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HIGH SCHOOL USA Foreign Partner Application Instructions

Please read all student applications carefully before sending them to Quest International.

We prefer an electronic copy of applications in PDF format. Do not staple any pages or send double-sided documents. For scanning purposes all documents need to be single-sided. We ask that our foreign partners carefully screen all applicants. We are particularly interested in each applicant's English skills and personal motivation. If you do not believe that their English skills are good, please be honest so that we can consider schools with ESL programs for that student. Applications must be received from August applicants by April 30th and from January applicants by October 1st. Quest will charge additional fees for late applications. We need 2 smiling passport size photos attached to the application on the designated boxes. We share these photos with schools and host families, so please make sure they are nice. The Student Essay must be at least a full page and typed. We do not accept hand written essays because they are often too difficult to read. Essays may not contain comments regarding student preferences for placement, for example: location, family size, siblings, school size, etc. SLEP tests are required; please make sure the test is administered by your staff and that you send Quest the scaled score. Please check all medical documents carefully. All medical vaccines must be completed before we can obtain school acceptance. Physician's name, address and phone number must be completed on this form. If immunizations are missing, the student's application will be put on hold. Student Interview Report- It is important that an agent from your program personally meet with each applicant and his/her parents for a personal interview. The interview should be conducted in English and translated into the students' natural language for the benefit of his/her parents. This will be your opportunity to get a first hand feel for the student's English comprehension and personal motivations. Please ensure that the Birth Certificate Verification page is typed, not handwritten. Incomplete applications will not be distributed to placement staff and will remain on hold. Use the Foreign Partner Checklist for Complete Application to make sure that all necessary documents are included in a student's application.

Student app. FP guidelines




Foreign Partner Checklist for Complete Application

Documents not found in Student Application Pack SLEP Test

o Scored

Copy of Passport 2 Smiling Passport Size Photos Student Application Documents Foreign Partner Page

o Must be typed

Student Interview

o o o o o

Completed by a Member of Your Staff

Must be typed Must be typed and written by the student Last three years (or semesters) translated into American school standards Must be signed with contact information for teacher completed

Student Application: Basic Information & Information for Host Family Student Essay English Transcript of Grades English Teacher Recommendation Health History & Release

o o o Parents must sign the Medical Release section of this form Immunizations must be completed by a medical doctor A Doctor's office stamp is required along with name and phone number of physician

Birth Certificate Verification Photo Album Natural Parent Agreement

o o o Signatures acceptable from Natural Parents only foreign partner may not sign on behalf of parents Foreign Partner must translate this document in it's entirety for non-English speaking parents Signatures required by student and parents

Student Rules

Student app. FP guidelines



HIGH SCHOOL USA Student Interview

Exchange students interested in participating in a high school exchange program are to be personally interviewed by a Quest International representative or a representative of a partner agency. Interviews are to be conducted in English in order for the interviewer to access the student's English language proficiency. A signed statement at the end of this form to confirms that the student understands his or her responsibilities while participating in the Quest International Program. Student Name ___________________________________ Country ____________________________ Date________________

Present Secondary School Level ___________________ Years of English in School ________________________ Years of Private English Classes ___________________

Student Expectations and Adaptability How do you feel a high school exchange experience will change you?

What do you expect to be most difficult?

Describe your family life and what are your responsibilities at home?

What are your expectations regarding the following: Host Family

School in America

Academic Performance Why do you want to study in the United States?

What do you like best about your present school?

Describe your study habits or homework?

Are you satisfied with your academic achievements?

Quest student app.interview


English Language Proficiency Poor Oral Comprehension Written Comprehension Reading Verbal Expression Comments: Fair Average Good Excellent

Personality Poor Independence Flexibility Talkativeness Sociability Maturity Comments: Fair Average Good Excellent

Student's Motivation for Choosing a High School Exchange Program Low General interest in cultural exchange Parental/Friend influence Wish to improve English and Academic ability Sociability Maturity Comments: Average High

Interviewer's Final Comments on the Program Qualifications of Student:

I verify that the above interview was conducted primarily in English and that this student is capable of communicating in both written and oral English in an American school and host family. I believe this student understands the Quest International high school program and that the student's expectations are compatible with the Quest International program expectations. The student understands that the host high school will determine the appropriate grade for the student and that a high school diploma is never guaranteed to th exchange students even when a student is placed in the 12 grade.

