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Mathas (Mutts) of Madhwa Community

Vandhe tham thva supoornapramathi manudhina sevitham devavrundai: Vandhe vandharumeese sriya udhaniyatham Srimad Anandhatheertham Compilation as a seva by: V.Prabhakar Rao ( Singapore March 2009

Mathas of Madhwa Community

Sri Gurubyo Namaha Many people have expressed to me their lack of clarity about the various Mathas of our community, their origins, their interrelationships, their significance etc. To some extent I also had within myself some questions of similar kind. Hence I set about gathering information about the various mathas, from as many sources as I could, and looked for a coherent pattern. I am glad I embarked on this project, as in the process I became more acquainted with these very ancient institutions bearing phenominally powerful histories behind them, and nurtured by very divinely Yathis. With a namaskara to Srimad Acharya, Guru Sri Raghavendra Rayaru and to all the Yathis of Madhva Parampara, let me commence my presentation.

Mathas of Madhwa Community

Sri Madhvacharya established eight mathas (ashta mathas) in Udupi and nearby villages to collectively manage Sri Krishna Matha. He also appointed a disciple to head each matha. The eight mathas and the disciples are: Palimaru Matha - Sri Hrishikesha Tirtha Adamaru Matha - Sri Narasimha Tirtha Krishnapura Matha - Sri Janardhana Tirtha Puthige Matha - Sri Upendra Tirtha Shiruru Matha - Sri Vamana Tirtha Sodhe Matha - Sri Vishnu Tirtha Kaniyooru Matha - Sri Rama Tirtha Pejavara Matha - Sri Adhokshaja Tirtha Each matha is named after the village where the matha was originally located. The mathas have now relocated to Udupi (near Sri Krishna Matha), but each matha also maintains its original location. Many of these mathas have branches outside Udupi. Some even have branches outside India.

Mathas of Madhwa Community

Each of the ashta mathas manages Sri Krishna Matha on a rotation scheme called paryaya. In this scheme, the pontiff of one of the ashta mathas heads the services and management of Sri Krishna Matha for two years before the responsibility is handed over to the pontiff of another matha. The order of rotation is fixed (as in the list above), and the transfer takes place in the month of January in every even numbered year. For example, Krishnapura Matha assumed responsibility in January 2006, and the responsibility transferred to Puthige Matha in January 2008. Kaniyooru Matha assumes responsibility in 2014. In addition to organizing the ashta mathas, Sri Madhvacharya also appointed four disciples Padmanabha Tirtha, Narahari Tirtha, Madhava Tirtha, and Akshobhya Tirtha to spread his philosophy outside the general Udupi region. Various mathas headed by the descendants of these disciples continue the Madhva tradition today. Some of these mathas are listed below. (None of these mathas participates in the paryaya scheme to manage Sri Krishna Matha. Managing Sri Krishna Matha is the sole responsibility of the Udupi ashta mathas.) Uttaradi Matha Sripadaraja Matha Majjigehalli Matha Kudli Akshobhya Tirtha Matha Kundapura Vyasaraja Matha Mantralaya Raghavendra Swamy Matha Sosale Vyasaraja Matha Ref: Ref: Sri Madhvacharya Life & Philosophy ­ Published by VMS, 1999

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Uttaradi Matha & Sri Vyasaraja Matha

Both these Mathas seem to belong to the lineage of Sri Akshobya Theertharu. Sri Akshobya Theertharu was a direct disciple of Srimad Acharya. Sri Teekacharyaru was a famous disciple of Sri Akshobya Theertharu. Sri Vidyathi Raja Theertharu was the disciple of Sri Teekacharyaru. Sri Vidyathi Raja Theertharu seems to have given sanyasa ashrama to two yathis, due to compelling circumstances. One of them, Sri Gaveendra Theertharu's peeta came to be known as Uttaradi Matha. The other yathi, Sri Rajendra Theertharu's peeta became known as Dhakshinadi Matha or Sri Rajendra Matha. Sri Vyasaraja Theertharu was the most prominent yathi of this matha's parampara, and since his time this matha has been referred to as Sri Vyasaraja Matha.

Ref: "Sri Haridasa Vijayam" ­ original in kannada by Sri Belur Kesava Dasar & translation into Tamil by Smt. Padma Srinivasan

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Palimaru Matha

Palimaru is a small village very close to Udupi. This village is the headquarters of the Palimaru Matha, one of the 8 mathas founded by Sri Madhvacharya. The first pontiff of this matha was Sri Hrishikesha Theertha, who was a direct disciple of Srimadacharya. The current pontiff is Sri Sri Vidyadheesha Theertha Swamiji. Main deities: Sri Rama, Mukhya Prana How to get there: On the Udupi Mangalore highway, turn towards Nitte/Karkala at Padubidri junction. Travel 4-5 kms to reach a junction called Adve. Turn right here and travel about 3-4 kms to reach Palimaru matha. Other specialities: There is also a very ancient Shiva temple located at Palimaru village. In the Anjaneya temple, the priests perform Vayu Stuti Purascharane to the main idol based on our request. A lot of people come here and get the Purascharane done. It is considered very auspicious.

