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The latest WorkSite Indexer is now powered by IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) Server, providing faster and more efficient indexing capabilities than previous releases of WorkSite Indexer. IDOL empowers end users to quickly sift through massive amounts of unstructured and structured content within WorkSite to find the most relevant results through the use of natural language queries. New features with version 8.5 include: · · · · · · New Indexing Engine: Autonomy's IDOL Indexer Indexing Speed: Rapid indexing of extremely large repositories Search Response Time: Rapid responses to queries against multiple large repositories. Search Relevance: The search results are returned based on edit date and word proximity ensuring highly relevant items are returned first. Proximity Search: Allows end users to query for words with a high degree of precision. Automatic Wildcard Search Support: WorkSite Indexer no longer requires the creation of a dictionary file in order to process wildcard searches. Search queries which include wildcard characters are processed automatically with no additional set up or configuration. New Areas Indexed: o o o o Description Comments Custom 13-16 Workspace Name


Each time any of these fields are searched a full-text search is performed. As well, all searches initiated from WorkSite Express Search or Miner are performed as a full text search. 2.0 EMAIL MANAGEMENT

A completely redesigned Email Management component is available with version 8.5 that includes the following features: · New Advanced Filing Toolbar o o o · · Send & File Suggested Filing File Attachments Only

Server-Side Filing Filing Folders

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· · · 3.0 Enhanced Outlook View Tagging Messages for Automatic Filing Delegate Filing ENHANCEMENTS TO WORKSITE EXPRESS SEARCH

WorkSite Express Search and Miner applications are now installed automatically with FileSite and DeskSite 8.5. Several new features have also been added including · · 4.0 the ability to search for workspaces and Express Search integration into MS Office applications called the Express Search Panel. KEYVIEW VIEWER

The viewer used by FileSite and DeskSite to preview document contents has been changed to a new application from Autonomy called KeyView. The new features are as follows: · · · 5.0 Compatible with over 1000 file formats Preview Office 2007 files & templates DXL and MSG files previewed with more detail than previous version FLATSPACE FILING PREVENTION

Users may be prevented from filing items in the flat space (save items outside of a specific workspace or folder). Preventing flat filing helps to ensure consistent filing by matter and/or by client, and simplifies the filing and retrieval of documents from WorkSite. If flat filing is disabled, attempts to save items outside of a specific workspace or folder will cause an error message to display. 6.0 VISUAL SECURITY INDICATORS ON FOLDERS

appears on When workspace folders do not inherit security from their parent workspace, a small key the folder icon. This was added to visually indicate that the security on the folder will not inherit changes made to the parent workspace. 7.0 OFFSITE 8.5

Many improvements have been made from Interwoven's previous offline solution including the following: · · · · 8.0 Background Synchronization WorkSite Tray Icon More Granular Selection Faster Synchronization RBRO PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY

Check with RBRO Support for the latest RBRO software updates that are WorkSite 8.5 certified.

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RBRO Solutions Making ECM Work

Some info resourced from Autonomy documentation.


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