_______________________________________ Interviewer's Name (Printed)

_________________________________ Title

_______________________________________ Interviewer's Signature

__________________________________ Date

Quest student app.interview


HIGH SCHOOL USA Foreign Partner Page


Student's Name: First Middle Last

I-20 Information

Country of Legal Residence: Country of Citizenship: Date of Birth (month/day/year): Place of Birth (City, Country): Passport Number: Partner Organization: Year of Program: Month of Arrival: Duration of Stay: Passport Expiration Date:

School Application Information: (please circle)

Is the student currently studying in the U.S.? Yes/ no If yes, where and with what organization: Current type of School in Home Country: Grade level student is currently attending: Grade level student is now applying for: public / private / boarding / other 5th / 6th / 7th / 8th / 9th / 10th / 11th / 12th 6th/ 7th/ 8th / 9th / 10th / 11th / 12th / Post Graduate

Has student attended an exchange in the U.S. previously? Yes / No If yes, what program? J1 / F1- high school / ESL / Other School name and location: Is the student intending to get a diploma from an American high school? Yes / No

(This information is used to help place students; it does not commit them to a longer program)

Does student need school credit? Yes / No Does student need validation at the end of the program? Yes / No

Quest student app. foreign partner page



HIGH SCHOOL USA Student Application Guidelines

Student Application - Basic Information & Information for Host Family Student Essay Please be sure to write at least one full page typed so we can scan it into a computer. Talk about yourself, your family, your interests or anything else that will give your host family a good idea about YOU. English Transcript of Grades A copy of your last three years (or semesters) must be submitted and translated into American School Standards. English Teacher Recommendation This must be filled out and signed by one of your teachers, remember that it may take time for them to send it back, so turn this form in early. Health History & Release This must be filled out and signed by your physician; all immunizations must be current in order for you to be accepted into the Quest International program. If you have any questions regarding immunizations, please contact your local office for more information. Parents must sign the Health Release section of this form. Birth Certificate Verification The Birth Certificate Document in this packet must accompany your application. Photo Album Include at least four (4) photos; include a description about each photo. Natural Parent Agreement A signed copy of the agreement must accompany the application. Student Rules Signatures are required by both student and natural parents. Copy of Passport A copy of your passport page with photo; please send a clear copy. Passport Size Photos Please include two (2) smiling passport size photos with your application attached to the designated boxes in the application. It is important to show your best face in these photos since they are a host family's first impression of you.

Quest student app. student guidelines



HIGH SCHOOL USA Student Application Basic Information

Place Smiling Photo Here

Agency you are applying with in your country: ___________________________ Intending to stay: __ One Semester __One Year ___2 Years ___3 Years ___Longer Month of arrival: January or August Date of this Application: __________________

Month / Day / Year

Would you be interested in participating in a University Tour Program during the summer break? Yes / No Student's Name: _______________________________________________________________________ First Middle Last Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________ Street City Country Student E-mail address: ___________________ Cell phone of student while in U.S._______________ Date of Birth: _______/_____/_________ Month/ Day/ Year Height: ______________ To convert meters to feet, multiply by 3.28 PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS I currently live with: (check all that apply) ___ Mother ___ Father ___ Step Mother ___ Step Father ___ Other (who?) _________ ___ Other (who?) _________ Current Age: ____________ Gender: male / female

Weight________________ To convert kilos to pounds, multiply by 2.205

Mother's Name: __________________________________________________________________ Mother's Phone: _____________________ Mother's Email ________________________________ Father's Name: __________________________________________________________________ Father Phone: _______________________ Father's Email: _______________________________ What foreign languages do you speak or have you studied? Language

________________ _________________ _________________ Quest student app. basic info

Years of Study

____________ ____________ ____________ 1/1 Average Average Average


Good Good Good Excellent Excellent Excellent 10/10

HIGH SCHOOL USA Student Application Information for Host Family

Place Smiling Photo Here

MUST BE TYPED First Name: Middle:

Country: Last:

male / female

Chosen English Name:


Languages you speak: Would you accept a host family placement with another exchange student from a different country? Yes / No Grade level applying for: 5th / 6th / 7th /8th / 9th / 10th / 11th / 12th / Post Graduate Year

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Name Age Gender __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Mother: Name Age Profession / Work

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Father: Name Age Profession / Work


Your Religion is: ___________________ Very active

Some interest

Little interest

No interest

Do you have any Allergies? ________________________Vegetarian or food restrictions_____________ (list all known allergies) Do you have any animals / pets? ____________________ Do you like animals / pets? _____________ Smoking: __ I do not smoke. __ I smoke occasionally, but agree to stop smoking completely while in the U.S. __ I smoke and will live with a family that also smokes. Would you live with a family who smokes? ___yes ___no ____yes, but if they only smoke outside

What do you like to do in your free time?_________________________________________________ What sports or after school activities would you like to participate in? __________________________________________________________________________________

Quest student app. info for host family



Have you ever spent an extended time away from your family? If so, please describe this experience. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Personality Traits

Use the following code to number only the activities that you are interested in: 1 = Active 2 = Interested

