.

Patricia Ryan '85 Ann Scesnewicz '81 Camille Schroeder Mary Anne Wolski Sendra '82 and Joe Sendra Dawn Wilk Sinclair '89 Kathleen Gaynor Slocum '75 Dolores Kuchan Smith '76 Mary Anne Smith Patricia Dunne Stewart '74 Terry Quaid Van Duyn '69 Doug Vanderwielen Kathleen Tierney Wall '78 Carol Zwit Walsh '66 Sherry Webb Helder Weil Jeanne Widing '81 Colleen Fitzgerald Zientek '78 FRIEND OF PEACE $5233 Gifts to $99 Susan Brogan Allen '87 Maureen Henning Altman '67 Erica Anderson '97 Mary Caplis Annerino '82 Nancy Johnson Antonini '80 Dorothy Adomaitis Arnold '77 Mandy Migawa Arnswald '91 Debra Kaminski Baker '88 Jennifer Baran '00 Angela Sahr Barrett '92 Joy Barrett '95 Jacqueline Fiore Barta '79 Kathleen McKinley Barthelt '88 Mary Jane Leonard Beran '70 Deborah Testa Bodnar '68 BP Matching Funds Programs Jill Brodinski '99 Barbara Connolly Brown '69 Eileen Daley Bruno '80 Jacqueline Payton Bueschel '86 Catherine Hayes Burns '85 Colette Lorden Butkus '75 Therese Drwila Bychowski '75 Nancy Riemersma Carlson '79 Eileen Kosola Carney '66 Gloria Zalewski Ciametti '69 Donna Cislo '99 Diane Coglianese '75 Julie Pirolli Collins '89 Marianne Foley Czarnecki '72 Doreen Schonauer Damm '66 Joyce Grabowski Danek '66 Kimberly Davis '89

Rosemary Cunningham Patricia O'Connor Dance '72 Paula Tishka Dansart '77 Lori Harville Dettloff '83 Rose Skubiszewski Diamond '77 Karen Maslar Donar '77 Laura Leigh Ferrio '82 Maribeth Laude Flaws '82 Natalie Formica Denise Fricano '74 Donna Gailus '77 Denise Gaines '93 Loretta Ganz '78 Tiffany Gates Mary Costello Geoghegan '75 Laura Gilbert '93 Denise Graney Dori Gibbons Hachmeister '74 Nancy Halbauer Irene Halko Catherine Hanisits '70 Therese Haskins LaToya Hudson Jura Jancys Kathy Procenti Jasinski '73 Bonnie Johnson Susan Junkroski '75 Margaret Garvey Juricek '74 Kathryn Miller Klyczek '77 Cindy Kmetty Barbara Gleason Komen '68 Therese Lahart Jaclyn McKay Lane '73 Laura Laucius '79 Margaret Laude Kuhlow '87

Karen Andrews Mabbott '73 Bonnie Maks Margaret Maloney '74 Helen Therese Mayer, O.P. Kathleen Surma McHugh '75 Denise Metke '89 Elizabeth Bidinger Moore '72 Peggy Oliver Murray '77 Judith Mysza '72 Patricia Mysza '74 Rachael Cwiok Narel '95 Bridget Newman '01 Michele Nowak Clare O'Brien '71 Joanne Paprocki Diane Drufke Pavesic '76 Mary Pat Pearson '93 Peoples Energy Jo Ann Cordovano Peso '74 Mary Connelly Peters '72 Carol Lenza Petersen '72 Diane Piszczor '92 Deborah Pott '73 Marilyn Power Kristin Rankin '96 Cynthia Redelsperger '84 Kathleen Podlin Reed '76 Mary Pat Kane Reilly '72 Barbara Hanek Reschke '83 Anna Reynes Karen Lang Reynolds '82 Kathleen Hand Richardson '80 Maria Roche '71 Theresa Roche '84 Jacqueline Russo '81


Thank you for believing in the importance of a Sinsinawa Dominican Catholic education. We continually renew our spirits, engage our faith, and put it into action.

