The Artemio Franchi Stadium is the principal football stadium in Florence. It opened its doors on the 13th of September 1931. Built during the heart of the fascist era, thanks to the architectural genius Pier Luigi Nervi, it was at the time considered to be a futuristic design. Originally given the name Giovanni Berta Stadium (a fascist military soldier of the Florentine combat unit killed during the battle of Pignone in 1921). After the war, the stadium was given a new name, Stadio Comunale, and in 1991 it was changed to its present name, Artemio Franchi, in memory and honor of the ex Fiorentina manager, ex-President of the F.I.G.C. and ex-President of U.E.F.A. The stadium is designed in a singular form, to be more precise in the shape of a "D". This letter calls to mind the initial of Dux, "Duce" given the initial project was strongly inspired by the culture and fascist regime of Benito Mussolini. Although it is one of the main Italian stadiums for its capacity and importance, it was not given a complete cover, only over the Main Stand. The most characteristic part of the stadium is without a doubt, the Maratona Tower, located in the Maratona Stand. It is considered to be a unique element for a football stadium. Other distinctive features include the external "spiral" staircase and the balustrade in the section of honour. The structure is considered by the Belle Arti to be one of the most important pieces of art in the city and in the nation, not only for its architecture in the sports sector. Also for these factors the reconstruction for the 1990 World Cup in Italy was not an easy task. No part of the original structure was modified therefore in order to create new seats the terraces were not raised, but instead the athletic track around the field was removed in order to make space for the new Parterre areas and the level of the playing field was also lowered. Following the approval of the anti-violence act of February 7, 2007, starting in April of that same year the maximum capacity of 46.143 seats was established.


The sectors of the Artemio Franchi Stadium are the following: The Main Stand ("la Tribuna Centrale") the Maratona Stand and the Fiesole Curve (Curva Fiesole), that reunites the principal and historic part of the Florentine fans' section and the Ferrovia Curve (Curva Ferrovia). The names of the curves are related to the direction in which they face and or rather their close location to Fiesole and the train station. The Guest Sector, shaped like a half moon, is situated between the Ferrovia Curve and the Maratona Stand. Since 1990, following the changes made to increase the capacity, now present is the Parterre areas in place of the athletic track. Indicated below is the current capacity for each sector: Fiesole Curve Maratona Stand Guest Sector Ferrovia Curve Covered Main Stand Parterre Main Stand Authority Stand Press Stand 11.699 10.000 2.186 10.000 8.495 3.144 238 144 seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats


As a rule, the Fiesole Curve Sector and the Guest Sector open three and a half hours before the start of the match. The other sectors open three hours before. The operating Security Group (G.O.S.) and /or the Authorities reserve the right to change the time indicated above.


In accordance with the stadium security regulations the procedure for changing ownership of a ticket is strongly enforced in all cases. The change of ownership must be done by the day before the football match, following the procedures online, using the link, inserting the ticket information. Upon completing the procedure online it is necessary to print the confirmation document in order to present this at the entrance of the stadium on the day of the match.


ACF Fiorentina grants access to the stadium to people with diverse types of disabilities, including those who are more than 80 percent disabled, individuals who are ambulatory and nonambulatory. Fans of the opposing team must make a specific request at the offices of the guest team. The ACF Fiorentina Company accepts the requests based on the order of submission. In cases where the number of seats available are already filled requests will be denied. It is possible to download from the website all of the information on the entrance procedures for the disabled. Individuals with disabilities can access the stadium in the proximity of entrance P11 in order to reach their reserved area in the Maratona Stand (T12) and through entrance P18 in the Covered Main Stand. HOW TO REACH THE STADIUM

ADDRESS: Viale Manfredo Fanti, 4 ­ 50137, Firenze TELEPHONE NUMBER: +39 055 50 30 11 COORDINATE: + 43° 46' 50.96" N, + 11° 16' 56.13"E BY CAR

For those taking motorway A1 Milano Napoli, take the Firenze Sud exit (the first in the Fiorentine area for those coming from Rome, the last for those coming from Bologna). Pass through the Varlungo Marco Polo viaduct, following the indications for the "STADIO" present at the crossroads. Distance from the exit: 4.6 Km.

