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Installation Volume (IV) and Purge Volume (PV) calculation sheet for steel pipe

Pipe bore 150s 125s 100s 80s 65s 50s 40s 32s 25s 20s 15s Lengths (m) Total length (m) x m3 per m 0.02 0.014 0.009 0.0054 0.0038 0.0024 0.0015 0.0011 0.00064 0.00046 0.00024 Installation Volume of pipework = IVpipework (m3) IVpipework (m3) IVfittings = 10% IVpipework (m3) IVmeter (m3)* IVtotal (m3) PVpipework = 1.5 x IVpipework (m3) PVfittings = 1.5 x IVfittings (m3) PVmeter = 5 x cyclic volume (m3)* PVhose = 1.5 x length x volume per metre (m3) PVtotal (m3)

Round up final answers to 2 significant figures * meter IV and cyclic volume can be found in IGE/UP/1A Table 2 or an equivalent reference book

Volume (m3)


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