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Palimaru Matha

Sri Pattabhi Ramachandra, Palimaru Matha

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Palimaru Matha

The Mukhya Prana or Anjaneya temple is situated right behind the main temple. This temple was constructed a few years back and is very well known in Dakshina Kannada already. People call it the temple of the "Mathanaduva Anjaneya" or "Talking Hanuman". It is said countless devotees have had their wishes fullfilled here after sincere prayers. The small temple is very beautiful to look at and the idol itself is very attractive.

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Palimaru Matha

Right behind the Anjaneya Garbha Gudi is located the Brundavanas of several past pontiffs of the Palimaru Matha. Some other brundavanas are located to the southern side of the temple. There is a board put up there which gives details of the Swamijis whose brundavanas are located at this matha. The earliest brundavana was from the 1300s! The matha also has a beautiful Pushkarani with crystal clear water. Right behind the matha flows the Shambhavi river. There is a mini-bridge-cum-dam built over the river there. The sceneries around the river are breath-taking.


Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Adamaru Matha

Adamaru or Adamar or Admar is a village in the Udupi district of the state of Karnataka, India. The village houses one of the Ashta Mathas founded by Shri Madhvacharya. The village can be reached by taking a left turn at Yermal on Udupi-Mangalore route on National Highway 17 while travelling from Mangalore to Udupi. This matha owes its origins to Sri Narasimha Theertha, a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharya.

Kalinga mardana Adamaru Matha

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Krishnapura Matha

The Krishnapura math one of the Ashta Mathas of Udupi. The first Swami of this matha was Sri Janardhana Thirta, who was one of the direct disciples of Sri Madhvacharya.The presiding deity of the matha is Sri Kalingamardhana Krishna (Krishna on hood of serpent) The matha has many branches all over India. The matha houses a Mukyaprana (Maruti) temple inside, where puja is performed everyday. The matha ( monastery ) at Krishnapura, which is 3 kilometres from Surathkal town is the main matha from which the name has been derived. The structure of the building is mostly made of wood. This type of structure is rare in the age of concrete buildings nowadays. Kalinga mardana Krishnapura Matha


Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Puthige Matha

One of the original disciples of Acharya Madhva was Shree Upendra Teertha. He was very dear to Acharya Madhva and served him with a lot of devotion. When the Acharya and his disciples were on their second pilgrimage to Badri, they were attacked by a band of robbers. Under the Acharya's inspiration and with his blessings, Shree Upendra Teertha fought with the robbers and single-handedly drove them away! Such was the power of the grace of Acharya on Shree Upendra Teertha. Acharya gave Shree Upendra Teertha an icon of Lord Panduranga Vittala. The lineage following Shree Upendra Teertha is the one that we today know as Shree Puthige Matha and the main icon illuminating Shree Puthige Matha is the Lord Panduranga Vittala given by Acharya Madhva. Since Vittala murthy is worshipped by a couple of other mathas too, this particular murthy is referred to as "Upendra Vittala"

Vittala of Puttige Matha

Ref: Sri Krishna Brundavana website

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Shirooru Matha

Could not find much info about this Matha except that it originated with Sri Vamana Theertha, a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharya.

Vittala of Shirooru Matha

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Sodhe Matha (Sri Khumbasi Matha)

Sodhe or Sodha is a village near Sirsi in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka in India. The place is also the headquarters of the Sodhe Matha, one of the Ashta (eight) mathas established by Sri Madhvacharya. Sri Vishnu Theertha, brother of Sri Madhvacharya, was the first swamiji of this matha. Sri Vadhiraja was a very well known yathi of this matha's parampara. Before Sri Vadhiraja Theertha, this matha was known as Khumbasi Matha. The matha at Sodhe village was set up by Swami Sri Vadirajatirtha. The Brindavana of Swami Vadiraja Thirtha can be found at Sodhe. The main deities worshipped at the Sodhe matha are Lord Bhuvaraha and Lord Hayagriva. Sri Bhuta Raja is also worshipped there. Other interesting sites one can find at Sodhe include the Sri Trivikrama Temple, Tapovana where Sri Vadiraja Swamy used to meditate, Swarnavalli Matha and Sahasralinga where one can find hundreds of Shiva Lingas.