Fiorentina fans must take the A1 motorway (E35), coming from directions North and South, from here: 1. Take the Firenze Sud exit to enter onto the SP 127 motorway 2. Turn Left on Via Enrico De Nicola 3. At the roundabout, take the first exit for Via della Casaccia 4. Via della Casaccia heading towards the left it turns into Via del Gignoro 5. Turn left on Via della Rondinella 6. Turn right on Via Ferdinando Martini 7. Turn left on Via Augusto Novelli 8. Continue along Via dei Falcucci 9. Continue along Via Michele Amari 10. Turn right on Viale Manfredo Fanti Guest Fans must take motorway A1 (E35), coming from directions North and South, exit at the Firenze Sud tollgate, from here: 11. Take the Firenze Sud exit, to enter onto the SP 127 motorway 12. Turn left on Via Enrico De Nicola 13. At the roundabout, take the first exit for Via della Casaccia 14. Via della Casaccia head towards the left it turns into Via del Gignoro 15. Bear left to remain on Via del Gignoro 16. Turn left to remain on Via del Gignoro 17. Turn right on Via del Mezzetta 18. Turn right on Via Andrea Del Sarto 19. Turn left on Via Gabriele D'Annunzio 20. Turn right per rimanere su Via Gabriele D'Annunzio 21. Turn right on Via Lungo l'Affrico 22. Turn left on Viale Enrico Cialdini 23. Follow along Viale Pasquale Paoli 24. Guest Parking lot Guest Fans that come from direction Genova must take the A12 (E80) motorway, then the A11 (E76) and the A1 (E35) motorways: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Take the A12 Azzurra/E80 motorway through the junction for Livorno Take the A11/Motorway Firenze-Mare/E76 Exit towards Firenze Take the A1/Motorway del Sole/E35 Exit towards Roma Take the Firenze Sud exit to enter on the SP 127 motorway Follow the indications starting from number 12 off the motorway A1 directions

Guest Fans that come from direction Livorno/Pisa/Empoli must follow the SGC FI-PI-LI: 1. Take the Firenze-Pisa-Livorno motorway 2. At Scandicci take the exit for the A1/Autostrada del Sole/E35 motorway 3. Stay on the left and follow the signs for the A1/Autostrada del Sole/E35 motorway then enter onto the A1/Autostrada del Sole/E35 motorway in the direction Roma 4. Take the Firenze Sud exit to enter onto the SP127 5. Follow the indications starting from number 12 off the motorway A1 directions


The train station closest to the stadium is Firenze Campo di Marte, the second most important train station in the city. The Firenze Campo di Marte station is about 400 meters from the stadium. The Fiorentina Fans, upon exiting the station must follow along Largo Gennarelli until they reach the traffic light, where the stadium is located. The Guest Fans, must walk across the footbridge towards Largo Gennarelli, turning right towards Viale Malta continuing on until they have reached the Viale Manfredo Fanti intersection, where they must turn left to reach Viale Paoli, where the entrance area for the Guest Sector is located. For those who arrive at the Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station (the main train station in the city of Florence, located in the middle of the center, a notable distance from the stadium and for this reason it is not possible to reach on foot). It is therefore necessary to take another train to the Campo di Marte Station or it is possible to reach the stadium by bus numbers 7, 17 or 20.


From the center of Florence (from the Santa Maria Novella Station or San Marco Square) it is possibile to take the following buses: - 7 (Stazione FS S. Maria Novella ­ Indipendenza ­ S. Marco ­ Libertà ­ Cure ­ Volta ­ Edison ­ Camerata ­ S. Domenico ­ Regresso Fiesole); - 17 (Boito/Kennedy ­ Puccini ­ Porta al Prato ­ Stazione FS S. Maria Novella ­ Duomo ­ S. Marco ­ Savonarola ­ Ponte del Pino ­ S. Gervasio ­ Salviatino ­ Verga); 20 (Panche ­ Morgagni ­Dalmazia ­ Leopoldo ­ Statuto ­ Indipendenza ­ S. Marco ­ Ponte del Pino ­ D'Annunzio ­ Manni ­ Comparetti). On the days of matches the following supplementary lines run: - 52 from the FS. S. Maria Novella Station; - 53 from Gualfredotto Square (zone: Oltrarno); - 54 from Dalmazia Square (zone: Rifredi).


