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By the Fairview Branch Youth Advisory Group

I normally believe in explaining the plot of whatever I review, before I actually write the review. In this case, I had to make an exception because I don't believe this movie had an identifiable plot. Basically, a man who developed a fear of closets as a child spends the entire movie trying to avoid, and later, defeat his childhood monster. This movie left me waiting to see what would come of seemingly important scenes (the scenes in a movie that are referenced to further on in the movie), yet on all of these occasions, with one possible exception, these scenes are not followed through on. The end of the movie was far worse then any other I have seen, to date. The end of the movie made it appear that the writer became as bored as the audience. To put the cherry on the cake, this movie lacks a climax. I recommend this movie to anyone who hopes to get two hours extra sleep. Rating: 0/5 -Willow Greeley

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What is jealousy? Is it simply one emotion that you feel when you see your boyfriend or girlfriend with your best friend, or when someone else takes that award that you've been longing for and dedicated your entire life to achieving? Or is jealousy a mix of emotions like anger, fear and hurt, or perhaps betrayal or depression and loneliness that is built up over a period of time? Well, one of the major roles in feeling jealous is when you feel powerless, a sense that you have lost, or that you fear something. Jealousy is known to be a complicated mix of emotions; for example, on the internet, it was found that one woman had said 50% of her jealousy was created by fear, 20% by anger, another 20% was by feeling powerless, and the remaining 10% by feeling betrayed. Pretty complicated huh? Determining what created your jealousy to begin with is actually a step towards resolving the problem because it's crucial for you to comprehend why you are jealous so that you can take control of your emotions before they take control over you. Sometimes jealousy can drive you insane, because it is a complicated mix of fear, anxiety and many other emotions. So don't deny it, deal with it. For every feeling of jealousy, there will be an unmet need that represents fear of a sense of disablement. When you realize that you have this feeling, some of the questions you must immediately ask yourself are "What is it that I am really afraid of?" and "What do I need to make this situation safe for me?" or "What is the worst thing that could happen and how likely is that to happen?" This way you can also distinguish your jealousy from envy. Envy is better as it is wistful whereas jealousy is anger which could cause you to be destructive. The importance of being able to control your jealousy is reflected upon this fact: "It is estimated that 20% to 35% of all murders involve a jealous lover (White and Mullen, 1989; Pines, 1992b)." Unfortunately, jealousy mostly occurs in love relationships because it was said that one third of all relationships in therapy have a problem with jealousy, and one of the most important reasons for that is a lack of power. We usually want the power to keep our lover to ourselves, but it doesn't always happen. Some say that in relationships, falling in love is just as simple as becoming jealous. There are five stages of jealousy: suspecting the threat, assessing the threat, emotional reactions, coping response and the outcome. Jealous feelings can easily be turned into actions, because jealous feelings can easily be triggered. So always be cautious, because jealousy lives among us all. - Heeba Abdullah

Depression Quiz

1. On a bright sunny day, do you feel sad, blue, unhappy or "down in the dumps" for no particular reason? A. Never B. Rarely C. Sometimes D. Very Often E. Most of the time 5. Do you feel that you are no longer having fun doing things that you normally like to do? A. Never B. Rarely C. Sometimes D. Very Often E. Most of the time 2. Do you feel tired, lifeless, disoriented or unable to concentrate on your work? A. Never B. Rarely C. Sometimes D. Very Often E. Most of the time 6. Do you feel that you are unable to measure up to expectations? A. Never B. Rarely C. Sometimes D. Very Often E. Most of the time 3. Do you feel restless or quick to become irritable, aggressive or annoyed? A. Never B. Rarely C. Sometimes D. Very Often E. Most of the time 7. Do you ever feel guilty without a rational reason or apologizing needlessly? A. Never B. Rarely C. Sometimes D. Very Often E. Most of the time 4. Do you have trouble sleeping, or with over eating or under eating? A. Never B. Rarely C. Sometimes D. Very Often E. Most of the time

8. Do you feel that things always go, or will go wrong no matter how hard you try? A. Never B. Rarely C. Sometimes D. Very Often E. Most of the time

Add up your score using the following key: A. 1 Points B. 2 Points C. 3 Points D. 4 Points E. 5 Points

-Jaquiline Uy *Quiz adapted and modified from: ch/screens/depres.html

40-33 points. You're depressed. This is a very common condition, especially now that you're in your teenage years, so don't feel alone. Confide in a close friend and tell them your situation. Maybe you just need someone to be there and listen to you. If you're a loner, do something productive with your life. Study, read, paint, draw or play sports. Find an outlet for your depression. Make goals and reward yourself for having achieved them. 32-25 points. You're on the verge of being depressed. Cheer up. Try to count your blessings instead of your misfortunes. Smile and see the good in others. Have fun and let go of the past bad experiences you've encountered. Each day brings forth a new slate to start your life anew. Live life well. 24-17 points. You're normally well-balanced. It's alright to feel depressed once in a while. It's nice how you are able to keep rise up from those depressing moments. Help out others who aren't that cheery. Continue to be happy. 16-8 points. Amazing! You are the epitome of a cheery and bright person. Congratulations! Keep up the good work. It's nice to know that people like yourself still exist. Bring your sunshine into the world.

Poetry Corner

-On Writing A Poem...Writing a poem is not very easy, The mere thought of it makes me queasy. I think and think of something to write about, My brain gets so mad nothing ever comes out. Making things rhyme is not for my mind, And that is true for everyone of my kind. Poetic devices are known for their vices, They aren't really known for making entices. People say poems are easy to write, But everyone knows that's just tripe. All this is only my point of view, Wanna believe it or not it's up to you. -Aamer Kapadia

- "In the comfort of a dream"With sadness does the Sun bid its good-bye As its embracing rays gently retreat, Surrendering itself to the night sky That tucks us underneath the warm bed sheet. When sprinkled by the Sandman's magic dust The portals of reality are sealed, To enter in the real of dreams we must In which our great desires are concealed. In this enchanted land ideals reign, Hope glistens from the hungry children's eyes. In dreams we're not constricted by our pain And not encumbered by our sure demise. But dawn has come, the Sunlight takes a peep Into our eyes awaking us from sleep.