Computers Photography Volunteer work Sewing Playing cards Paint/draw Gardening Indoor games Stage Performance/Plays Play Musical Instrument __________________ Choir /singing Politics Babysitting Visit Museums Poetry Theatre Watching TV Church Activities Social Dances Movies Woodworking School clubs Listen to music type ___________ Ballet / Dance Reading Animals, Pets etc. Swimming Badminton Volleyball Golf Cycling Tennis Football Basketball Skiing Track, Running, Sprinting Baseball Ice Hockey Soccer Hunting Fishing Sailing Camping Hiking Martial arts Aerobics Weight Lifting Gymnastics Snow Sports Reading Cooking Horseback riding

Please mark topics that describe you with an X What would you rather do:

Circle only ONE option on each line below

Shy Talkative Friendly Patient Temperamental Impatient Stubborn

Moody Outgoing Serious Sensitive Adaptable Neat Messy

Spend time with Family or Use the Internet or Take a long walk or Cook dinner or Go out with many friends or Help your parents or Take care of animals or

Read a book Spend time with friends Play sports Clean your room Go out with 1 friend Study Take care of children

Your Comments about your personality, please write at least two (2) sentences.

Quest student app. HF Information




Student Name: _______________________________________________________________ This letter will be shared with your host family. Include a summary about why you want to study and live in another country. Describe yourself, and include information about your personality, family, daily life, home, school, interests and hobbies. You may use this form or create one of your own, but be sure your essay is typed and at least one full page.

Quest student app. essay



HIGH SCHOOL USA English Transcript of Grades

Student Name: __________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________ First Last

Directions: This is to be completed by a school official or teacher. List ALL the courses taken in the past three years, including current courses. If final grades are not available for current courses, list most recent grades/evaluation. Official school transcripts for all three years must also be submitted with this section.

___________________________________________________________________________________________ School's Name Phone Number ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Street Address Postal Code City Country

Subject Native Language - Literature - Grammar FL English FL French FL German FL Spanish FL Latin FL Other ______ History Geography Politics Religion Philosophy Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology Physical Education Art Music

Year: Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Year: Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Year: Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Semester Grade Average:

Quest student app. school transcript



HIGH SCHOOL USA English Teacher Recommendation

Student's Name: ___________________________________

Country: _____________________

Home Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Dear Teacher, In the selection of students for Quest International High School Program, we are looking for mature, academic students who would represent their home country and school. This teacher's evaluation has proven to be a very reliable aid in our selection process. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in the completion of this brief questionnaire. The evaluation will be "confidential" so please be honest. Please complete the form in English (type or print). The following must be filled out and signed by the teacher. Teacher's Name: ___________________________________ Name of School: __________________________________

street city

Telephone: ______________

postal code country


Applicant is currently enrolled in grade: ____________

Please provide us with information under "General Comments." This information is needed to properly evaluate the student. 1. English - The English Teacher's Evaluation of a student's oral comprehension, writing, and speaking helps us determine whether a student is eligibility for the exchange program.


If the student is reading an English article, can the student do the following? Understand and explain the article in detail Explain the basic idea of the article (Understand 5 to 6 English words out of 10) Explain little or none of the article's meaning


When asked to write a one page essay in English, the student can: Write using complex sentences, varied vocabulary and good grammar Write with only a few minor, irregular sentences and varied vocabulary, Write with incomplete, short sentences and limited vocabulary

Quest student app. teachers recommendation.




When speaking with someone who is fluent in English, the student can speak with: Absolute understanding and proficiency of the language ­ The student communicates and uses varied vocabulary. Some understanding and proficiency ­ Student responses come naturally and he/she has good speaking ability, but still needs practice. Little understanding at all ­ The student may not be able to respond. Additional comments on Student's English proficiency:

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

2. Overall Attitude at School ­ Maturity and a student's attitude toward school and schoolwork is very important. What is your experience with this student's attitude toward school and schoolwork? Does the student demonstrate cooperation and show respect to the school faculty and students?

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Does the student have a history of school absences or disciplinary problems?

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Please comment on the student's study habits and motivation, e.g., has the student ever held a position of responsibility within the school?

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

3. Overall Student Qualifications ­ Based on your experience, how do you evaluate the potential success of this applicant as an exchange student in a foreign country? Very Good Good Average Poor

Please provide further comments to aid us in our selection. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

__________________________________ Teacher's Signature

_______________ Date

Quest student app. teachers recommendation.