Kathleen Burns Debo '66 Patricia DeHoff '83 Lauri Hochstetter DiGrazia '66 Ann Joyce Donnellan '68 Andrea Wolf Donnelly '73 Meg Westrienen Ensalaco '84 Patricia Kruzlak Evans '71 Joanne Evoy '76 Mary Faupel '74 Joan Palermo Favaro '72 Kathleen Eier Fedor '69 Angela Lanzafame Foley '68 Carol Ennis Fourier '66 Sandra Bruckner Franklin '72 Ruby Gray Gadomski '73 Margaret Flynn Gaietto '68 Kimberly Sulima Gartlan '80 Sharon Geinosky Maura Foley Gleason '69 Bobbe Rzeminski Graaman '68 Diane Vanek Gradassi '68 Lou Ann Simon Grebenor '84 Margaret Greco '77 Mary Ellen Quinn Grobe '67 Jeannie Seper Guebert '73 Rita McGuire Hannon '67 Patricia Hannon '77 Karen Faltin Helman '88 Lizbeth Hennessy '74 Mary Beth Higgins '69 Joanne Sheehan Hogan '71 Barbara Phelan Holton '71 Carol Crosetto Jago '69 Diane Kedzuf Janis '70

Marjorie Migawa Jarosik '88 Julie Nemec Kazmierczak '81 Mary Ellen Kelly '67 Kathleen Quinn Kelly '67

"We thank you for your financial aid. Our daughter is a special young lady, and we believe that what ever she strives for in life, in some way, Queen of Peace has a big part. ~ Thank you so much for your generosity."

Eva Kowalski '95 Susan Whooley Krystof '69 Darlene Kulpa-Jablonski Patricia LaCloche '87 Marlene Plesniak Lees '66 Nancy Kaminskas Lemrise `70 Nancy Lennon '67 Kathleen Kostovich LePitre '72 Nancy Stateman Lynch '78 Erin Quinn Manghera '79 Bernadine Marc Schwab '67 Margaret Meehan Maruszak '66 Catherine Flanagan McCarthy '71 Maureen Nelligan McMahon '74 Linda Mellon Meents '66

Andrea Meier '05 Khristine Hicks Miceli '98 Microsoft Matching Gift Program Kiera Miller '05 Lucille Miller Susan Lenza Morgan '79 Mary Price Moylan '86 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Radtke Mr. and Mrs. Roman Kazecki Donna Regan Mrotek '68 Eileen Kenny Mullen '77 Christine Husnik Murray '66 Marti Murray '72 Roseanne Gruchot Musil '78 Kathleen Reidy Musselman '71 Barbara Kossman Myers '90 Carla Milano Nelson '66 Heather Orlowicz Neveu '91 Rita Jennings Newton '72 Kathleen Noga '91 Kathleen Ahern Nolan '66 Anne Shudell Ociepka, Ph.D. '66 Mary Pat Hosty O'Donnell '75 Kathleen Brennan Olen '75 Kathleen O'Flaherty O'Malley '75 Bernadette O'Shea '85 Kristine Owens Freya Peele '92 PepsiCo Foundation Linda Bonk Piatek '77 Leigh Pitula-Piontek '89 Nancy Tipping Ploskonka `70 Mary Udell Pollard '81 Dawn Portner Quest Diagnostics Elizabeth Reidy '73 Michelle Reyes '90 Joan Sedlak Reylek '74 Nancy Murphy Rice '73 Monica Roberts '71 Patricia Cavanaugh Rogers '72 Margaret McBride Rowe '82 Karla Ruggiero '89 Susan Schaefer '71 Margaret Clancy Schroeder '76 Regina Rigoni Sennello '67 Margaret Quinn Siefert '69 Adele Murray Sievers '69 Michelle Ziomek Sinton '80 Diane Rybicki Skupien '70 Sheila Connell Slowik '70 Adeline Smith Jennifer Soldat '00