-Le Petit PrinceLe Petit Prince A cause de sa fleur Il va dans un voyage Devient courageux, et non-pas plein peur Le Petit Prince Il voyage sur les planètes Tombé de son astéroïde, 612 Mais jamais il ne s'arrête Le Petit Prince Quel bonhomme Premierment, il rencontre le roi Avec des qualités énormes Le Petit Prince Il rencontre le vaniteux et le buveur Après l'homme d'affaires, qui compte les étoiles Et enfin l'allumeur Le Petit Prince Y'a aussi l'écrivain qu'il rencontre Il écrit beaucoup, s'expressant Mais ne regarde jamais sa montre Le Petit Prince Finalement, il visite la Terre Où il fait des amis avec plusieurs Et expérience les arbres, les montagnes et les mers Le Petit Prince Il manque son amie Même avec tous ses nouveaux Sa fleur, sa vie Le Petit Prince Le serpent est son ami-il le voulait croire Mais le serpent l'a tué Dans son dernier territoire - Heeba Abdullah

As of October 5th, 2004, Good Charlotte released their third album entitled 'The Chronicles of Life and Death'. This album has two versions, the 'Life version' and the 'Death version'. The difference between the two versions lies in the two different covers and bonus tracks. Both versions also contain a hidden acoustic track. In this album, the members of Good Charlotte have matured a lot, the same can be said for their music. Aside from the member's regular instruments, there is also a full string orchestra and keyboard in some tracks. Also there is no direct mention of the Madden twins' father or other problems that the members faced throughout their early lives, with the comical exception of the song 'I Just Wanna Live', a song featuring their new opinions of celebrity life. Although some fans of their previous album may dislike the band's new style, I believe it is a positive change. The band seems to have grown with the majority of their fans. The dark cynical humor that appears in album is in almost direct contrast to the upbeat pop tunes of the previous album, 'Young and the Hopeless'. This CD is a further representation of the band's involvement in their own work. The twins, Benji Madden (guitar/ vocals) and Joel Madden (vocals) continue to compose the music and lyrics the band plays. Billy Martin (guitar/keyboard) has joined the twins' in writing some of the songs, as well as having done all the artwork for both versions of the album. Chris Wilson (drums) was declared an official member of the band before having to leave recently, due to unspecified health problems. As for Paul, (bass) well, he remains Paul. I highly recommend this CD; so much that I have both versions. Fans of bands such as Green Day, Sum41, Simple Plan, and Linkin Park may also enjoy Good Charlotte's new style. For those who have a bias against Good Charlotte, I strongly suggest listening to some of the non-cover tracks, (the ones that don't get made into music videos) and than reconsider. Rating: 4.5/5 -Willow Greeley

What I saw the evening I went to watch Cabaret, simply stunned me. I've been in many schools previous to Haig, and seen many presentations and plays. Some did impress me, and truthfully, some didn't. Of course, I was in younger grades, and the budgets weren't exactly very good but nonetheless, many of them, I enjoyed. The evening I went to watch Cabaret, I never thought I would go in there and see something so well put together, so well acted, and so well coordinated. Mind you, I never thought it would be bad, but never something of such a great quality. I watched the Cabaret movie, and looked at some of the character buildups in the play, and they were very alike to the movie. The background of the play, was very well put together. It allowed each scene to flow smoothly, so it could be used as a Kit-Kat night club, a hotel, and even for outside scenes. It also set a mood for the play,

kind of foreshadowing the depression, and the lifestyle of the people during it. The actors that played the different characters, were simply amazing, and did an outstanding job. Each actor played their part, and held their role throughout the whole play. Throughout the play, groups of characters had different stories in life, and would give you different moods. For example, Sally Bowles, is a girl who moved to Germany to make a career, but ended up working in the Kit- Kat club living off people because of the times. The characters show that even though the times through the depression were tough, they would make the best of it in the Kit-Kat club. One character that really stuck out and got you thinking, was the MC. The master of ceremonies would pop out in times where things weren't looking good he almost was a representative of evil.

Many things could be said about the MC's character. He puts on a smile, and gives you a show, then goes about his secretive buisness. There was one thing that really impressed me. It impressed me that, not only could the actors, act brilliantly, but most of them could sing too. The singing added so powerfully to the whole play, one could say it took it to whole new level of plays. The one thing you have to look at is this play was acted by high school students. That idea makes the whole play even more amazing. I can say, truthfully, that I never expected so much talent from high school students, and I was just, simply put, shocked. After watching this play I would recommend everyone to go and check out some of your school plays and shows because you can really see some interesting things. By: Boza Cicvara

Ravenscliffe Series

Devon March has always known that the monster's in his closet are more than a figment of his imagination. His father knows too, and would always tell Devon that he was stronger than any of them. Although Devon never knows what the demons in his closet really are, he lives a relatively normal life. Until the man he called his father dies. With his death Devon learns that the man he called father, wasn't his. Devon gets sent to live with a family he has never met, gets involved in magic, and soon begins to uncover parts of his past. He is finally beginning to learn: about the demons, his past, why he was sent to this new family and many of the other mysteries of Ravenscliffe. The Ravenscliffe series is an amazing tale of adventure, fantasy, mystery and action. With twists around every turn and sub plots that mesh together to weave an amazing tale filled with action, suspense, fantasy, adventure, mystery and romance. It's a perfect mix of modern fantasy and classic gothic settings and style. A must read for fans of fantasy, mystery and gothic literature. Many fans of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings also seem to enjoy this series. The third book, 'Blood Moon', is on its way. -Willow Greeley

A Game of Thrones

(Book one of the Song of Ice and Fire series)

