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"I feel that there are many situations in life where the organisation is too brutal, and the architect's task is to provide a gentler structure for life." Alvar Aalto 1955

Alvar Aalto (1898­1976) was an exceptionally versatile and productive architect who, from the 1920s to the 1970s, designed in Finland and elsewhere in Europe and the USA hundreds of projects, ranging from private houses to city centres. In addition to designing architecture, Aalto also lectured, painted, and designed furniture and glass objects. The measure for everything he did was always man and the well-being of the individual. Aalto's unique architecture is easily recognised: it shows in both the facades and the interiors, in the buildings themselves as well as in the surroundings, from the large scale to the smallest details. Aalto's lamps and door handles are well-known objects, and in their timeless elegance they are equally well suited for a family home as a public building. "Aalto's world avoids over-specific definitions. He is placed sometimes among the Functionalists, sometimes among the Expressionists or the representatives of organic architecture. He represented ecological architecture already before ecology existed --." (Markku Lahti) A Gentler Structure for Life presents 23 projects by Aalto from the 1920s onwards, ranging from private houses to public buildings. Among the gems from the 1930s are Paimio Sanatorium, the Sunila paper mill and community and Villa Mairea. Included from the 1940s and 1950s are the Muuratsalo Experimental House, Säynätsalo Town Hall,Vuoksenniska Church and the Pensions Institute Headquarters in Helsinki. The campuses at Otaniemi and Jyväskylä, and the Seinäjoki, Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi administrative and cultural centres represent work over several decades. The Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, the Aalborg Museum in Denmark and the church of Santa Maria Assunta in Riola di Vergato in Italy, represent Aalto's work from the 1960s and 1970s. A Gentler Structure for Life, published first time in Alvar Aalto's centenary 1998, is the joint work of Markku Lahti, head of the Alvar Aalto Museum, and photographer Maija Holma. Apart from Holma's photographs, the book also includes Lahti's text about the life and works of Alvar Aalto. The clear and flowing text offers, in addition to basic facts, interesting descriptions on the everyday life and work of the master architect, as well as comments from Aalto's contemporaries and quotes from Aalto's own texts.

ALVAR AALTO "A Gentler Structure for Life" Photographs: Maija Holma, text: Markku Lahti Rakennustieto Publishing, Helsinki, 2008 3rd edition, first published 1998 175 pages, 240 x 340 mm, hard cover, four four-page foldouts 23 projects, 221 photographs (many in full colour), 61 drawings 64 euros (VAT incl.) Languages: Finnish, English, German and Italian ISBN 978-951-682-475-1 More information and press copies: Rakennustieto Publishing: [email protected] This press release can also be found on the internet: Books are available from the publisher, Internet: /publishing; our own bookstores and bookshops around the world. Rakennustieto Oy, P.O. Box 1004, 00101 Helsinki, Finland phone + 358 207 476 400


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