Nancy Ryan Sorich '68 Amanda Speck '03 Chesteen Romaniak Stern '67 Rebecca Straple '05 Mary Strubbe '66 Trudy Nitsche Sullivan '67 Kathy Nagle Terborg '69 Mary Devane Thompson '71 Janet Faupel Tichacek '82 Georgianna Torres Reyes '89 Karen Klein Trevor '80 University of Illinois Lisa Sipich Vandercar '94 Camille Vaughn '84 Jane Bendowski Waigand '67 Roberta Jablonski Walaszek '82 Washington Mutual Kathleen Wawrzyniak Weber '66 Spancrete Industries Welch Elaine Whitehouse Cathleen Sikora Winkofsky '71

Thomas W. Dower Foundation Carol and Larry Holbein Irish Fellowship Educational and Cultural James and Mary Osborn The Owens Foundation PepsiAmericas Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc. Blanche M. Walsh Charity Foundation W.P and H.B. White Foundation Scholarship Aid for Students Big Shoulders/Gallagher Big Shoulders/Cardinal Bernardin Big Shoulders/Vaut Big Sisters Black History Scholarship The Canning Foundation Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation HighSight HFS/Holy Family Scholarship Fund Holy Cross IHM Link Unlimited Mercy Home for Boys & Girls Metro Achievement Center/Jose De Leon Scholarship Our Lady of Tepeyac Partners in Education/Chicago Lights San Miguel Scholarship St. Agatha Family Empowerment St. Albert the Great School St. Barbara Parish Kitchen Bingo Fund St. Barnabas St. Catherine of Alexandria St. Daniel the Prophet Parish Holy Name Society St. Gerald School St. Jane De Chantal School St. Killian Catholic Church St. Luke Sharing St. Patricia Holy Name Society St. Symphorosa Athletic Association/Woody Ferril Scholarship Visitation Scholarship Program Elizabeth C. & James F. Zievers Foundation

Special Programs $41,000 Grants to COR (Catholic Schools Opposing Racism) Augustine Stewardship Fund Philip M. Friedmann Family Charitable Trust General Mills Foundation Sinsinawa Dominican Ministry Fund Society of the Divine Word/ Angels Studio

Event Sponsors, Donors, In-Kind Donations, Service & Matching Gifts

Our fundraising activities are crucial to the success of Queen of Peace. We simply would not exist without the support of event sponsors and donors, those who provide financial support, in-kind donations or services, and those who match the gifts of individuals giving to the school. We teach our students not only to know the Dominican values but to live them. Your kindness and giving shows our students first hand examples of those values embodied. Individuals Barbara Schindler Allelujka `70 and Donald Allelujka Robin Baumgarten Piacente `86 Don and Win Biernacki Tracy Kowalczyk `91 and William Billows Mary Kay Boss Bob and Pauline Brannigan Judy and Torben Brun Sr. Tarcissia Buchele Julie Burke-Concannon `80 and Michael Concannon Ron and Peggy Campbell Pam Cruz `87 Christine and Christian Dannhausen-Brun Pat Mulligan DeLeonardis `66 and John DeLeonardis

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We provide equal opportunity to the young women who choose a Peace education. Your contribution is how we make that possible. You put families' dreams of giving their daughters a unique high school experience within reach. Through direct financial assistance from outside sources, foundations and grant contributions for disbursement through the Scholarship Fund, and interest from your investments, Queen of Peace provided assistance for 250 students during the 2005-2006 school year in the amount of $358,637. SCHOLARSHIP FUND 13th Annual Peace Golf Classic Anonymous Helen V. Brach Foundation Fred J. Brunner Foundation Buona Sera - Mazzuchelli Scholarship Benefit Burbank Women's Civic Club