"Winter is coming." And indeed it is, like it has always done so for eons come and gone. But this time there is a bitter and threatening note in the air after the ruling king of the Seven Kingdoms dies suddenly from a hunting accident. Whether his death was intended or naught, suspicions begin to arise, treason is called for, loyalties are broken, heads roll, and the game of thrones is set into motion. But the oncoming slaughter of winter also heralds another cry among the chaos. It is a deeper, more sinister threat, and has only just begun to rise from the frozen wastelands in the north. Meanwhile, far in the southlands, a brother and sister of the last Targaryens, late heirs to the throne and in exile, make their way slowly northward, bringing with them an army of hundreds and thousands of savages called the Dothrakis. Their goal: to take back the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground." A Game of Thrones brings the aspects of humanity; the best and worst in us, the chaos and hatred that we have caused and will cause, and the harsh realities of life. But after all, A Game of Thrones is a fantasy novel, its limits boundless in a world spun out of reality. And in a way, this novel depicts the reality we live in. In A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin weaves an intricate tale of court intrigues, treachery, betrayal, and of kings and thrones. There is no such thing as a goody-two-shoes character or a malevolent lord whose goal is to take over the world in Martin's creation, but only flaws. Flaws and amibition which have shaped and bent his characters into their mold, and ultimately their role in the grand tapestry in the game of thrones. George R.R. Martin has an originality and uniqueness that sets him apart from other authors. He is not afraid to kill off his characters, whether main or minor, unlike many authors who often save the hero who will predictably conquer the darkness and annihilate evildoers. A Game of Thrones is a book which will make you say, `Wow. That was brilliant!' when you finish the last page of the 835 page novel. But the fantasy epic doesn't stop there. The books which follow A Game of Thrones in the Song of Ice and Fire series are: A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast For Crows (to be forthcoming), and A Dance with Dragons (to be forthcoming). There are six volumes in the whole Song of Ice and Fire series, but I have not uncovered all the titles yet. -Carola Rong

-SiddharthaSiddhartha is a novel by Herman Hesse, 1946 Nobel Prize winner for literature, about a man's journey towards self-fulfillment and knowledge. A well-to-do Brahmin young man, Siddhartha, searches more about life. He leaves his comfort zone to become a Samana with his loyal friend Govinda. They met the great Gautama thus begins the separation of the two friends. Siddhartha leaves the Samanas in search of more to life thus engulfing him to the wordly life of hedonism and materialism. His heart yearns for more so he goes on in search of what life has to offer. Surprisingly, he ends up as a ferryman. However, life continuously gives him more surprises as he leads this simple way of life.Amidst all these things, Siddhartha manages to live life head high and become a truly wise and fulfilled man in the end. Regardless of cultural differences with Siddhartha, everyone can relate to him because his journey is a real eye-opener. It continuously stirs ones mind, heart and spirit. Time, place and personal stature cannot prevent one from learning something from Herman Hesse's novel. -Jacquiline Uy

-The Alison RulesAlison seems to have the perfect life. She's beautiful, popular and has the perfect boyfriend, but something isn't right. It is the reason she avoids her locker and the hallway surrounding it. It is the reason she has been at odds with her brother and father. It is the reason she dumped her boyfriend. This all changes when Patrick shows up to her school. He is funny smart and a failure in geometry and Alison falls for him immediately, however there are problems: a) Her Best Friend is in love with Patrick b) Then there are The Alison Rules Faced with these dilemmas she has a choice to make, either she can follow her own rules or accept her past and learn to live a little. With superb characters that every teenage can relate to The Alison Rules is a profound story about friendship, love and loss. -Sarah Hasnain

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: A Trilogy Of Four By Douglas Adams

What happens when you mix space and time travel, depressed robots, chirpy doors, egoistical ex-presidents and electronic books that rival The Encyclopaedia Galactica? Well... You get The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, of course. This story follows the travels of Arthur Dent, an increasingly unlucky little hitchhiker in a big, big universe... And his travels are increasingly bizarre. For instance, there was the time his (previously non-existent) daughter visited, broke his watch, and took off. Then there was the time he became the Sandwich Maker sent by Almighty Bob. These are just some of his many other crazy and improbable adventures. My first impression of the book was a very good one, which stayed with me for the whole read. After all, it is a very amusing book, and a good read. I found that the story tended to jump around a bit in each of the separate novels within this book, but it wasn't a big problem, and I was still able to understand it. Though there are four separate novels in this edition they linked together well, which raised my opinion of it. However I disliked the way Adams repeated certain descriptions in the different parts of the book. Maybe it's just one of my pet peeves, but I felt that he could've taken the time to write a new passage each time. But overall the good points of the trilogy out weigh the less-good... So I'd advise any fans of humour, or science-fiction, to borrow or buy this book. -Christine Ng

He's an actor. He's a director. He's a musician. He's a born entertainer. Johnny Christopher Depp the Second was born in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9th, 1963, and was raised in Florida. When he dropped out of high school at the age of 17, he joined many garage bands such as "The Kids", however he soon got into acting after a visit to Las Angeles with his former wife, who then introduced him to Nicolas Cage. Making his film debut in 1984 with "A Nightmare on Elm Street", he immediately caught the public's eye, and started shooting the TV series "21 Jump Street". Johnny Depp continued doing several films, some of which were extremely successful and helped him gain popularity. One of the many reasons most critics enjoy his films is because he is known to select roles that consistently shock the audience such as his role in "Benny & Joon" or his role in "Ed Wood". He also played the role of an undercover FBI agent in the movie "Donnie Brasco" in 1997 and a couple years later, he tried a role in the sciencefiction horror movie "The Astronaut's Wife". Some of his other projects include: the mystery thriller "Sleepy Hollow" in 1999, the romantic comedy "Chocolat" in 2000, the big-budget film "Crime" and the terror drama "From Hell", both shot in 2001. A few of his latest great works are "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", "Finding Neverland" and "Secret Window". In 2004, he received an Academy Award for his excellent performance as Jack Sparrow in the family adventure "Pirates of the Caribbean", and he will undoubtedly receive more awards in the near future. Some of his upcoming movies are "Two Past Midnight" and "Secret Garden". Johnny Depp is very active off-screen as well, as he is known for his "romantic involvements" with multiple female celebrities such as Jennifer Gray, Winona Ryder and even Kate Moss. Who can blame him though? His charming ways can catch the attention of even the most famous, beautiful women.

