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February 2011 Newsletter

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Great News: We will begin a new computer class in February! Two members, Helen Andrews and Troy Gordon, share their impressions of the recent Music Appreciation Class taught by member Daina Elberts. Test your vocabulary with a "Word Power" quiz provided by Jaymie Underkofler. Forms at the Doctor's Office are on the mind of member Gano Whetstone, along with some pointers about possible changes coming with Health Care Reform. Having traveled widely, and lived several places, Daina Elberts shares her (mostly positive) reflections on Des Moines. Laura McKelvey helps us cherish the memories of two Passageway members who we have recently lost. Member Brenda Lett shares insight on eating nuts as a healthy snack, and her feelings about Spring and Fall. Poet Julie Bird has new offerings, and Julie also contributes an article in the Employment Newsletter.


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Newsletter ­ February, 2011

Contributors to the February Newsletter

Executive Director Linda Oleson-King Passageway Staff Gary Acklin Ron Gilbert Wendy Lindsey John Morrow Editor/Graphics Ron Gilbert Journalists Helen Andrews Julie Bird Daina Elberts Troy Gordon Brenda Lett Laura McKelvey Gano Whetstone Jaymie Underkofler Typists Helen Andrews Julie Bird Daina Elberts Ron Gilbert Laura McKelvey Steve Ramirez David Rothfus Tim Scott Chris Simpson Kim Holmes Serena Iutzeler Tracy Lampley Kathy Neeson Marla Ozinga Steve Ramirez David Rothfus Amy Schreck Becky Short Chris Simpson Patricia Sims Marcia Stone Nathan Strum Ellen Suiter Aryanne Tolczynski Donna Weesner Allan Willwerth Rhonda Woodley Rhoda Wright Karen Howell (13) Terry Olsen (13) Bill Ackrom (12) Robert Brockman (12) Buddy Carson (12) Sheryl Whitman (12) George Blackwood (11) Wilbur Hayner (11) Dawn Hale (10) Thomas Duffey (9) Deron Theulen (9) James Kelly (8) Brenda Bengston (7) Ken Wedebrand (7) Yvonne Windsor (7) Christina Hein (6) Leah Matteson (6) Kathy Miller (6) Diana Neubauer (6) Marvel Wells (6) Pat Laurrell (5) Denise Roustio (5) Ronald Swindler (5) Lloyd "Cliff" Vance (5) Prudence Lattman (3) Amy Schreck (3) Amanda Steed (3) Brad Bier (2) Scott Grubb (2) Sherann Ice (2) Kevin Dalin (1) David Dolling (1) Kelly Kassel (1) Karen Santana (1) Timothy Wheatley (1) Roger Dennis Cole Duggan Dave Edwards Mike Finney Anthony Foster Loralee Gale Scott Harvey Schuyler Herndon Johnie Leroy Hill, Sr. Stanley Hines, Jr. Kim Holmes Robert Hovey Latrice Hunter Victoria Iverson Craig Jenkins Richard Kilgore Renate Kluesner Colleen Knight Connie Lane Anne Lauer Pat Laurrell LaKaye Lewis-Pass Kelly Lotz Robert Magee Doris Mahers Don Marshall Melinda Marturello Bill Maxwell Jeffrey McGinn Aaron Minor Mimi Murphy Tony Padgett James "Jeff" Patch Virginia Paulos Randy Pegram Joyce Reis Becca Seymour Brad Smith Michael Tomlinson Mark Van Atta Justin Vogel Jim Waddel Sherley Walls Ken Wedebrand Diana Williams Theresa Williams Jodi Wilson Rhoda Wright Toby Young

Proofreaders, Collators, Copiers Helen Andrews Pam Belew Julie Bird Vanya Clark Susan Costa Michael Dautremont David Dolling Autumn Ervin Mary Fitzpatrick Andora Guillory Sheila Higdon

