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Avda. Emilio Caprile Poloni, 1 39770 Laredo ­ Cantabria- Spain Telephone: +34 942 605812 ­ Fax: +34 942 605354 [email protected]



Issued 20 March 2003.

2003 29er World Championship Real Club Náutico de Laredo July 11th ­ 17th , 2003

1. VENUE The 2003 29er World Championship will be held at Laredo Bay, Spain. 2. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, July 11 th Saturday, July 12 th Sunday, July 13 Monday, July 14 and th Tuesday July 15 th Wednessay, July 16 th Thursday, July 17

th th

Registration/Measurement/Inspection Registration/Measurement/Inspection Measurement/Registration 13:00 Practice Race 19:00 Opening Ceremony Qualification Races. Warning Signal for Race 1 will be made at 11:55 Final Races Final Races Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony


ORGANIZING AUTHORITY The Organising Authority is the Real Club Náutico de Laredo in conjunction with the International 29er Class Association and the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation with the technical support of the 2003 ISAF World Sailing Championships organisers.


RULES The regatta will be governed by rules as defined in the 2001-2004 ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Class and Championship Rules of the International 29er Class Association, except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions, and the Sailing Instructions. RRS 44.2 is amended so that the 720º turn is replaced by 360º turn, including one tack and one gybe.


ADVERTISING The 29er is a Category "C" Class in accordance with the ISAF Regulations. The organizing authority may require competitors to display event sponsor advertising material. Boats may be asked to carry stickers carrying sponsor advertising and provided at registration. These should be attached to the boat in accordance with the instructions provided by the Organizer and displayed in the following areas: · Forward 25% of both sides of the hull. · The bottom panel of both sides of the jib. · The class sponsor sticker on the bottom part of the mainsail.


ELIGIBLITY Competitors shall comply with ISAF Eligibility Rules. In addition to the Appendix 2, ISAF Eligibility Code, competitors shall be fully paid-up members of the International 29er Class Association.


ENTRY The 2003 29er World Championship is an open regatta. All entries to the 2003 29er World Championship should be received by the Organising th Authority no later than July 7 2003. The details of entries will be posted on the Club web site. Competitors may enter by completing the attached entry form and sending them with the appropriate entry fees to: REAL CLUB NAUTICO DE LAREDO Avda. Emilio Caprile Poloni, 1 39770 LAREDO (Spain) Telephone: +34 942 605812 Facsimile: +34 942 605354 E-mail: [email protected] Internet : Entry Fee: Euro 250 * (Until 24 June 2003 included) Euro 350 * (After 24 June 2003 excluded)

* Includes the International Class Fee of £20 per boat. Checks (Certified or Cashiers) or Credit Card Transactions shall be in Euros and made payable to Real Club Náutico de Laredo. The corresponding entry fee shall accompany the completed entry form. 8. EQUIPMENT AND MEASUREMENT CHECKS All boats will be inspected for class rules compliance prior to racing, according to the Schedule of Events. 9. LIMITATIONS ON EQUIPMENT Only one set of sails shall be used throughout the duration of the Championship. One forestay shall be used. Equipment shall only be replaced with permission of the Jury. 10. SAIL NUMBERS Boats shall use the approved national code letters on their sails as required by the RRS and sail numbers in accordance with the Class Rules.

11. CHANGE OF CREW There shall be no change of crew without prior written permission from the International Jury. 12. SCORING AND FORMAT The Low Points Scoring System will be used. Racing will take place in fleets of approximately equal number of boats. Qualification and Final series will be held. The courses and format of racing will be detailed in the Sailing Instructions. 13. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS The Sailing Instructions will be available at the regatta office from 09:00 hours on Friday, July th 11 , 2003. 14. INTERNATIONAL JURY An International Jury (I.J.) will be appointed. There will be no appeal for I.J.'s decisions. 15. DISCLAIMER Competitors sail at their own risk. Injuries to competitors and damage to boats can and often does happen. Neither the Organizing Authority, nor any party involved in the organization of the championship and/or the races shall be held liable for any damage or injury which may occur to any person or property, whether ashore or afloat during or in conjunction with participation in the Championship. This Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions in no way limit or reduce the complete and unlimited responsibilities of a competitor for the management and care of a boat she or he has entered in the Championship. 16. INSURANCE All entries are required to have and to provide evidence of Public Liability and Third Party Property Insurance coverage in the sum of Euro 1,000,000 or more. Such proof shall be in the form of the policy or a letter, in English or Spanish, from an "Insurer" or Insurance Broker, providing the policy number, expiration date, a contact phone number for use by the Race Organizers in case of emergency and that the coverage includes racing in the 2003 29er World Championship. 17. PRIZES Prizes will be announced and awarded at the end of the finals for the first three places of the Gold and Other Fleet (s) respectively. 18. ACCOMODATION Please contact the official travel agency: VIAJES ECUADOR López Seña, 16 39770 LAREDO (Spain) Telephone: +34 942 605899 / +34 942 605483 Fax: +34 942 611062 E-Mail: [email protected]





(Please use capital letters or typewriter) Nationality code and sail number ................................................... Helmsman´s name ________________________________________________________ Helmsman´s Address ______________________________________________________ Helmsman´s, town and country ______________________________________________ Phone Nr., ____________________________ E-Mail ____________________________ Crew __________________________________________________________________ I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and the conditions of entry as laid down in the Notice of race. Date _________________ Signature ____________________________________ The Entry Fee is Euro 250.- per boat until 24 June 2003, thereafter Euro 350.-. Both fees include the 29er Champioinship Levy of £ 20 per entry. I enclose my cheque for ___________________ Please debit my credit card with the sum of __________ (Visa Card nº.:____________________________________ Expiry: ___/___ Entries are to be send to: Real Club Nautico de Laredo Avda. Emilio Caprile Poloni, 1 39770 Laredo SPAIN Phone: +34 942 6058I2 Fax: +34 942 605354 Web Site: E-mail: [email protected] Mastercard )


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