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A webextra from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine July/August 2004 (#364)

Blue Skies

Here are two quilting patterns for Blue Skies by Barbara J. Smith, that is patterned in the July/August 2004 Quilter's Newsletter Magazine (issue 364). The pattern is an adaptation of a quilt in Bed Warmers by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith (Possibilities, 1999).

Quilting Patterns

These quilting motifs are Barbara's original. Draw the complete quilting motifs on paper, rotating the 1/4 large motif as needed. Mark the large Tulip quilting motif in each C patch and 4 surrounding white B's. Mark the small Tulip motif in the squares formed by 2 white B's. If the July/August 2004 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine is no longer available at your local quilt shop, visit our online store at to check back issue availability.

Blue Skies Small Tulip Quilting Motif


Rotate the quilting pattern as needed to trace the complete motif for patch C.

Blue Skies ¼ Large Tulip Quilting Motif


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