February Anniversaries (Years as Passageway member in parentheses.) Linda Sanders (21) Kathy Blackford (20) Judy Jensen (20) Joe King (20) Jim Cox (19) Susie Bierman (18) Diane Dominick-King (18) Paul Forbes (18) Steve Hull (18) Kathy Dunn (17) Iver Mohler (17) Suezette Wing (17) Pansy Brave (16) Mike Drey (16) Gary Lantz (16) Dale Scheideman (16) Justin Vogel (16) La Lonne Cornman (15) Stacie Engman (15) Michael Harvey (15) Gary Van Verth (15)

February Birthdays Michele Belt Margit Browman William (Bill) Butler Robert Buttz David Byrkett Marie Cheatley Curtis Cochrun Sonya Cooley Diane Davis


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Newsletter ­ February, 2011

February 2011 Social Activity Calendar

SUN MONDAY TUESDAY 1 Visit Des Moines Botanical Center (This space intentionally left blank.) Be here by 2:30. Bring $3 plus money for snacks/ souvenirs. Be prepared to walk, but there are places to rest. 8 Go Out to Eat WEDNESDAY 2 Quarterly Meeting-- 10-2. (& House Planning Mtg. for Mar.) Lunch free if you attend a.m. session. YMCA 3-4 Play Board Games 6 S U P E R B O W L 7 YMCA 3-4 Decorate for Valentines Day Dance 9 Passageway Board Mtg. 12 pm YMCA 3-4 Play Wii Bowling Employment Mtg. 1:15 pm 10 11 Coffee & Conversation 9:30­10 am 12 Closed THURSDAY 3 FRIDAY 4 Coffee & Conversation 9:30­10 am Employment Mtg. 1:15 pm SATURDAY 5 Closed (SuperBowl Party at Passageway on Sunday, Feb. 6th.)

Bring $8-$10. Be here by 3:00 pm--group will decide that day where to go.

14 YMCA 3-4 Valentines Day Dance--4--7 p.m. $2 per person, or bring a food dish to share. Guests welcome. 21 YMCA 3-4 Play Cards

15 No Out of Club Activity today due to yesterday's Valentines Day Dance

16 Gateway to Clubhouse--noon House Mtg.-- 1 pm YMCA 3-4 Sing Karaoke


18 Coffee & Conversation 9:30­10 am (Celebrate Feb. B-Days and Anniversaries) Employment Mtg. 1:15 pm

19 Closed

22 See Movies Out Be here by 2:45. Bring $4 plus $1 for popcorn and $1 drinks (small sizes) or extra $ for regular-sized snacks.

23 House Mtg. 1 pm YMCA 3-4 Play Bingo


25 Coffee & Conversation 9:30­10 am Employment Mtg. 1:15 pm

26 Closed

28 YMCA 3-4 Watch Movies In SuperBowl Party at Passageway on Sunday, Feb. 6th. Be here at 5. FREE. Rides home will be provided. Feel free to bring snacks to share.



Newsletter ­ February, 2011

February 2011 Food and Nutrition Page

February Lunch Menu Monday Tuesday 1 Wednesday Thursday 3 Baked Fish Friday 4 Pork Fritters 11 Baked Potato Bar 18 Int'l Day: Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup 25 Chef's Choice 2 (Qrtrly. Mtg.) Hot Beef Sub Sandwiches Sandwiches 7 Chicken Parmesan 14 Pork Roast 8 B.L.T.s 15 Salad Bar

Passageway Food and Nutrition Tip of the Month:

3 Best Ways To Stop Emotional Eating

Out-of-control eating may be a cover for deep emotional issues but it puts you at risk for serious health problems. Find out how to conquer the need to feed. by Heather Camlot from Are you an emotional eater? Do you eat beyond feeling full? Do you feel guilty after overindulging in food? When you're upset, do you go straight to the pantry? If so, you may be an emotional eater and it's a serious problem that puts you at risk for obesity, heart disease and depression. "With emotional eating, we're using food to fill an emotional void, to block out emotions," explains Lauren Grant, founder and CEO of The Hungry Heart -- a counseling program for out-of-control eating -- and certified hypnotherapist and nutritional counselor. "There are a lot of other addictions that fall under the same guise, but food is our easiest default." Along with weight gain, emotional eating can ignite a sort of psychological warfare in your mind. "There's a lot of shame and embarrassment about it," Grant explains. "At first you overeat, then you feel like, 'why can't I gain control of it? I should be ab le to get this under control.'" And then you may start to believe you can't get out of a harmful cycle and you turn to food again, as a way to selfsoothe. Risky times for emotional eating The winter months and holiday season can be particularly bad times for emotional eating. Spending more time indoors, just steps from the kitchen, and festive get-togethers unleash new opportunities to overeat. You might feel more overwhelmed by expectations from family and friends, and you could have more responsibilities to take on. With all that rushing around during the holidays, you may go too long without eating, and hunger sets you up to overeat later. And then there's the constant social pressure to look your best. But there are effective ways to stop emotional eating and be free of its vicious cycle. 1. Eat regularly Eat every three hours to keep hunger at bay and make healthy choices like good carbohydrates, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. "If you're eating these, then you're not setting yourself up to overeat," Grant explains. 2. Work through your emotions and retrain your thoughts Learn how to process uncomfortable thoughts in healthy ways. (continued on page 3 of newsletter...)

9 10 (Board Mtg.) Kielbasa with Veggie Day Pesto & Vegetables 16 (Gateway) Chicken Enchiladas 23 Ravioli 17 Meatloaf

21 Beef Stroganoff 28 Pasta with White Sauce

22 Curried Turkey w/ Apricots & Raisins

24 Cheese Burgers & Fries

Passageway Food Facts: Lunch served Monday -- Friday at noon, $1.00 Dinner served during our Monday and Wednesday "Late Night" evenings at about 5:00 p.m., $0.75 Snack Bar is open whenever we are not serving meals, provided that we have a member volunteer to run it. Members may purchase pre-paid $5.00/ $10.00 meal cards to be used for meals and/or snacks. The cards can either be kept on file at Passageway, or carried by the member.

Passageway Recipe of the Month:

Asian Winter Slaw from Bon Appétit | February 2011 Yield: Makes 8 servings, Active Time: 15 minutes, Total Time: 15 minutes 3 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar 2 tablespoons white miso 1 tablespoon minced peeled fresh ginger 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 16-ounce bag broccoli slaw 3 large green onions, thinly sliced 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro Whisk vinegar, miso, ginger, and oil in small bowl. combine slaw, green onions, and cilantro in large bowl. toss with dressing.



Newsletter ­ February, 2011

Passageway Food and Nutrition Tip of the Month:

Three Best Ways To Stop Emotional Eating

Out-of-control eating may be a cover for deep emotional issues but it puts you at risk for serious health problems. Find out how to conquer the need to feed. by Heather Camlot from (continued from Food and Nutrition Page) Start by identifying the fact that you have these emotions, give yourself the right to have them, and then learn to work through them by asking: What are the underlying reasons for these feelings? What's the emotional dialogue you're having? Is there truth to it? Acknowledging and exploring your feelings can help to tame the issues that lead you to overeat. 3. Claim opportunities and empower yourself Turn negative thoughts into opportunities for self-improvement. Use those thoughts in ways that serve you better; and take the worst situation and turn it into the biggest opportunity. Grant uses an unhealthy relationship as example. "You can't change the other person, but what can you do differently in your life? Should you remove yourself from the problem?" she explains. "Go from being the victim to being in control of the situation." This process is not an easy task, Grant warns, but coping with inner emotional problems leads to overcoming the outward issue of overeating. Seek help and trust in you To speed up the healing process, consider seeking professional help. If you're in a bad place, emotionally, knowing that support is out there can be life-changing. In the meantime, Grant's advice for empowering yourself can help you to get the support you may be looking for: "Trust your own gut instinct," Grant advises. "Don't pick someone else's advice or opinion over your own and take time for yourself." By bravely tackling the emotional issues that manifest in overeating, you can look forward to defeating guilt and shame and enjoy a newfound freedom from limiting

beliefs. "Honor your right to your feelings and emotions," Grant says. "Identify your eating triggers, get into the habit of eating frequently and you'll be set up for


New Computer Class Starting!

