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Spring 2011

Calendar of Events

April 1

Friday Night Liberty Open House 5 - 8 PM Visions Art Museum

Fabric-Free Fashion

May 6 - July 24

Window screen, bottle caps, gum wrappers, tree bark and maps. These are some of the nontraditional and recycled materials southern California fashion designers will be using to create garments and accessories for the exhibition, "Fabric-Free Fashion" opening May 6th with a reception for the artists. Guest curator, Susan Lazear is Professor of Fashion at San Diego's Mesa College and founder of Cochenille Design Studio and Cochenille Computer Knit Products, Inc., a software company that creates computer programs for knitwear and garment design. Lazear has invited 22 fashion designers who stretch the concept of fashion to include any material other than fabric for wearable apparel. Fabric-Free Fashion continues through July 24, 2011.

April 4 and 11

Nostalgia: A Themed Art Quilt Class with Jane LaFazio Visions Art Museum

April 30

Spring Cleaning Sale 10 am - 2 PM Visions Art Museum

Evolution Transformed

Art Meets Fashion is a county-wide project organized by the San Diego Visual Arts Network and FOCUS (Fashion Opportunities Connect Us) to initiate collaborations between established fashion designers and visual artists of excellence to showcase the creativity in San Diego. One of the goals of this project is to encourage local teens to be involved in the arts by giving them lesson plans developed from the exhibitions. Participating venues will host teams consisting of an artist, a fashion designer, a teacher and a documenter. Visions Art Museum is fortunate to host Alexandra Hart, Elina Sheripova, Kathie Taylor and Henry Young on team Transformation. The team will create an evolution of movement by transforming sculptural materials into clothes which flutter, billow and flow on currents of air. More about Art Meets Fashion and "Evolution Transformed" at www.sdvan. net and

Fashion Accessories Challenge deadline April 15th The focus is on fashion at Visions Art Museum beginning May 6th and in keeping with the theme our next 12" challenge is Fashion Accessories. Urban Landscape Challenge deadline July 29th City skylines and urban environments reflect the exhibition opening August 5th at Visions Art Museum. The challenges are popular fund-raisers that feature small quilts 12" square created by Visions members. Members may submit one quilt that must be for sale priced at $150, $200 or $250. Proceeds from sales benefit the artists and Visions Art Museum. Please include a label with the title of the quilt, price, your name, address, phone, email and if you would like to donate the quilt to the Visions live auction if it does not sell.

Visions Art Museum Spring 2011

May 6

Fabric Free Fashion, Evolution Transformed, and Fashion Accessories Challenge Reception for artists Visions Art Museum

May 6

Woven Fashion Jewelry Trunk Show with Alexis Stephenson Visions Art Museum

June 4

Friday Night Liberty Open House 5 - 8 PM Visions Art Museum

June 13 and 20

Life-Like Images in Soft Edge Applique Class with Barbara Friedman Visions Art Museum

Visions Art Museum 619-546-4872

President's Message

Dear Members and Friends, In the past year Visions Art Museum has implemented several significant changes including hiring its first fulltime Executive Director, changing our name to officially position the organization as a museum, and instituting an admission fee. These are major accomplishments. The board, volunteers and members can be very proud of these successes. At this stage the organization must look to and prepare for the future. While we are not planning any major changes this year, the board is focusing on building internal systems and capacities for the future. With that in mind the board will be participating in three, facilitated mini-retreats to develop the internal structure to improve the sustainability of the organization and plan for the future. At a time when money is tight for everyone, you dug deep and gave over $7000 to a successful annual campaign. We are grateful to each of you for your continuing support. Visions Art Museum is the premier art quilt venue in the country because of your loyal support. Our guest book is testament to our world-wide audience who make VAM and San Diego an important stop on their travel itineraries. As unbelievable as it may seem, the "Quilt Visions 2010: No Boundaries" exhibit at Oceanside Museum of Art has come to a close. Along with rave reviews, we are thrilled to report that four of the exhibited quilts sold to private collectors. Once again our volunteer corps of white glove volunteers and docents enhanced the exhibit experience for many people. Thank you to everyone who volunteered. Please consider continuing your educational efforts by volunteering to sit the desk at the Visions Art Museum once a month. You will meet interesting people from other places and have an opportunity to look at the current exhibit up close and personal during your shift. You will have a great time and VAM will be a better place for your presence. You can call the museum to schedule a three hour shift on a regular basis, 619546-4872. Charlotte Bird, President