HIGH SCHOOL USA Health History & Release

This must be completed by a Medical Doctor (please print or type legibly) Student's Name: ________________________________ Country: ________________________________________ Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

City Postal Code

Home Telephone: ________________________ Date of Birth: ________/_____/________

Month / Day /Year

Sex: Female / Male

Weight: _____________ To convert kilos to pounds multiply by 2.205

Height: ____________ To convert meters to feet multiply by3.28





Allergies Appendicitis Has Appendix been removed? Asthma Cancer Tumors Convulsive Disorders Diabetes Eating Disorders Epilepsy German Measles Hepatitis Hernia Been operated for hernia? Other Abdominal Organs Kidney Disease Any disease, impairment, or abnormality of: Eyes or Sight Ears or Hearing Tonsils, Nose or Throat Has his/her Tonsils been removed? Stomach or Digestive System Genito-Urinary System

Heart Blood Vessels Malaria Pneumonia Rheumatic Fever Scarlet Fever Smallpox Tuberculosis Typhoid Fever Thyroid Disease Serious or Persistent Cough Serious or Persistent Headache Migraine Ulcer Vertigo, Dizziness Lungs, Respiratory System

Bones, Joints or Locomotor Sys. Brain or Nervous System Blood or Endocrine System Other _________________________

Quest student app. health history



Please give detailed information (including dates) regarding any disease or impairment mentioned on the first page: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Has the applicant ever been hospitalized? Yes No

If yes, please give date, diagnosis and description of illness or accident: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Is the applicant currently taking any injections or medication? Yes No

If yes, please give name(s) of medication(s), injection(s), and diagnosis: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the applicant have a history or present evidence or nervous, emotional, or mental abnormality, i.e. neurosis, nervous breakdown, nervous fatigue, recurrent nightmares, sleepwalking? _________________________________________________ Is there any history of anorexia or bulimia? _____ Yes _____ No

If yes, please give details: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Does applicant have any health limitations and/or any pertinent medical information necessary for Quest International if applicant is to be considered for placement abroad? _____ Yes _____ No If yes, please comment fully: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Will the applicant need any orthodontic care during the coming year? _____ Yes

_____ No

If yes, attach a statement from the Orthodontist, including patient's present status and date orthodontic care will be completed. Has the applicant any history or present of any allergy? ___________________________________________________________ Applicant is allergic to what? (food, drug, pollen, animals, other)_____________________________________________________ Reaction to allergy (e.g., eczema, hives, hay fever, asthma, other)___________________________________________________ Last known allergic reaction:_________________________________________________________________________________ Will the applicant need to have allergy medication while in the United States? Injected Medication (give names, dosages and dates): _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Oral Medication (give names, dosages and dates: _________________________________________

Has the applicant had asthma? If so, give details and dates: _______________________________________________________ In your opinion, the general state of applicant's health is: Excellent Good Fair Poor

Quest student app. health history



IMMUNIZATION RECORD FOR: __________________________________________________________________

Student Name Date of Birth: Month ____Day ____Year_______

Please record all dates with MONTH/DATE/YEAR: (Example: 8/ 23 / 99)

DTP Needs 4 ____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____ POLIO ____/____/____ MEASLES MMR OR MUMPS RUBELLA HEPATITIS VARICELLA MCV4 ____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____ Tdap ____/____/____

____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____

____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____

____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____

Date of Disease: Date of Disease: Date of Disease:

____/____/____ ____/____/____ ____/____/____

____/____/___ ____/____/____

____/____/____ (Needs three) Date of Disease ____/____/____

Has student ever had a BGC? TB Test:

Yes ____

No ____


____/____/____ _____Positive

date of test: ________________ Result: Test was:

___ Negative (no TB) Date: ____/____/____

Has Student ever had a chest X-Ray?

Result: _____________

Name of Physician


Office Stamp

(type or print)

________________________________________________________________ Signature of Physician ________________________________________________________________ Street Address ________________________/_______________________________________ Postal Zone City ___________________________________ Date of Student Month/Date/Year Examination


We/I give our/my permission for my son/daughter to receive the immunizations in the United States if deemed necessary (DTP, Polio, MMR, TB Test or Chest X-Ray). Also as the applicant's parent(s) or legal guardian(s), WE/I agree to authorize Quest International or the Host Family to act for us/me in any emergency, accident, or illness during the period of time the student is involved in the Quest International Program. This covers the period of time the student boards transportation scheduled by the Quest International Program until the student leaves the program and returns to his home country as scheduled by Quest International. We hereby certify that the information given in this Certificate of Health is complete and accurate. Signature of Father or Legal Guardian________________________________Date:___________________________


Signature of Mother or Legal ________________________________ Date: ______________________