We are excited to announce that Passageway will be starting up a new "Introduction to Computers" class in February. The class will be taught by new Passageway Board of Directors member E.B. DeBruin. The class will be held every Thursday, from 2 to 3 p.m. beginning on Thursday, February 10th. The class is limited to six Passageway members. There will be a sign up sheet available in the Clerical Area, so if you are interested, please come in, call, or e-mail Passageway to sign up.

Shelter by Julie Bird

I love you as suddenly and as surprising as the full weight of rain. I stand in Wanting no shelter.

My Review of theMusic Appreciation Class: Romantic Composers and Music 1820 1900 by Troy Gordon

Sometimes something or some time that you spend doing something can strike you so that it forever leaves an impression on a person. Daina's

Music Appreciation Class on Romantic Music was one of those times for me. Taking in all the heartfelt lessons that Daina conveyed to the class was a real inspiration, and I felt that the subject of "Romance" was a good idea. I found the experience itself during the class to be romantic and inspiring. The class was purely excellent, and I would like to commend my friend Daina Elberts for a good job, the highest marks possible! The class began with the "The Laughing Song" from Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss, Jr., which Daina played on the piano for all the class members to listen to. It was very enjoyable as a type of experience, and was a beautiful way to start the class. During class Daina pointed out that four out of the five composers presented in class were Russian, and only Strauss wasn't; he was German. This fact was then reinforced by the lesson that the composers had written purely romantic music. How incredible, music written with the ability to be purely romantic. This made sense after it was explained by Daina, and had therefore opened a new avenue of musical understanding and appreciation for me and possibly others in the class. The second composer was Alexander Borodin, who was a chemist first and composed music for fun. I thought the



Newsletter ­ February, 2011

lesson about Borodin was that he was somehow lost to Christmas was full of life and intelligence, Past. which I surmised due to Daina's commentary, which she explained My favorite part of the class, other was an opinion which she included than the piano playing, was in her lessons. I thought that the listening to Tchaikovsky's musical composer Borodin, "fighter for overture Romeo and Juliet, based on Shakespeare's play. women's This was a definite type of rights," romantic music. The music chemist and began with the composer Montagues and Capulets among other at war, and then went on things, to Romeo and Juliet falling seemed to be in love. It was very an upstanding example of beautiful music that humanity. I Tchaikovsky made to was proud to represent the love have between Romeo and experienced Juliet. From the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet. some appreciation of another human The class was a good experience for being's accomplishments and felt Passageway members, and one I glad for Borodin's contributions to will always remember. humanity. Thoughts on Daina Elberts' The third composer presented was Second Music Appreciation Sergei Rachmaninoff. He was "6'6" Class of Russian gloom," according to by Helen Andrews Daina's handout. (The website was the source What an exciting class we had on of the information.) Nikolai Rimsky Wednesday, the 12th of January! Korsakov was the fourth composer That was when member Daina presented and was a contemporary Elberts presented a music appreciation class about of Tchaikovsky, the fifth composer. "Romantic" music. The presentation about Pyotr Tchaikovsky was an Romantic music is excellent learning music written in the experience, since period between the the videos of the 19th and 20th ballets Swan Lake centuries. The focus and The shifted from the Nutcracker classical style (of brought back all Mozart, for example) to kinds of memories. an emotional, Who can expressive, and imaginative style. Daina remember when they A Scene from "Swan Lake" covered four composers, first heard music all Russian. from one of these ballets? It was very touching to me, since I knew The first one was Alexander the music but had no idea where I Borodin. He lived 53 years and had heard it. The Nutcracker music

produced many pieces, including three symphonies. The piece we listened to was his "Nocturne" from String Quartet No. 2. The second composer was Sergei Rachmaninoff. He was a Russian pianist, conductor and composer. He did many works, including four piano concertos, 3 symphonies and 13 preludes. We heard a little from "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini" and his Piano Concerto No. 2. The third composer was Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, who was a 19th century Russian composer. His most famous work is "The Flight of the Bumblebee," but he also produced 11 symphonic works, including "Capriccio Espagnol," which Daina played for us. The last Romantic composer introduced to the class was Peter Tchaikovsky, who is probably THE most popular composer of all time. He composed 10 operas and many ballets. Besides playing music from the overture "Romeo and Juliet," Daina showed DVD excerpts of two ballets, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. The entire class was very interesting, and I plan to get the CDs of various composers to listen at home. Daina puts a lot of work into her music appreciation classes, which makes them so enjoyable. I encourage all of you to come to her next class and have your ears "opened" to the wonderful world of music.



