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PPL Non-benefited Employees The library management considers all employees, regardless of their employee status or title, as a valuable asset to providing quality library services. All positions are necessary in order for the services to meet the public's needs, expectations, and to strive for quality services. What is important in your review of this information is to obtain an equal understanding of employee policies that apply to non-benefited employees. Temporary or Non-benefited Employee Status The importance of using the correct definitions for understanding policies related to employee status was mentioned frequently during the orientation sessions. Temporary employees at the library are actually, according to policy, non-benefited employees. A temporary employee status is not an annual budgeted item. The position also terminates at the end of each year and must be advertised annually. A temporary employee may not work more than 1039 hours per year, which is the procedure, followed by the library and perhaps, the reason for the confusion. Therefore, the term nonbenefited employee is necessary to represent and understand the policies that apply to the library staff in that status. A non-benefited employee is in a budgeted status, which does not require annual vacancy and works no more than 1039 hours per year. Step increases for non-benefited employees If an employee has worked the required number of hours equivalent to an average of 19 hours per week, for a range of a minimum of 950 hours to a maximum of 1039 hours: Upon completion of an Annual Performance Review, the Supervisor may recommend a step increase based on a satisfactory performance review. The expectation is that the Review will be completed or in progress near the date of hire. If, for unforeseen circumstances, this is not the case and the supervisor anticipates a step increase, a letter of recommendation should be forwarded to the manager. This recommendation also needs to be approved by the director. There is no retro-active pay for step increases. If an employee does not reach a minimum of 950 hours before the annual review date but has a satisfactory performance review, the supervisor may recommend a pay increase. The director's approval is required. What if a non-benefited employee is qualified and hired beyond a beginning step and in three years is at the end of the steps on the pay matrix? If an employee is hired at the maximum step allowance or only has three steps available, there are no available additional steps beyond the maximum. In order for this to change, for this position, the City would have to adopt a new pay matrix.

PPL Hiring Non-benefited employees may apply for City positions if the position is not filled during the announcement to benefited emp loyees. Scheduling All schedules are maintained and supervised by the employee's immediate supervisor. If there are requests for changes to the schedule, pending supervisor's approval, those requested hours may change. Training All library employees are provided training opportunities. Non-benefited employees receive training opportunities for their position through the All Library Staff Development Day, Library Department meetings and other such training sessions as conducted by the Rapid City Public Library. In addition to specific library training, the City of Rapid City provides employee training generic to all employees, i.e. safety, customer service, defensive driving, etc. Library Promotions Non-benefited employees will be considered for promotions dependent upon vacancies within the library and the qualifications necessary for the position. Promotions can also take place if a position meets policy requirements for reclassification and the applicant meets the qualifications of the reclassification.

If you should have further questions, comments, or suggestions please contact your supervisor. The policy and procedure manuals are being updated and in the future, training sessions will be held to review those updates.

Revised December, 2001


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