Quest student app. health history



Immunization Requirements for American Schools

Please take this with you to the doctor's office

To attend school in the United States, the series of vaccinations required by the schools here MUST be completed prior to acceptance into school. If a student does not have the vaccinations required by the American school system, he or she will not be permitted to start school. An accurate and documented record of all immunizations is required as follows: DPT 4 Doses of DPT: (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) Childhood series at 2 mo., 4 mo., 6 mos., 15-18 mo. , and 4-6 yrs. Note: If dose #4 is received after the 4th birthday, #5 is not necessary. There must be 4 weeks between doses #1, and #2 and #3. There must be 6 mo. between dose #3 and #4. A "Tdap" booster is now required on or after the student's 10th birthday. Polio 3 or 4 Doses of POLIO: Childhood series at 2 mo., 4 mo., 12-18 mo., 4-6 yrs. Note: If dose #3 is received after 4th birthday, #4 is not required. All doses of polio vaccinations should be at least 6 weeks apart. Student over 18 should receive IPC rather than DPV. Measles, Mumps, Rubella 2 Doses of each or combined MMR: (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Series of 2 vaccinations at least 1 month apart after the age of 1 year. Note: In the United States the Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccination is a "combined" vaccination. If the vaccinations were given as individual doses of "Measles", Mumps" or "Rubella" two doses of each is required. If the student has had the disease, this must be verified through a blood test and one dose of the vaccination is required. SINCE THE UNITED STATES VACCINATIONS ARE `COMBINED' IF THE STUDENT NEEDS A DOSE OF ANY OF THE THREE UPON ARRIVAL IN THE U.S., HE/SHE WILL RECEIVE THE "COMBINED" DOSE. (Example: Student had Measles doses, 2 Mumps doses, but only 1 Rubella dose ­ he/she must receive the "Combined" Measles, Mumps, Rubella dose in the U.S. Tuberculosis - TB Test All students must have had a Tuberculosis Test within six (6) months of the application. A Normal test result should be reported as a negative test. If a positive result was recorded, an explanation must follow and a chest x-ray must be completed. Hepatitis 3 Doses - Most schools require hepatitis immunizations, it is better to have it completed prior to departure. VARICELLA Students must have 2 Doses of Varicella. If students have had Chickenpox, they do not need any Varicella vaccines. MCV4 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine.

Quest student app. health history



HIGH SCHOOL USA Birth Certificate Verification

Father's Name ____________________________________________________________________________

First Middle Last

Mother's Name ____________________________________________________________________________

First Middle Last

We hereby certify that our son/daughter ____________________________________________________________________________________ First Middle Last was born in __________________________________/__________________________________________________ City Country

on ___________/___________/________ Month Day Year

Student is:

Male____ Female______

According to his/her passport, is a legal Citizen of ______________________

Passport Number_________________________ Country_________________

This student is a Legal Permanent Resident of __________________________________ Country This is in accordance with the enclosed Extract of the Population Register. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Signature of Father Signature of Mother


_________/___________/__________ Month Day Year

Quest student app. birth certificate



Student Name: ______________________ Birth date: _____________ Country: ___________________

Please create a photo album with some of your favorite photos of your family and friends. Be sure to use recent photos. You may use this form or create an album of your own.

___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________

Quest student app. family album


HIGH SCHOOL USA Natural Parent Agreement

This agreement outlines the regulations and policies of Quest International. The organization within your country may be referred to in this document as Foreign Partner, agent or organization. Quest International may be referred to as Quest. Please read this document carefully.

School Guidelines

If a student does not possess sufficient English to function in a U.S. Private High School, Quest International reserves the right to release the student from the program. If the school expels the student based on a lack of English ability, Quest International will make a determination on an individual basis whether to offer a new high school, if available, and will require the natural parents to pay for a change of school as well as fees for any ESL or tutoring classes. Quest will not reimburse program fees for students who have been expelled by the high school based on lack of English, failing subjects and/or bad behavior. Students attending high school on an F-1 visa must obey all school rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in termination without a refund of fees paid. Quest International is not responsible for a replacement family if the student is not adjusting appropriately to his/her host family or is creating difficulties for the host family. Additional Fees Assessed by Schools Please be aware that some schools have an "international student fee" that is added to the tuition invoice. These fees are generated by the school. Quest does not receive any portion of this fee and this fee is not to be related to host family stipends. Schools may have various fees throughout the year for field trips, labs, lunch programs, computers, etc. These fees are the responsibility of the Natural family and may not be billed by Quest International, but by the school directly.


We, the Natural parents confirm that our son/daughter has personally filled out the student portion of this application (including essay and all profile information). We agree to provide truthful answers on the Student Application documents, in addition we agree that we: Will truthfully report all information to Quest regarding the scope and nature of any special health problems, including current medical conditions and all allergies. Notify Quest in writing if a student is vegetarian or has food restrictions or allergies, has received treatment for eating disorders or mental health problems and/or has had any other past health issues. Failure to provide accurate health history may result in student's termination from the program. Provide Quest with a signed Health evaluation provided by a certified doctor, including all immunizations. The Health & History Release Form will be filled out by a licensed physician and will be signed and dated by that physician. Quest requires an address and phone number of physician.