Jennifer Lopez is probably one of the most famous females on the face of the planet, but she has yet to forget her roots. It's clearly noticeable that she is proud of being born and raised in the Bronx of New York as she even gave "props" to her hometown in her album "This Is Me..Then". "The soul of the record is based in my Bronx upbringing," she is quoted saying. She began her career as a dancer for commercials. In 1990 however, she won a dance audition that landed her a spot on the Fox comedy show "In Living Color" and almost immediately she started dancing for the lovely Ms. Janet Jackson but soon after became a pop legend herself. By 1998, Jennifer was known to be the highest paid Latin actress in history, and by 1999, she released her first album "On The 6". Jennifer Lopez has been in the Entertainment business for as long as one could remember, and with such mega hits like "Jenny From the Block", "Feelin' So Good" and her latest hit "Get Right", she will continue to entertain the world for decades to come.

He's a multitalented, remarkable, Canadian athlete representing our beautiful nation. Steve Nash has already defied critics by making his way into the NBA all star games by playing outstandingly on the court. Growing up in Victoria, B. C. he experienced a wonderful and exhilarating life by playing numerous sports besides basketball such as soccer, hockey and lacrosse. Even though Steve Nash grew up in a "soccer oriented family" because his father and his brother played soccer professionally, his childhood idol was Wayne Gretzky. "Growing up in Victoria, my hero was Wayne Gretzky," he said. "I didn't really play basketball until I was 13." Being influenced by his peers, he began basketball, and consequently, he quickly succeeded. Soon enough, he started competing and playing with more tactful and skilled players, as he spent long hard hours practicing some of his own moves. At St. Michael's University in British Columbia, he won the Triple A Senior Provincial Championships and received a basketball scholarship from Santa Clara University, where he was twice named the West Coast Conference Player of the Year. In 1995, he was picked by the Phoenix Suns in the first round draft pick and was selected 15th overall, the highest a Canadian has ever landed. In 1998, the Dallas Mavericks exchanged Nash in a trade for Martin Muursepp, Bubba Wells, Pat Garrity and also a 1999 first round pick but unfortunately, he played with an injury that season, and did not do so well. He soon stopped disappointing the crowd, when in the 200001 season, he was finally feeling healthy and as strong as ever. He continued improving as he was shooting nearly 50% in field goals percentages and 90% in free throw percentages. Shortly, he was selected to play in the NBA all star game, and he even led Team Canada during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. This made Steve Nash the very first Canadian superstar to ever participate in such a competitive


-Heeba Abdullah

I was lucky enough to have Geoffrey Huntington, the author of the Ravenscliffe series, agree to do an e-interview with me, just for all you readers of I Am A Newspaper! So here are the questions I chose to ask him and his responses.

Do you outline the characters, plot,etc. before writing? What was your initial inspiration for the Ravenscliffe series? Many inspirations -- I have always been an avid reader of fantasy, horror, mystery and gothic tales... and an avid watcher of such shows as 'Dark Shadows' and 'Buffy'. So it simply came together in my mind! How do you come up with the ideas for your writings? I trust my imagination... your first idea is usually your best. What is your work schedule like when you're writing? I write my best in mornings -- 6 or 7 A.M. until about 1P.M. -- then the creative energy turns into athletic energy and I want to go outside. A little-- I know roughly where the story and characters are going. But mostly I just let the muse take me where she wants me to go... I let the characters go forward on their own. Sometimes the way a story turns out surprises even me! When and how did you realize you wanted to be a writer/ author? Since I was a boy of 7... writing stories on notebook paper and stapling them together to make a 'book'.

Do you have a favorite character? If so who? It would have to be Devon... because I see through his eyes. But I have a soft spot for Cecily too. She's coming into the spotlight in the later books. Besides your own work do you have any particular author or book suggestions forteenagers? I hesitate to suggest anyone because I wouldn't want to leave anyone out. There are so many good books out there. Right now I'm re-reading some of the classic fantasy teats... Tolkein, Baum's Oz books, Marion Zimmer Bradley...every author owes a debt to them. Is there a set release date for "Blood Moon'? I'm hopeful by the spring or summer -- it's completed ( as is book 4!) but publishers have set schedules to follow.

-Willow Greeley

I have been thinking about issues in animation and I suddenly thought about anime consisting of heavy action and war. .....why does it appeal to girls today? A few moths ago, I started watching Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. I must admit, the series blew me away. The viewer demographics even more. For example, I know that my friends and I have a taste for giant mecha (robotics term for an exoskeleton that is controlled by a human by cockpit, neutral response, control etc) show. The First thing that appealed to me was that it was made on cell shaded 3-D animation...and you can barely notice that with a few exceptions through the show to normal watchers. (I can mention the bacque and the archangel; spaceship evasion maneuvers. However imagine my surprise when my sister sits beside me and asks" Can I see Gundam with you?" I almost fell off my chair and the only words that my mind would come up with were WHAT. She told me that her friends also watched Gundam, and she wanted to see what it was all about. Now she is a fan to the point that she gets mad at me when I don't tell her when its on. I find this amusing for we are entering an era where guy series are being watched by girls. However, I started to analyze why this happens and found: As I watched Gundam Seed a highly emotional history about a guy (Kira Yamotto) trying to deal with being special. A coordinator (modified genetically enhanced humans that are more intelligent) and is finding out that war is not the glamour that some series say about it, finding what war is and what is worth fighting for. It is quite superb however being that my only contact with Gundam (GUNDAM is as old as Star Wars as it comes from the year 1978) has been Gundam WING, Gundam SEED, and Gundam SEED destiny, but I have been told these are only shadows of what Gundam can be and has been. However, what still amuses me about this is that it is almost as if it was an incredibly successful attempt of joining two different demographics: Gals and Guys. Con't on next page

-Witch Hunter RobinThis series revolves around a girl named Robin that works for the STNJ, a secret agency that hunts witches, beings similar to the mutants found in the Marvel universe. In this series Robin is searching for the "Wisdom of the Craft". She is one of the few hunters that have magic powers, hence she has no need for weapons, unlike her comrades. This is what makes her unique. She doesn't seem to remember her past, and there are many more surprises on the horizon. This series is quite short, around 26 episodes. It does, however, have amazing animation and leaves you with questions that require you to watch the following episodes to discover the answers.