Kathy and Dale Emmerson Allison Firth Maura Foley Gleason `69 Tony and Sue Grazutis Gail Grice Ann Haran-Docherty `87 Corinne Rydzewski Kalat, Ph.D `73 Catherine Kieta `06 Cindy Kmetty Marti O'Rourke Konstant `72 and Bruce Konstant Fred and Mary Beth Kopko Tina Kuska `89 and Mark Killian Therese Lahart Colleen Murphy Manika `79 Jim McDonald Pam Moore-Gibbs `72 Jim and Gertrude Mulligan Susan Mulligan Jim and Mary Osborn Anita Padilla, NBC5 Jenny Labuda Prangle `82 and Mike Prangle Bill Rush Vince and Pat Rybicki Deanna Sanfrantello `06 Pat Dunne Stewart `74 Therese Sullivan Scanlan `70 Jim and Ginny Schooley Patty McDonald Sonnenschein `80 and Ron Sonnenschein Joanne Spatz `69 and Jim Spizzo Janet Tarsitano Ann Thompson Rosann Constantino Verone `77 Louis Viverito, State Senator Dorothy Walton Anne Whooley Janice Zeller, Ph.D `70

Businesses, Corporations, Organizations and Foundations Adelle's All-BRITE Tub & Tile Inc All-Tech Decorating Co. Alpha Beta Press American Sportswear Ani Afshar Boutique Artisan Cellar Bally's Total Fitness Bay Point Inn

Dandamudi's Dominican University Domino's Pastries Drury Lane Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Eaglewood Resort & Spa Earth, Hand and Fire Edible Arrangements Egg Harbor Café EZ Duz It Products, Inc Fannie May Confectioner

"Thank you for your very kind donation which has allowed my daughter to continue her education at Peace. Your generosity will make a remarkable difference in her future, and for that we will always be grateful. ~ I can assure you as a parent, I will make my best effort to lead her to a productive and positive life, hoping this will also open doors for professional success."

Belleza Salon & Spa Black Ensemble Theater Bovis Lend Lease, Inc. Brookfield Zoo Buca di Beppo Burns Photography Café Spiaggia Chicago Architecture Foundation Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Bulls Chicago Cubs Chicago Historical Society Chicago Indoor Racing Chicago White Sox Chicago Wolves Circuit City City of Burbank, Harry Klein - Mayor Dairyland Greyhound Park FGM Architects Engineers Fitzpatrick Hotel Group Fork in the Road Fuller's Car Wash Galleria Marchetti Gilhooley's Grande Saloon Glamour Shots Hair Post Harrah's Las Vegas Hawkinson Ford Hilton Oak Lawn Homemade Gourmet Howl at the Moon Indian Lakes Resort Inn on the Alameda Irish Cottage JAM Real Estate Janina's Boutique Jones & Cleary Roofing/ Sheet Metal

Kane County Cougars Kloeckner Flowers Late Nite Catechism Learning Curve Toys Lobster Direct Louie's Chop House LR Development Company LLC Lynfred Winery MA Steel Erectors Maine Lobster Direct Manor Electric McBreen & Kopko McCormick&Schmick's Restaurant McGann-Ryan & Matesevic, Ltd MLR Photography Muntu Dance Theater of Chicago My Charmed Life Naper Settlement NBC5 Nick's BBQ Oak Hills Country Club O'Gorman Family Palos Country Club Panera Bread Paramount Theatre PepsiAmericas Pioneer Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. Prairie Path Pavers Put the Nuns in Charge Quality First Contracting Company Quest Development Group, LLC Ravinia Red Head Boutique Renassiance Hotel Robert J. Sheehy & Sons Funeral Homes Saint Xavier University Second City Second City etc Shedd Aquarium Silver Lake Country Club Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc.


Southwest Airlines Spa Vargas The Cork The Irish Cottage The New Athenaeum Theatre The Patio Restaurants Tin Fish Tony n' Tina's Wedding Turner Construction Urban Quest Vito and Nick's Pizzeria Vrkljan Family WGN News 9 Willowbrook Ballroom Wolniak Funeral Home, Ltd. Women's Workout World Zanies Comedy Club Zano Salons

