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Greetings Kia ora Fakalofa lahi atu Malo e lelei

Creating Our Future Together

Bula Vinaka Talofa lava Kia orana Pozdrav Svima Talofa


An update to the Ranui community about recent happenings at the RANUI ACTION PROJECT (RAP)

Issue 2: May 2002

DOB IN A DO-GOODER!! ... Celebrating the peacemakers of Ranui!

Do you know someone who is doing good work for Ranui? Have you seen someone showing kindness, or getting help for others? Maybe that person or group could get one of our new awards! We are not looking for heroes. We just want to hear of acts taken by every-day folk, making a difference. Let's change violence not by bringing out a big stick and using more violence ourselves as we try to stop it! Let's try to grow the seeds of what we want in its place. Let's celebrate our successes, and share our stories. Hearing good news about what is being done is a great way to help all of us get better at stopping violence. So, if you know or see someone who is making a difference around violence ­ maybe they are standing up for someone being bullied, showing care for another person, or making big personal changes himself or herself. Maybe its someone who just didn't stand by when they saw violence but went for help.... whatever else seems to add to the peace and health of Ranui... well, let us know. There will be three rewards each month, for an adult, a child and an organisation, we will present them at each RAP Society meeting. Each year we will give something really great to the overall winner in each section. So, tell us the stories of those you see who are making a positive difference. Lets hear what we are doing to make Violence Free Ranui a reality! Please contact Di or Vai at RAP 832 6048 Pastor Jacob Schwalger at 837 2050 or Elaine Dyer at the Violence Free Waitakere office, 8374849. Entry forms are available at the RAP office, Ranui Community Centre, Library or Ranui Pharmacy

WHAT'S INSIDE? · Translations: page 2 · Saturday 25 May: Action Plan Workshop ­ Have your say! A meeting to decide what to spend RAP money on first p3 · 17 June RAP Elections p3 · Computers for community use: p4 · A Ranui Market Day? P4 · "Raise the Level" Youth Talent Quest p5



SAMOAN O `Fai Mea Lelei' (Do Gooder), ole a foaiina mea alofa mo e Faatupu Filemu I Ranui; tamaiti, tagata matutua, poo faalapotopotoga foi e aofia uma ai. Faafesootai mai le ofisa ise tagata poo se faalapotopotoga ete iloaina o loo faatupuina le filemu I Ranui. Ole Sue Taleni o lea faia mo tamaiti I le Aso Faraile 10 Me ile 6 ile afiafi ile malumalu ole PIC, Armada Drive, Ranui. O pepa e faatumuina mo le ulufale e maua ile Community Centre, Faletusi ma Faleaoga uma. Faamolemole afifio mai ile fono o lea faia I le masina o Me, aua le faavasegaina o tupe mo galuega o fuafuaina, ile Community Centre. Afai e leai sau Computer, aua ete popole, toeitiiti lava maua loa computer ete faaaogaina ile Community Centre. Afai foi o oe ete fiafia ma fia auai ise Aso Maketi O Ranui, faafesootai mai loa Caroline 411 7822 poo le 021 303 234. Numera faafesootai: Ph 832 6048 Vai poo Di, pe te susu mai foi ile ofisa o RAP I le Community Centre. TUVALU A te potukau ko te "Dob in a Do Gooder" e fakamanatu ne latou a te aso o tino teu te filemu I Ranui, kola e aofia iei ko tamaliki, tino matua mo fakapotopotoga. Fesokotahi mai kia matou mafia e isi se tino e iloa ne koe e mafia o fesoasoani ise sose auala. E isi se Fakataufaiga mo Talavou I vaega poto valevale e fai I te aso Ono po 18 Me ite 6pm ite Falesa ote PIC I Armada Drive, Ka maua a form ite Community Hall, Library mo Akoiga. Fakamolemole e manakomia tou fakatasi mai ia te fono ke fakatau fesoasoani tatou ki te fakavasegaga o polotieki (projects) kola e tau o fund tamuamua ne tatou I tou "ActionPlan" ite Community Centre ia 11 Me E mata e masani o fakaaoga ne koe se komupiuta (computer) I ne taimi kae e seai sau me totino; ka isi ne komupiuta ise taimi mai mua nei ite Community Centre kola e mafia o fakaaoga ne sose tino E mata e fiafia koe ke aofia koe ite aso maketi o Ranui? Fesokotaki kia Caroline ite napa e 021 303 234 or 411 7822 Fesokokiga mo te RAP I telefoni kia Vai me ko Di ite 832 6048 or vau koe ki te ofisa ote RAP ite Community Centre. COOK ISLAND Kia taokotai ite rave anga ite angaanga ma te meitaki. Kia akameitaki ia te aronga I akatupu ite au. Te Tamariki, te Aronga Mamaata, te au Metua e pera ki te au Putuputuanga Ranui. Mei te mea e kua kite koe ite angaanga meitaki a tetai tangata, me kore ara tetai Putuputuanga, kia akakite mai kia matou ki runga ite numero tariponi: (09) (832 6048). Na matou e tuku atu ite akameitakianga. E imene tamataora anga ta te au tamariki mapu, te ka rave ia a te Maanakai, Ra 18 o Me, ite ora 6 ite aiai, ki te Are o te P.I.C., Armada Drive. Me ka inangaro koe ite tai peapa noou, e tiki atu ki te Are Putuputu anga ki Ranui, Are Puka Tatau (Library) Apii (Schools). Te pati akatenga ia atu nei koe kia aere mai ki te uipaanga no te tauturu anga ite angaanga kia tere ki mua, ite kimikimi ite tai moni no ta matou angaanga e rave nei (Action Plan) ki te Putuputu anga (Community Centre Library) iroto nei ia Me 11 2002. Ka inangaro ainei koe ite angaanga ki runga ite (Computer), me kare oki a'au ite kainga? Kare e roa atu, ka rauka mai tetai ki te Are Putuputu anga ki ko ite Are Puka Tatau (library). Me ka inangaro koe ite tomo ki roto ite ra okooko anga a te Ranui, e ringi atu koe Karoraina (Caroline) ki runga ite numero 021 303 234, me kore, te numero tariponi; (09) 411 7822. Me ka inangaro koe kia kite koe ite maata anga o teia tuatua, e ringi atu ia Vai, e Diana, ki runga ite numero tariponi; (09) 832 6048, kite Opati ote Putuputu anga (Ranui Action Projects).