For those who arrive at the Florence Airport (A. Vespucci) and continue by car to reach the Fiorentina Fans Sector must: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Proceed in the direction east from Viale degli Astronauti towards Viuzzo di Carraia Turn right on Viale Alessandro Guidoni Turn right on Via Enrico Forlanini At the roundabout, take Via di Novoli Turn left on Viale Francesco Redi Turn right on Viale Belfiore Turn left on Via Guido Monaco Bear left onto Viale Fratelli Rosselli

9. Turn left on Viale Filippo Strozzi 10. Turn right on Viale Spartaco Lavagnini 11. Bear left staying on Viale Spartaco Lavagnini 12. Turn left in Libertà Square (Piazza della Libertà) 13. Continue on Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni 14. Turn right on Via Luca Giordano 15. Continue on Cavalcavia delle Cure 16. Turn right in Cure Square (Piazza delle Cure) 17. Continue on Viale dei Mille For those who arrive at the Florence Airport (A. Vespucci) and continue by car to reach the Guest Fans Sector must: 1. Follow the same instructions above upto point 11 2. Turn right in Libertà Square (Piazza della Libertà) 3. Continue on Viale Giacomo Matteotti 4. Bear left at Piazzale Donatello 5. At the roundabout, turn onto Viale Antonio Gramsci 6. Bear right once you have reached Cesare Beccarla Square (Piazza Cesare Beccarla) 7. Continue on Viale della Giovine Italia 8. Bear Left at Piave Square (Piazza Piave) 9. Bear left onto Lungarno Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi 10. Continue along Lungarno del Tempio 11. Turn left on Via del Campofiore 12. Bear right at Leon Battista Alberti Square (Piazza Leon Battista Alberti) 13. Continue on Cavalcavia dell'Affrico 14. Bear right on Via Lungo l'Affrico 15. Turn left on Viale Enrico Cialdini 16. Continue on Viale Pasquale Paoli From the airport to the S. M. Novella Train Station (from 06.00 to 23.30) and viceversa (from 06.00 to 20.00) the ATAF Volainbus is available to take you to the stadium. This bus service runs every 30 minutes. It is also possible to rent a car or take a taxi.


Entrance Procedures From each entrance only people in possession of a ticket, season ticket, service pass or service ticket are permitted to enter the stadium. It is therefore necessary to present this valid document as requested by the sterwards at the match. If the ticket has changed ownership it is necessary to present the confirmation document along with a valid I.D. Taking into consideration the entrance procedures it is advised to arrive early at the stadium in order to allow enough time to enter.


