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onecard Changing the way you manage your business payments for the better

Administrator information pack

Transforming Transactions

With Smart Data OnLine (SDOL) managing your business expenditure is easy

The key to the onecard programme is SDOL, our comprehensive online reporting tool that gives you 24/7 access to onecard transaction data. Whether your company has multiple cardholders and a complex accounting process, or is a smaller business trying to grow, SDOL brings simplicity, efficiency and adaptability. SDOL is the most user-friendly way to manage the onecard programme.

· All you need is web access and a standard web browser · You decide the level of detail that users access · Navigation via drop down menus and filters lets you locate specific information quickly · Transaction data is updated daily · Online help and user guides are always at hand · Seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting systems

See the complete picture and streamline processes.

· You can see basic details such as merchant name, cardholder name, amount and date of purchase, through to additional information, including airline ticket information and VAT details (if the merchant has supplied this) · Create and manage cardholder hierarchies and change cardholder credit limits remotely · Transactions can be allocated to particular cost centres and account codes

· If you use VAT-capable suppliers HM Revenue and Customs will accept SDOL reports as evidence, saving time on producing individual invoices for VAT claims · Export data for analysis or integrate it into your accounting system · SDOL Expense Reporting allows you to manage expense reporting and approvals more effectively. It makes expense claims easier for your employees, whilst giving you greater control, more visibility and process efficiencies as paper administration can be cut and time savings realised

Transforming Transactions


SDOL enables you to generate over 30 standard and customisable reports to track spending ­ here is a selection:

· Spend Analysis by Account: Shows the spending patterns of each cardholder by key spending categories, including airline travel, hotels, car rental, restaurants, vehicle related, retail, services and cash advances · Spend Analysis by Merchant: Highlights card usage at key suppliers and can be used to assist supplier negotiations · Spend Analysis by Merchant Category: An analysis of monthly spending by merchant category · Early Warning Report: A report tool designed to alert you as the programme administrator when cardholders reach a pre-set percentage of their monthly card limit

· Account Activity Spending Alerts: Tracks transactions that exceed spending limits, helping cardholders to keep to company spending policies · Merchant Related Spending Alerts: Businesses can monitor cardholder spend in categories outside company policy · Card Programme Analysis: A general view of your company's usage, including transaction totals, ATM activity, spending ranges, and account activity · Expense Reports: The best practice for any successful travel and entertainment card programme. Review all expense descriptions and allocation codes in one report

First get your Username ID and Password. Then transform your transactions.

To get started with SDOL, and manage the onecard programme online, you'll need your Username ID and Password. It only takes a phone call. Just call the onecard Helpline (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm; Sat 9am-1pm) on 0870 0101 152* (if in the UK), +44 1268 508 019 (if abroad) or Minicom 1800 201 733. Write your User ID down here and keep it in a safe place. Please also remember to memorise your password as you will need this each time you log on to SDOL. User ID: Then all you have to do is go online at and log on. If you want to see a demonstration of SDOL and how it will help your business, go to

*Calls may be recorded. Max call charge from a BT landline is 8p plus up to 8p per minute. Business rates and calls from other networks may vary.


One easy way to protect your business

onecard does more than just make your business expenditure easier to manage. It also makes it safer. As well as the obvious benefits of dealing with a single card supplier (as opposed to running multiple card types simultaneously), onecard means you no longer need to keep large amounts of petty cash in the office. But there are other more substantial reasons why onecard provides your colleagues with a safer way to do business and gives you real peace of mind.

· Commercial Card Protection* ­ Commercial Card Protection from CPP gives you 24-hour, worldwide assistance if your business cards are lost or stolen. Key benefits include: · Cancel and reorder your lost or stolen cards with one freephone call · Protects up to 15 cards which can be both business or personal cards against loss, theft and fraud or misuse anywhere in the world · Up to £20,000 to cover unauthorised transactions on lost and stolen cards which your card issuer holds you liable for (just call CPP within 24 hours of discovering your cards are missing) · Corporate Liability Waiver Insurance ­ In the unlikely event that any of your employees should misuse their card, the programme covers you for up to £50,000 per cardholder and £1,500,000 per company per year · RBS Secure ­ Free to register, this protects your business from fraud by allowing cardholders to use a password to authenticate onecard payments made online. Cardholders can register at · Online Guarantee** ­ Automatically covers your business against fraudulent misuse of onecards online For more information on all of the above visit the onecard administrator website.

* Subject to additional fees. Terms and conditions apply. ** If unauthorised transactions using cardholder details have been carried out on the internet we will not hold your business liable for the fraudulent transaction. Calls may be recorded. Max call charge from a BT landline is 8p plus up to 8p per minute. Business rates and calls from other networks may vary.

Transforming Transactions


Giving cardholders the flexibility they need And the power to save

onecard is backed by MasterCard and as such can be used to purchase goods and services at over 858,000 outlets in the UK and over 24 million worldwide. What's more, as long as you give them permission, your cardholders can use their onecards to withdraw cash* from ATMs and over bank counters in thousands of locations in the UK and overseas. It means you don't have to spend hours dealing with reclaim forms if they use their own cash. Business Exclusives

But the onecard is not just about getting access to funds. Business discounts are available to cardholders as an additional way to keep expenditure under control. Cardholders can save money on a range of products and services by visiting

*Subject to cash withdrawals being permitted by the business. Please refer to your card terms and conditions for details of charges for cash withdrawals.