Thomas Ahern Rich and Peggy Nielsen Bruce Allphin Luci Miller Bernard Babasiak Anna Reynes Matthew Bailey Carole Collins Lily Barragan Queen of Peace Mrs. Barrett Cathy Keselica Barb Bartnicki Queen of Peace Jason BegoniaPollack Joanne Ferneau Theresa Kern Michael Birmingham Mary Peters Walter Biszewski Deborah Sheehan Mr. Blanco Peg Francis Cecelia Bodinet Mary Peters Jacob Bojan Patti DeHoff Gregory Boyce Queen of Peace Pat Stewart MaryLou Brannigan Cathy Keselica Allen Brown Cathy Keselica Marion Brown Deborah Sheehan Dick Burtch Theresa Kern Barry Butler Mr. and Mrs. Ed Duszak

Michael Casale Donna Fratto Camille Schroeder Cyril Chapek Stacy Sereyeka Albert Charbonneau Theresa Kern Alice Chavez John and Peg Francis Betty Christenson Joann Lapinskas Dennis Cox Ken Donnelly Isabell Cronin Don Biernacki Luella Crowley Barbara Allelujka Dolly Cuene Nancy Tegtmeyer Michael Cummings Rich and Peggy Nielsen Jerome Daleski Althea and Bill Rohan Mary Deluca Mary Pat Pearson Bernard Devers Thara Family Vera DeVeto Mary Roche Rita Dougherty Deborah Sheehan Leary Dwyer Pat and John DeLeonardis Phillip Dwyer Theresa Kern Joe Dwyer Theresa Kern Marie Eichorst Deborah Sheehan Mr. Enominger Thara Family

Jack Farrell Sue Morgan James Fleming Thara Family Alice Foy Tom Brady Frank Francis John and Peg Francis Barbara Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Ron Adams Janine Garbacz Thara Family Flavia Garbacz Zydron Family Maureen Garner Deborah Sheehan Jerome Geraghty Susan Connelly Jerry Geraghty Mary Peters Sophia Gonsiorek Chris Brooks Susan Connelly Terry Gardas Nancy Halbauer Irene Halko Jean Johnson Bonnie Maks Sue Morgan Mary Peters Queen of Peace Camille Schroeder Pat Stewart Sherry Webb Margaret Gray Rich and Joyce Yurko Linda Guhr Barbara Dermody Tom Guhr Mr. and Mrs. Dermody Maggie Guilfoyle Dudek Family Therese Gunty Joanne Paprocki

Commemorative Program

We are forever thankful to those who have participated in our Commemorative Program. Your wish to remember loved ones through a special gift to the school is a treasure to us. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, get well, or memorial, we are so honored that you have thought of us during these important times in your lives. When prayers and support are most needed, commemoratives offer the faith-filled embrace of the entire Peace community. MEMORIALS Genevieve Abraham Mr. and Mrs. Dermody


Queen of Peace Pat Stewart Zydron Family John Guszczo Maria Gonsiorek George Halper Judith Zitlow Paul Roy Harkenrider Thara Family Mary M Haskins Jacobs John and Elizabeth Haskins Br. Edwin Hennessey Queen of Peace Robert Hogan Deborah Sheehan John Hurley Joanne Ferneau Theresa Kern Bill Janik Mary Roche Lillian Jefferson Carole Collins William Joyce Chris Brooks Susan Connelly Sue Morgan Mary Peters Queen of Peace Pat Stewart Nancy Tegtmeyer Sherry Webb Frank Kadas Richard Yurko Deborah Karl Leanne McBride Michael Kavanaugh Mary Annerino Maryann Kazlauskas Lorrie Fisher QOP Math Department Camille Schroeder

Virginia Kelly Dudek Family Sara Keslin Donna Fratto Josephine Kim Maureen Ryan Maurita King MaryPat Sheppard Alan Kingsnorth Peg Francis Sandi Koll Dudek Family Betty Kuenster Biernacki Family Margaret Kwit Kathy Sereyka Eleanor Lahart Chris Brooks Terry Gardas Jean Johnson Bonnie Maks QOP Math Department Sherry Webb Colleen Lang Sheila Orr Rose Leahy Cathy Keselica Susan Lepscier Peg Francis Melissa Link's Grandma Mary Peters Randall Lonqueil Mary Roche Ralph Lopez Kathy Sereyka Mary Louise MaryPat Sheppard Ann Lowery Maria Roche Margaret Lucente Susan Connelly