-NarutoA ninja named Uzumaki Naruto had a fox demon sealed inside him by the fourth Hokage in order to stop it from destroying the Hidden Leaf Villiage. As a result, Naruto was looked upon as a foreigner and treated as an outcast. No one cared about him. This lack of attention drove him to attempt to achieve the most difficult of goals, becoming the next Hokage, and thus the village's strongest ninja.

Con't from last page So, I started doing more research about where else this change has also been happening, and I found Inuyasha. Okay, so the main story revolves around half Demon that acts as a hero and is on the hunt for the sacred jewels. This anime seems to be made for a core male audience, but because of the story involving two different romances (Kagome/Inuyasha and Miroku/Sango) and a lot of questioning about feelings such as Inuyasha's loneliness due to his half demon status, who lost the love of his life. This was due to the ambitions of another half demon and Inuyasha is torn between the issues. I find it powerfully emotional and brilliant. It is a series that appeals two completely different viewer demographics. Another similar anime is Sakura card Captor, which is frankly quite an old series, but the dun is fairly new. This is however quite horrible for my tastes even though it has a fairly good dub cast. The story revolves around a girl; Sakura Kinomoto who is racing against time to stop cards from running " wild and free" making destruction as they pass, but she is not alone. She has Kero a talking a talking plushie obsessed with video games and candy . The main characters also include Tomoyo, her camera obsessed friend and Shaoran Lee, descendant of Claw Reed as her rival. This story appears to also pull together people appealing to everyone. This series however has a few feminine ideas ­ including romance between Sakura and Shaoran. True, these are just a few examples of the changes that are occurring in viewer demographics. And maybe it has been happening before I really pondered it, but I still find it refreshing. Now, as I see it, these anime show special and deeply emotional aspects of the characters, a major development , not only making the show better, but also making other shows to follow suit, resulting in even better animation and plots for the future. This is a winwin situation that will no doubt attract new viewers.

-Card Captor SakuraMany of you know may this series. But the dub fails to do the original justice. This series revolves around a girl named Sakura that by mistake releases the Clow cards, this leads her towards the goal of trying to obtain all the cards. However she has a rival, Lee Shaoran, who is a descendent of the magician Clow Reed, also trying to gain control of the cards. This series, despite having been altered to be more child friendly, is very enjoyable with many unexpected plot twists.

-GundamSEED This anime is about a war in the Cosmic Era 71. The earth alliance and ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of the Freedom Treaty) are fighting each other, and a young coordinator named Kira Yamato gets entangled in the conflict.

-Full Metal AlchemistEdward Elric and his younger brother Alphonse Elric tried to resurrect their dead mother by the use of alchemy. Unfortunately, their attempt failed, Edward lost one of his legs, while Al lost his whole body. Edward then bound his brother's soul to a suit of armor and lost his right arm in the process. The story is about the alchemist brothers searching for the legendary Philosopher's stone to restore their bodies

Ever been caught bad-mouthing a friend, had a misunderstanding or simply did something you regret to a friend, and wish to apologize? Here are some tips that could maybe mend your relationship.

·Let him/her cool off. Your friend needs some time to think through what had happened and how they should handle it. You may say something like, "I'm really sorry for ditching you when I promised I wouldn't." ·Take the responsibility. Use more "I" than "you". So you may say, "I know I hurt you" instead of "I know you're hurt." ·Make a promise. Always end your apology with a vow never to do whatever you did again, and make sure you stick to it. Also ask your friend what you can do to make it up to them. Then, ask if they are ready to move on from this.

·Be specific. So, don't say, "I'm sorry for what happened the other day." Be up-front and clear so they know that you know what it is that you are apologizing for. Then, your friend might be interested in what you have got to say. ·Remind them how important they are to you. Tell your friend how special they are to you, how you still care about them, and why you first became friends. It may help them remember how important the friendship is to them too. ·If they accepts your apology. There is two ways to end this "situation". One way is where the key is to forget about it, and be friends again. You man want to get together and do something fun, and forget about the misunderstanding, or whatever you did. Another way is to talk it out once you both trust each other again. ·Try to understand how they feel. Put yourself into their shoes, and think how you would feel if they did the same thing to you. After, let them know that you understand how they feel. You can say something like, "I never meant to hurt you, and there is not excuse for what I did."

·Explain yourself. Give your friend an honest explanation of the reason(s) for what you did. You need to help them understand more about what happened and where you are coming from. ·Wait. Give your friend some time and space to calm down and think about your apology. If you continue to ask them about it, your apology can backfire.

Jenny Chan

If your friend does not respond to your apology, you may need to ask her casually what is the status of your friendship at the moment. You could always try other ways to win her back, but if she still does not show any signs that she will forgive you, you can not do anything more. If she is still mad after a long period of time since the "problem" happened, you may need to forget about them. Your friend obviously does not see eye-to-eye with you about what happened, and you already tried your best to mend the friendship. So, your friend may not know what a loss it is to lose such a friend as yourself, do not let your friend bring you down forever. The outcome of your friendship lies only on the shoulders of your friend.

-Maple StoryMaple Story is a computer game that just came out last summer. This fantastic game is made by Wizet and targeted the whole world. Maple Story is a new taste in video game, as it's the first world 2D side scrolling MMORPG, as many people hear this, they lose interest, but this game is not really a disappointment, it's competing with famous games like Ragnarok Online and FF11. Here is my rating and further information. Controls: 9/10 The controls of this game are simple, it's almost all keyboard, and you may assign all commands to keys you like, anyone new can do this. Story: 5/10 Basically no storyline in this game so far, maybe they will make some later on, there are quests currently to make this game understandable. Graphics: 8/10 The graphics of this game are just amazing; you probably expected bad graphics from a 2D game like the classic Mario's but this game's graphic is totally awesome. It's also cute!! You can tell they put work in as all equipments, items and avatars have neat designs. If you played or know a game called Gunbound, this game's graphic is really similar to it.

