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Wavelength, Frequency, Energy... Solve the following problems in the spaces provided. Show calculations that support the answers you give. Units must be included. You may need to refer to a spectrum chart in order to identify regions of electromagnetic radiation. 1. Complete the following chart to show equalities. Use dimensional analysis to complete the conversions. km m cm 2.5x10




650 (2)

If the two measurements above are wavelengths, name the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that corresponds to each one. (1) ________________ (2) ____________________ 2. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants. It absorbs some wavelengths of light and reflects others. ­7 a. Chlorophyll absorbs electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 6 x 10 m. Calculate the frequency of this light.

b. What is the color of light that corresponds to this wavelength? Refer to a spectrum. _________ 3. Microwave ovens produce electromagnetic radiation that causes water molecules in food to vibrate. The molecules produce heat when they vibrate, and the heat is conducted throughout the food. a. A typical microwave frequency is 2 x 10 cycles/s. Calculate the wavelength of a microwave.


b. Which has a greater frequency, microwave radiation or infrared radiation? _____

4. a. Calculate the frequency of electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength of 450 nm.

b. What color is the light? ____________

c. Calculate the energy of this quantum of light. ________________ 5. "Transitional" sunglasses contain silver ions. Silver ions are light-sensitive: when exposed to light of a certain wavelength and frequency they absorb electrons and turn dark. When the light dims, they release the electrons. So the glass darkens or turns clear depending on the frequency (and therefore the energy) of light that is present. a. 5.1 x 10


J of energy causes the glass to darken. What is the frequency of the light?

b. Knowing the frequency, calculate the wavelength of the light.

c. What region of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponds to this wavelength? ______


Wavelength, Frequency, Energy...

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