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Analytical PH/ORP Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Zirconia Flue Gas, Turbidity, Water Analyzers, Gas Analyzers, FTIR/NIR & Mass Spectrometer, Physical Property Analyzers, Gas Chromatographs

Instrumentation Digital Control Systems,MicroMod, Pneumatic Controls, Recorders, Pressure Transmitters-Multi-variable, Temperature Transmitter, DP Transmitters, Wedge & Integral Orifices Flowmeters, Magnetic Flowmeters, Coriolis Mass Flowmeters, Vortex & Swirl Flowmeters, Fischer & Porter Rotameters

Industrial Systems Distributive Control Systems (ABB & Bailey) - DCS, Process Modernizations, Advanced Process Control

Combustible Gas Detection, H2S Gas Detection, Toxic Gas Detection, UV/IR Flame Detection, Portable Gas Detectors

Dual Snap Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches Microwave, Liquid Composition Analyzers Magnetic Pickups, Speed Sensors, Tachometers

(formerly Halliburton) Industrial Turbine Flowmeters, Oilfield Turbine Flowmeters

SCADA Systems SCADA RTU's and Software Remote Communications

Bimetallic Dial Thermometers, Thermowells & Pressure Gauges

Power Transducers & Indicators Signal Conditioners, Transmitters & Isolators

Low Pressure Gauges & Switches

RF Level Vibration Switches, Temperature Regulators, Control Valves

PMT Transducers


Metal Seated Ball Valves Soft Seated Ball Valves Triple-Offset Metal Seated Butterfly Valves Knifegate Valves

Soft Seated Ball Valves Metal Seated Ball Valves Segmented "V - type" Valves 3-Way Valves

Soft Seated Ball Valves Metal Seated Ball Valves High Performance Butterfly Valves

Thermodyne Steam Traps Thermostatic Steam Traps Free Float Steam Traps Condensate Pumping Systems Regulators & Control Valves

2 -3 -& 4 Way Solenoids Valves Rack-Pinion Globe Control Valves, Venturi Seated Angle Valves Cryogenic Service Valves Double Seated Control Valves Transmitter Isolation Valves, Flange Soft Seated Ball Valves Tank Bottom Valves, Cavit Filled Ball Valves, Multi-Ported Valves (up to 5 ports) Brass Ball Valves Marine Service

Limit Switches - Mechanical & Electrical, Valve Communication ASI Networking

Electronic "Smart" Actuators, TZID - Smart Positioners Bailey Damper Drives

Control Valve Repair Field Repair & Inline Diagnostics Services

Rubberlined Butterfly Valves

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators All Stainless Steel Rack-Pinion Hydraulic Actuators Lake Charles, LA 203 Bunker Road Office: 337-494-6901 Fax: 337-494-6911 Monroe, LA.

Electro Hydraulic Actuators Longview, Tx. 1626 East Whaley St. Office: 903-757-0300 Fax: 903-575--311 Magnolia, AR

Baton Rouge, LA. 12310 Industriplex Blvd. Office :225-755-0826 Fax: 225-755-0904 Bossier City, LA.

Broussard, LA 224 Burgess, Unit A Office: 337-839-1758 Fax: 337-839-1357 Lafayette, LA.



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