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Quest Diagnostics Units of Measure (UOM)

UOM # of signals #/mm % % positive % of reference % (calc) % abnormal % activity % at 60 min % B cells % basal activity % baseline % binding % blasts % bound % of cells % deficient % eos % excretion % hemolysis % index % inhibition % lymphocyte % modulation % neg control % normal % normal forms % of % of CD19+ cells % of dry wt % gated cells % of RBC % of std % of total % total cells % of total chol % of total Hgb % of total prot % of tumor % of WBC % probability % reduction % release % tumor cells (calc) /100 WBC /cmm UOM Definition number of signals number per millimeter percent percent positive percent of reference calculated percent percent abnormal percent activity percent at 60 minutes percent of B-cells percent of basal activity percent of baseline level percent binding percentage of blast cells percent bound percentage of cells percent deficient percentage of eosinophils percent excretion percent hemolysis percent index percent of inhibition percentage of lymphocytes percent modulation percent of the negative control value percent of normal percent of normal forms percent of percent of cells with CD19 surface antigen percent of dry weight percent of gated cells percent of red blood cells percent of standard percent of the total percent of the total number of cells percent of total cholesterol percent of total hemoglobin percent of total protein percent of tumor cells percent of white blood cells percent probability percent reduction percent of release percent of tumor cells calculated per 100 white blood cells per cubic millimeter

UOM /cumm /HPF /LPF /uL 10*12/L Thousand/uL 10*9/L Abs Abs OD Abs OD 450 activity Alleles Anti Xa U/mL APL APL U/mL APL units Apoptosis/HPF AU AU/mL beads/10 uL Bethesda unit BU BU/mL CAE Units cells cells staining cells/uL CFU/mL CH100 U/mL cm copies/cell copies/mL count cP cP U CPM creatinine CTC/7.5 mL days description dilution factor dilution titer dose(s) DPM EIA titer EIA units EIA value ELISA ELISA index

UOM Definition per cubic millimeter per high-power field per low-power field per microliter trillion per liter [x 1012/L] thousand per microliter [x 103/microliter] billion per liter [x 109/liter] absorbance absorbance (optical density) absorbance at 450 optical density activity alleles anti-factor Xa units/milliliter IgA phospholipid units IgA phospholipid units per milliliter IgA phospholipid units apoptosis per high power field Absorbance units Absorbance units per milliliter beads per 10 microliters Bethesda unit Bethesda unit Bethesda unit per milliliter complement activity enzyme units cells cells staining cells per microliter colony forming units per milliliter CH100 units per milliter centimeter copies per cell copies per milliliter count centipoise centipoise unit counts per minute creatinine circulating tumor cells per 7.5 milliliters of blood days description dilution factor dilution titer dose(s) degradations per minute enzyme immunoassay titer enzyme immunoassay units enzyme immunoassay value enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay index

UOM ELISA value Eq EU EU/2 h EU/24 h EU/dL EU/mL FIU fL fmol/L fmol/mg fmol/mg creat fmol/mg protein ft g g/100g g/100mL g/12 h g/2 h g/24 h g/4 h g/5 h g/6 h g/8 h g/dL g/dL (calc) g/g creat g/L g/L NaCl g/specimen giga/L GPL GPL U/mL GPL units h HBV mEq/mL HCV mEq/mL in index index value INR ISR IU IU/24 h IU/dL IU/g IU/g Hgb IU/h IU/L

UOM Definition enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay value equivalent EIA unit Ehrlich unit per 2 hours Ehrlich unit per 24 hours Ehrlich unit per deciliter Ehrlich unit per milliliter fluorescent intensity unit femtoliter fentomoles per liter fentomoles per milligram fentomoles per milligram of creatinine fentomoles per milligram of protein foot gram grams per 100 grams grams per 100 milliliters grams per 12 hours grams per 2 hours grams per 24 hours grams per 4 hours grams per 5 hours grams per 6 hours grams per 8 hours grams per deciliter calculated grams per deciliter grams per gram of creatinine grams per liter grams per liter of sodium chloride grams per specimen giga per liter OR billion per liter IgG phospholipid units IgG phospholipid units per milliliter IgG phospholipid units hour hepatitis B virus milliequivalents per milliliter hepatitis C virus milliequivalents per milliliter inches index index value international normalized ratio immune status ratio international unit international units per 24 hours international units per deciliter international units per gram international units per gram of hemoglobin international units per hour international units per liter

UOM IU/mL JDF units KCT units KEq/mL kg kU/L L L/24 h L/wk lbs log 10 Log copies/mL Log IU/mL Log titer mcg mcg E1/g stool mcg/100 g mcg/12 h mcg/2 h mcg/24 h mcg/4 h mcg/48 h mcg/6 h mcg/8 h mcg/dL mcg/g mcg/g creat mcg/g dry wt mcg/g Hgb mcg/L mcg/mg mcg/mg creat mcg/min mcg/mL mcg/mL Eq mcg/mL FEU mcg/mL/h mcg/specimen mEq/24 h mEq/h mEq/kg mEq/L mIU/L mIU/mL mEq/L (calc) mg mg Hgb Eq/g mg/100 mL mg/100g

