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MAY, 1950


GASKELL, HAROLD, S.R.N. 296. Tutor, Camborne- Area 13-Manchester Regional Hospital Area. Redruth Hospital, Redruth, Cornwall. FAZACKERLEY, .ROBERT, S.R.N. 1501, R.M.N. 8271. GILLESPIE, GEORGE ARTHUR, S.R.N. 622, R.M.N. 14505. Assistant Chef Male Nurse, Whittingham Hospital, Charge Nurse, Didworthy Chest Hospital, South Brent, Preston. Devon. GRANT, LUCY GWENDOLINE S.R.N. 5200. Matron, DUFF, HODGES, MERCIA, IRIS S.R.N. 53649. Principal Matron, The Royal Infirmary, Manchester. Exeter and Mid-Devon Group, Royal Devon and Exeter HILLIER, MARY, EVA S.R.N. 10110. Matron. Crummall Hospital. Exeter. Hospital, Manchester. NICOL,CECELIA MELDRUM, S.R.N. 153087, R.M.N. 11537. JONES, LUCY, S.R.N. 58187, R.F.N. 5186. County Matron, Tone Vale Hospital, Norton Fitzwarren, Nr. Superintendent of District Nurses. Countv Offices. Taunton. Fiihergate, Preston. PEARSON, GLADYSMAY (nee Powell), S.R.N. 31922. S.R.N. 690. Charge Nurse, NAYLOR,ALEXANDER, Matron, Stapleton Hospital, Fishponds, Bristol. Billinge Hospital, Orrell, Nr. Wigan. SMITH, KENNETH EDGAR, S.R.N. 1766. Staff Nurse, Bristol SCOWCROFT, CLIFFORD HASLAM, S.R.N. 496, R.M.N. 8394. Royal Hospital, Bristol General Hospital Branch, Bristol. Tutor, The General Hospital, Burnley, Lancs. TOWNSEND, MAUDALICE, S.R.N. 91949. Sister Tutor, STEVENS, DOROTHY, ENA S.R.N. 55494. Matron, Royal Bristol School of Nursing, Bishops `Knoll, Knoll Hill, Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury, Bristol. Manchester. JOHN CUTHBERT, S.R.N. 513, R.M.N. 7948. Chief Area 14-Liverpool Regional Hospital Area. WATTS, Male Nurse, Moorhaven Hospital, Ivybridge, South MARGARET, S.R.N. 64094, R.F.N. 7200. BIRCH,NANCIE Devon. Matron, Clatterbridge General Hospital, Bebington, WEBBER, ELIZABETH HILDA,S.R.N. 41683. Matron, Wirral. Southmead Hospital, Bristol. CAWOOD, KATHLEEN ~ A , I N S.R.N. 50677, R.S.C.N. 4351. WILLIAMSON, VERONICA MARY,S.R.N. 113043. Ward Matron, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool. Sister, Bristol General Hospital Annexe, Westbury Road, CLAGUE, JAMES ALLAN, S.R.N. 722, R.M.N. 7987. Charge Bristol. Nurse, Kirkdale Homes, Westminster Road, Liverpool. DARROCH, ROBINA BARBOUR MCKELVIE, S.R.N. 21501. Senior Sister Tutor, The Royal Infirmary, Liverpool. Area ll-Welsh Regional Hospital Area. KNOX, MARGARET MARY, S.R.N. 22074. Superintendent, DAVIES, GRACE m , S.R.N. 21504. Matron, CaerA District Nursing Association, North Home, 126, narvonshire and Anglesey General Hospital, Bangor. Kirkdale Road, Liverpool. REES, MABEL FRANCES, S.R.N. 70446. First Assistant OUSBY,ROBERT JOHN, S.R.N. 279. Charge Nurse, Matron, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Cardiff. Newsham General Hospital, Liverpool. RICHARDS, ROBERT CHARLIE,S.R.N. 808, R.M.N. 15263. SABIN, KATHLEEN MARY,S.R.N. 77429, R.S.C.N. 3955. Staff Nurse, Cardiff City Mental Hospital, Whitchurch. Matron, The Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital, S ~ H EDITH , AMY,S.R.N. 69975. Matron, Swansea Liverpool. General Hospital, Swansea. THOMAS, EDNA CHARLOTTE, S.R.N. 45655. Matron, S~JLLIVAN, LANCELOT