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Minnesota Flight Log

Vol. 18, No. 4 Minnesota Flight Log is published quarterly for the members of the Rawlings chapter of AFA. Members may view the newsletter on the Chapter website: To report problems or to submit items, call Bob McGonigal at 952-884-1625 or email him at [email protected]

E.W. Rawlings Chapter 213 Air Force Association Twin Cities, Minnesota http://www.rawlings-

Jul­Sep 2008

Educate Advocate Support U.S. Air Force

Election of Officers took place on 21 October at the scheduled meeting, Ft.Snelling Officers' Club.

Civil Air Patrol News

Chapter 213 Executive Council

President Vic Seavers 651.688.2269 Vice Pres Larry Sagstetter 651.776.7434 Treasurer Ralph Delperdang 952.898.3604 Secretary Steve Gruber/ Heide Priestley VP Aero Ed Ken Wofford 952.953.4378 VP Char Gam Bruce Roberts 612.866.8961 VP Ldr Dev Mark Arnold 952.431.7952 VP Com Par Wayne Cagle 612.727.5205 VP Govt Rel Julie Eszlinger-Jensen 651.297.8818 VP Mbrshp Bob McGonigal 952.884.1625 VP Vets Aff Julie Eszlinger-Jensen 651.207.8818 PAST PRESIDENTS Gary Chambers Glenn Shull 952.831.5235

ACE Camp Report

The 2008 Aviation Education Camp (ACE) season is over in Minnesota. There were two camps, one in June and the other in July. Forty-seven high school students took part in a concentrated exposure to all things related to aviation. Many of those who participated had never given much thought to a career in the field of aviation, and several others were already deeply involved in activities such as Civil Air Patrol, Sea Scouts, and Air Explorer Scouts. The students came mostly from the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, but there were also several from out-state Minnesota. The camp is sponsored and partially funded by MNDOT and the FAA. Much of the funding comes from the enrollment fees paid by individual families, but we (Air Force Association, E. W. Rawlings Chapter) along with several other sources, provide scholarship money for many of the needy students. This year, Rawlings Chapter provided $5000 in scholarship money and helped support 21 students either fully or partially with their enrollment fees. ACE provides many new experiences to the student designed to peak their interest in aviation. (continued on next page)

Community Partners

Railside Tap and Grill ­ 37th and Minnehaha, Minneapolis Aventium Labs D.E. Larson Family Kargeo Research USA Today Newspaper

AFA MISSION The Air Force Association educates the public about the critical role of aerospace power in defense of our nation, advocates aerospace power and a strong national defense, and supports the U.S. Air Force and the Air Force family.

(AEC, cont.) Its success can be partially measured by comments and letters that the Rawlings Chapter receives from the students themselves. Here is an example of one of those letters. "08-05-08, Dear E.W. Rawlings Chapter of the Air Force Association. Thank you for the scholarship for me to attend the 2008 Minnesota ACE camp. Camp was the best learning experience I have ever had. I learned about the wide range of aviation Careers and how airplanes fly. I was amazed by how many different careers are related to aviation. At ACE camp, I had the chance to fly a single engine aircraft, a glider, and a 747 simulator. I liked many aspects of camp. There were a variety of things to do and there were many interesting tours. I must say that attending ACE camp is a once in a lifetime experience! I believe that you are doing the right thing in giving kids scholarships for camp. Also, the amount of volunteer work at camp is amazing. People take vacation days in order to be part of the camp. I hope that you continue to give to the aviation community because it is such a fun and interesting place. Sincerely, (name withheld), 2008 ACE Camper" We should all be proud of our support for this worthwhile cause. Each year there is the opportunity to support this camp and our continued support will keep this camp doing what it is designed to do, and that is to educate our youth about aviation. Respectfully submitted, Thomas P. Schellinger, Aerospace Education Committee member.

Membership Thanks to all who renewed their memberships during the past quarter. Our current membership stands at 924. New members to our Chapter during the last quarter are: Robert Aceves Salk Rapids Janelle Cooper LaCrescent Edward Cox Minnetonka Aaron Dahnke Eagan Matt Deutsch St Paul Scott Dumbauld Osseo Tim Flesch St Paul Andrea Gehrman St Paul Jim Giancola Jordan Martin Klukas Roseville Randall Martens St Croix Falls Mark Naumann Lakeville Chad Orgaard Alexandria Michael Perron Farmington David Pohlen Chaska Micki Sundheim St Cloud Ann Ziegler St Paul Thanks to Odessa O'Brien, Glenn Shull and Wilfred Hageman for assisting at the Wings of the North Event on 26/27 July in the AFA booth.