Private Arrangements

1. Students and/or natural families may not make direct contact with Quest schools unless it is after the visa has been issued and strictly for the purpose of choosing classes.

Natural Parent Initials _____ _____

Quest Natural Parent Agreement 1/5 10/10

2. Private arrangements with host families and or schools are a violation of contract resulting in termination from the Quest program without a refund of program fees. 3. Direct contact via phone call or email, at any time during students program will be considered a breach of contract; Quest reserves the right to cancel student without refund of program fees. 4. Students and/or natural family who decide to find a new school and or family at the semester break or during the school year are considered to be voluntarily dropping the Quest Program and are not eligible for a refund of program fees. Tuition fees paid to the school are subject to the discretion of each school's policy regarding a refund of fees, Quest is not responsible for refund of school tuition fees at any time.

Student Financial Responsibility

Neither QUEST nor the students' host family will assume any financial responsibility for: 1. The acts of the student, whether willful or negligent, this includes damage to property, lost or stolen money (students are advised NOT to carry large amounts of cash at any time) 2. Insurance issues, including, but not limited to; paying medical bills at the time of treatment, paying for medical services provided to the student by any doctor or medical facility after an insurance claim has been denied. 3. Students are responsible for purchasing their own personal hygiene items (deodorant, shampoo etc.) clothing, entertainment, school fees such as field trips, book fees etc. Host family's responsibilities are limited to room and board. 4. Students are responsible for bringing their own laptop computer; host families will not allow student the use of their personal computers. 5. Students must bring or buy their own phone or use a phone card. Host families will NOT sign phone contracts for students. 6. Students may not borrow money from their host family or expect the host family to open a joint bank account, or any lend their name to any bank account related to the student. 7. Students must have an adequate monthly stipend from their natural family; we recommend $350$500 per month depending on the family. It is recommended that student arrive with enough money to provide for themselves for at least the first 2 months. 8. Students must be prepared to pay for meals eaten outside the host family home, if they choose to accompany the host family for dinner at a restaurant, they must offer to pay for their own meal. 9. Transportation to and from school is not covered in program fees.


Students must be instructed prior to departure of the hygiene standards in America. Showering daily is a common practice; students must wear deodorant and keep their hair clean. Students must wash their clothing often and keep up their appearance. Clothes including jeans must be washed weekly. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in probation.

Host Family Fees

Quest is solely responsible for payments to host families, local representatives and school officials. Please advise students NOT to give any money to host families, as host families will be paid by Quest International. Please do not discuss the program fees or monthly stipend amounts with the host family.

Flights / Travel

Quest assumes no responsibility for booking or confirming flight reservations for students. Travel outside of the country will not be allowed during the program unless the school is notified and is able to facilitate proper government documents prior to travel. Natural Parent Initials _____ _____

Quest Natural Parent Agreement 2/5 10/10

Students who leave the US while in the F-1 program risk being rejected at the border for re-entry into the United States. QUEST is not responsible for issues regarding re-entry into the U.S. Students will be picked up at the airport by their host family, area representative or school official. For arrivals and departures; additional fees will apply if the flight arrives or departs during hours that are not convenient to the persons picking up or dropping off the student. Additional fees for bus, or train travel will be paid the student. Students may NOT under any circumstances, depart his/her county until both a school placement and host family placement have been confirmed by Quest International.

Travel Policy

Overnight trips require advance written permission from natural parents and host parents. The student's school must approve trips involving absence from school in advance. Travel also must be with an approved group or to visit persons known both to the student and natural parents. Quest International must give written approval for travel. Every student will receive information about optional travel opportunities from their Area Representative. Students traveling with their host families should expect to pay their own way. A host family who invites or plans a family trip with the student, should be very clear (from the earliest planning stages of the trip) the cost of the trip. Host families are not expected to take their students on trips, they are optional. Students may not travel alone or with underage friends while in the US. Any absence from school or the host family must be reported and approved by Quest International. Students may not have friends/boyfriends/girlfriends or siblings visit during their exchange year. Parents may only visit at the end of the program. Unauthorized travel may be cause for dismissal from the program.

Medical Insurance

All exchange students must purchase medical insurance either through the Quest insurance provider or a provider of their choice prior to departing from natural country. Insurance must cover the minimum requirement of the U. S Department of State. Students are responsible for paying for medical services and submitting completed claim forms. The Host Family will not assume any financial responsibility for student's medical bills. The exchange student must submit all medical care documents to the insurance provider and pay any and all medical fees not covered by the insurance.

