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Espionage Manual 11

International Spy Tradecraft

Foreign Spy Methods

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Table of Contents: 15 Chapters, 1 Appendix Preface: What is Tradecraft? Chapters 1. British Secret Intelligence Service, MI-6 2. Mossad Tradecraft 3. United Service Institute of India 4. East German Intelligence, Stasi

5. Clandestine Contact Tradecraft 6. Dead Letter Box Tradecraft 7. Identifying Enemy Penetration Agents 8. Introduction to Surveillance Codes 9. Computers and Tradecraft 10. Beating Government Lie Detection 11. The Technology of Social Control 12. Stasi Infiltration of West Germany 13. Categories of Tradecraft 14. The Most Important Spy of the 21st Century 15. How to Surf the Web Anonymously With Proxies Appendix. FBI List of 'Espionage Paraphernalia' Bibliography


Espionage Manual 11 - International Spy Tradecraft ToC

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