Newsletter ­ February, 2011

Note: Most of the information provided by Daina in class handouts was courtesy of the website

1. Pantheism noun. ­ a. Crossing of social boundaries b. Burying of the dead c. Belief that God and the universe are identical 2. Propitiate verb ­ a. Honor b. Appease c. Revive 3. Celestial adjective ­ a. ghost lilke b. fleeting c. relating to the heavens 4. Ascension noun ­ act of: a. rising b. offering c. deferring 5. Perigee noun ­ a. layer of an atmosphere b. point where an orbiting object is nearest to the earth c. shift of seasons 6. Divination noun ­ a. Split of harvest b. Immortality c. Supernatural insight into the future 7. Druid noun ­ a. Celtic priest b. Astrological society c. Blind follower 8. Hallowed adjective ­ a. mystical b. respected c. untouchable 9. Renascent adjective ­ a. Warming b. Of the heart c. Rising again 10. Saltation noun ­ a. Leaping or dancing b. Elaborate greeting c. Deep sleep 11. Declination noun ­ a. end of a season b. diminished daylight c. distance of a heavenly body from a point on the same plane as the earth's equator

12. Exuberance verb ­ a. Plan precisely b. With gusto c. Overflow 13. Bacchanal noun ­ a. wild, drunken revelry b. monk's garment c. inscription 14. Cache noun ­ a. Storage place b. Prestige c. Awkward position 15. Quondam adjective ­ a. formal b. former c. penitent

Snacking Healthy by

Eating Nuts by Brenda Lett

Most everyone enjoys a snack throughout the day, but most important in a healthy way. Nuts are one way we can snack and benefit all at the same time, control our weight, the minerals and nutritional values we find. Cashews (perfect portion: 14). One serving of cashews has about 75mg or magnesium, nearly a quarter of the daily requirements. Like calcium, magnesium is key in keeping our bones strong as we age, as well as helping with other bone-related injuries. Eating almonds (perfect portion: 23) fills us up and has a high level of protein (10g per serving compared with 3 to 7g in other nuts). Eating a serving of walnuts (perfect portion: 14 halves) will provide the recommended daily dose of omega3 fatty acids, which may help lower our blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease. Eating pistachios (perfect portion: 49) may be good for our heart. These nuts may also lower LDL levels (bad cholesterol that can lead to heart disease). Take that second look when getting a snack, if you must snack, do so in a healthy way.

To my Little Sister by Julie Bird

Judge tenderly of me, Give me your trust, Understanding and be content in what I give you: It is all that I have. Take me in your hands and turn me over gently, I beg of you; Before you opinion revolves again, Turn me over again and judge tenderly of me, once more.

Questions on Forms at Doctors' Offices by Gano Whetstone

When I fill out forms at the doctor's office, they ask questions in regard to my health conditions. I have surgeries I've had, and there are

Word Power by Jaymie Underkofler

Can you guess the correct definition? (Answers are at the end of the main newsletter section.)



Newsletter ­ February, 2011

medications I take. They never ask the question, "Have you ever been injured or in an accident? If so, what happened?" I think that question needs to be on doctors' forms. I also think that question should be asked by dentists and optometrists. The Social Security office asked me that question on their forms when they gave me my Social Security Disability. I thought it was a very important question. One of my optometrists at Whylie's Eye Care had that question on her form. I feel it is important when treating patients. I am curious as to how other people feel about this topic. What do you think?

