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Flexible Packaging - Blown Film

Quinn Packaging also offers flexible packaging in the form of Polyethylene (PE) film. The Company is committed to delivering superior quality products at competitive rates whilst offering first class service levels. In order to achieve this, we have invested in brand new, high output, highly specified, co-extrusion equipment.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Quinn Packaging offers a range of multi-layered, co-extruded flexible packaging products to help satisfy the growing needs of the construction, thermal insulation, radiator, timber, food, beverage, peat, horticulture and fertiliser industries. Printed products are also available. Quinn Packaging offers products for the following sectors:· · · · · General Purpose Film Shrink (collation) film Shrink Hoods Stretch Hoods Printed Film GENERAL PURPOSE FILM This type of film is generally used as over wrap for various industries, including paper towel and thermal insulation manufacturers. The film can be produced as either mono or multi-layered structures, up to a maximum of 3 layers, depending on film recipes. These high clarity films offer good presentation options and superior puncture resistance. This product can be produced up to a maximum width of 3000mm, and is available with the option of `micro perforations', which allows any trapped air from the wrapping process to escape. The film gauges available are from 20 microns up to 250 microns. General purpose film is also available clear, coloured, printed or unprinted. SHRINK FILM Mono or multi-layered shrink (or collation) film is primarily used for the protection and storage of multi-packs. The packs produced tend to be well presented and compact for easy handling. The principle of usage is identical to that of shrink hoods, in that the products are covered with the shrink film and then passed through a heat tunnel to form finished packs that have a tight film seal around them. `Micro-perforations' are available up to a maximum width of 3000mm. As with all Quinn Packaging film products, there is an option to have them printed and/or coloured.

Our product portfolio includes the following; STRETCH HOODS This type of film is most commonly used for pallet wrapping for transportation and storage purposes. The industries generally serviced by this film include those transporting and storing, food, beverages, building materials and bagged products such as cement or fertilisers. This type of film is produced as a gusset lay-flat tube. The `snap-back' and puncture resistance properties of the film enable sharp objects, e.g. roof tiles, to be held and stored safely and securely. Stretch hoods also have good holding force capabilities to ensure pallet stability and integrity. Stretch hoods have the added advantage of considerable material cost saving of up to 30% in some cases when compared with shrink hoods (for the same holding force). This product can be suited to the needs and specifications of the end-user, including the option for UV stabiliser, which prolongs the protection of the product when it is stored outside. The maximum width available is 1600mm. Hoods are available with or without gusset. There is also the option to have this product printed and/or coloured, with a film gauge up to 250 microns, should it be required. SHRINK HOODS Shrink hoods are an alternative to stretch hoods with the primary difference being that each wrapped pallet passes through either a heat tunnel or a heated gas ring to ensure a tight fit around the goods. As with stretch hoods, this product can also be suited to individual customer requirements, including being printed and/or coloured, up to a maximum width of 1600mm. As with the stretch hoods, shrink hoods can be manufactured up to 250 microns and are available with or without gussets.


Width (mm)

Gauge (micron)

No. of Layers

Stretch Hoods

Up to 1600mm

(with / without gusset)

20 - 250


Shrink Hoods General Purpose Shrink Film

Up to 1600mm

(with / without gusset)

20 - 250


Up to 3000mm wide Up to 3000mm wide

20 ­ 250 20 - 250

3 3


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