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We apologise for the absence of Maori, Croatian and Tongan translations. At the time of printing we were awaiting these translations and due to the pressures of time it was necessary to go ahead without them. Niuean RAP members have advised that translations are not necessary for this group as most read English.





Hello Ranui, "Creating Our Future Together" is the vision that the RAP team have developed. It's a simple phrase, but much thought went into these few words. They summarise the values that the RAP team has agreed will guide everything that we do. Things like: valuing and respecting one another's differences, working together, honesty, trust and the willingness to take risks. What we are doing at RAP reminds me of a beautiful tapestry. Like our community, a tapestry is made of many different strands: some weaker, some stronger, all colours of the rainbow. When these strands are woven together they create a tapestry of great strength, beauty and uniqueness. When we pull together with shared visions and are prepared to take the time to work through our differences in a respectful and positive way I believe that we can achieve miracles! Those of you who have been involved with RAP in some way will recognise that there is a miracle occurring in Ranui right now. We don't always get it right first time, but we persevere and this community is rapidly becoming an example to other parts of New Zealand about really working together. Which is really something when you consider the range of different backgrounds that we all come from. ACTION PLAN WORKSHOP 25 MAY Many of you will remember the Futures Festival where we got together and brainstormed visions for Ranui. What will we fund first? Will it be a youth centre or health programmes, doing up the Railway Station or having a Ranui truancy officer? These are some of the many ideas that you came up with. There is a meeting on Saturday 25 May at the Community Centre to decide which of these ideas to fund first. PLEASE COME AND HAVE YOUR SAY!

RAP ELECTIONS To ensure that the Ranui community really gets a say in matters that affect our lives, a very committed group of Ranui people have been meeting regularly to develop a RAP constitution and structure that is democratic and represents the Ranui community. The next step will be elections on 17th June and it will be important that you come and vote to have your say as to who represents you on the RAP Committee. Or maybe you would like to stand for election. Think about it. Let's keep on "Creating Our Future Together" and making a difference in Ranui ­ if something interests you in this newsletter, come on board. There's a great team at RAP and new people are very welcome. Let's make Ranui the place that we want to stay in and to bring up our children and grandchildren. Our RAP Society meeting is on the third Monday of the month at 7pm at the Community Centre. Coming to this is a great way of hooking in to what's happening. Or just phone Di or Vai on 8326048 or drop in to our office at the Community Centre




Would you like to become a member of RAP? This will enable you to vote at the upcoming RAP elections on 17 June and have your say about the future of Ranui. All you have to do is fill out a simple form saying that you agree with RAP aims and objectives. Please phone Vai on 8326048 and we will post you an application form ­ or just drop into the RAP office at the Community Centre.