Game Play: 8/10 In my opinion, any MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) gets boring after a while, as all they give is monsters to kill, leveling up, and few storylines. But these games are exciting and enjoyable when you play with your friends, you may team up, chat, which make these games more enchanting. As this game doesn't require much internet connection, it has almost no lag, just last December they set up a server in North America, so we won't need to connect to their Korean server. Remember, even though this game is still in beta phrase (testing), it will be free when it officially comes out.

Music/Sound: 6/10 Cheerful as the music in the game may be, there was no option to turn off the music provided by them so that you can have your media player on. There are many sounds for every move and action you take. Still, music and sound isn't a big part of a great game.

Language: 10/10 Most people speak English, so you shouldn't see any other languages around. Because this server is designated for North America, which leaves out other non-english speaking countries. You might see some French or Spanish, but not many.

Overall: 7.8/10 Great game, anyone should try it, it's absolutely free, if you don't like it, you may always delete the game from your computer. Wizet is adding more details in. You may get the game at -Daniel Du

Suggested Listening

Maggie Hao & Heeba Abdullah

French: Concerto Pour Deux Voix ­ Clemence et Jean-Baptiste Maunier Je Viens du Sud ­ Chimene Badi Ma Philosophie ­ Amel Bent Un Monde Parfait ­ Ilona Mitrecey Metal: Angry Again ­ Megadeth Master of Puppets ­ Metallica Needled 24/7 ­ Children of Bodom Stillborn ­ Black Label Society Sweating Bullets ­ Megadeth The Trooper ­ Iron Maiden Hip Hop:1, 2 Step ­ Ciara f. Missy Elliot Get Right ­ Jennifer Lopez Obsession ­ Frankie J Naughty Girl ­ Beyonce Number 1 Spot ­ Ludacris

Rock: Boulevard of Broken Dreams ­ Green Day Buried Myself Alive - The Used Going Under ­ Evanescence I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace It's My Life ­ John Bon Jovi Kryptonite ­ Three Doors Down Minority ­ Green Day My Paper Heart - All American Rejects Nothing to Lose - Billy Talent River Below - Billy Talent Somewhere out There - Our Lady Peace Wake Me When September Ends ­ Green Day You Give Love a Bad Name ­ John Bon Jovi

Japanese: <from anime> Akatsuki No Kuruma - Fiction Junction f. Yuuka Every Heart- BoA Fields of Hope - Rie Tanaka Ignited - T.M. Revolution Life Goes On - Mika Arisaka Pride - High & Mighty Color Romanian: Cand Noaptea Vine ­ Laguna Ciao Bambina ­ O Zone Despre Tine ­ O Zone Dragostea Din Tei - Haiducii Se Asterne Toamna ­ 3 Sud Est Si Ce ­ Voltaj Singura Iubire ­ Class R&B: Caught up ­ Usher Girl ­ Destiny's Child

Classical: Habanera (from Carmen) ­ Bizet Piano Sonata in C Minor op. 13 (Pathetique) ­ Beethoven Promnade Dans Les Bois Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint The Four Seasons- Vivaldi

Pop: A moment like this ­ Kelly Clarkson Every time ­ Britney Spears Karma ­ Alicia Keys She will be loved ­ Maroon 5 Since you been gone ­ Kelly Clarkson Toxic ­ Britney Spears

Loose my Breath ­ Destiny's Child Oh ­ Ciara One thing - Amerie Techno: Every time we Touch ­ Cascada Feelin' - East Clubbers Unbelievable - Keith Mcmurray Wonderful Dancing - East Clubbers Persian: Ahange Man ­ Black Cats Azize Delami ­ Mansour Bezan Berim ­ Mansour Kafshe Noghreyi ­ Sepideh

Jazz: How High the Moon - Dave Brebuck It Don't Mean a Thing - Louis Armstrong Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington Together Again - Dave Koz Dance: Call On Me ­ Eric Prydz Damaged (Radio Edit) ­ Plummet Ghetto Love ­ Original 3 I Don't Believe You ­ Joee Let it Rain ­ 4 Strings Music ­ Darude Push the Button: Galvanize ­ The Chemical Brothers Robot Rock ­ Daft Punk The Nitro of Love ­ Marco Bellini

Rap: Candy Shop ­ 50 Cent Latin : Caraluna ­ Bacilos Es Por Ti ­ Juanes Sobrevivir ­ Olga Tanon Quizas ­ Enrique Iglesias Disco Inferno ­ 50 Cent Hate it or love it ­ Game & 50 Cent How we do ­ Game & 50 Cent Mockingbird ­ Eminem Some Cut - Trillville Indian: <from bollywood movies> Deewana Hai Dekho ­ Kabhi Khushi Hum Hain Is Pal Yahan ­ Kisna Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Kal Ho Na Ho ­ Kal Ho Na Ho Mere Dil Vich Hum Tum ­ Rishi Rich f. Veronica Juggy D. Say Shava Shava - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Woh Kisna Hai ­ Kisna

Why should you complete your community service hours? Some reasons you may want to complete your community service hours include: -it can strengthen your community -reinforces civic responsibility -provide you with job experience for your resume -gives you insight into what you may want to do for a career -you can not graduate without completing them

Canadian Cancer Society 20 Holly street (416) 485-0222 Year round Work may include: -daffodil sales -mail drops -canvassing 14+

Community Assosiation for Riding for the Disabled G Ross Lord Park (416) 667-8600 Year round Work may include: -tacking/ untacking horses -side-walking horses -leading horses -office work Heeba Abdullah 14+

Canadian Red Cross Society, 1623 Yonge Street (416) 480-2500 Summer or year round

Work May Include: -Office Duty -Meals On Wheels -First Aid -Hot Chocolate Programs 14+