Student Behavior

Quest International students are considered ambassadors for their country. Their attitude and behavior must reflect the highest standards set by this program. Students must be open to new cultures, be willing to make life style adjustments and to do so understanding the fact that they have chosen to participate in the this cultural exchange experience.

Student Probation

A probation letter outlines a very specific set of expectations of the student, while giving a time-frame for improvement. Probation is a trial period in which the Quest International staff determines whether or not the student will make behavioral changes deemed necessary to stay within the program. Based on information derived from Incident Reports and/or letters submitted, the Quest International National Office will issue a probation letter and give restrictions and or probation terms to the student. Probations may be issued for the following reasons: - Poor or failing grades - Disciplinary problems in the community - Unacceptable behavior at home or school - Breaking Quest or host family rules Natural Parent Initials _____ _____

Quest Natural Parent Agreement 3/5 10/10

A copy of the written probation will be given to student, host family, school, area representative, foreign partner office and natural family. If improvements are not made, student risks dismissal from the program. Quest International wishes to give exchange students every opportunity for improvement. We will work with students to resolve conflicts and/or disciplinary difficulties. If a student on probation is asked to leave the host family home, Quest will evaluate the circumstances to determine if the student will be placed with another host family or will be dismissed from the program. Quest International will not work at finding a new host family for students who are on probation and showing no improvement. Should a student be asked to leave a host family due to disciplinary issues, Quest may allow the student to find a new host family. Fees for moving a student on probation will apply.

Program Termination

Quest International will not refund any program fees for students who have been terminated from the school for behavior issues, lack of English, failing grades, or violation of Quest or school rules. School Tuition - Quest International is not responsible for reimbursement of any school tuition fees. All decisions regarding any reimbursement of tuition fees are those of each individual school. Please be aware that some schools may not reimburse tuition fees in the case of student cancellation. The Quest International President determines student termination based upon the review of Incident Reports, Probation Letters, and the ongoing student behavior. Behavior that has been deemed unacceptable and violates rules and/or regulations as set forth by Quest International, or the school will result in dismissal. Students can be terminated from the Quest International Program for the following reasons: failure to make appropriate changes in response to probation low or failing grades with no effort to improve them psychiatric diagnosis, i.e., depression/psychosis diagnosed eating disorder, i.e., anorexia/bulimia failure to obtain written permission to travel and/or permission for natural parent visits expulsion from school inability to adjust to living with an American family following a warning or probation letters failure to respect and abide by Quest International rules, or any other behavior discrediting Quest International and/or School

Program Definitions

Summer Arrangements Students wishing to remain in the U.S. and with their host family during summer term will need to request permission to Quest International in advance in order to remain with the host family. A fee per month will apply if the host family and Quest agree to the summer stay. Students are not allowed to make their own arrangements for staying with a Quest host family without prior consent and program extension through the Quest International National Office. Extension Program Extension Program Fees will cover monthly host family stipends, area representative supervision, school acceptance and re-application. Students and/or natural parents who attempt to extend by private arrangement with a Quest host family and/or school will not be allowed to do so. If students make such arrangements, they will be terminated from the program and/or the school and will not be given any assistance. Private extensions are not allowed and are cause for termination with no refund of fees paid.

Natural Parent Initials _____ _____

Quest Natural Parent Agreement 4/5 10/10

Hold Harmless

We hereby release Quest International and all of its employees, field representatives, other Quest International personnel, and host families from all liability, damages or claims which have been incurred during the program or after the termination of the program. We agree that we have not contracted with Quest International directly. We agree that our contract was made with our organization in our native country; program fees were contracted and paid to said organization, not to Quest International. We were advised of all program guidelines including student rules, termination regulations and fee reimbursement. We authorize the Host Family and/or any Quest International personnel to act for us as an authorized caregiver in any emergency, accident, illness, or any other situation requiring caregiver status during the period of time the student is involved in the Quest International Exchange Program. We understand that the participant will be subject to the authorities and teachers of the school where he/she may be assigned and that he/she will have to follow the rules given by the family with whom he/she may live. We understand that Quest International reserves the right to terminate the participation in the program of any participant whose conduct is in violation of Quest's rules and/or Standards of Conduct, including, but not limited to; making private arrangements for program extensions directly with a host family and/or school. If the decision for student termination is made, the participant and Foreign Partner will be formally notified and forfeit the right to any refund of program fees.

Student Name: Signed by: Natural Mother __________________________ Natural Father ___________________________ OR Legal Guardian ___________________________

Country: Date: ____________ Date: ____________ Date: ____________

Quest Natural Parent Agreement




To be signed and dated by student and both parents or legal guardians: The following rules have been established for this purpose. Violation of these rules will lead to disciplinary action and possible termination from the Quest International exchange program. Student and or natural family may not make arrangements directly with Quest Schools or Quest Host families for continuation of school or host family stay. Students who are caught making direct arrangements will be terminated from the program and the I-20 visa will be revoked. Student may NOT under any circumstances, depart from his/her country until both a school placement and host family placement have been confirmed by Quest International.