Are you an art and craft person or do you grow or produce organic products? Are you creative in any other way? We would love to hear from you so we can get together and discuss possible ways to sell your goods at our own Ranui market day. Do give Caroline a call on 411 7822 or call RAP at 8326048 as soon as you can so that we can get together and discuss ways to start our own Ranui Market Day.

People frequently call in to the RAP office asking if there is a computer that they can use. So, a group of people at RAP decided to get together and do something about it. Peter and Janice got together with the library and Christine at the Community Centre to see what's possible if we all work together. The outcome is that our own Computer Room will open on 29 May at the library. So if you need a place to type up your CV, school assignment, or want to send an email to family overseas (much cheaper than the phone drop in to the Ranui Computer Room at the library. For those of you who find using computers a bit scary, a staff member will be on site to give you a helping hand. Opening hours are still being worked out ­ we'll keep you posted. The more the facility is used, the more likely it is that we will get further funding to expand it, so please drop in. Who knows, in time we may have our own Ranui Internet Café! We are looking for volunteers with good basic computer skills to help us to staff this new resource. Please contact Di or Vai on 8326048 if you are able to help us.


RAP and the Council have been meeting regularly to ensure that the Council is linked into our community and what it wants. Steve Wilcox from the Council recently came to a meeting in Ranui to discuss plans that the Council has for upgrading the Ranui township. People at the meeting gave Steve their feedback and he is doing his best to incorporate some of this into the plans. Traffic slowing devices and some signs are being proposed. Keep an eye out for works in the Ranui townshop on Swanson Rd: new footpaths, traffic islands, planting, railings, and new streetlights. They are intended to help in slowing down traffic and beautify our main street. The good news about this is that the Council is paying, not RAP!




YOUTH TALENT QUEST When: Saturday 18 May 6pm Where: PIC Church Armada Drive Ranui Entry: $1 There is so much talent among our young people ­ here's a chance to celebrate it. A Group of Ranui young people have formed a team to organize this event. They are doing a wonderful job and it promises to be a terrific evening to showcase the talent amongst our young people. Every entrant will receive a prize and there are $200 cash prizes for winners of each section. Spot prizes for the audience too! Parents, please tell your children. No entry fee for performers. $1 entry for the audience. Entrants must be aged from 12 to 21 years. Entry forms are available at the Community Centre, RAP Office or ring Vai on 8326048 or Ana on 8326146

BOOKS FOR KEEPS The recycling of children books project is going well and Books for Keeps gave each child at Birdwood School a book to begin their very own library at home before the Easter holidays. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have this as an ongoing project? If you have any good quality children's books your family no longer need, we would be delighted to put them to good use in the community. We will mend them if they need it, delete personal names and put Books for Keeps bookplate in them ­ AND find them a good home!

Phone Rose 832-6037 or leave them at the RAP Office or the Ranui Community Centre office.


This was a really entertaining workshop. Ranui teachers and parents who attended this day enjoyed a range of presenters providing us with great ideas to help us to entertain our children with stories that captivate them. A follow up is being planned for parents who were unable to make this workshop. Phone Janice Chong on 838 1303 ext 801 Or watch this space

Rose Christie French, Carol Ilich and Julie Goodwin busy repairing books


Anyone can enter this Poster Competition - to encourage more people to use the wonderful array of parks in Ranui. (Entry forms are available at the RAP office, library and the Ranui Community Centre) How many parks are within walking distance of your house or school? You might be surprised! Why not play in a park today, or walk, or have a picnic.