"Hey! Are you on any sports teams this year?" "Oh yeah! I'm on the Rugby team!" "Rugby? Isn't that kinda like football?" Well I guess some people have to be forgiven. I myself didn't know what rugby was until the start of this season. Like so many of you out there, I had in my mind a vision of something like football, but without the padding. So the question is asked, What is rugby? Well, speaking as the newbee on the team, I can honestly say that it is a laugh and a half. So much so, in fact, that the 25 or so girls on our team brave all elements, injuries and hazards to play. That being said, yes, rugby does hurt. On the first day of practice our coach gives us the lowdown on injuries. If we get a concussion, we have to tell him. He then proceeds to tell us that he will be teaching us how to tackle, and not the sissy football tackle, either. One up for the good ol' rugger. Wondering how to play? The basic rules aren't complicated, but some of the specifics can be headhurting. In more ways than one. Ok. So you have a team, which is divided up into two main sections. The pack and the backs. The job of the pack is to run around after the rugby ball, which looks like a football on steroids. They have to tackle anyone who has the ball, take it, push the person out of bounds, or down onto the ground. I'm on the pack, and is it ever so fun. The more intelligent players, the backs, actually have to think about what they're doing. It is they're job to bring the ball up, and score a point, by putting it down in their opponent's end zone. The original `touchdown.' They have to run and get tackled. Actually, everyone in this game tackles and is tackled. If you don't like getting hurt, don't join a rugby team. Oh, and another major rule ­ you aren't allowed to pass forwards. So you either have to run or kick the ball up the field. So that's the BASIC game. There are lots of other things... so join a team if you want to find out what they are. I promise you won't regret it. It sounds like a violent sport, and yes, it is, but it is the most fun thing that I have ever played. So go out there, join a team, and forget about rugby being like football... It's much more fun to those of you who want to run around getting mud everywhere. -Christie Campbell


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C A A A D V E N T U R E J Fantasy Myth Young Adult Nonfiction

-Willow Greeley

Romance Fiction Short Story Adventure

Mystery Horror Biography Science Fiction

Historical Humor Poetry

50 Questions To Ask When Picking Someone's Mind (a.k.a., 50 Though-Provoking Questions)

1) If you were to commit suicide, how would you do it? Why? 2) Do you value honour? What does it mean to you? Why? 3) Which is more intimidating- life, or death? (Is one considered brave to live or brave to die?) Why? 4) What does the night hold for you? 5) Is there a light at the end of a tunnel (assuming that tunnel exists)? Explain. 6) Define "normal". 7) Would you die for a friend? Why? 8) What does friendship mean to you? 9) Why does love cause pain? 10) What emotion do you feel most or are most familiar with? Why? 11) What- or whom- do you fantasize about? 12) What comes to mind at the word "beauty"? 13) What is the most beautiful part of a person? 14) Do souls exist? Why? (If you answered with `yes', are they eternal, or unique? If you said `no'... Where is a person's personality housed? Why do you believe that? And is it eternal, or unique?) 15) What colour is anger? (Why do you think that?) 16) Do you believe that hate is the opposite of love? Why? 17) Why do we war? 18) What happens after death? 19) What comes to mind at the word "crimson"? Why? 20) Do you like mythology? Why? 21) Define "weird". Are you "weird"? Explain. 22) Why do people use stereotypes and labels? Are they good or bad? Why? 23) What do you feel about prejudice? Why? 24) Are you racist? (Are you sure? Are you sure you're sure?) Why? 25) What is your hope/wish/dream? Why? 26) How do you tell if something is fictional or real? 27) What's the difference between fantasy and reality? 28) Is honesty always good?

-Christine Ng

Note: Read this with a partner- or even better, a group. Debate and argue over your opinions. (And do not think to insult this by calling it a questionnaire!)

29) Do you know what your deepest, darkest secrets are? 30) Do you know your greatest fears? Why are they your fears? 31) Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? 32) What is the difference between `knowledge' and `wisdom'? 33) Is anything truly `good' and/ or `pure'? 34) Is anything truly `evil/malicious/bad/sinful/immoral'? 35) Why is white associated with `goodness' and black with `evil'? 36) Let's pretend humans are separate from animals. Why are they different? 37) Does society and the surrounding environment `mould' people? If so, how? 38) Describe yourself in 5 words. (At least 2 should be positive words, and two should be negative.) Why did you choose them? 39) How do you think others see you? Why do you think that? 40) Is writing an art? Explain. 41) Why do people fear things such as mice and/ or insects? 42) Is chaos good or bad? Explain? 43) What is fire a symbol of, to you? Explain. 44) What's the difference between `desire' and `lust'? 45) What colour do you see yourself as? Why? 46) How do you think you'll die? Why do you think that? 47) Some believe a person is a person mainly because of their consciousness and ability to communicate and assimilate words and thoughts. But if the consciousness of a person were to be uploaded into a robotic replica of a human body, would it be considered a real person? 48) Why should religion have so much power over people's actions and lives? 49) What is considered to be sinful? 50) Why are some people against gay marriages and unions?

We'd love to hear what you think. E-mail with your comments or answers

Q: hey Isabelle, I have a question okay question is: what if it's a love triangle between you, your best friend (which also happens to be the girl that you're in love with) and another guy (that's part of your group of friends). well its not really a love triangle cause nothing's happening between anyone, but you're jealous that the girl is giving more affection and attention to the other guy than to you and you happen to be jealous because of that and you think there's some chemistry between your best friend and him, when in reality the girl doesn't like either you, or the other guy, and she's best friends with both you. So yeah, I'm frustrated that I'm not getting as much attentionwhat should you do? Signed: clueless guy A: hey there clueless guy! Well it would seem to me that you're crushing majorly on this girl! The thing is: she doesn't know that. The fact that she's giving your other friend more attention is probably because she feels closer to him. Or perhaps, it's just because you like her that it would seem that way. Was it ever like that before? Well...if you want to get this girl's attention I think you should tell her how you feel, or ask her how she feels about you. You'll definitely get her attention that way. If you're not one to be blunt, try to be subtle and say outright: "I like you." Be flirtatious, make some body contact (like a hand on the shoulder kind of thing...don't press yourself up against her, that will freak her out)