The Aerospace Education Council (AEC) now has an online newspaper available, a mission change, national awards information, planning for the future, and more. Find it, and a lot more online at AFA.ORG

AFA Now Offers Dental Insurance - October 31 Enrollment Deadline Many members have been asking AFA for Dental Insurance. We're pleased to announce that the AFA Veteran Benefits Association has contracted with MetLife to provide Members an excellent dental insurance plan.* But you must act now. The Open Enrollment period ends October 31, 2008. AFAVBA Dental Insurance Choose Basic or High Coverage Flexible Dental Insurance Benefits Access to coverage for preventative, basic and complex procedures Less paperwork Real-time claims processing 24-hour customer service Bush Order Allows Direct Hiring of Military Spouses President Bush issued an order September 26th which grants federal agencies the authority to bypass competitive hiring regulations to appoint spouses of military service members to civilian government jobs. The order allows for noncompetitive appointments to: 1) spouses of active duty military service members who are under orders authorizing permanent change of station move; 2) spouses of totally disabled retired or separated members of the armed forces; 3) Un-remarried widows or widowers service members killed on active duty TRICARE Provider Rate Increase Moves as Scheduled A new law will prevent the proposed 10.6 percent health care provider reimbursement rate cut for Medicare patients. The legislation is of particular importance for TRICARE providers and beneficiaries since TRICARE reimbursement rates are tied by statute to Medicare. TRICARE Provider Rate Increase Moves as Scheduled A new law will prevent the proposed 10.6 percent health care provider reimbursement rate cut for Medicare patients. The legislation is of particular importance for TRICARE providers and beneficiaries since TRICARE reimbursement rates are tied by statute to Medicare. TRICARE Provider Rate Increase Moves as Scheduled A new law will prevent the proposed 10.6 percent health care provider reimbursement rate cut for Medicare patients. The legislation is of particular importance for TRICARE providers and beneficiaries since TRICARE reimbursement rates are tied by statute to Medicare. Retirees Need More Documentation to Replace, Renew ID Cards Homeland Security Directive 12 now requires retirees and family members seeking to renew or replace a military identification card to provide two types of ID. VA News VA Announces $36 Million in Grants for Homeless Programs Homeless veterans in 35 states, DC and Puerto Rico will get more assistance, thanks to VA grants providing $36.7 million to community groups to create 1,526 beds for homeless veterans this year. VA has identified public and community non-profit groups eligible to receive payments for housing and supportive services to homeless veterans, including 49 grants for vans that will transport homeless veterans to health care and training programs. VA Announces Change to the Disability Rating Schedule for Traumatic Brain Injuries and Burn Scars The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced changes in the way VA will evaluate traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and burn scars for purposes of determining the appropriate level of compensation veterans receive for these injuries. VA has revised the Disability Rating Schedule in light of current scientific and medical knowledge in order to provide VA employees with more detailed and up-to-date criteria for evaluating and compensating veterans with these injuries. VA Secretary Establishes ALS as a Presumptive Compensable Illness Veterans with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) may receive badly-needed support for themselves and their families after the VA announced that ALS will become a presumptively compensable illness for all veterans with 90 days or more of continuously active service in the military. Secretary Peake based his decision primarily on a November 2006 report by the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine (IOM) on the association between active-duty service and ALS.

We have created a Google Group to facilitate newsletter distribution to Rawlings members. Those members not presently receiving the newsletter via email are encouraged to join the group to begin receiving it that way. To join the Rawlings-afa Google group, please access the Group home page: Once there, click on Sign In & Apply For Membership. You will be prompted for an email address and a password of your choosing. Accept the terms and you are done. You will be accepted as a member of the group. And you will receive the Rawlings newsletter via email.

2008 Approved Giving

342 Recruiting Squadron ROTC ­ UofM JROTC ­ 4 units Veteran Members Events Visions of Exploration Military Recognition Program Civil Air Patrol Twin Cities Science Fair Wings of the North Air Expo AFSA Chapter 858 MN Assistance Council for Vets $5,000 500 2,000 1,524 10,348 6,013 2,500 500 2,500 1,500 1,500

From the website: Veterans and active duty military may now render the military hand salute during the playing of the National Anthem. Thanks to a change in the federal law that took effect 31 Oct. In addition, the Social Security Administration announced a 5.8% benefit increase in 2009. AFA/s Veterans Benefits Association notes -Banking Center raises CD interest rates -CAP Educator grants now available -VA mortgages are now possible for vets in distress -New law helps Guard and Reserve members facing bankruptcy -The Aerospace Education Newsletter can be found at AFA.ORG/members/AENews/default.asp -AFA's Global Warfare Symposium in LA on 20/21 Nov, 2008 ­ you may register online at Sign up for the latest information at the Air Force Magazine online. Go to ---and more...visit

Webmaster has a new name: Larry Sagstetter. Check out our new format at The November 11 meeting will be held at the University of St.Thomas, O'Shaughnessy Library, Room 108.

Non-Profit US Postage

Gen. EW Rawlings Chapter#213 P.O. Box 11802 Minneapolis, MN 55111-0802

Paid Minneapolis MN Permit No. 1751


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