Classes at Visions

Nostalgia: A Themed Art Quilt with Jane LaFazio

Learn image transfer, combining paper with cloth and free motion stitching to create your own unique art quilt. On day one, you will learn techniques and how to prepare your Jane LaFazio materials. On day two, you will combine your materials into an original composition and begin hand stitching and coloring. Start collecting images (scanned into your computer), aged papers (letters/envelopes) and vintage cloth napkins. A complete supply list will be mailed upon registration. Monday, April 4 Monday, April 11 12:30 ­ 3:30 p.m. 10 a.m. ­ 3 p.m. (1-hour lunch)

Life-like Images in Soft Edge Appliqué with Barbara Friedman

Use machine soft-edge appliqué to interpret a black and white still life photo (provided) into a colorful fabric collage. No drawing experience needed! You will need to bring a zigzag machine to class. Supply list upon registration. Monday, June 13 Monday, June 20 9:00 ­ noon (both days) Fee: $100 includes both sessions

Barbara Friedman

Fee: $100 includes both sessions

Call Visions Art Museum to register, 619-546-4872 or mail a check to Visions Art Museum, 2825 Dewey Rd, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92106.

Visions Art Museum Spring 2011 Page 2

Rejection! An Optimistic View

by Laura Wasilowski Recently my entries into three quilts shows were rejected. REJECTED I tell you! But do I feel rejected? No! I am as happy as a little bird hoisting a juicy watermelon out of the garden. How do I get this optimistic point of view? I follow this 12-Step Rejection Recovery Program: 1. Burn the rejection notice. Rip it up into tiny little pieces and light a match. As the bad news goes up in flames chant, "There are no bad quilts, just bad eyesight." 2. Have a day of mourning. Drape the quilt in black ribbons and remember the good times: cutting the fabric, sewing the little pieces together, and binding the quilt while watching soap operas. Those were the days. 3. Have a good cry. Use newly purchased fabric from your local quilt shop to dry your tears. 4. Get a tattoo. My friend Frieda's tattoo says, "I love my quilts!" Make sure to get large type so you can still read it at age 90. 5. Document the entry fees as charitable donations on your tax forms. Consider yourself a patron of the arts and get a refund as well. 6. Write a tune of lament like my song "Everybody Gets Rejected Sometime." I like a song you can dance to or at least shake your fists. 7. Eat chocolate. The smell of baking brownies always calms me down. Once I eat a pan-full of gooey chocolate goodies, my memory is completely erased. 8. Complain to your friends. There is nothing like a good rant to cheer you up. Make audacious claims of incompetence in the quilt judging system, the crazier the better. 9. Consider a new occupation. I, for instance, pursued my dream to be a rocket scientist. Then I realized I was on the wrong trajectory and returned to earth. 10. Buy the quilt show. If you own the quilt show you can have your quilts on display any time. Award yourself prizes. 11. Hang the rejected quilt in a prominent spot in your home. Kiss it every morning, pat it on the binding, and tell it how pretty it is. 12. Make a new quilt. Make something cheerful and colorful like this Optimistic Bluebird. And just like a little bird in flight, you too will be happy.

Laura Wasilowski The Optimist, From Laura's Birdland Boogie Series

"Everybody Gets Rejected Sometime"

(Sung to the tune of Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime Words & Music by Irving Taylor & Ken Lane and Recorded by Dean Martin, 1964)

Everybody gets rejected sometime, And it always breaks your little heart. They must have been blind in one eye, To have never seen the art! Everybody gets rejected sometime, Tear up all the letters, start a fire.Celebrate the night away! What do they know, anyway? All the entry fees for my creations, I deduct on taxes as donations. Maybe they' ll remember me For my philanthropy. Maybe they' ll remember me, For my philanthropy!

