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Fully insert mouse end of charge cable into charge port

Switch mouse off Install Batteries

Connect USB end of charge cable to computer

Scroll wheel flashes red & green for 5 seconds while preparing to charge

Scroll wheel illuminates red while batteries are charging

Scroll wheel illuminates green when fully charged charge time = 2 hours






2 3 1


Switch mouse on press pairing button

While scroll wheel glows blue pair to computer

When batteries fail switch off connect charge cable scroll wheel glows red

To use while charging switch mouse on once scroll wheel is solid red Disconnect cable once charge is complete (green)

BT-500 TM mini

Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Mac Quick Setup Guide

Before Using How to Install Batteries

Power-saving sleep mode extends battery life ­ when the mouse is moved after being in sleep mode, the connection is restored in seconds. Battery life averages 4-7 days when powered on 24/7, and up to several weeks when used 4-6 hours per day ­ switched off when not in use. Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable recommended.

Mouse Top

Scroll Wheel / Middle Button / LED Status Indicator Right Button Battery Cover

1. Install two AAA batteries into the battery slots of your BT500 Mouse. Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable recommended. 2. Slide the power switch to the on position and press the pairing button on the underside of the mouse until the scroll wheel glows blue to indicate mouse is discoverable. 3. Pair your BT 500 Bluetooth Mouse with your computer. 1. Press and push raised area to open battery cover. 3. Choose "Mouse" or "Other Device", make sure mouse is discoverable and click "Continue" to proceed to the next step. 2. Insert AAA batteries into slots. 3. Slide battery cover back into position and snap into place. 6. The BT500 will appear listed as a paired device under the device tab of the Bluetooth preferences pane. The BT500 will automatically reconnect after restarts or shutdowns.

Pairing Process Mac

Left Button 1. With Bluetooth active on your computer, launch the "Bluetooth Setup Assistant" using one of several options:

Mouse Bottom

Power ON/Off Switch


BT menubar widget > Set up Bluetooth Device


System Preferences > Bluetooth > Devices Tab > Set Up New Device.

Pairing Button Use power On/Off switch to conserve energy when not in use,


Menubar > Go> Utilities > Bluetooth Setup Assistant

4. Once the BT500 is found and appears in the list, select it and click "Continue". If asked for a pairing code or Passkey, enter 0000 (4 zeros).

NOTE: Use care NOT to press pairing button once BT500 has been paired. If pressed, connection will be lost and pairing process will need to be repeated. If using with the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard ­ switch on keyboard first ­ then mouse (after mouse is paired). For troubleshooting and other helpful tips go to: BT500 tips Please follow regional rules for Bluetooth use.

2. With "Bluetooth Setup Assistant" launched, click "Continue" to proceed to the next step. NOTE: A USB-BT adapter is required if your machine is not configured with built-in Bluetooth. Bluetake BT009X or BT009M Bluetooth USB Adapter recommended. Available from:

5. The paring process is complete. You may click "Quit" to exit the Setup Assistant.

© 2004 RadTech, LLC. RadTech and the RadTech logo are trademarks of RadTech, LLC. Bluetake, the Bluetake logo and BT500 are trademarks of Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd. is under license. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.

w w w . r a d t e c h . u s

Start with known good batteries and BT500 switched off Ensure compliance with OS X checklist appended below Enable Bluetooth on computer Switch BT500 on while observing scroll wheel Scroll wheel flashes blue briefly Has BT500 been previously paired to this computer? Yes No Pair BT500 per instructions and retest No go

Scroll wheel is steadily flashing blue Batteries are depleted - replace

Scroll wheel glows solid blue BT500 is not paired Pair BT500 per instructions and retest

No scroll wheel illumination

Does BT500 appear in Bluetooth System Pref Devices window? Yes No Pair BT500 per instructions and retest No go

BT500 still fails to work

Bluetooth checklist for Mac OS X

1. Download and install the latest Apple Bluetooth software update - currently at version 1.5 2. Download and install the latest Apple Bluetooth firmware update - currently at version 1.2 3. Apple Wireless Keyboard Users - Install Apple Wireless Keyboard Firmware update 1.1 The Apple Wireless Mouse Firmware Update is not needed, nor will it update the BT500. Note: Downloading the updates does NOT install them You must launch the updater(s) from your "Utilities" folder to install. 4. Un-check "Discoverable" in the Bluetooth System Preferences if you're not using it. 5. If you've installed any Mac OS updates via the Software Update mechanism, install the appropriate Combined Update for your OS version - Issues have been identified in the Software Update versions. Links to the Apple Combined updates are available at: 6. Remove potentially corrupted Bluetooth preference file if Bluetooth useability issues persist: Locate and delete the file named: - trash file and restart computer. The path to this file is: /Users/"your home folder"/Library/Preferences. All Bluetooth devices will need to be paired again, and please check #4 above. 7. Unexplained BT issues / erratic device behavior can often be resolved by simply removing the offending device's pairing, then pairing again. 8. Apple BT Keyboard Users - To prevent the erroneous "Connection Lost" messages. Once all Bluetooth devices you are going to use have been paired, power down all devices. Turn Keyboard on first, wait 20 seconds, then turn other devices on. Most people leave their Bluetooth keyboards on 24/7, and this is fine. Other Bluetooth devices may be switched off and on at will in this case. If the keyboard is switched off for any reason, turn all BT devices off, then power-up keyboard first.

Select BT500 in list - does status show connected? Yes Delete pairing, then re-pair BT500 per instructions and retest Does BT500 function normally? Yes BT500 ready for use No Shake BT500 lengthwise is a rattling sound heard? Yes battery contact has bent See pg. 3 of this document for repair procedure self-repair or return for warranty replacement No BT500 defective see pg. 3 for warranty replacement info No

Use care not to press the pairing button on underside of BT500 after it has been paired. If pressed - BT500 must be paired again 2005 RadTech Rev 2 BT500 Troubleshooter

Repairing a bent battery contact

Straiten a large paper clip Using pliers or similar, bent a small "L" at the end of the wire Remove the BT500 battery cover and batteries Visually check the left internal battery contact (when viewed from rear of BT500) If bent, reach into the battery cavity and slip the "L" hook behind the bent contact Gently pull outward on the wire tool to pull the contact toward the rear of the mouse Only a light pulling force is necessary to restore the contact to its proper position If the contact breaks during the repair, simply return for warranty replacement - see below

Paper Clip Tool

Hook tool under clip and pull outward to repair

Correct Battery Clip

Flattened Battery Clip

Returning a defective BT500 for warranty replacement

Phone or email RadTech prior to assuming your BT500 is defective - we will assist you with the issue you're experiencing and, if necessary, approve the return. Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 314-209-9993 If instructed to return BT500 1. Pack BT500 carefully to avoid damage during shipment, Be sure to Remove batteries. Use the original package if available. 2. Include a brief note with the unit describing the problem. 3. Include a copy of the RadTech invoice containing the BT500 if your shipping address has changed, please indicate the new ship to address on the invoice - include a daytime phone number. 4. Return the BT500 to the address below - insure the package to avoid loss. RadTech LLC 4352 Rider Trail North Earth City, Mo 63045 Your BT500 will be repaired or replaced, and shipped back to you once received by RadTech. If your returned mouse is not defective, we will contact you for payment to ship the unit back to you.



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