UOM Definition international units per milliliter Juvenile Diabetes Foundation units kaolin clotting time units kiloequivalents per milliliter kilogram kilounits per liter liter liters per 24 hours liters per week pounds log to the base 10 logarithmic copies per milliliter logarithmic international units per milliliter logarithmic titer microgram microgram of estrone per gram of stool microgram per 100 grams microgram per 12 hours microgram per 2 hours microgram per 24 hours microgram per 4 hours microgram per 48 hours microgram per 6 hours microgram per 8 hours microgram per deciliter microgram per gram microgram per gram creatinine microgram per gram dry weight microgram per gram hemoglobin microgram per liter microgram per milligram microgram per milligram creatinine microgram per minute microgram per milliliter microgram per milliliter equivalent microgram per milliliter fibrinogen equivalent units microgram per milliliter per hour microgram per specimen milliequivalents per 24 hours milliequivalents per hour milliequivalents per kilogram milliequivalents per liter milliinternational units per liter millinternational units per milliliter calculated milliequivalents per liter milligram milligram hemoglobin equivalents per gram milligrams per 100 milliliters milligrams per 100 grams

UOM mg/12 h mg/2 h mg/24 h mg/4 h mg/6 h mg/8 h mg/dL mg/dL (calc) mg/g mg/g albumin mg/g creat mg/L mg/L (mcg/g) mg/mg mg/mg creat mg/min mg/mL mg/mmol creat mg/specimen MIF units Million/mL min mL mL/24 h mL/min mL/min/1.73m2 mm mm/h mm/Hg mm2/mm3 mm3/mm2/y mmHg mmol creat mmol/12 h mmol/2 h mmol/24 h mmol/4 h mmol/6 h mmol/8 h mmol/g creat mmol/L mmol/mL creat mmol/specimen mol/100 cells molar molecule/cell MONA* mOsm/kg MPL

UOM Definition milligrams per 12 hours milligrams per 2 hours milligrams per 24 hours milligrams per 4 hours milligrams per 6 hours milligrams per 8 hours milligrams per deciliter calculated milligrams per deciliter milligrams per gram milligrams per gram of albumin milligrams per gram of creatinine milligrams per liter milligrams per liter (micrograms per gram) milligrams per milligram milligrams per milligram of creatinine milligrams per minute milligrams per milliliter milligrams per millimole of creatinine milligrams per specimen mean intensity fluorescence units million per microliter minute milliliter milliliter per 24 hours milliliter per minute milliliter per minute per 1.73 meters squared millimeter millimeter per hour millimeters of mercury millimeter squared per cubic millimeter cubic millimeter per millimeter squared per year millimeters of mercury millimole of creatinine millimole per 12 hours millimole per 2 hours millimole per 24 hours millimole per 4 hours millimole per 6 hours millimole per 8 hours millimole per gram of creatinine millimole per liter millimole per millileter of creatinine millimole per specimen moles per 100 cells molar molecules per cell multiple of normal activity milliosmoles per kilogram IgM phospholipid units

UOM MPL U/mL MPL units mU/L mU/mL ng ng Ab n/mL ng Ab/mL ng/24 h ng/dL ng/g ng/g tissue ng/L ng/mg creat ng/mg total ng/mL ng/mL RBC ng/mL/h nM BCE/mM creat nmol nmol BCE/L nmol BCE/mmol nmol/dL nmol/L nmol/mL nmol/mL/min nmol/mmol nmol/mmol creat nmol/sec/L RBC non-erythroid nucleated cells per cumm pg pg/dL pg/mL pH units pmol/L pmol/mg pmol/mg protein pmol/umol/creat points population positive ppb ppm protein ratio rel units relative % relative to H2O

UOM Definition IgM phospholipid units per milliliter IgM phospholipid units milliunits per liter milliunits per milliliter nanogram nanogram antibody nitrogen per milliliter nanogram of antibody per milliliter nanogram per 24 hours nanogram per deciliter nanogram per gram nanogram per gram of tissue nanogram per liter nanogram per milligram of creatinine nanogram per milligram total nanogram per milliliter nanogram per milliliter of red blood cells nanogram per milliliter per hour nanomoles bone collagen equivalent per millimole of creatinine nanomole nanomoles bone collagen equivalents per liter nanomoles bone collagen equivalents per millimole nanomole per deciliter nanomole per liter nanomole per milliliter nanomole per milliliter per minute nanomole per millimole nanomole per millimole of creatinine nanomole per second per liter of red blood cells non-erythroid nucleated cells per cubic millimeter picogram picogram per deciliter picogram per milliliter pH units picomole per liter picomole per milligram picolmole per milligram of protein picomole per micromole per creatinine points population positive parts per billion parts per million protein ratio relative units relative percent relative to water

UOM RFU RLU score SD sec staining STZ units Thousand/uL titer U U/12 h U/2 h U/24 h U/4 h U/6 h U/8 h U/g U/g creat U/g Hgb U/g protein U/h U/L U/mL U/mL RBC uL uM/min/g prot umol/24 h umol/dL umol/g creat umol/L uU/mL weeks x10*12/L Thousand/uL x10*6 x10*6 Eq/mL x10*6/uL x10*9/L y

UOM Definition relative fluorescence unit relative light units score standard deviation second staining Streptozyme units thousand per microliter titer unit units per 12 hours units per 2 hours units per 24 hours units per 4 hours units per 6 hours units per 8 hours units per gram units per gram of creatinine units per gram of hemoglobin units per gram of protein units per hour units per liter units per milliliter units per milliliter of red blood cells microliter micromoles/minute/grams protein micromoles per 24 hours micromoles per deciliter micromoles per gram of creatinine micromoles per liter microunits per milliliter weeks 12 trillion per liter [x 10 /L] thousand per microliter million [x 106] million equivalents per milliliter million per microliter billion per liter [x 109/liter] year

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Quest Diagnostics Units of Measure (UOM)

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