-Mujeres Al Borde De Un Ataque De NerviosUna critica cinématogror Pepa, una actriz de doblaje, ha vivido con Ivan, su co-estrella, para varios anos. Una manana, Pepa se desperto para descubrir que Ivan rompio con ella sobre el contestador. Pepa tiene algo muy importante a decirle a Ivan y cuando no esta buscando lo, etsa al lado del telefono. Esperando su llamada. Su momento de angustia esta interrumpido cuando Candela, su amiga un poco tonta, vino en su casa. Candela esta aaterrorizada y quiere un escondrijo porque ella se ha involucrado con un terrorista Chiita. Ademas, Carlos, el hijo de Ivan, y su novia vienen al apartemento de Pepa para alquilarlo. Pepa se encontro tambien con Lucia, una antigua esposa loca de Ivan. Pedro Almodovar es considerado como el director espanol el mas influencial desde Luis Bunuel. Almodovar ha hecho peliculas fantasticas pero "Mujeres.." es uno de los exitos mas grandes de él. El tema principal de esta pelicula es el de las h mujeres abandonados ; que sea por sus sgf___mantes, maridos, novios, o terroristas. ____La interpretacion de los actores fue muy buena _____en esta pelicula, especialmente Carmen _____Maura. Recomiendo esta pelicula a todos _____porque es una historia muy comica y muy _____dramatica al mismo tiempo. Recomiendo ver _____esta pelicula en espanol porque es mejor. _____Dirccion y guion : Pedro Almodovar - Aliya Ladha

Capricorn December 22nd ­ January 19th Your resolutions have yet to become reality. Who's to say that they're impossible to uphold? Cleaning your room doesn't have to be such a drag, turn on some music and dance with the broom a bit. Being more involved in school doesn't always mean joining millions of clubs. Have some fun making cookies for the charity council bake sale and feel great about you self at the same time. Whatever your resolutions are, don't treat them as a chore, find an entertaining way of achieving them and have yourself a great year! Taurus April 20th ­ May 20th Surprise mes chéris! This month will undoubtedly be an unforgettable one. Your friends are going to throw you a surprise party, your parents will raise your allowance and for once, your boss might even say "Good morning, how are you?" when he walks in. You will receive recognition from your fellow peers; you may even be chosen to join the school varsity team. You will certainly catch yourself smiling more often this month.


Aquarius January 20th ­ February 18th Lately you've been feeling as everyone's out to get you. Your parents are constantly nagging you to do better in school, and you don't trust any of your friends anymore. Dear Aquarius, you are starting to worry a bit because you feel insecure. It's alright, don't let the tension get to you; you are merely going through one of those weird teenage phases. You will overcome it and life will be normal once again. Pisces February 19th ­ March 21st You've worked so hard for the past few months and now you are just extremely exhausted. Your mind is set on working harder but your body refuses to function. Take a break and have some fun my dear Pisces!! You'll still end up with a 90% on that project that you've been working on for school. Go watch a movie and chill out with your friends. If you relax a bit and try to spiritually connect with your inner-self, you may realize how much you're missing out on. Aries March 22nd ­ April 19th This month you will once again be reminded of that saying "Never judge a book by its cover." Perhaps that nerdy lab partner of yours will get a haircut, a facial hair wax and turn out to be a complete cutie. Perhaps your least favorite teacher will show a completely sensitive and considerate side that you have never seen before. Bottom line is, keep an open mind.

Leo July 23rd ­ August 22nd You feel really wild and sexy this month!! You just marched up with pride and asked out the school president. Your friends are in shock. You tell them "there's no need to worry", and you are absolutely right. Let loose and set yourself free because you've wanting to be daring for far too long, and now its time to take some action. Get yourself a new look; cut your hair and buy some clothes because you are probably tired of being invisible all the time.

Virgo August 23rd ­ September 22nd Your life will be incredibly hectic in the next few weeks to come. You've applied for a number of different universities and you're very anxious to know which ones have accepted you. You're currently really nervous about your future, so you maybe experiencing a continuously changing range of emotions. Unfortunately my dear Virgo, the constant pressure may lead you to act a bit stubborn.

Horoscopes by Heeba Abdullah

Cancer June 22nd ­ July 22nd There will be some obstacles to overcome this month. You will get into an argument with a loved one and maybe even hurt him or her. Although it may not be completely your fault or your fault at all, put aside the "you started it" attitude. Instead, be the first to step forward and try to work out the problem. Remember fights that don't break relationships make them stronger. Ultimately your attitude is a major factor of the outcome of your relationships. Libra September 23rd ­ October 23rd Dear Libra, you will encounter troubles in the near future if you do not have the power to desist from the terrible information you distribute among others. Rewind on the mistakes you've made that have caused others to fail in different aspects of their lives. However, don't forget to look back on you own past romances with others. If you begin giving your all you'll soon realize that the bittersweet taste of lust can only bring pleasure for only a moment in time. Go out and make some new friends this month. Scorpio October 24th ­ November 21st Lately you have been staring at the television set or your computer screen more than usual. Your eyes are sore and you've been leaving imprints of your bottom on the furniture. This is a wake up call buddy! Try something new! Join some extracurricular activities at school or get back to the do-ityourself project that you've abandoned. Now is a better time then ever to rack up some of those volunteer hours.

Gemini May 21st ­ June 21st Dear Gemini, you will experience dramatic changes in your life this month, and because you are a very routine person, you may find it hard to deal with these new changes. However, your closest friends will be there to support you whenever you are feeling down and you will realize what the true meaning of friendship is. Eventually, you will learn to cope with the differences and accept anything that blocks your path.

Sagittarius November 22nd ­ December 21st You refuse to cooperate with your school guidance counselors because you simply want to leash your inner child. Nothing important such as your job or school seems to matter to you, you're only goal is to accept all challenges that are thrown to you by your "enemies" as you are eager to play every game you wonder upon. Make an effort to be wise my dear Sagittarius, because this next month won't be so easy sailing for you, watch your back. Start to respect your elders, their only concern is your safety, so don't let anger lead you to trouble.

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