Regular massage is increasingly being seen as a valuable tool to deal with stress and keep ourselves healthy. Whilst paying for a massage is beyond the means of many of us, here is an opportunity to learn how to massage so you can share these skills with your loved ones. RAP will be giving a limited number of free massages to some lucky people (preferably people who have not experienced a massage before) First in first served. If you want to try a massage or enroll for a class to learn - please call Vai on 8326048


We would love to have a Ranui Parks Discovery Day and involve people from the Council with the idea of improving access and facilities and developing an interlinking walkway through the green spaces in Ranui Ideas abound ­ a picnic, a tile in the pavement pointing you on to another park, maps-showing pathways etc. But we do need a small group of people to get this off the ground and make it a success. Please would you help Phone Rose 832 6037 or Diane at the RAP office 832 6048




Most Coroglen residents enjoy living in this smart complex, but a few people have expressed concerns about issues affecting residents in Coroglen and the surrounding streets. RAP is interesting in hearing from residents in this area who are interested in getting together to discuss ways in which we can work together to resolve some of these issues in a positive and creative way. Please call Diane on 8326048 Below is another perspective from Coroglen resident poet Jack Knight, also known as "Osborne Jack" Two languages now replaced with ten, That is this complex namely COROGLEN It is new in area but not in name As there is another in Coromandel called the same So the first thing you do after unpacking you gear Is to tell the postmaster and those who are dear That your new address is Henderson 8 And that will stop your mail arriving here late Next in order is the security thing Lock up at all times, don't be frightened to ring A neighbour or the police, if you see something strange Happening at your place or just out of range Things haven't changed much over the years It just that increased population causes more fears But think about the poor people in 3010 Wishing they had lived in our COROGLEN RANUI SCHOOL NEWS CONGRATULATIONS Our congratulations to Jewellyndel Hemana, Katherine Tutini and Tyrone Kopua who won swimming at the Waterhole Swimming Centre. Ada Williams and Teiria Toro have won scholarships for the Waitakere Swimming Clubs as well. Congratulations. Zone Swimming Ranui School competed in the Henderson Zone Swimming Competition at the Henderson Pool. Twelve schools were represented. All races were relay teams of four children. Our four ten year old girls set the tone of the day when they won their heat in the first race of the day. From then onwards everyone swam his or her best. We made every final. Our school came fourth overall. Well done everyone who participated. RESULTS 10 year old girls backstroke First 10 year old girls freestyle Second 9 year old girls freestyle Second 9 year old girls/boys freestyle Second 9 year old girls Backstroke Third These results have been achieved by the dedication and commitment of the children training before and after school for several weeks Welcome to long time Ranui resident Rob Luisi who has recently started working at Ranui School as a Social Worker. Rob is also a valued member of the Ranui Youth Group who are organizing "Raise the Level" the RAP Talent Quest.


Plunket aims to provide a caring, professional, well child and family whanau service. We offer information and support for families with children 0-5 years. This service includes home and clinic visits. Ranui Plunket Clinic is situated next to the Community Centre on Swanson Rd. Clinic Days are Monday and Thursday and we are very happy to welcome Caro back who was the Ranui Plunket nurse in 1999/2000 COMMUNITY APPROACH TEAM (POLICE YOUTH WORKERS) Hi I'm Richie Williams; I am a Police Officer and am currently managing the Police run Ranui Community Approach Project. We are providing proactive police strategies in the area to reduce crime. I have two youth workers working with me who are not Police Officers; they are Billie-Jo Glover and Sid Kirby. We would like to start off by thanking the community for their support and encouragement over the past 10 months. To date we have several clients on our database that we have been working very closely with and are beginning see some positive change in themselves and their family/whanau. We have frequent contact with the local schools. We are enjoying raising our profile in the area; already a lot of Ranui children are stopping and talking with us, which is fantastic and encouraging. The touch tournament that was organised in Ranui went very well, and we are looking forward to organising another, we will keep you updated. We are still based at the Henderson Police Station; it remains one of our many goals to be housed in the Ranui Community. So once again thank you Ranui. 6 From Richie, Billie-Jo, and Sid

CPR TRAINING This training is available to Ranui people More than 75% of heart attacks occur in the home. That's why first aid providers, First Aid New Zealand are working with RAP to undertake a ground-breaking community CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) campaign ­ starting in Ranui. With assistance from Waitakere City Council, an initial group of community leaders from Ranui will be trained to instructor level in CPR (a first aid technique used to revive people suffering from heart failure) with the aim of passing on their new-found skills to other local residents. The new Ranui instructors will be equipped with the resources they need to teach CPR, including training mannequins, instructional videos and books. If successful, the CPR 2000 campaign will then spread to other areas of Waitakere City and the Auckland region. Please phone Vai 0n 8326048 if you are interested in this training PARENTS AS FIRST TEACHERS (PAFT) Is your child under three years old? Do you want to give your child the best possible start in life? PAFT provides free practical help for parents. Trained parent educators will visit you at home, provide helpful information/advice and check on your child's development. Do take advantage of this free service and phone PAFT on 837 4306


