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2009 Spring and Summer Lawn Program

February: Assess the current conditions of your lawn. Is the density of your turf satisfactory? Do you need to apply grass seed or should you apply fertilizer and pre-emergent controls to keep the lawn vigorous and healthy? Your local Independent Garden Center professional will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns. March: Visit your local Independent Garden Center to pick up the supplies you are going to need for your spring lawn treatment. The products of choice for most homeowners should be Turf Trust 24-2-12 with CDU, Green Light Brand® Dimension crabgrass preventer, and Green Light Brand® Portrait broadleaf weed preventer. The weed preventers and crabgrass preventers are only needed on sunny lawns; shade is a natural weed preventer. Prior to application of these products, remove any debris that may have collected on the lawn over the winter. This includes leaves ­ the effectiveness of pre-emergent chemicals will be decreased considerably if leaves are left on the lawn. After collecting debris and leaves, mow the lawn. All lawns can be mowed to a height of 2" at this time of the year. Be sure to bag the clippings for the time being. The soil temperature is too cold to facilitate a rapid decay of the clippings and hence there will be a thatch producing effect. After mowing the lawn, apply the correct products for your needs. The Turf Trust should go down at the recommended rate. This will deliver 1# of nitrogen / 1000 sq. ft. The Green Light Brand® Dimension should be applied according to the label rate, and the Green Light Brand® Portrait should go down at the 4.6# / 1000 sq. ft. rate. The Dimension and Portrait require ½" of irrigation within 10 days of application; it is best to apply them before a rainstorm. If you are overseeding: Do not apply any pre-emergent controls for now (i.e. Dimension or Portrait). You must apply Tupersan. Tupersan is the only crabgrass preventer available that will allow your grass seed to germinate, while preventing your crabgrass. The Tupersan should be applied in early April. Please note that for over seeding we recommend Turf Sense with Yellow Jacket® Brand grass seed. April/May: This is the time to pick-up Dylox insecticide for control of grubs. Dylox is applied after the 15th of April and again requires ½" of irrigation after application. Time your application properly. It is true that grubs are insects attracted mainly to sunny lawns, but homeowners that have a considerable amount of shade and have a mole problem should consider an application of Dylox as well. Grubs are one of the primary food sources for moles. Controlling grubs often helps control moles. Any weeds that do begin to appear in the lawn at this time of the year should be controlled with an application of Gordon's® Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer or Bonide Weed Beater®Ultra. Be sure that there is no rain in the forecast for 24 hours after application. (If the Portrait was properly applied, any returning weeds are not growing from seed, but from existing roots under ground). Raise mowing height to 2 ½".

If you overseeded: The Portrait should be applied near the end of May. June: Raise mowing height to 3" to reduce summer stress on lawn. Water only before noon to avoid disease problems. Keep an eye out for yellow nutsedge. This is quickly becoming a problem weed in the Metro region. It can be easily identified by three characteristics. 1) It grows much faster than the rest of the lawn. 2) It is lime-green in color. 3) It has a triangular stem. This can be felt by twirling the stem between your index finger and thumb. Yellow nutsedge should be immediately controlled, upon identification, with an application of Manage or Sedge Hammer. If you overseeded: The Tupersan applied in early April is beginning to expire. Another application of Tupersan or Dimension should go down near the 10th of June, followed by ½" of irrigation. This is critical to preventing crabgrass for the remainder of the growing season. Be watchful of disease activity on the lawn. Treat diseases to prevent the Spread and control damage. Our Professionals will be able to diagnose and help you remedy any occurrence. July: Control surface insects with Gordon's® Bug-no-more with Permethrin if they are problems. Stop in at your local Independent Garden Center to pick up your 2009 Fall Lawn Renovation Programs. They will be available in stores and on line at the beginning of July.



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