At the 1° check point entrance it is mandatory to show a valid ticket for the match and a valid I.D. Access is granted depending on the type of pass. Fiesole Curve Sector: entrances P5, P6, P7, P8. The entrance gates for the Fiesole Curve can be reached by taking Viale Manfredo Fanti (from Viale Mariani, Via Santorre di Santarosa) until you reach the four entrance points close to the turnstile gates found at the enclosure of the stadium and positioned in the middle of the Fiesole Curve, towards the Maratona Stand; Maratona Stand Sector: entrance numbers P9, P10, P11. The Maratona gate entrances can be reached by following the enclosure of the pre-filter coming from the Fiesole Curve, and are found in correspondence with the turnstile entrance of the stadium; the entrance for the disabled is closest to the Guest Sector and it's in front of the turnstile that fits the needs of the disabled; Guest Sector: entrance number P12. The gate entrance for the guest supporters is near the intersection Viale Pasquale Paoli, Viale Manfredo Fanti and Viale Enrico Cialdini. Ferrovia Curve Sector: entrance numbers P14, P15, P16. The gate entrances for the Curva Ferrovia Sector can be reached by taking Viale dei Mille (coming from the direction Piazza delle Cure) or Viale Manfredo Fanti (coming from Largo Gennarelli and from Via Volturno), following Viale Paoli until reaching the gates parallel to the athletic stadium "Ridolfi". Main Stand Sector: gate numbers P19, P1, P2, P3, P22. The gate entrances for the Tribuna Coperta Sector can be reached by following along Viale dei Mille (coming from Piazza delle Cure) or Viale Manfredo Fanti (coming from Largo Gennarelli or from Via Volturno) until you reach the first gate near the intersection of Viale dei Mille and Viale Manfredo Fanti, near the enclosure of the stadium, reserved for the disabled (with proper sidewalk to allow for easy access) and those in possession of a special card, CONI and Press; the remaining public must following the sidewalk on Viale Manfredo Fanti (the residential side of the street) in the direction of Via Duprè, until you reach the second gate (near the Stadio Bar) and, further ahead, the third (near the Marisa Bar). Between the two entrance gates, near the intersection of Via Mameli and Viale Manfredo Fanti, there is a third gate reserved for the authorities. The fourth gate is located between enclosed area that separates the external area of the Tribuna Coperta with that of the Curva Fiesole.


At the 2° check point entrance it is mandatory to show a valid ticket for the match and a valid I.D. Access to the following sectors depends on the type of pass. Fiesole Curve Sector: entrance numbers T5, T6, T7. Maratona Stand Sector: entrance numbers T8, T9, T10, T11, T12 (reserved for the disabled). Guest Sector: entrance numbers T13, T14. Ferrovia Curve Sector: entrance numbers T15, T16. Main Stand Sector: entrance numbers T17 (reserved for the Press), T18 (reserved for the disabled), T19, T20, T1 (reserved for the authorities), T3, T4.

ENTRANCE FOR THE DISABLED Individuals with disabilities can access the stadium in the proximity of entrance P11 in order to reach their reserved area in the Maratona Stand (T12) and through entrance P18 in the Covered Main Stand.

Admission fans Guests Entrance for disabled: Maratona Stand






Entrance for disabled: Main Stand


By purchasing any type of ticket the owner/ticket holder is required to respect all of the rules and regulations of the sports complex and in particular is reminded: The use of the ticket implies the acceptance and compliance of all laws and regulations The respect of such laws is essential in order to access and be a spectator at the sports complex. Access to the football stadium may involve being thoroughly checked by security personnel, which includes the possible search of all personal belongings and their content in order to prevent dangerous objects or illegal substances, prohibited or susceptible to cause or provoke violent acts. With the purchase of a ticket, the spectator impliedly authorizes the Club to request security checks on individuals and refuse entrance and remove anyone from the stadium that is unwilling to undergo such security checks. Inside the sports complex and in its immediate vicinity ACF Fiorentina S.p.A. uses video surveillance equipment with video and audio recording. During access and for the entire permanence in the stadium, the ticket must be conserved until having left the stadium and produced at any moment, as requested by Stadium personnel or security, individuals may be subject to checks. The ticket is non-transferable and will only be issued upon presentation of the purchaser's personal details and may not be passed to a third party without the Club's official authorisation, which will register and record the new holder's details. Any ticket sold illegally will be confiscated by the persons in charge, club officials, and/or by the law enforcement agencies. Any spectators found in a different area of the stadium, one that has been designated for the opposing team will be removed from the stadium. It is not permitted to stand during the match; violation will result in expulsion from the stadium. Prohibited Conduct As stated by the laws and sports regulations, individulals that refuse security checks, including checks on alcohol consumption, will not be granted access to the stadium. The following acts should be considered forbidden and may be prosecuted by law, unless specifically recognised as necessary by the Public Security Authorities. Entering without officially granted admittance rights accordino to D.M. 6/6/05 Waiting near entrances and exits, passage ways, access routes emergency exits and any other type of exit route as well as entering restricted areas. Standing on seats; Lingering without reason in entrance or exit routes, in passages and corridors of the the stadium; Climbing over walls or fences Wearing disguises to prevent facial recognition Actions that could cause damage to people or things, in particular, the throwing of objecs and explosive materials or smoke bombs; Pitch invasion, entrance in prohibited areas

