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March 2011

Issue No. 2

Queen Theatre Announces Its Summer Programs!



I am asked this so often that I thought this would be a great opportunity to explain `why'. Our Musical Theatre Camps are all inclusive, a very express version of learning how to put on a show.

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Having too much fun in Richmond.


The Pawn Players' Day Camp is designed for actors of all levels, who wish to take their art to the next level through the professional training we offer. Success is showcased in those actors who are well rounded in all areas of the art making them stand out from the crowd.

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The famous Richmond bridge...

Photos taken by Annemarie Bollman.

We are accustomed to seeing overnight sensations, like Justin Beiber, and start to believe that the transformation was really just that... overnight. Yet, that is so far from the truth!

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We mean business. Lydia, Katie and Erika.

Having more fun!


Students get scripts and music on Monday, audition on Tuesday, and perform on Friday. Parents and friends are invited to the final performance to watch the students shine on stage, sometimes for the first time! It's very gratifying, for all children from the shy to those "born to be on stage". Shy children get the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and realize that they can do it! There's no better way to confront and overcome your fears than by facing them in a safe and encouraging environment. Through the praise received for a job well done, the shy student starts to gain the confidence needed in all areas of life! Those naturally "born to be on stage" get the opportunity to use their skills and challenge themselves in the roles they are given. They also get to see what a performance is all about from the beginning to end. What better way to start a hobby or career in a field he/she loves?


Consider Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber. They are three multi-talented

performers each excelling in acting, music, and dance! Everyday we hear stories of actors releasing a record, singers landing a starring role in a film, and actors making their directorial debut with a script they've written. However, achieving these goals didn't just happen overnight. They have been trained in all areas of the performing arts and have years of experience. If we believe that "stars" are just the lucky ones, we have completely underestimated the amount of training that goes into creating the "star" we see today. We at Queen Theatre believe that to succeed as a performer one must be willing to take the steps to be well rounded in all areas of performing arts: music, dance, acting, art and screenwriting. Those are the exact skills, after all, that make up a great musical and an amazing performer! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this training to your child in a fun and safe environment that will no doubt start your child or continue your child in the right direction to pursing dreams as a performer or even just getting past stage fright and finding the confidence needed to pursue any dream!

Queen Theatre thanks our Establishing Members & Private Benefactors

S.T. & Anne Adams Brett & Annemarie Bollman Amy & Wade Burgess René & Kevin Cargile Cyndi & Jeff Cook Kevin & Cheryl Duesterhoft Janet & Doug Harrison Paula & Joe Malik John & Melissa Michels Tara & Brad Mitchell Kim & Andy Mytelka Suzzanne O'Day Lois & Luther Williams Jamie & Brad Wright I'm not saying your child will be the next Hannah Montana but if your child is like mine who watches someone perform and says, "I want to do that when I grow up", then I'm going to do everything I can to be sure to provide her with the tools to make that happen. This will be a giant first step in the right direction in the climb it takes for any dream to come true!

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PAGE song "Yankee Doodle". My Mom believed that, sure, it's a great song to sing and, yes, pretend that you are riding a pony while singing it. I am mortified to this day. Yet, she was in the same position so many parents today find themselves in so many years later! (I will not say exactly how many years!) She knew I desired to perform; it's always been in me, but my lack of knowledge of what I was doing led to a lack of confidence. The saying, "success happens when preparation meets opportunity" is true with anything! If you are not prepared for an audition, a try out, an interview, how is success possible? My failures and lack of confidence grew over the years and it took me a long time to find the confidence to jump back into this whole acting thing about 5 years ago. I still struggle. After a string of failed auditions (true definition of audition: the hardest thing any performer has to go through), even after many paid jobs, after getting my SAG card, and getting to the point of just being offered parts, I finally threw my hands in the air and realized that I still didn't know what I was doing and asked for help. I got help. And it was the best $85 I had ever spent in my life. I learned more in one hour with my acting coach than I did in 5 years in the industry!


What we all never see are the years of hard work that occurs before any actor/ singer/director becomes well-known. We take our children to train for soccer, baseball, gymnastics and much more. We would never expect to just show up with our child to a sports game or event without any training, yet for some reason it happens all too often within the performing arts. I have sat through many auditions and can tell immediately who is prepared for the audition and who got dropped off at the door barely aware of what is expected. I have, unfortunately, put my own children in that position. I can't believe I actually did that to my kids! Especially after what I have been through! Let me explain. Figuring out this industry has been a lifelong battle of mine. By industry, I mean everything from local theatre to runway modeling to working at an agency to commercials to independent films all the way up to major blockbusters. My first audition was when I was around 7 years of age. It was for The Wizard of Oz. I so badly wanted the part of Dorothy and imagined daily that I did; however, the second I walked into that room to audition a wave of fear hit me so hard. What was I doing? Who were these people? I managed to get through my

Many people have asked why I feel so strongly about opening a theatre in Fort Bend County. It truly is very simple. I want to make available to all the children out there who have the desire for performing arts, the skills they need to succeed. We are their tool box and we want to equip them with the proper tools. I want to facilitate parents with the means necessary to create success in their children whether it's to perform or just create confidence within themselves. Every child will need to know how to speak in front of others. I'm sure we can all recall at some point dreading the... are we really going to have to get up and introduce ourselves and say something about us... in front of everyone? I don't want any child to walk the road I have taken; it's long and hard. I can only dream of how different my life would have been if there had been resources available to me like the ones we provide. But, I take solace in knowing that if I had, I would never have had the desire to so adamantly provide it to others. Acting is still a struggle for me; I have a lot to over come. I still train. I still prepare with my acting coach for auditions. After all, success happens when preparation meets opportunity. And I want to be ready when that opportunity comes along. I want my children to be ready too. - Erika Waldorf, Executive Director

The Queens of Queen Theatre. =)

Being great friends helps too!

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