through 14 states, visiting large cities and looking for a place to relocate from Indiana. My standards of judging cities were as follows: 1) Transportation (bus) system 2) Libraries 3) Courtesy/friendliness of inhabitants You can learn a lot about me by looking at those standards! First, the bus system had to be adequate for me to get around, since I have no car. The Des Moines bus system could use improvement, but at least you have buses that run every day of the week (in Wichita, KS, there is no bus service on Sundays). Also, I was pleased to discover that the bus drivers here are, on the whole, polite and helpful. Libraries: this area is sadly lacking. I love to read and always check out the libraries in each city I visit, and really, Des Moines, you need MORE!! More books and more or bigger branches. All book lovers need to unite and speak up!! Also important: stop charging patrons for DVD checkout! No wonder so many DVDs sit on the shelves! Best of all, though, is how friendly people are in Des Moines. Strangers on the street nod and say hello; people will defer to you in grocery lines, etc. Maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal, but once you have lived someplace where people are rude a lot, it's a nice change. The Iowa courtesy extends to bike riders: I love the way most automobile drivers wait 6

on me when I'm riding down the street, instead of honking or yelling and trying to run me off!! (Yes, that happens) Last, but definitely not least, I moved here because of Passageway Clubhouse. From the beginning, everyone was so warm and welcoming, especially staff Ron Gilbert. When I first inquired about the clubhouse and moving here, he emailed me that I could visit and consider myself a "temporary" member. Wow, that's impressive, since I had no friends or family here and needed support. Many clubhouses won't let you attend at all without Medicaid. Even now, six months later, I am impressed with the consideration and caring expressed by all members and staff of Passageway. Being a member here has not only improved my mental health, it has made me think that Iowa is "A-OK."

Reflections on Iowa from a (Weary) World Traveler by Daina Elberts

People of Des Moines, listen up: this is not a bad city to live in. In fact, speaking as a world traveler (examples to follow), it is definitely one of the best I have visited. Before I moved here in July 2010, I knew nothing about Iowa except what I saw in The Music Man. That movie made me think people in Iowa were weird. After all, you are represented by that painting of the stern farmer with his pitchfork and the scary-looking lady beside him. The truth is, folks from Iowa are the friendliest I have ever encountered, and I speak from experience. During the last two years, I have traveled Passageway

Besides traveling around the USA, author Daina Elberts has visited countries in Europe and the former Soviet Union. She is tired of traveling and is happy to "give Iowa a try!"

Reflections on Lost Friends by Laura McKelvey

Recently Passageway lost two of its regular members, Dan Gilbride and Shiendel Waweru. They will be greatly missed, so I thought I'd write a tribute to them, as I've been a member since 1999 and knew both of them. Dan became a member around the same time as me. He and I knew each other from another program

Newsletter ­ February, 2011

we went to. We went to see the movie "Scream II" with a friend of ours in the program, too. I know that Dan loved movies, which I thought was neat because it's neat to have a hobby when you have a mental illness. After that, almost every time I saw him, he'd remind me we went to see "Scream II." Dan was a very nice, even-tempered guy and we will miss him very much. I knew Shiendel since she joined, which was, if I can remember correctly, in 2003. I would like to remember her closer to that time because she had more energy and was more able to come and join us at the clubhouse. She was always helping out and a good friend. Luckily, I was able to give her a ride to the last picnic to celebrate Passageway's anniversary of being an independent organization on July 1st. We had a nice talk on the way there and back. She looked like she was really enjoying laying in the sun while she was there. Sheindel has a son Leslie Collins who attends Passageway, and I have talked to him a few times, also. I was flabbergasted to hear of Dan's death, because he was so young. I knew Shiendel had some health issues, but didn't expect her to leave us so soon.

The barn swallows circling above our heads? Oh, Hold me close to you, My Friend. Hold me. I believe in the moon, my friend, I believe that birds can fly.

Health Care Reform by Gano Whetstone

I want the members of Passageway to be aware that many benefits involving the money they get from the government might be changing. That is due to the health care reform law that was passed by the federal government. Changes will be made over a period of time from 2011 to 2014. The money that the organization (Passageway) gets will also change. Members need to work with Linda O.-K. and staff members to understand these changes and any potential impact it may have on you. Passageway and its members may be affected.

and more outdoor events will be coming soon. Spring reminds me of a new beginning of new things yet to come, along with new things to explore while always on the run.

Do you remember the place where the stairs went down to the lake?