Roger Luecke Theresa Thara John Manzella John and Barbara Dermody Barbara Marick Eileen Langan Edward and Mary Roche Phyllis Marinare Nancy Tegtemeyer Therese Marshall Tom and Catherine Brady Dick Martin Thara Family Donald McCue Barbara Dermody Ann McDonald Barbara Allelujka Pat Stewart Lynell McElmeel Don Biernacki Jack McGann Maureen McGannRyan Pat McMahon Pat Bush Jane Miller Darlene Graf Nancy Halbauer Cathy Keselica Joanne Lapinskas Sr. Helen McAllister Queen of Peace Senior Class Council James Mitchell Karen Tegtmeyer Michael Molek Cathy Keselica Thara Family Gerardo Montalvo Chris and Brian Brooks Violet Mooney Biernacki Family

Christian Morris Queen of Peace Leonard Motisi Mary Pat Pearson Pedro Murillo Luci Miller Lillian Nelson Dudek Family Melvin Nickel Mary Roche Jean Nielsen Tom Cartan Lorrie LaMantia Lois O'Connor Mary Pat Pearson Mary Ann O'Grady Kathy Sereyka Patrick O'Hara Queen of Peace Anna Reynes Wira Papushkewyat Maureen McGannRyan Rafael Patino Nancy Halbauer Rafael Patino Rojas Nancy Halbauer Patino Family Sue Morgan QOP Math Department Peter Joseph Paulson Queen of Peace Eileen Pope Donna Fratto Elsey Rakow Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen Jenny Reichard Thara Family Alvin Riggs Thara Family Margaret Rohrbach Kathy Sereyka


Robert White Camille Schroeder Edward Wimbush, Sr. Queen of Peace Margaret Zepeda Mary Roche Sophie Zientek Don Biernacki Fred Zydron Carol Savage HOLIDAY Elaine Bechill John and Peg Francis

Community is a cornerstone of our institution. We respect and value each and every person in our community. This was none the more visible than in our fundraiser for a fellow student who was too ill to complete her senior year. Thank you for choosing to be part of our community.

Margaret Bechill John and Peg Francis Bill and Jean Bechill John and Peg Francis Gertrude Bechill John and Peg Francis Virginia Hannigan John and Peg Francis GET WELL Bob Fabrizio Darlene Graf Lesley Finner Bill and Barbara Kirkolis Mary Jones Joyce Reese Maria Lopez and Family Queen of Peace Eileen O'Brien Jack and Rita Hannon The Oleshko Family Queen of Peace John Roche Mary Roche

Hal Ross Cathy Keselica Marcia Rouse Eileen Fitzpatrick Helen Rueth Jack and Rita Hannon John Russell Tom Brady Florence Russell Vanessa Sheehan Jeanne Ryan John Haskins Tony Sarcinella Dudek Family Nancy Halbauer Mary Pat Pearson Queen of Peace Kelly Sheehan Bob Seger Susan Horn Lorraine Sharko Mary Roche Gilda Sheffield Theresa Kern

Jean Shelfon Pat and John DeLeonardis Celeste Sigl Judy Zitlow John Sileo Queen of Peace Robert Simenas Chris and Brian Brooks Laurence Smith Queen of Peace Rosa Soldano Don Biernacki Pauline Sukis Christine and Tom Connelly Jack Sullivan Don Biernacki Mary Ann Sullivan Mary Roche Raymond Sweiss Amy Lapinskas Helen Tesar Edward and Mary Roche

Frank Thelen Christine Connelly Michael Tribe Sandie Vaisnoras Mary Urbaniec Thara Family Joann Veesaert Cathy Keselica Mrs. Vishoat John and Peg Francis Justine Vodicka Camille Schroeder Bernie Vondersmith Theresa Kern Patricia Wagner Peg Francis Barbara Waller Queen of Peace John Wallis John and Sue Franco Virginia Walsh Susan Connelly Lucy Wellever Anna Thiakos


