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Datasheet MediaBin Asset Server

Research shows that delivering a consistently-branded customer experience is the greatest contributing factor in building customer loyalty. Interwoven's MediaBin Asset ServerTM software helps modern marketing organizations meet this critical requirement by more effectively managing, distributing, and publishing the thousands of customer-facing digital assets used to promote their products and brands. As the industry's leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, MediaBin Asset Server enables marketing teams to provide their global sales force and business partners with instant self-service access to approved, up-to-date marketing content, including product photographs, graphics, marketing collateral, presentations, documents, audio, video, and any other digital files. MediaBin Asset Server's out-of-the-box capabilities deliver a rapid return on investment while providing the scalability to support deployments ranging from small workgroups to global enterprises.

MediaBin provides a point of control for content producers and owners

Accelerate Time-to-Market

MediaBin Asset Server speeds the delivery of brand-correct, up-to-date marketing content so that internal departments and external partners can get what they need as quickly as possible. This enables marketers to speed time-to-market for marketing campaigns, product launches, and other marketing initiatives. And the quicker sales people can get what they need, the quicker they can sell and increase top-line revenue.

Increase Brand Control

MediaBin Asset Server allows companies to increase control of their brands by providing users with an easy way to access the most up-to-date, brand approved marketing content. Marketing and brand managers decide what content should be available to internal employees and external partners, thereby protecting and controlling the brand more carefully. Without easy access to the correct marketing content, sales people and partners will use out of date content--or worse, create their own content.

A familiar browser client provides rich functionality and ease of use

The MediaBin Platform

While marketing professionals are drawn to MediaBin's rich out-of-the-box functionality and ease of use, IT professionals will appreciate MediaBin's ability to fit seamlessly into their IT infrastructure. As with all Interwoven products and solutions, MediaBin Asset Server connects with third-party applications by way of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). MediaBin ContentServicesTM provides dozens of high-level Web Service methods to rapidly add common Digital Asset Management and distribution capabilities to new and existing applications. For example, TeamSite Content Server includes the ability to connect with MediaBin.

Reduce Costs Through Increased Efficiencies

By automating the production and delivery of marketing content, MediaBin Asset Server reduces the costs associated with manual processes. Marketing personnel no longer have to spend time fulfilling content requests from the field. For example, Presentation WorkBench enables users to assemble custom PowerPoint® presentations in MediaBin using brand approved templates. This not only saves the company money, but it frees marketing personnel so they can work on additional marketing activities to yield further revenue.

Key features All File Cataloging

What it does

Stores and catalogs all files including images, documents, layouts, audio, and video. Provides high quality previews of images and documents including Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Acrobat®, and QuarkXPress®. Provides secure, intuitive, Web-based access to all files. Allows users to assemble custom PowerPoint presentations from multiple PowerPoint files stored in MediaBin.

Web Interface Presentation WorkBench

Key features (cont'd) Asset Transformation Services

What it does

Converts images to various formats including Adobe Photoshop PSD and EPS, vector EPS, TGA, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, Photos CD, and STiNG®. Users can download images in any format, size, resolution, and color space. Users can drag and drop assets into MediaBin, which automatically generates asset previews, stores metadata, and preserves folder hierarchies. Stores one "core image asset" and creates all renditions from the source. Users can e-mail shortcuts to assets that link directly to MediaBin or e-mail attachments. Stores and edits asset metadata with the ability to add unlimited metadata fields. Bulk metadata editing enables quick updates to multiple files. Users can search for assets based on keywords, image content/visual similarity, or both. Manages asset updates through comprehensive version control-- "check-in/check-out." Also provides version control for metadata revisions. Administrators can see who downloads what and when. Tags assets derived in MediaBin so they can be traced back to the core asset. Users can share data with other applications and systems using XML export and import routines. Accommodates high-volume, complex imaging tasks from many distributed clients. Users can gather specific files they need in a temporary holding folder and download them together. Administrators can control backup, security, and other system administration functions, including Windows Domains, Active Directory, or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

Easy Import/Ingest Services

Efficient Storage E-mail Assets

Flexible Metadata Handling Multiple Search Methods Version Control Detailed Activity Logging XML Support High-Volume Processing Shopping Cart Folder LDAP Support

Additional Product Options

MediaBin Syndication ManagerTM enables MediaBin servers around the globe to share content. MediaBin Deployment AgentTM automatically delivers new and updated digital assets to applications and file system locations on a set schedule. MediaBin Clustered ServerTM enables corporations to link multiple MediaBin servers for increased capacity and reliability. MediaBin Developer Suite is a development and testing server license and SDK, which includes support for C++, COM, and Web Services (.NET and Java). Interwoven MetaTagger® Server automatically scans, tags, and classifies incoming documents with accurate and consistent metadata. Adobe InDesign Plug-in for MediaBin MediaBin QuarkXTension enables users to manage Quark documents within MediaBin. Interwoven ECM Connector allows MediaBin to share content with other Interwoven products.

System Requirements

MediaBin Asset Server 4.5.3 Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003, Standard/Enterprise Edition or Microsoft Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server (SP3 or higher). Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, SP4, Standard Edition Required. For large repositories, the Enterprise Edition is recommended. Other Optional Software: For quality previews of files, Microsoft Office 2003, Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher, Microsoft DirectShow®, Apple® QuickTime®.

MediaBin Clients

Client Browser: Windows--Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) v5.5 or higher; Macintosh--Apple Safari browser v1.1 or higher running on OS X (note-- IE is not supported under Mac OS X) Windows Client: Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP3 or higher) or XP (for Windows client and MediaBin Enterprise Manager) Macintosh Mac OSX Panther v10.3 or higher (for native Mac client) Specific hardware requirements will depend on the details of your installation.

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