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CIRCLE BARGELLO by Cheryl Phillips Taught by Peggy Barkle

BOOK REQUIRED: Quilts Without Corners by Cheryl Phillips and a 10 degree wedge ruler. You will need two color ways of fabric. Example: Purple & green or blue & yellow etc...Whatever combination appeals to you I will refer to each color way as A and B ­ see order form for kit selection Color way A 5/8 yard each of 9 fabrics grading in value of light to dark Color way B 5/8 yard each of 9 fabrics grading in value of light to dark When grading in value, you want to get almost the blackest of your color choices on the dark end and with each of the subsequent 8 fabrics get a little lighter and a little lighter in value with each fabric you pull, to the last fabric that will be white on color way A and cream on color way B . This quilt can be customized for any size bed. Since that decision has not been made yet, I cannot give yardage requirements for the background or borders. We will talk about this in class, and Sue and Sandy will bring bolts of background fabrics to the retreat, so we can go and quilting...............say it isn't so!!! The rest of your supplies: Neutral thread ­ grey or taupe A new Microtex sharp needle 6 ½ x 24" ruler ­ either Omnigrip or ruler with Invisigrip Rotary cutter with new blade& mat Your sewing machine in good working order with power cord and foot pedal Scissors/seam ripper/Pins ­ Clover Fine Patchwork Pins Crib size warm and Natural batting (a design wall) this is very helpful to keep all your pieces together when traveling, besides the opportunity to admire your handy work. Please cut 6 strips from each of your fabrics 1 ¾" wide by the width of fabric. Please do not cut off the selvages. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 770-935-8262 [email protected]



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