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Sodhe Matha

Sri Buvaraha of Sode Matha

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Kaniyuru Matha

Sri Kaniyuru Matha descends from Sri Rama Theertha, a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharya. The matha was originally located in Kaniyooru (sometimes spelled Kaneyuru or Kaneyur), a village in present day Putturu taluk (in Udupi district). A branch of the matha still exists in Kaniyooru, but the headquarters is now located on Car Street near Sri Krishna Matha in Udupi. In addition to propagating the Dvaita philosophy, Sri Kaniyooru Matha also manages the historic Sri Pajaka Kshetra, the birth place of Sri Madhvacharya. The current pontiff of the matha, Sri Sri Vidyavallabha Tirtha, ordinarily resides in Sri Pajaka Kshetra.


Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Pejavara Adhokshaja Matha

The original pontiff of this Math, Sri Adhokshaja Teertha, was one of the direct disciples of Madhwacharya. The deity is `Sri Vittala'. The eighth pontiff in this lineage, Sri Vijayadhwaja Teertha wrote a commentary on Bhagavatha Purana which is well known under the caption, `Vijaya Dwaja Teertheeya'. The twentieth pontiff Sri Viswapathi Teertha had written criticisms on Madhwa Vijaya and Nrisimha stuti. This matha is located right in the Car Street of Udipi town.

Vittala of Pejavara Matha

Ref: Sri Pejavara Matha's website

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Uttaradi Matha

Here is the legend about the origin of the matha, according to the Matha's website: The belief is that Sri Madhvacharya has inherited this seat from Sri Achyuta Preksha, who belonged to the Ekadandi Order of Brahma Sampradaya. There is a legend on how this Brahma Sampradaya was initiated. At the time of Creation, Shri Narayana, the supreme God, moved primordial matter into numerous forms in an evolutionary process and gave the infinite souls, who were under his care from unoriginated times, physical bodies suited to their nature, karma and effort. He created the entire universe including the earth, with its Sadhana Bhoomi ­ the land where merits turn out to be fruitful. The Supreme God also wanted to bless the souls with divine knowledge, by which they can attain salvation. For this purpose Shri Narayana himself incarnated as Shri Hamsa and adorned the pontifical seat called the Hamsa-Pitha. As He is also known as Uttara, the Math initiated by Him came to be known as Uttara-Adi Math (The Math initiated by Sri Uttara). Sri Hamsa initiated Shri Brahma as his first disciple-pontiff and revealed the divine knowledge to him. It is believed that Sri Madhvacharya revived and rejuvenated the tradition and poured new life into it.

Digvijaya Moola Rama & Sita idols


Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Sripadaraja Matha


Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Sripadaraja Matha

This matha is based at Mulbagal (near Bangalore). The matha seems to have originated with Sri Padmanabha Theertha, a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharya. Sri Sripadaraja Theertha (1412-1504) has been a prominent Yathi of this matha's Guru Parampara. Sri Sripadaraja Theertharu is also well known for having given a great impetus to Haridasa movement. He himself has composed hundreds of dasa padas. He was the Vidya Guru of Sri Vyasaraja Theertharu. Sri Vyasaraja Theertharu wrote the following sloka on Sri Sripadaraja Theertharu: Tham vande narasimha theertha nilayam Sri vyasaraja poojitham Dhayantham manasa nrusimha charaaam SrIpadarajaram gurum. Pada Vakya Pramatabhyam Vikreedana Visharadam LakshmiNarayana Muneem Vande Vidya Gurunmama.

Sri Sripadaraja Theertharu Brindavana


Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Vyasaraja Matha

Sri Vyasarajara Brindavana at Navabrindavan

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Vyasaraja Matha

Sosale, is a large village, on the left bank of the Cauvery River near its confluence with the Kabini River, about 3 Km away from the Agastheswara Temple at Tirumakudlu. It is under the jurisdiction of T.Narsipur Taluk in Mysore district, Karnataka State . Sosale's fame is for the reason

that it is the head quarters of Sri Vyasaraja Mutt. Sri Vyasaraya Theertharu chose this place for his Mutt under the shade of a Banyan tree and close to the Cauvery river.

The famous Vyasaraja Mutt, established by Sri Rajendra Theertharu ( Purvadhi Mutt)) during his time, got split during Rama Thirthar's (14th Pontiff) time into - Kundapur Vyasaraja Mutt & Sosale Vyasarja Mutt, headed by Sri Lakshmi Dhara Theertharu and Sri Lakshmi Kantha Theertharu (affectionately called Sesha Chandrikacharaya) respectively. After Sri Brahmanya Tirtha, Sri Vyasa Tirtha became the head of the Purvadimutt in the year 1476. Purvadhimutt started being referred to as Vyasarayara mutt.