Cards OnLine gives your cardholders something extra. Responsibility

One of the best things about onecard is the way it makes the card administrator's job so much easier. A big part of that is encouraging cardholders to take more responsibility for their spending and the management of their cards. Cards OnLine empowers your cardholders by giving them easy, safe and secure access to day-to-day card transaction information. But you still retain full control over the account. Cards OnLine changes your relationship with your cardholders

· As the administrator you can view and download the last 13 months of all business and cardholder statements · Cardholders can access day-to-day information like balances, transactions and credit limits and if individually billed can see their last 13 statements · Receive an email notification when the latest monthly statement is ready to view online · Finally, as the administrator, you maintain your onecard programme with the power to, for instance, cancel and order replacement cards

Transforming Transactions


With everyone on board, onecard puts you in control

The more of your organisation's employees you have on the onecard programme, the greater control and visibility you have over business expenditure.

· Make sure that everybody who is required to travel, entertain clients, carry out purchasing or any sort of business expenditure, has a onecard · onecard enables you to see a complete picture of what is spent, by whom, and where · Our Gold Card offers invaluable travel insurance and assistance. This might be the right choice of card for some of your employees · Visit the onecard administrator site and download an application form to issue additional cards when new employees join the business


Transforming the way your cardholders travel

Travel is a big part of business expenditure and this is where the onecard really comes into its own, adding value and lightening the load.

BCP Airport Parking offers cardholders a choice of secure car parks at over 20 UK airports. onecard holders will receive a 15% discount when pre-booking their parking space so they won't just save money, they'll save time too. This especially applies if they use the meet and greet service which allows them to drive straight to the airport terminal. For more information go to the onecard administrator website. Priority Pass is the world's largest independent lounge access programme with over 500 lounges worldwide. RBS gives cardholders a discounted rate on annual membership. For more information or a membership form go to the onecard administrator website. Business Travel Accident Insurance If you use your onecard to pay for business travel you'll automatically be covered with business travel accident insurance up to £100,000. For full details of the Insurance Policy Terms refer to `Your Insurance Policies' on the onecard administrator website.

*Calls may be recorded. Max call charge from a BT landline is 8p plus up to 8p per minute. Business rates and calls from other networks may vary.

Transforming Transactions


More benefits with a Gold Card

Sometimes your card needs to perform over and above what you've come to expect. This is especially true when using the card while travelling. There are many valuable extra benefits that come as standard with a Gold onecard. They include worldwide travel insurance for the cardholder and up to three colleagues on any business trip of up to 90 days outside the UK, when paid for by their Gold onecard. The card also comes with up to £250,000 travel accident cover. Other benefits include:

· Medical expenses up to £2,000,000 · Up to £750 hospital benefit · Personal liability cover up to £1,000,000 · Up to £3,000 if a trip has to be cancelled, curtailed or altered · Personal belongings cover of up to £1,200 and money up to £500 · Travel delay cover of up to £300 · ACE Travel Assistance 24/7 emergency helpline For full details of the Insurance Policy Terms refer to `Your Insurance Policies' on the onecard administrator website. If you would like to upgrade existing Standard cardholders to a Gold onecard, please visit or call the onecard Helpline.


Billing and paying. Because some things never change

As the card administrator you'll get a statement detailing the expenditure for each cardholder. This will be sent to you, unless you have chosen Cards OnLine in which case you will be notified by email when your statement is available to view online. You can use this to reconcile the transactions showing on the statement with invoices and receipts that you have received. You have the option of several payment methods.

· Direct Debit is our preferred option and the easiest for you to administer. Just set up a DD in the usual way if you haven't done so already · Online and telephone payments can be made to your account and cards. For information and payment account details please go to and download the Company Administrators Guide. · Postal Payment by sending a cheque payable to `The Royal Bank of Scotland' with your card number written on the front. Place the cheque together with the payment slip in the pre-addressed envelope included with the statement. Allow 7 working days for payment · In branch payments can be made by taking your statement and paying at the counter in any branch of RBS. Payments by cash/RBS debit card will be credited the same day. Please allow four working days for payment to reach your account if paying by cheque. For further information on ways to pay your card account, visit It's worth remembering that if you've selected central billing, the statements will always come to you. However, if you've chosen individual billing, the statements will be sent direct to the cardholder and they will be responsible for ensuring that the amount due on the statement is received by the due date.

Transforming Transactions


Useful numbers and contact details for onecard

onecard administrator website Your dedicated website to help you get the most out of your onecard programme.

onecard helpline and address

(Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm; Sat 9am-1pm) on 0870 0101 152* (if in the UK), +44 1268 508 019 (if abroad) Minicom 1800 201 733. The Royal Bank of Scotland plc Commercial Cards Division Cards Customer Services PO Box 5747 Southend-on-Sea SS1 9AJ Your dedicated onecard helpline and customer services address.

Priority Pass To download a Priority Pass membership form and for more information.

Business Exclusives mastercarddiscounts For details of our current offers.

Commercial Card Protection

For more information or to apply for either service visit

Smart Data OnLine website For everything you need to know about SDOL including getting started.

BCP Airport Parking

0871 360 1531* (Mon-Fri, 8am-11pm; Sat-Sun 8am-7pm except Christmas) or visit To book and for more information.

Cards OnLine website To register and to log in to Cards OnLine.

*Calls may be recorded. Max call charge from a BT landline is 8p plus up to 8p per minute. Business rates and calls from other networks may vary. RBSO/WAL/0811 90105578


The Royal Bank of Scotland plc. Registered in Scotland No. 90312. Registered Office: 36 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2YB. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. No. 121882. RBSO/WAL/0811 90105573


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