Available locally, yards of the stuff. Ring Mary Rose at 832 6034 or Geraldine at 832 5558


All of the people who sat their restricted licenses after training from Mike at Kiwi Assessment Services passed their test. Well done. Some more people are receiving further training and will sit their test soon. Good luck... It's great to see people who have been struggling to get their restricted license receiving this help and getting on the road ­ legally. PACIFIC ISLAND GARDENING PROJECT

Nikita Talamahina peeps out from amidst the sweetcorn in one of the many gardens that were grown as part of the RAP Pacific Island Garden Project. Project Leader, Mele Talamahina is investigating the possibility of finding a communal space for an ongoing community garden.


Ranui Quilt Show RAP is supporting the Ranui Quilters to have a Quilt Show on 29/30 June at the Ranui Community Centre. This will include a range of beautiful quilts from the Ranui Quilters Group and some tivaevaes from the Cook Island community. Don't miss it.

Alternative to Violence Workshops

Zero Tolerance to Violence coordinator Elaine Dyer is intending to offer an Alternative to Violence workshop to Ranui. We will keep you posted re the dates or call Elaine Dyer on 8374849 Flax Planting in the Domain This has now been included in the Council's Resource Plan. This is a project being managed by the RAP Maori Focus Group. Ranui Branding This project, to find a slogan and image for Ranui is awaiting further consultation. Thank you to the people who filled out the questionnaires in the chemist and library. We want to make sure that the final choice really represents the people of Ranui.



The team at RAP would like to thank the Ranui Community Centre for providing us with a home and supporting the establishment of RAP in Ranui. Ranui was chosen as a site for this pilot project because of the existence of committed community leaders who were prepared to support the project. We would like to acknowledge all of the work that has been carried out over the years by the Co-ordinator with the support of their Management Committee.


Yoga: 10.30am Tuesdays Ranui Quilters: Thursdays: 10am and 7pm Ranui Needlecraft Group: Mondays 1pm ­ 3pm 50's plus group: Mondays 10am ­ 12 noon Ranui Art Group: Last Monday of the month: 7pm ­ 9pm ADHD Support Group: First Monday of the month: 7pm ­ 9pm Preschool Activity and Coffee Group: Fridays 10am ­ 12noon Waitakere Cake Decorators Club: every second Saturday in the month School Holiday Programme: Every school holiday for two weeks And more.... Classes are offered on a term by term basis e.g. Learner Drivers License; English for new settlers; Vegetarian cooking Ring Christine on 8336280 for further details about the above activities · · · · · · · · · ·


We would like to cover some of the costs of this newsletter by selling advertising space to small businesses. The newsletter is letterbox dropped to all of Ranui approximately every 3 months. Very reasonable rates.


Are you interested in journalism, community news or maybe you have some computer graphics/layout skills that you want to try out. Or maybe you know of a student who would like a bit of experience in these areas? We would like to make this newsletter more community owned and would love your help. Please phone Diane on 8326048

Please contact Vai on 8326048

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 18 May: "Raise The Level" Talent Quest 6pm at the Pacific Island Church Armada Drive 25 May: Action Plan Workshop 9.30am at the Ranui Community Centre 20 May: RAP Society meeting 7pm at the Ranui Community Centre 17 June: RAP Elections at the Society meeting 29/30 June: Ranui Quilt Show at the Ranui Community Centre

We welcome input from the community into the RAP RAVE. Please contact Diane or Vai at the Community Centre or phone 8326048. Please send any articles or letters to Diane or Vai at the Community Centre by the end of July 2002.

Creating Our Future Together

RAP SOCIETY MEETING: the third Monday in the month at 7pm in the Ranui Community Centre RAP contact details: Diane Jennings Project Manager PO Box 70012 Ranui, ph/fax (09) 8326048 Email: [email protected]

The Ranui Action Project logo was developed from the Community Centre sculpture courtesy of artist, Phil Rooke





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