Note: Fused fabric strips bend easily when cut on the bias. Just anchor one end of the fused strip on the background fabric with the iron. Bend and wave the fabric strip as you fuse the rest of it down.

Thank You

for your Generous Gifts In-Kind

Ben Sevier Consulting Con Pane Rustic Breads & Café Patricia Klem Jan Schwarz Sew Pro Oceanside Sharon Tennison San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association SOS Printing Julia Zgliniec

Page 3

Visions Art Museum Spring 2011

Member News

A benefit of Visions membership is being recognized in this publication for any honors that have been bestowed on our members. If your work has been published, won awards or has been juried into an exhibition, please email to give us the details. An image would be appreciated. Email to [email protected] by May 15th for the Summer issue.

Works by Regina Benson will be the subject of a solo exhibition, "Personal Landscapes: Fiber in Concert with Nature", The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, 40 South Carroll Street, Frederick, MD 21701, (301) 698-0656, April 2 - May 22. Phyllis Binkley won "Honorable Mention" at the special Wonders of the World Exhibition in Houston International Quilt Festival, 2010. The name of the piece is "Out of the Ruins, A Nation Thrives." It is about the survival of the Israeli people despite their countless dispersions and hardships since 70 AD and before, even in Old Testament Bible times. Marianne Burr is the profiled artist in the new e-magazine from Quilting Arts. Link to it here: In-Stitches-Vol-2-PC-eMag.html. Regina Benson from Personal Landscapes

Volunteer Spotlight

Phyllis Newton

Phyllis with Dewey students Phyllis Newton brings 32 years as an elementary teacher to Visions as coordinator of our education programs for students K-12. Phyllis and her team of experienced teachers and volunteers design quilt making projects for third-graders from Dewey Elementary School during their fall semester and with middle school students in the spring. The students come to Visions through a partnership with Liberty School, a program of the NTC Foundation. Students create their designs following the curriculum in their classrooms often science or the elements. They begin by drawing, they then paint their designs onto fabric with fabric inks. They choose fabric pieces that get fused to the backing and they finish by hand-quilting the layers. Over 100 students benefit from Phyllis' instruction each year at Visions. Phyllis is passionate about community service. She was president of the Visions board of directors in 2006 before becoming involved with the students. She says she enjoys the teaching experience because she gets her "kid fix". She also gets it from her seven grandchildren. When she is not quilting, Phyllis spends several months of the year creating miniature villages in her home from Dept. 56 that take over rooms of her house at Halloween and Christmas. Kids of all ages marvel at her tiny communities complete with motorized trains, waterfalls, and tiny characters going about the business of the village. Phyllis also finds time for genealogy. We're glad she finds time for Visions, too. Thank you, Phyllis.

Also, two of Marianne's pieces are included in 500 Felt Objects, to be published by Lark Books, September, 2011.

Karen Cunigan has completed her public art

commission of giant textile sculptured fruits for the new Fallbrook Library. The library has a strong focus on art and these pieces are among twelve artists' work which are part of the permanent collection and can be seen during regular library hours, http:// The fruit can also be viewed from the exterior at night in the lighted water tower space.

Phyllis Binkley Out of the Ruins, A Nation Thrives

Kathie Kerler has a piece entitled "Split Infinity" juried into the SAQA exhibition Volusia--Wrapped Karen Cunigan installing sculpin Fiber at the Gateway Center for the Arts in De- tured fruits Bary, Florida from 2/15 - 4/3.

Kathie has a second piece entitled "Point Loma-San Diego" in an invitational themed show called the Lighthouse Art Quilts 2011. The show will travel to a variety of venues in California through the upcoming year as a fundraising benefit for lighthouse restoration for Point Pinos Lighthouse and Point Sur Lightstation. You can see all 30 entries at http:// National after trying for 11 years. Persistance pays! "Leaping Point" was purchased by the founders of the exhibit before the exhibition opened.