The destruction, damage, defacement or unauthorised use of the building, structures and any other facilities, including both public and private; Introducing, possessing or taking substances that may alter normal behavior and/or entering the stadium under the influence of these substances (for example, under the influence of alcohol); it is prohibited to enter with poison, hazardous or flammable substances, drugs and alcohol. Intimidating, insulting or provoking other people (including referees, players, officials, and security personnel). Disseminating sounds, pictures or racist slogans, inciting violence or being offensive Entering or parking any type of vehicle in areas that have not been allocated for the purpose. Carrying out commercial ventures or promotions, running publicity campaigns or collecting donations, that have not been authorized and regulated by the law, the material used in the prohibited activities will be confiscated; Littering; not using the rubbish bins provided by the stadium Any other action that according to the security personnel constitute an obstruction to the match, which might be dangerous or disturbing to other spectators. It is strictly forbidden to bring any of the following obejcts into the stadium. This information is also indicated on signs posted inside the stadium, and are prohibited unless they have otherwise been authorized by the Public Security Authorites and or the G.O.S. (Gruppo Operativo per la Sicurezza): weapons or objects which might cause harm, such as swords, knives or scissors, poison, hazardous or inflammable substances, drugs, explosives, smoke bombs, firecrackers, fireworks, gun powder or any other dangerous substances; stones, pool balls, glass bottles, cans, sealed PET bottles, frozen substances and any other throw able objects; objects which might be used as weapons, flag poles, camera tripods, sticks, hammers, screwdrivers, chains, etc; umbrellas, unless considered harmless by security personnel; banners and any other similar material, including that used for choreographed displays, unless expressly authorised; signs, horizontal or vertical ensigns, weather vanes, flags, documents, drawings, printed material containing political, ideological or religious propaganda, statements or concepts praising violence and which might cause violent reactions from its intended audience, as well as anything else which may obstruct the match; drums or other means of sound diffusion (ex. megaphones); motorcycle helmets; alcoholic drinks; cumbersome luggage such as ice boxes, suitcases etc.; animals, with the exception of guide or rescue dogs. Grounds for expulsion from the sports complex Anybody exhibiting violent, abusive or offensive behaviour, racial, ethic or religious discrimination, towards other spectators or athletics present in the sports complex, damaging the sports complex, behaving in a way that endangers other spectators, entering the stadium without a valid right of entry, possessing a right of entry which does not show your own identity, blocking passageways or exit routes, displaying unauthorised banners, introducing material prohibited by law or identified in the Rules of Use, purchasing rights of entry other than those intended for your own fan club, or violating the rules contained in the Rules of Use of the sports complex with be expelled, after investigation by the relevant authorities.

Warning notice During all football matches and events at the Artemio Franchi Stadium the administration and sale of any type of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all sectors of the stadium as well as the public areas surrounding the stadium. Inside the stadium, containers made of glass and plastic, and cans are all prohibited, only cups made of a light plastic or paper are permitted. In some cases, depending on the ordinance set by the City Hall or the Prefecture, it is possible to verify that the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in certain areas surrounding the Stadium. It is strictly forbidden to bring into the stadium explosives, smoke bombs, and fireworks.

With regard to banners and any other similar material the following apply: it is possible to introduce and display banners containing slogans and support for your own team for the programmed match by sending, at least 7 days before the match takes places, the relevant request, also by fax or e-mail, to ACF Fiorentina, giving personal particulars, and specifying: the size and materials used for construction; the content and the artwork together with relevant photographic documentation; the sector in which it is to be displayed. A similar procedure applies for flags (rectangular cloth fabric, attached by one of the shorter edges, to a pole, which must conform to the rules and regulations), which may only display the colours of your team or town, represented on the field). It is possible to obtain all the necessary documentation on the website

Entrance Fiorentina Fans

Entrance Guest Sector



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