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6" Round Series Valve Boxes

Primary Application

Protects in-ground irrigation valves. Functions as a rigid enclosure that provides easy access to valves for maintenance. Used in turf applications to house single valves or other subsurface components of an irrigation system.


Models and Dimensions

VB-6RND: 6" Round Valve Boxes

(SKU A11462)

Top Opening: (diameter) 5.7" (14.6 cm) Maximum Top: 6.5" (16.4 cm) Bottom Opening: 7.5" (19.0 cm) Maximum Bottom: 8.3" (21.1 cm) Height: 9.0" (22.9 cm) Pipe Openings (not knockouts): 2 total (one every 180 degrees) Height 2.8" x Max Width 2.3" (7.0 cm x 5.7 cm) VB-6RND

VB-6RND Features

·Two pre-molded side openings accommodate up to 2.0" diameter pipe. ·Beveled lid edges help prevent damage to lids from lawn equipment. ·Lid snaps securely into place. ·Lid can be removed by inserting a finger or screwdriver at access slots. · Available in green body and green lid only.

Pallet Quantity (body + lid)

·6" Round = 360

How to Specify


Model VB-6RND: 6.0" Round Series Valve Box


VB-6RND Series

Valve boxes shall be used as durable, rigid enclosures for valves or other irrigation system components requiring subsurface protection for installation or maintenance. The valve box shall be made of resin that is resistant to UV light, weather, moisture and chemical action of soils. The body shall have two openings molded into the sides. Lids shall have beveled edges to prevent or minimize potential damage from lawn equipment. The valve box shall be manufactured by Rain Bird Corporation, Glendora, California.

Rain Bird Corporation 970 West Sierra Madre Ave. Azusa, CA 91702 Phone: (626) 812-3400 Fax: (626) 812-3411 Technical Services and Support (800) RAINBIRD (U.S. and Canada only)

Rain Bird Corporation 6991 East Southpoint Road Tuscon, AZ 85756 Phone: (520) 741-6100 Fax: (520) 741-6522 Specification Hotline (800) 458-3005 (U.S. and Canada only)

Rain Bird International, Inc. 1000 West Sierra Madre Ave Azusa, CA 91702 Phone: (626) 963-9311 Fax: (626) 852-7343

® Registered Trademark of Rain Bird Corporation © 2010 Rain Bird Corporation 11/10



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