Wen Redmond had a quilt accepted into Quilt

Kathie Kerler Split Infinity

Email your news to Andrea Bacal at [email protected] Deadline for the Summer issue is May 15, 2011.

Visions Art Museum Spring 2011 Page 4


explores two distinct artists' views by Lisa A. Yoder

I actually stitch up the white background first ­ sometimes it is one solid piece and sometimes it is multiple fields of white." After her linen background is completed, she attaches it to canvas stretcher bars. Then, Jeanne looks at her field of white and begins embellishing. She uses recycled materials, including drapery fabric, packing materials and brown paper bags. Dominie Nash Dominie is a full-time studio artist. After a brief career in social work, she discovered weaving and dyeing in the 1960s and eventually she moved into art quilting. About 10 years ago, Dominie saw an impressionistic still life show and later decided she would like to attempt a still life with fabric. Without a drawing or painting background, Dominie plunged in. "With fabric," she said, "you can get away with a lot." "I tend to photograph things that already exist in my studio or house. I zero in on something, take the photograph and blow it up on a copy machine. I take tracing paper and I just get the basic shapes ­ by then it is already something else," Dominie explained. "I do a full-size pattern on paper and then I make pattern pieces out of a fusible interfacing." The fusible allows Dominie to put the pieces up on her design wall as she constructs her composition. "I stitch everything onto the backing and batting ­ baste and machine stitch through all of the layers. Then, I add the organza." Dominie uses organza on most of her pieces, feeling it blends the colors and shapes and softens the edges. On some pieces there might be a bit of drawing or marks with fabric crayons. Finally, Dominie quilts the piece. "I can't sew," Dominie confessed. "Dyeing, printing fabric and planning the piece ­ getting it all laid out ­ are my favorite parts and after that is work. But, you have to work to get a product." Dominie dyes all of her fabrics with a variety of processes from Shibori and mono-printing to dye prints and straight immersion dyeing. "Detail and scale are things that have interested me in working out ideas for new pieces," she said.

Jeanne Lyons Butler

The "Counterpoint" exhibition opened February 4, 2011 at Visions Art Museum. The show features unique approaches to art quilting by Dominie Nash and Jeanne Lyons Butler. The artists spoke to museum volunteers and docents the day of the opening. Jeanne Lyons Butler Jeanne grew up sewing, went to art school and discovered art quilts in the mid-1980s. She has a day job, managing the litigation area of an insurance company. In the beginning of her art quilting days, Jeanne used a lot of color ­ bold color ­ and a lot of surface appliqué. "It was all hand done with all the proper edges and what not," Jeanne said. "Then, I moved on . . ." "I reached a point in 1994 when I needed more quiet in my life," Jeanne explained. "There was a lot of stress going on. So, at this point, I thought I needed quiet. I went back in my mind to what I had done before on paper and I started to work in white. From 1994 to now, I have never worked in color again ­ except for now, you see just little bits of color." "I start out with a completely white field.

Dominie Nash, far right

Page 5

Visions Art Museum Spring 2011

Interpretations 2011:

Visions Members' Exhibition Online Entry

"Interpretations 2011" the biennial members' juried exhibition at Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles will open November 4th with a reception for the artists from 5-7 p.m. Visions members can find submission details at or on the Visions website www.visionsartmuseum. org. All entries will be accepted online from June 1st through July 16, 2011. If you are interested in submitting work for the juried exhibition, please read the criteria for submission. We are fortunate to have three art experts as jurors for "Interpretations 2011." Jamie Fingal is a full-time, multi-media artist and former Studio Art Quilt Associates rep for southern California. Her art quilts are both whimsical and serious and have been published in numerous books and magazines. Jamie teaches across the U.S. and her quilts are in several private, public, and corporate collections. Catherine Gleason is associate director of San Diego State University's Downtown Gallery. She has been the director of exhibitions and collections at Oceanside Museum of Art and was on the curatorial staff of the Museum at the California Center for the Arts. Catherine has been a curator and lecturer on art history for over ten years and currently teaches curatorial theory and museum administration. Rob Sidner is the Director of Mingei International Museum in San Diego, California. He has overseen 21 exhibitions since becoming director in 2006. Sidner joined the museum as membership coordinator in 1993 and during his tenure, has been director of public relations and assistant director. The Mingei International Museum reveals the beauty of use in folk art, craft, and design from all eras and cultures of the world. Entries will be accepted only online from June 1st through July 16, 2011.