STEWART, S.R.N. 393. SuperintenWalton Hospital, Liverpool. dent Male Nurse, St. David's Hospital, Cardiff. TODD, JULIA, S.R.N. 11993. Superintendent Nursing 2. Election of one male and one female nurse registered in ' Officer, County Health Department, Llandrindod Wells. the part of the Register for Mental Nurses. WOOTTON, GEORGE WILLIAM, S.R.N. 445, R.M.N. 7891. DELVE,LORNA EDITH, S.R.N. 124873, R.M.N. 8907. Chief Male Nurse, St. Cadoc's Hospital, Caerleon. Hohon Hospital, Epsom, Surrey. .ZUNG, DAISY,S.R.N. 70075. Ward Sister, Breconshire GREIG,DORIS,R.M.N. 10213. Upton Mental Hospital, War Memorial Hospital, Brecon. Chester. MORRIS,CECELIA, S.R.N. 60133, R.M.N. 10274. Botleys Park Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey. Area 12-Birmingham Regional Hospital Area. CECELIA MELDRUM, S.R.N. 153087, R.M.N. 11537. NICOL, ANNISON,WILLIAM CHARLES, S.R.N. 179. Charge Nurse, Tone Vale Hospital, Nr. Taunton, Somerset. Dudley Road Infirmary, Birmingham. POWELL,A"IEBEATRICE ELIZABETH, S.R.N. 79969, BOOTH,ELIZABETH D A S.R.N. 54827. Matron, Corbett ~L , R.M.N. 7601, Holloway Sanatorium, Virginia Water, Hospital, Stourbridge, -Worcs. Surrey. BRUN, CHRISTINA MARY, S.R.N. 41209. Senior Sister Tutor, WATERS, WINIFRED VIOLET, S.R.N. 134890, R.N.M.D. 497. selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham. St. Lawrence's Hospital, Caterham, Surrey. DAVIES, WINIFRED, S.R.N. 50827. Matron, Yardley Green BARTLETT, CLAUDE, R.M.N. 5544. North Filham, . IvyHospital, Birmingham. bridge, Devon. EVANs, JOSEPH, S.R.N. 587, R.M.N. 8287. Chief Male BEATTIE, ARTHUR WILLIAM, R.M.N. 13485. 24, Maple Nurse, St. Matthew's Hospital, Burntwood, Lichfield. Grove, Sedgefield, Stockton-on-Tees. S.R.N. 49115. Matron, EVANS, LUCY AMPHLETT DOROTHEA. DAWSON, ERNEST,S.R.N., 438, R.M.N. 7976. Central The Royal Salop Infirmary, Shiewsbury. Lodge, St. Ebba's Hospital, Epsom, Surrey. NEEP, MARJORIE HEATHCOTE, SR.N. 77427. Sister Tutor, GRAY. FRANCIS, R.M.N. 4910. 2a, St. Loys Road, _ - .. . The Accident Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, Tokenham, London. Birmingham. HOLLIDAY, WALTER JAW, S.R.N. 714, R.M.N. 13252. O m , WINIFRED ANN, S.R.N. 47382. Tutor to Queen's Springfield Hospital, Manchester. Candidates, City of Birmingham Home Nursing Service, JOHN HENRY, S.R.N. 653, R.M.N. 8043. 31, PARRY, Public Health Department, Birmingham. Deanham Gardens, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. IRENE HUGHES, S.R.N. 40959. Superintendent of SINNETT, FRANCIS VICTOR, S.R.N. 1566, R.M.N. 9780. 14, PRICE, Health Visitors, public Health Depaitment, Birmingham. Park Lane, Ramsden Heath, Blllericay, Essex. SMALDON,C A T I ~ E R ~ G N ~s.R.N. 46926. Matron, ` AE , QUICK,BRINLEY, S.R.N. 1636, R.M.N. 10063. Flat " B," Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birrmngham. Barnsley Hall Estate, Bromsgrove, Worcs. STEELE, NANCY H R I S T ~ A , S.R.N. 94241, Senior SiFter c WOOLLANDS,H A R L ~ C THORNHILL, R.M.N. 8444.. 12, Tutor, West Bromwich and District General Hospital, Tunshaws Road, mkburton, Nr. Huddersfield, west Bromwich.

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