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Optical brightener



Applications Optiblanc 2M/G LT Extra is recommended for Household and I&I powder detergents for washing cotton or mixed fibres containing cotton. It is structurally made in order to be fast in the solubilisation in the washing liquor. This allows a high efficiency even at low temperatures such as 5°C. Optiblanc 2M/G LT Extra is stable to alkali and peroxide bleach under the conditions normally encountered in household and industrial laundering. Optiblanc 2M/G LT Extra is resistant to hypochlorite bleach as soon as it is adsorbed on cotton, i.e. it can be used in case of hypochlorite rinse. Optiblanc 2M/G LT Extra can be added in the course of all normal detergent manufacturing operations such as spray blending, spray drying and dry blending. Optiblanc 2M/G LT Extra has an excellent cost effectiveness.




Chemical and physical characteristics (*)

Chemical Name Benzensulfonic acid,2,2'-(1,2ethenediyl)bis[5-[[4-(4morpholinyl)-6-(phenylamino)1,3,5-triazin-2-yl]amino],disodium salt C40H38N12Na2O8S2 924,93 16090-02-1 pale yellow beads 0.35 - 0.45 Excellent with Anionic and Nonionic


Recommend level of incorporation: Household detergent Heavy duty concentrated powders 0.20-0.40% Heavy duty powders 0.10-0.30% Heavy duty liquids 0.10-0.25% Industrial & institutional detergents (I&I) The level of incorporation in I&I detergents depends on the strength of the formulation. As a general suggestion, a range of 0.15-0.40% is recommended.

Chemical Formula Molecular Weight CAS Number Appearance Bulk Density (g/cm3) Compatibility with surfactants

Toxicological information

Data refer on active ingredient: Acute Oral Toxicity (rat): > 8000 mg/Kg. Acute Dermal Toxicity (rabbit): No signs. Skin Irritation (occlusive path test rabbit): Non-irritating. Eye Irritation (Draize test on rabbit): Mildly irritating. In vitro Mutagenicity I (Ames test): No evidence of mutagenicity. In vitro Mutagenicity II (Dominant lethal test in the mouse): No evidence of mutagenicity.

(*) Present values may be subjected to change and are not qualified for quality control purpose.


Optiblanc 2M/G LT Extra is a stilbene derivative brightener with the following properties: · · · · Formulated for very low washing temperatures (5°C) Excellent degree of whiteness From neutral to slightly blue hue Very good stability to spraying and peroxide bleach High affinity for cellulosic fibres

Transport, storage and handling

Labelling: product not classified dangerous according to transport regulations. Store in original closed container in a dry cool place. Protect from moisture. Avoid breathing dust and contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact, wash immediately with plenty of water. For further information please refer to safety data sheet.


T he information contained in this data s heet is bas ed on our pres ent and bes t knowledge. However we make no warranty, whether expres s ed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or of fitnes s for a particular us e or purpos e. Cons equently the product mus t be tes ted by the us er according to his needs and his production and application conditions and purpos es . Neither do we as s ume any res pons ibility for infringement of third parties patent rights which may aris e from the us e of the product. For indus trial us e only.

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