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Four Freedoms Quilt

Finished Qulit Size: 88" x 88"

20547-E 8 yards

20546-A 5 yards

20533-B 2 yards

20533-E 1 yard

20546-B ¼ yard

1 panel of 4 large photos


4 photo blocks needed apporx. ¼ yard


Four Freedoms Quilt Designed by Barb Mapes Skill Level: Advanced Intermediate Finished Block Size: 16 Quilt Size: 88" x 88" Optional materials: 1 Queen size quilt batting Cutting: Cutting sizes include seam allowances. 20533-B - Blue Floral A 48 - 4½" squares C 16 - 5¼"squares D 4- 7¾" squares then cut these diagonally twice to form 16 equal triangles I- Make a template according to the diagram. Cut 32 4 -1½" x 16½" strips 20533-E - Beige Floral B 16 - 4" squares then cut these diagonally to form 32 triangles A 32 - 4½" squares F 4 - 4¼" squares cut twice diagonally to form 16 triangles 20546-A - Brown Print A16 - 4½ square B16 - 4 squares then cut these diagonally to form 32 triangles 40 - 2½" x 16½" strips H - Use template to cut 12 K - Use template to cut 8 20546-B Blue Plaid 25 - 2½" squares 20545-AE - Small photo G-trim photos to 7" square 20530-AQ ­ cut apart the 4 large photos 16½" square, leave additional fabric on the sides to make 16½" 20546-A - Large Brown Plaid E - Use template to cut 16 E reverse - Use reversed template to cut 16 J - Make a template according to the diagram. Seam allowances have been added. Cut 16 L - 4 - 6½" squares 20547-E - Beige Words Binding: 4 strips 2¼" x 96" Backing: cut and seam 3 sections 96" long by 44"

Sewing: Seam allowances are standard ¼ Block 1 Road to Oklahoma ­ 8 blocks Lay out cut pieces according to diagram Sew 4 sets of beige triangle B to brown triangle B Row 1 -sew blue square A to beige square A sew to B triangle set, then sew to blue A. Press. Row 2 -sew triangle set to brown square A to blue square A to beige square A. Press. Row 3 - sew beige square A to blue square A to brown square A to triangle set. Press. Row 4 -sew blue square A to beige square A to triangle set to blue square A. Press. Attach row 1 to row 2, to row 3, to row 4. Press seams to bottom of the block. Repeat to make 8 blocks. Block 2 - Ohio Star ­ 4 blocks Cut small photo panels 7" square. Lay out block pieces according to diagram. Sew E to F, sew D to reverse E, join EF to DE. Repeat this unit 4 times. Row 1 ­ sew C to the above unit and attach another C to the opposite side. Row 2 ­ sew EFDrevE unit to small photo and attach another EFDrevE unit to the opposite side. Row 3 ­sew C to EFDrevE unit and attach another C. Attach row 1 to row 2 to row 3, press seams facing the bottom of the block. Repeat to make 4 blocks. Sashing: Large photo panels will need to measure 16½" square. To do this, add a blue 1½" strip to each side of the two center brown vertical sashing strips. Attach a large photo panel to each side of the sashing unit. Lay out the quilt blocks and vertical sashing and strips according to the quilt picture. Pay close attention to the direction as you position the Road to Oklahoma blocks. Sew rows together. Sew horizontal sashing strips and 2½" blocks together to form sashing rows. Lay the sashing rows and block rows on the floor and arrange according to the photo and sew together. Borders: Lay out one row of border. Triangle K will only fit one way. Rotate it so it fits I perfectly. Follow along on the bottom row. Sew triangle K to triangle I, sew to left side large triangle J. Sew I to H then to another I. Join this unit to the side of the previous J and again to a new J. Repeat this sequence till row is complete. See diagram for assembly. Make four border rows using this se-

quence. The two side rows will be this length. The top and bottom row will have unit L, the 6½" square, attached to each end. Sew a row of shorter border to each side of the quilt. Attach the longer borders containing the L squares to the top and bottom of the quilt. Backing & Binding: Cut 2 sections of backing 96" x 45".Cut a third strip 96" x 12". Sew each long side of the 12" strip to a 96" strip to form a backing approximately 96" square. Cut 4 strips along the length of the remaining fabric 2¼"x 96" for the binding. Sew these strips together end to end and press in half lengthwise. Layer, quilt, and bind.

While all possible care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this pattern, we are not responsible for printing errors or the way in which an individual work varies.

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