We are grateful to the following donors for their Annual Campaign contributions.

B.J. Adams Andrea Bacal Sharon Bell Karen Bennick Eliza Brewster Betty Busby Dr. & Mrs. Edgar Canada Canyon Quilters Esta Chambers Maureen Cole Linda Colsh Judith and Reed Content Louise D. Dyer Charlotte Fortier Annette Friedlein Linda Friedman Julie Gerwe Doria Goocher Leslie Hall David Hamilton Gloria Hansen Ann Harwell Joan and Richard Heller Janeene Herchold Patricia Klem Jill Le Croissette Carol Leedom Laura Lehman Marny Leondis Pat Lovas Felisa Lyons Miriam Machell Karen Markley Barbara McDowell Cristie McGuire Ree Nancarrow Phyllis Newton Lori Paolino Carolyn Sue Pruyn Andy & Tina Rathbone Susan Root Dinah Sargeant Joan Schulze Lura Schwarz Smith and Kerby C. Smith Carol Sebastian-Neely Patti Sevier Beth Smith Joan Sowada Ellen Spellman Jill Spurgin Lisa Tan Diane Torres Betsy Vernetti Judy Warren-Tippets Laura Wasilowski Deborah Weir Susan Willen Kent Williams Eileen Younghusband Donors are listed as of 2/1/11

Visions Spring Cleaning Sale

Here is an opportunity to clean out your fabric stash, inventory your threads, yarns, ribbons, patterns, beads, tassels, decorative papers, stamps, spools and all things quilt and textile related. This Visions fund-raiser is what you've been waiting for ­ a chance to sort through your stash and make a donation to Visions of those forgotten treasures you know you'll never get to. Plus, you get the added bonus of finding new treasures the day of the Sale.

Saturday, April 30, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Visions Art Museum will have tables marked $5, $10, $20, $30, $40 and $50. Put your donated items in zip lock bags (2 gallon size bags for items in the $10- $50 range and quart size bags for items in $5 bags). Mark the bags with the prices above that you think they are worth. Tape a list of the bag's contents on the outside of the bag. Drop off your donated Spring Cleaning Sale zip lock bags at Visions Art Museum April 1st to April 28th. All bagged donations must be at Visions by April 28th.

Visions Art Museum Spring 2011 Page 6


Focus on Fashion

From the Executive Director

The Focus is on Fashion this spring at Visions Art Museum with the exhibitions, "Fabric Free Fashion" in the main gallery, the Art Meets Fashion team installation, "Evolution Transformed" in the small gallery, the fashion accessory themed challenge of 12" square quilts, and new jewelry and fashion accessories in the VAM store. This is a bit of a departure from the contemporary quilt exhibitions that are our mainstay, but in keeping with our new museum status to include textiles of all kinds, this partnership with the Art Meets Fashion project through the San Diego Visual Arts Network was an opportunity not to be missed. The Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles is one of 30 venues in San Diego County showcasing the talents of fashion designers from southern California. I'm inviting you to come by beginning May 6th to see what this exciting mix of exhibitions offers from jewelry to fashion themed installations. The exhibitions run through July 24, 2011. Beth Smith, Executive Director


