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Recommended Knots for Frog Hair

When it comes to fighting and landing large trophy fish, the most vulnerable piece of tackle is the tippet. Frog Hair, Frog Hair FC and Deep Blue, are the most advanced fish fighting lines ever produced. But even so, a poorly tied knot or choosing one that lacks strength will surely be the demise of the battle. After extensive lab testing, along with field testing by noted anglers and Gamma pro-staff members, we recommend the knots on this card. We suggest that you learn to tie these knots and put them to use. * Remember to lubricate all knots before tightening and to wear gloves when securing knots in 20lb and above strengths.

Sixteen - Twenty Formerly known as the Fishermans Knot. Nearly 100% knot strength. Tips: When this knot is tied correctly, you should feel a click or pop when it is tightened and the tag end should exit parallel with the leader. Pitzen Knot Easy to tie and strong. Tips: This knot is great for light tippets. Make only 3 twists as shown. This knot will also make a click or pop when tightened, but the tag end will exit the knot perpendicular. If you don't feel the click, cut it off and re-tie.

Improved clinch knot (not shown) This knot only tests out at about 65% break strength when tied correctly and much less when constructed poorly. Although a popular knot, the others are much stronger. If you must use it, make sure that the tag end is only lightly snugged before drawing down to the hook eye. Over tightening at this point will cause excessive friction and burn the material as it slides down.

Non Slip Mono Loop Knot One of Lefty Krehs favorites. Excellent for a free swinging fly in sizes 12 and larger. Tips: For maximum strength, be sure to make the recommended turns in various sizes. 7 turns - 8x to 3x 5 turns - 2x to 0x 4 turns - 20lb to 40lb 3 turns - 40lb to 60lb 2 turns - more than 60lb

Uni - Knot or Duncan Loop A great knot in Frog Hair. Tips: In smaller diameters, go through the hook-eye twice for added strength. Five wraps works well in line sizes up to 35lb. Use four wraps for lines 40-50lb and three in 60lb.


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