2006-2007 Faculty, Staff and Administration

Administration Dr. Kathleen Hanlon, Chief Administrator Stacy Kolack, Assistant Principal Natalie Formica, Associate Administrator Corporate Members Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation Of The Most Holy Rosary Patricia Mulcahey, O.P., Prioress of the Congregation Susanne Brodeur. O.P., Vicaress of Congregation General Council Erica Jordan, O.P. Elizabeth Dunn, O.P. Mary Howard Johnstone, O.P. Jo Ann Timmerman, O.P. Mary Ellen Green, O.P. Teresa Auad, O.P. Mission Effectiveness Office Barbara Dannhausen. O.P., Director Janet Welsh '66, O.P., Corporation Liaison Faculty and Staff Karen Amador Fina Ananos Linda Baltikas Richard Baran David Bell Demetrio Bellan Cheryl Borrowdale Christine Brooks Lidia Cannella Christine Carroll `98 Terry Gardas Tiffany Gates Sharon Geinosky Darlene Graf Tony Grazutis Mary Greco `72 Victoria Guzzo Nancy Halbauer Irene Halko Kathleen Hanlon Stacy Kolack Emilia Kowalski Darlene KulpaJablonski Therese Lahart Joann Lapinskas Margaret Leddy `69 Maria Lopez Helen Maddix Bonnie Maks Maureen Kurdziel Mares `66 Nancy Martinez Helen McAllister,O.P. Katherine McCarthy Cory McDermott John Mielnicki Luci Miller Deborah Murphy Michele Nowak Kathleen Nunez Kristine Owens Joanne Paprocki Mary Pat Pearson `93 Carol Lenza Petersen `72 Colleen Pospishil Carl Prieto Josephin Rayappan Anna Reynes Heather Saylor Rosemary Scanlan Camille Schroeder Joe Sendra Ellen Sliva Elizabeth Smreczynski Adeline Smith Pat Dunne Stewart `74 Nancy Tegtmeyer Vanessa Troiani Dorothy D. Villanova Linda Vorderer Katherine Walker Sherry Webb

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Kirsten Cartier Colleen CichonMulcrone Debbie Cocanig Joyce Cruse Kimberly Davis Tara Deleon John Dragicevich Adam Fisher Natalie Formica Jose Gamboa

Heidi Hansen Therese Haskins Michelle Dertz Helson `93 Nancy Janachowski Jura Jancys Bonnie Johnson Jean Johnson James Kelley Cindy Kmetty Kathleen Dahlke Kobak `70


Committed to the Women of Peace

Queen of Peace is committed to providing the resources and programs necessary to enhance the educational experience of our young women. By fostering the intellectual, emotional and spiritual foundation of our students, they will be better prepared for life ­ to embrace challenge, to become leaders and to grow into capable and accomplished young women. We extend our most sincere gratitude to the members of the Peace faculty, staff, and administration. The devotion, energy, and talents of these people both inside and outside the classroom are unmatched. Our focus is the students, and our faculty is always eager to inspire our students to become great leaders, critical thinkers, and risk-takers.


Queen of Peace High School is a Catholic Sinsinawa Dominican secondary school community educating a diverse adolescent female population. We are committed to preparing women not only for college but for lifelong learning by empowering intellectual, spiritual, moral and emotional growth. Our mission calls us to search for truth, to encourage collaboration, to instill leadership, to promote dedication to service, and to inspire a passion for peace and justice. Queen of Peace High School is a leader in women's education. We offer: A faith- and values-centered Catholic community A strong college prep curriculum for every student An empowering all-girls environment Exciting opportunities for leadership and service A championship sports program A spirit-filled community with many activities, clubs and organizations A place to belong, make new friends and have fun

Queen of Peace is a Sinsinawa Dominican Catholic high school where independent young women think clearly, live courageously and lead creatively.


Queen of

High School

Change the world. Start with Peace.

7659 Linder Avenue Burbank, Illinois 60459

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