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Elaborate defenses

by F. Deis 1. Dicranurus ­ hamatus from Oklahoma, and monstrosus from Morocco. This is one of the strangest looking trilobites, with forked "horns" on the head and very long spines on the body. The larger specimen, from Morocco, is partly faked with a kind of black plastic compound. 2. Kettneraspis Williamsi, lower Devonian, Coal Co. OK. Another very spiny specimen. When the trilobite rolls up, there are "teeth" on the front which mesh with spines on the rear. It would make a very prickly mouthful. 3. Kainops raymondi, Devonian, Haragan Formation, Coal Co. OK. This tan specimen is tightly enrolled. If you look closely you can see some of the facets in the compound eyes. The fossil was cleaned with an air abrasive unit. 4. Proetus granulosus Devonian, Morocco. This trilobite, a black specimen on a gray rock, has been professionally cleaned. You can see that a crack runs through the specimen but doesn't really detract from the appearance. There is nice granulosity visible on the nose. Found in the Atlas Mountains, mounted on a limestone matrix. 5. Aristoharpes, Devonian, Morocco This trilobite looks oddly like a horseshoe crab, which is probably the closest living relative of the trilobite. One piece of evidence for this is that (according to Richard Fortey) both species get pregnant in their foreheads. 6. On large block of matrix, studded with pyrite and small brachiopods ­ Eldredgeops milleri, formerly known as Phacops rana. This trilobite isn't spiny at all, but is frequently found enrolled.


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