Spring makes me realize things are in bloom with warmer temperatures


Newsletter ­ February, 2011

Correct Answers: 1. c; 2. b; 3. c.; 4. a; 5. b; 6. c; 7. a; 8. b; 9. c; 10. a; 11. c; 12. b; 13. a; 14. a; 15. b

For Shiendel by Julie Bird

How Spring and Fall Make Me Feel by Brenda Lett

But by the time fall arrives some things are winding down, then winter's here and colder temperatures usually come around. Fall reminds me of when many things come to an end, then being able to forget the past, I look towards the happier times that usually are ahead. When I dwell on what used to be, I'm wasting valuable time when I could live stress free. I learned I can't worry about what is gone, all I can do is change whatever I can that I did wrong.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Des Moines, IA Permit No. 5019 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

305 15th Street Des Moines, IA 50309

Join us for our annual Valentines Day Dance on Mon., Feb. 14th from 4 ­ 7 p.m. Here are pictures from last year's dance!

Has your contact information changed? If so, you can call us (515-2436929), e-mail us ([email protected]) or send us this form. Name: _______________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ City: ______________________ State: _______ Zip Code: __________ Home Phone: _________________ Cell Phone: ____________________ E-mail Address: _______________________


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Newsletter ­ February, 2011

Passageway Employment Newsletter

February, 2011

Working for the State of Iowa by Julie Bird

Why should I, or anybody else, work for the State of Iowa? For one thing, you get excellent benefits. Those benefits are vacation, group rates on health, dental, life insurance, a state credit union, and training programs. for recruitment. You can hear the recording of openings on the job line. You can apply for all of these jobs through all the Job Service offices located throughout the state. You can also apply to the Iowa Department of Personnel in Des Moines. I will provide more information on working for the State of Iowa at a later date.

Openings Coming Up in Passageway's Transitional Employment Program

As this newsletter goes to press, we are anticipating having several openings to fill in our Transitional Employment (TE) program coming up soon. In the first week of February, Aryanne Tolczynski will have completed her time in the claims processing job at an insurance company downtown. The job hours are 10 a.m. until approximately 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The job involves using a computer, a scanner, and quite a bit of decision-making in processing the claims. This job also requires a background E­1 Employment Newsletter ­ February, 2011

State employees find satisfaction in providing needed services that affect the lives of our citizens and the future of our state. Many of the jobs at the state are well suited to those who enjoy working with other people. What jobs can you apply for? Some of the jobs require special skills or experience. These are called "easy entry," or "work test." You may inquire about these jobs at any time by contacting your nearest Job Service Office. All other jobs are available for application only when they are opened


Passageway Employment Newsletter

check, which is standard for all employees at this company. We also have an opening to fill at Polk County Health Services to replace Connie Mulvin, who had to stop working for physical health reasons. This job is one of four TE positions we have at PCHS. This job is during afternoon hours, 1 until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. All of these jobs involve working on a project to scan paper files and then load them onto the computer in the appropriate area to make sure they are accessible. This job also requires a fair degree of comfort with using a computer, and accuracy is also important. The mailroom jobs at Iowa Finance Authority are coming up soon as well, as Allan Willwerth is also completing his tenure there. The morning position (9:30 a.m. until approximately 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) processes incoming mail. This means all the mail is opened, time stamped, sorted and then delivered to the appropriate people in the organization. The afternoon position (1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) processes outgoing mail. This involves collecting Passageway E­2 mail from various places, running it through a postage meter to make sure the envelopes are sealed and to add the correct postage. The person then stops at each employee's office to pick up any additional mail, deliver internal mail, and then process any final outgoing mail. All Passageway members are potential candidates for these jobs. However, members who have been actively attending the clubhouse, and who actively take part in our work ordered day, are the ones who will be given preference for these positions. Passageway staff members are Placement Managers for each of these positions, and are responsible for training the Passageway members who are placed in these jobs. People with TE jobs get paid directly by the organization they work for, and are responsible for getting to work every day. Passageway members filling these jobs will work on site at the organization, and day-today supervision will be given by staff at these organizations. If you have any questions about these positions, about the TE program, or about anything else employment related, please contact Linda Oleson-King, or speak to any Passageway staff member. Give it a try ­ you can do it! Employment Newsletter ­ February, 2011


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