EXPECTATIONS FOR HOST FAMILY PARTICIPATION 1) Quest International is solely responsible for payments to host families, local representatives and school officials. Student and/or Natural family may NOT arrange to pay any monthly money to host families. 2) Student may not borrow money from their host family or any other source. Natural parents must furnish adequate spending money (recommended $300 per month) which will cover the expense of student's school materials, toiletries, entertainment, transportation, school lunches, etc. The host family is not responsible for student meals outside of the home, transportation or other school costs. 3) Student is responsible for bringing their own laptop computer; host families will not allow student the use of their personal computers. Students must bring or buy their own phone or use a phone card. Host families will NOT sign phone contracts for students. 4) Student must pay for all medical bills not covered by provided insurance policy. Host family is not responsible for paying for any medical treatment. 5) Student must behave with respect and reflect a positive attitude towards their host family, Quest Representatives and School Officials. Failure to show respectable behavior and/or attitude may result in a "probation" letter. Failure to make acceptable changes as outlined in the probation letter may result in termination from the program. Quest International does not reimburse program fees for students who have been terminated from the program for disciplinary reasons. 6) Student will obey all host family house rules; this includes, but is not limited to curfew, internet and telephone use, chores and all other reasonable house rules. Quest International strongly discourages exchange students from making or receiving frequent calls, or e-mails to or from natural parents/friends from home. STUDENT TRAVEL 1) Overnight trips require advance written permission from natural parents and host parents. The student's school must approve in advance trips involving absence from school. 2) Travel must be with an approved group or to visit persons known both to the student and natural parents. Quest International must receive a written approval from natural parents for student travel.

Father's Initials_______

Mother's Initials_______

Student's Initials_______

Quest student app. student rules



3) Student traveling with their host families should expect to pay their own way. A host family who invites or plans a family trip with the student, should be very clear (from the earliest planning stages of the trip) the cost of the trip. Host families are not expected to take their student on trips, they are optional. 4) Student may not travel alone or with underage friends while in the US. Any absence from school or the host family home must be reported and approved by the school. Unauthorized travel may be cause for dismissal from the program. 5) Student may not have friends/boyfriends/girlfriends or siblings visit during their exchange year. Parents should only visit at the end of the program. SCHOOL 1) Student while attending school on an F-1 visa, must obey all school rules and regulations, failure to do so, will result in termination with out a refund of fees paid. Quest International will not find a replacement family if you are not adjusting appropriately to your host family and/or are creating difficulties for the host family. 2) Student MUST be enrolled in high school as a Full Time student. School attendance is mandatory. Student is expected to maintain a C average in all subjects. If student demonstrates a lack of effort in any class and is failing this subject, he/she may risk termination of F-1 visa by school officials. A student terminated from school, will automatically be terminated from the Quest International Program and must return home. 3) Quest student is NOT guaranteed placement in a certain grade level, graduation or that transferable credit will be granted. Athletic eligibility and/or participation are not guaranteed. Eligibility for all above mentioned issues are at the discretion of each high school. OTHER PROGRAM RULES 1) Drinking alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, is illegal for persons under the age of 21 in most states. All illegal use, purchase, or possession of alcohol, drugs, or other harmful controlled substances is prohibited. Student will abide by all local, state and federal laws. Students who break any law are subject to immediate return to their home country, with no refund of fees. 2) Student may not obtain a drivers license and/or drive a vehicle while in the United States. Student may not seek permission from host family to use their car for the purpose of obtaining a drivers license. 3) Student is not allowed to take a job during the program. The only exceptions are occasional jobs, such as yard work or baby-sitting, for which a social security number is not needed. Any such jobs must not interfere with school work and are only allowed with the host family's permission. 4) Student must arrive and depart on the dates agreed upon by Quest International. Student must have a prepaid round trip ticket without restrictions. 5) Neither Quest International nor the students' host family will assume any financial responsibility for the acts of the students, whether willful or negligent, this includes damage to property, lost or stolen money (students are advised NOT to carry large amounts of cash ­at any time). It is expressly understood that foreign partner will so inform each student and natural parents, of these responsibilities prior to departure. All outstanding debt with the host family is the responsibility of the student's natural family.

By signing below we understand that; that student is responsible for upholding all Quest International Program rules throughout the exchange program. The student and natural family must respect all decisions made by Quest International Program Officials.

Father's Signature: _________________________ Student's Signature: ________________________

Mother's Signature: _____________________________ Date: ______________

Quest student app. student rules




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