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Stalingrad Legacy

Stalingrad Secrets, After the Battle

Copyright © 2009, Breaker McCoy, Editor

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Table Of Contents: 16 Chapters, 7 Appendixes Introduction Chapters After Stalingrad 1. Kallach Bridge, Outside Stalingrad 2. Outside Stalingrad, 19th November 3. Outside Stalingrad, 20th November 4. Outside Stalingrad, 21st November 5. Outside Stalingrad, 22nd November 6. Outside Stalingrad, 23rd November

7. 62nd Infantry Division BG, Stalingrad Endkampf 8. The Soviet Stalingrad Victory Becomes A Defeat 9. Donbas, 1943 10. Hard Lessons For The Reds 11. Shtemenko Memoirs 12. 11th Panzer Division, Chir River, 12/1942 13. Defeat of Soviet Mobile Group Popov, 2/1943 Kursk, Stalingrad Redux 14. Operation Citadel (Kursk) 7/1943, The Trap 15. Kursk: 1943, A Panzer Division A Day 16. 35th German Corps' Orel Battle: 7/1943 Appendixes 1. OKH Order of Battle, 1944 2. Army Group Center, Orel, 1943 3. Number/Type: German Tanks, Kursk, 1943 4. Tiger Tanks at Kursk, 1943 5. German Panzer Strength, Kursk, 1943 6. Axis Troops Dispositions, Post Stalingrad 7. Soviet Divisions Bibliography


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