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Entry Door and Sidelite Limited Warranty

Paragon Door Designs, Inc. warrants its Radiance Entry Systems product to the original purchaser as follows from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship: (a) steel entry door and sidelite slab for twenty (20) years; (b) fiberglass entry door and sidelite slab for lifetime; (c) steel entry door and sidelite and fiberglass entry door and sidelite paint and stain finish for five (5) years; (d) glass units ­ ten (10) years for insulated glass components; (e) glass frame components ­ five (5) years for cracking, splitting or warping and five (5) years for paint and stain finish; (f) hardware accessories ­ lifetime finish; (g) jamb/threshold ­ primed, painted or vinyl coated aluminum cladding for five (5) years; (h) hinges, weatherstripping, and other component parts for one (1) year; (i) All Dexter by Schlage locksets and finishes for five (5) year mechanical and five (5) year finish; (j) All Schlage® locksets and finishes for lifetime mechanical and lifetime finish with the ULTIMATM Anti-Tarnish Warranty. Any part, parts or complete units which fail because of such defects within the above stated period(s), shall at the manufacturer's option, after defective units have been inspected, be repaired or replaced at no charge. Labor and installation charges are the customer's responsibility and are not included in this limited warranty. This limited warranty does not apply with respect to: (1) component parts which have been damaged by accident, acts of God, negligent operation or improper use, including, but not limited to, use other than as a door or door system; (2) component parts or labor supplied by parties other than Radiance Entry Systems; (3) damage to any component parts as a result of exposure to corrosive fumes or condensation; (4) damage as a result of improper installation or other damages; (5) entire product installed in high-moisture environments, such as swimming pool enclosures or greenhouses; (6) entire product used or installed in high-vibration environments; (7) entire product subjected to stress resulting from (i) localized application of heat, (ii) movement of building and/or building components, or (iii) expansion or contraction of framing members; (8) entire product installed behind a storm door that is painted or stained a color finish specifically excluded in Radiance Entry Systems' finish line as noted in catalog; (9) entire product not finished, painted or stained by Radiance Entry Systems or not finished according to Radiance Entry Systems' instructions within 90 days of purchase; (10) fading of paint and stained finishes; (11) entire product if door and/or components are drilled or altered without Radiance Entry Systems' approval; (12) normal wear of threshold components; (13) labor, shipping or other charges incurred or claimed by the Customer; (14) successor to or assigns of the original purchaser; and/or (15) failure to appropriately follow the Entry Door and Sidelite Homeowner Maintenance and Care Instructions which are set out on the reverse side of this certificate. Paragon Door Designs, Inc. shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, or special damages. No other express warranty is given. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. Some states do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of accidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing exclusion may not apply to you. This limited warranty is non-transferable by the original purchaser. Service under this limited warranty is available by advising Paragon Door Designs, Inc. or one of its authorized dealers as soon as practicable after discovery of defect. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This limited warranty shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. All claims under this warranty shall require proof of purchase and are to be addressed to: Paragon Door Designs, Inc., 7845 National Turnpike, Unit 150, Louisville, KY 40214.

© Radiance Entry Systems Revised March 1, 2010

Entry Door and Sidelite Homeowner Maintenance and Care Instructions

Paint Finish: Water Reducible Enamel 1. Should dust or other loose particles accumulate on the door, remove with a soft brush, soft cotton or flannel cloth. 2. Should the door develop residues such as body oils, cooking vapors, soils or other contaminations, simply wash off with a mild soap and warm water mixture. 3. To prevent scratching keep the weather-strip free of dirt and grit. Wash with a mild soap and warm water mixture. 4. Should the finish become scratched or chipped, use the professionally matched touch up paint furnished. Stain Finish: Artist Oil and Clear Coat Polyurethane 1. The clear coat polyurethane finish on the woodgrain fiberglass finish should be cleaned the same as the painted finish. 2. If you should want to freshen the clear coat surface of the finish after a period of time, we recommend a clear non-yellowing acrylic lacquer or other similar type of coating (Krylon or Sherwin Williams brand). Always test the new coating in a small area before refinishing the entire door. Do not use: (a) cloths made of a coarse fabric; (b) harsh or abrasive chemical cleaners; (c) scotch or masking tape. Use of these materials may cause damage to the paint or stain finish. Hardware and Hardware Accessories Finishes Dexter, Hardware Accessory Finishes and optional Schlage ULTIMATM Anti-Tarnish Finishes: In most cases, water and a soft cloth should clean the lock. If required, use a mild household soap. In severe climates a residue may appear which can easily be removed with standard glass cleaner or chrome polish and a soft cloth. Tempered Safety Glass 1. Clean with mild soap and water. 2. Do not use harsh detergents or solvents. 3. Cloth should be free of grit to prevent scratching.



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