Sri Vyasaraja Mutt at Sosale

Ref: Sosale - Wikipedia

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Rayaru Matha

Moola Rama idol worshipped in Sri Rayaru Matha

The peeta of Yathi Sri Vibhudhendra Theertharu was referred to as Sri Vibhudhendra Matha. Starting from Sri Madhvacharya, the lineage of this matha includes Sri Jayatheertharu (Teekacharyaru), Sri Vidhyadiraja Theertharu, Sri Kavindra Theertharu before Sri Vibhudhendra Theertharu. Very close lineage to Sri Uttaradi Matha. And following on in the lineage of this peeta appeared great Mahans like Sri Surendra Theertharu, Sri Vijayendra Theertharu & Sri Sudheendra Theertharu. And all of us know that the Yathi Sreshta who followed Sri Sudheendra Theertharu in this peeta was none other than Guru Sarvabhouma Sri Raghavendra Theertharu. He became so prominent a yathi that the peeta was referred to as Sri Rayaru Matha. The Moola Rama icon was reverently worshipped by Sita, Sri Hanumanta, and others. During the Dwapara Yuga the icon ended up in the Moon Dynasty (Chandra Vamsha) and was worshipped by Bhimasena. With the course of time, it kept changing hands until it reached the Orissa kingdom. From there, it finally reached the hands of Sri Madhvacharya.

Ref: "Sri Haridasa Vijayam" ­ original in kannada by Sri Belur Kesava Dasar & translation into Tamil by Smt. Padma Srinivasan Ref: Ref:

Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Majjigehalli Matha

Sri Majjigehalli Matha has descended from Sri Madhava Theertharu, a disciple of Srimad Acharya. Shri Madhava Theertha was one of the four direct disciples of Srimad Madhvacharya who had established mathas outside the Tuluva province. The headquarters of this matha is at Tambihalli , Mulubagal, Kolar District in Karnataka. Madhava Thirtha was the third in succession to the spiritual throne of his master.He is believed to be an avatar of Garuda. Shri Madhava Thirtha, entered brindavan at Hampi and his mortal remains were later shifted to Mannur near Gulbarga. The seat of the pontificate was then moved from Mannur to Thambihalli. The Shri Veera Rama idol being worshipped in this matha is said to have been handed over by Shri Madhvacharya himself.


Mathas of Madhwa Community Sri Subramanya Matha

This matha is in the Kukke Subramanya Temple which is in the Subramanya village of the Sullia Taluk of Dhakshina Kannada Dist. Sri Vishnu Theertha, the brother of Sri Madhvacharya, was the first yathi of this matha, in addition to establishing Sodhe Matha. In the Matha, there is a Samputa, or a box similar to a jewellery case, which is worshipped by Swamiji. It is said that this glowing Samputa, cannot be opened or destroyed. The composition of the metal from which the Samputa is made, is not determined. The Samputa which can be held with both palms, is oily copper in colour and has a lid that can never be opened. According to the disciples of Shri Madhwacharya, he had placed 5 Vyasa Mushtis, 12 Lakshminarayana Saligramas from different places and sealed the Samputa.

Lord Sri Veda Vyasa Samputa Narasimha Ref:

Mathas of Madhwa Community

My studies have shown many of the mathas, outside of the Udipi Ashta Mathas, as having descended from Sri Padmanabha Theertharu, Sri Akshobya Theertharu & Sri Madhava Theertharu. I have not come across any reference to any matha descending from Sri Narahari Theertharu. It is quite possible I might have missed searching adequately. If anyone can throw more light on this, I would be grateful. The charithra of Sri Narahari Theertharu is an amazing one. Hailing from Orissa, a very learned scholar, after becoming a disciple of Sri Madhvacharya and anointed by him as Sri Narahari Theertha, he was instrumental in bringing the sacred Moola Rama vigraha from the treasury of the Gajapathi kingdom and reaching it to Sri Madhvacharya at Udipi. Sri Madhvacharya is said to have performed puje to this vigraha for about eighty days before vanishing to the Upper Badari. And Sri Narahari Theertha also has the distinction of praying Lord through Devarunamas and is highly revered as the first yathi of Madhva Parampara to have carried common people in the bhakthi movement through Devarunamas. This presentation is the result of my enthusiasm to know more about this subject and to share with others whatever I have picked up on this topic. Kindly overlook errors, if any, created by me unwittingly. "Santho Gunatya Karunam Kriyasuhu".

Sri Madhvesharpanamasthu

Mathas of Madhwa Community Acknowledgements

Ref: Ref: Sri Madhvacharya Life & Philosophy ­ Published by VMS, 1999 Ref: "Sri Haridasa Vijayam" ­ original in kannada by Sri Belur Kesava Dasar & translation into Tamil by Smt. Padma Srinivasan Ref: Ref: Ref: Sri Krishna Brundavana website Ref: Ref: Sri Pejavara Matha's website Ref: Ref:

Ref: Ref:

Ref: Ref:

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