New and Renewing Members

Francis Holliday Alford Linda Anderson Shelley Baird Linda Barnhart S M W Bass Therese Belanger Sharon Bell Gwenn Beope Judith Bianchi Phyllis Binkley Rita Blocksom Peggy Brown Joan Brown Marcia Bruce Jennifer Busboom Margrette Carr Jette Clover Charlotte Coomes Nancy Cordry Paulette Cornish Betty Crupi Carolyn Ebrahimi Robbi Joy Eklow Grace Errea Barbara Findley Barbara Fitzsimmons Cheryl Gaston Kim Glossip Doria Anne Goocher Shannon Greenlee Annette Reid Guerrero Barbara Harpell Judith Hay Annie Helmericks-Louder Karel Hendee Gloria Henderson Susan Henry Patsy Kellogg Wendy Knight Smadar Knobler Joyce Lane Sue Mason Barbara Mattson Therese May Jerre Mayer Ree Nancarrow Peg Neuhauser Carol Niles Deborah Olliff Janet Paehlig Barbara Pollock Pamela Puckette Jan Rashid Wayne Rhodes Anna M. Rice Brenda Richmond Kristin Rohr Joy Rottenstein Joan Schulze Monica Shafer Walli Skrocki Sandra Staples Jennifer Sweeney Ildido Tsang Ruth Walker Nelda Warkentin Barbara Weitekamp Jill Rumoshosky Werner Carol T. White Gail Wild Susan Wolf Sally Wyte


We apologize if we have made an error or omission. Please contact us for corrections, [email protected]

Thank You, Las Patronas

Visions Art Museum was fortunate to receive a grant from Las Patronas for tables and chairs for our third grade students who come to the museum weekly for art instruction. Thanks to Las Patronas our students can now work at tables and sit on chairs instead of working on the museum floor as they have done in the past. Visions has partnered with Liberty School for three years to provide art instruction in quilt-making for third grade students from nearby Dewey Elementary School. Liberty School is a program of the NTC Foundation which provides art instruction to underserved public schools in San Diego. Over a period of 12 weeks, volunteers at Visions teach over 90 students how to design and make their own quilt. The finished quilts are displayed in

Page 7

the museum culminating with a Parent's Night at the end of the semester when proud students show off their creations. We at Visions want to thank Las Patronas for recognizing our urgent need and those of our third grade students. Las Patronas has been giving to San Diego nonprofits since 1946 to enhance the quality of life in our community. This philanthropic organization raises funds through year-long fundraising efforts and the annual Jewel Ball, one of San Diego's most enduring social, cultural and philanthropic traditions. Thank you Las Patronas for all you do for the community.

Visions Art Museum Spring 2011

Board of Directors

Charlotte Bird, President [email protected] Ingrid Stuiver, Secretary [email protected] Sheila Rideout, Treasurer [email protected] Ann Olsen, Exhibitions [email protected] Andrea Bacal, Publications [email protected] member news: [email protected] Margrette Carr [email protected] Nancy Fisher [email protected] Barbara Groner [email protected] Kris Herman [email protected] Gillian Moss [email protected] Valerie Stiles [email protected]

Visions Art Museum Store

In keeping with our fashion themed exhibition opening May 6th the Visions Art Museum store is featuring two new jewelry designers who are known for excellence in other creative areas. Award-winning, master quilt artist Judith Content also creates jewelry from vintage buttons designed with her own screen-printed patterns and embellishments. Judith's jewelry reflects her mastery of color with layered, hand-knotted, printed buttons that add flair to any wardrobe. Gourmet chef Alexis Stephenson is as adept at jewelry making as she is in the kitchen. Her intricate sterling silver, copper and brass jewelry is hand-formed using an ancient technique that lends itself to these timeless, sophisticated pieces. Meet Alexis at a special showing of her jewelry during the reception for "Fabric-Free Fashion" at Visions on May 6th from 5-8 PM.

Museum Staff

Phyllis Newton, Education [email protected] Patti Sevier, Membership [email protected] Beth Smith, Executive Director [email protected] Lisa Yoder, Weekend Supervisor

Visit the Museum

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Visions Art Museum Contemporary Quilts & Textiles 2825 Dewey Road, Suite 100 San Diego CA 92106 619-546-4872

Museum Hours

Tuesday - Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM Closed Major Holidays

We Invite you to Donate to Visions. It's this easy.

1. Pick up the phone and call Beth Smith to discuss how you would like to see your donation used, 619-546-4872. 2. Go to our website and donate by clicking on DONATE NOW on page 1.

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